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January 09, 2020
Pod Save America
“All is not well!”

In This Episode

Trump gives his Mission Accomplished speech after a momentary pause in the crisis he started, Mitch McConnell and the Senate Republicans get ready to vote for a rigged impeachment trial, and the endorsements start piling up in the Democratic primary. Then Senator Elizabeth Warren talks to Jon about the Iran crisis and her campaign strategy in the weeks before Iowa.

Show notes


  • NPR: Satellite Photos Reveal Extent Of Damage From Iranian Strike On Air Base In Iraq
  • Vice: What You Need to Know About Iran’s Attacks on U.S. Bases in Iraq
  • AP: Iranian leader calls missile attack a ‘slap’ at US bases
  • Axios: Trump says “all is well” after Iranian strikes on bases hosting U.S. troops
  • NBC News: Iran retaliates for Gen. Soleimani’s killing by firing missiles at U.S. forces in Iraq
  • Politico: Iran retaliates with missile attacks on U.S. troop locations in Iraq
  • NYT: At the Edge of a War, U.S. and Iran Appear to Step Back
  • WaPo: Iran gives Trump an off-ramp — for now
  • NBC News: Iran leaves Trump an off-ramp, but will he take it?
  • Politico: Ayatollah says missile strike is ‘not enough’
  • NYT: Iran says it does not seek war after firing missiles at bases in Iraq that house Americans.
  • Vox: Sean Hannity suggests bombing Iranian oil refineries to cause “major poverty for the people of Iran”
  • Fox News: Graham: Iran’s missile strike is ‘an act of war’
  • WaPo: Lindsey Graham threatens to take Iran ‘out of the oil business’ in wake of missile strike
  • WaPo: Five takeaways from Trump’s deranged speech on Iran
  • WaPo: Transcript: Trump’s Iran speech
  • Politico: Trump aims to cool crisis with Iran
  • ABC News: Trump announces ‘powerful’ sanctions but not military retaliation after Iran missile strikes
  • Vox: “Probably the worst briefing I’ve seen”: Inside the disastrous congressional Iran meeting
  • NBC News: ‘Insulting and demeaning’: Two GOP lawmakers rip Trump administration after Iran briefing
  • WaPo: Hill Democrats, Republicans remain at odds after national security officials make their case for Iran strike
  • The Atlantic: Trump’s Chance to Take the High Road With Iran
  • Vox: Trump’s “Mission Accomplished” moment?
  • WaPo: Proclaiming Trump victorious in Iran is shortsighted and premature
  • Politico: Republicans rally behind Trump’s Iran strike, but think war is now more likely
  • AP: Trump campaign seizes on Soleimani killing
  • NYT: Suleimani’s Killing Creates New Uncertainty for Trump Campaign
  • NYT: A Strategy for the Mideast That Has Even Trump’s Allies Scratching Their Heads
  • NYT: Tucker Carlson Dissents as Right-Wing Media Weighs Trump’s Iran Strike
  • Media Matters: Right-wing media use Soleimani assassination to lie about 2015 Iran nuclear deal
  • RealClearPolitics: Trump to Limbaugh: Should Look Into John Kerry Violating Logan Act Over Iran Relationship
  • USA Today: Secretary of State Pompeo blames current tension with Iran on ‘Obama administration’s appeasement’
  • NYT: Days After Suleimani Killing, Trump Campaign Promotes It on Facebook
  • Buzzfeed: Trump Is Running Hundreds Of Facebook Ads Praising Himself For The Killing Of Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani
  • NYT: When liars go to war (Paul Krguman newsletter)
  • Politico: Can the media manage the Iran narrative?
  • The New Republic: What the Media Is Getting Wrong About Soleimani’s Killing
  • Vice: The Middle East Was Already a Powder Keg of Misinformation. Trump Just Lit the Match.
  • Politico: ‘It’s terrible’: Fears grow that Trump is kneecapping the Pentagon
  • CNN: Ukrainian Boeing plane crashes in Iran, 176 people dead 
  • WSJ: Ukraine-Bound Boeing Jet Crashes in Iran, Killing All on Board


  • NYT: McConnell Refuses to Negotiate With Pelosi on Impeachment Trial Terms
  • NBC News – McConnell has the GOP votes for Trump’s trial now. That doesn’t mean he’ll have them later.
  • Politico: McConnell ready to start impeachment trial with partisan power play
  • Vox: Key Republican senators are sticking with McConnell on an impeachment trial plan — for now
  • WaPo: How a Senate trial could work if Mitch McConnell gets his way
  • FiveThirtyEight – What Kind Of Trial Awaits President Trump In The Senate
  • WaPo: Mitch McConnell doesn’t care if you criticize his sham trial for Trump
  • Politico: McConnell’s win on impeachment trial procedure was months in the making
  • WaPo: How to argue about whether a Senate trial should have witnesses
  • The Atlantic – The Senate Republicans Who Could Still Turn Against Trump
  • AP: Impeachment standoff deepens, testing McConnell and Pelosi
  • WaPo: GOP Leaders Spar over adding House members to Trump’s impeachment defense team
  • Politico: Senate Democrats break with Pelosi over impeachment trial
  • New Yorker – What Does John Bolton Want?
  • WaPo: John Bolton says he would testify to the Senate. So why not the House?
  • NYT: Why Is Mitch McConnell So Afraid of John Bolton? – The Senate must hear his testimony in an impeachment trial
  • Esquire – I Don’t Trust This Guy as Far as the Car Threw Me


  • NYT: Julián Castro Endorses Elizabeth Warren for President
  • The Guardian – Love is in the Brooklyn air as Elizabeth Warren gives campaign a shot in the arm
  • Politico: Warren deploys Castro in bid to get her mojo back
  • Jezebel – Elizabeth Warren Wants to Reminds Us Who She Is
  • Mother Jones – “For Him to Endorse Her Is Huge for Me”: These Voters Liked Warren Last Night. They Loved Castro.
  • WaPo: Two endorsements highlight the quandary for Democrats as they look for a nominee
  • McClatchy: ‘They are so nervous:’ Congressional Democrats stay out of unsettled 2020 primary
  • NYT: Bloomberg and Trump Buy Super Bowl Ads at $10 Million Each
  • Politico: Trump to drop $10 million on Super Bowl ad
  • Quartz – Michael Bloomberg and Donald Trump’s dueling Super Bowl ads are unprecedented
  • WSJ: Trump’s Campaign War Chest Tops $100 Million Heading Into Election Year
  • WaPo: Trump and the RNC raised almost half a billion dollars last year — and still had nearly $200 million heading into 2020