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June 23, 2022
Pod Save America
"50 Shades of MAGA."

In This Episode

The January 6th committee highlights how Trump’s attempted coup led to threats of violence against anyone who refused to go along. Strict Scrutiny’s Melissa Murray joins to talk about the Supreme Court’s terrible gun decision, and Zayd Dohrn, the host of Crooked Media’s new series Mother Country Radicals, joins to talk about political radicalization in the ’70s and today.

Show Notes: 

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January 6/ GOP 

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  • ABC: After Thursday, Jan. 6 hearings pushed for ‘several weeks’ as committee considers new evidence
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  • USA Today: He defied Trump in 2020, but voting rights groups slam policies of Georgia’s Raffensperger 
  • Esquire: OK, But Brad Raffensperger and Rusty Bowers Defended Efforts to Make It Harder to Vote 
  • WaPo: The attempted revolution was televised — and recorded 
  • Playbook: SCOOP: Jan. 6 panel subpoenas unseen Trump tapes 
  • NYT: The panel issued a subpoena for footage from the White House during the Capitol attack. 
  • Politico: Ron Johnson tried to hand fake elector info to Mike Pence on Jan. 6, panel reveals 
  • NYT: Panel Ties Trump to Fake Elector Plan, Mapping His Attack on Democracy 
  • LAT: Thursday’s Jan. 6 hearing to explore ‘the effort to corrupt the Justice Department’ 
  • LAT: ‘I’ve lost my sense of security’: Takeaways from testimony at Tuesday’s Jan. 6 hearing 
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  • ABC: 6 in 10 Americans say Trump should be charged for Jan. 6 riot: POLL 
  • NYT: Brad Raffensperger testifies for Fulton County grand jury. 
  • NPR: A Missouri Senate candidate holds a shotgun and calls for ‘RINO hunting’ in a new ad
  • CNN: Opinion: Eric Greitens’ ad typifies GOP extremists’ attitudes toward violence
  • VOX: What Eric Greitens’s “RINO hunting” ad means for the Missouri Senate race
  • CNN: Texas GOP adopts resolution rejecting 2020 election results
  • Newsweek: Ted Cruz Heckled at Texas GOP Convention, Called ‘Coward’ in Viral Video
  • WaPo: What a drag queen’s criticism of Kari Lake says about the GOP