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August 04, 2022
Pod Save America
“A Kansas of Whoop-Ass.”

In This Episode

Kansas voters deliver a victory for abortion rights, Arizona voters deliver a victory for MAGA extremists, Missouri voters deliver a victory for just one Eric, and the host of Positively Dreadful, Crooked’s Editor-in-Chief, Brian Beutler joins in studio for a special Take Appreciator.


Show Notes



  • WaPo: 2022 Kansas primary elections result 
  • Kansas City Star: ‘No’ prevails: Kansas votes to protect abortion rights in state constitution 
  • WaPo: How Kansas became a bellwether for abortion rights
  • WaPo: What does Kansas tell us about November?
  • CNN: Six takeaways from Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, Arizona and Washington primaries 
  • RollingStone: Conservatives Are Pushing Absurd Excuses for Kansas Voting to Protect Abortion Access
  • Yahoo: What the abortion result in Kansas could mean for the midterms
  • NYT: Kansas Votes to Preserve Abortion Rights Protections in Its Constitution
  • ABC: Kansas voters preserve abortion access in high-turnout primary
  • CNN: Thunderclap ballot box victory on abortion rights in Kansas gives Democrats a potent midterm issue 
  • MSNBC: Kansas had a choice: vote to help women or hurt them. It chose well.
  • NPR: Blake Masters, Trump pick funded by billionaire Thiel, wins Arizona Senate Primary
  • The Guardian: Alarm as Arizona Republicans set to nominate election deniers for top posts 
  • NBC: Election denier Mark Finchem wins Arizona GOP secretary of state primary, NBC News projects
  • LATimes: Trump’s pick for Arizona governor renounced her media past. The conversion made Kari Lake a front-runner
  • CNN: Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs launches gubernatorial campaign
  • AZCentral: Arizona secretary of state race: Mark Finchem wins, Adrian Fontes leads in early results
  • NPR: Schmitt wins Missouri GOP Senate primary, topping Hartzler, scandal-plagued Greitens
  • Rolling Stone: ‘A Thing of Beauty’: Trump Was Tickled as the Missouri Erics Scrambled to Claim His Endorsement
  • Washington Post: How a Trump endorsement scramble in Mo. ended in absurdity: Vote ‘ERIC’
  • Politico: Inside the wild Bedminster lobbying spree that led to Trump’s double Missouri endorsement


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