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January 29, 2024
Pod Save America
Biden and Haley Tag Team Trump

In This Episode

On Trump’s orders, Republicans in Congress double down on killing the bipartisan border deal. Both Joe Biden and Nikki Haley hit Trump’s memory lapses while campaigning in South Carolina. And, the Biden Campaign starts to preview its 2024 strategy—including  a big surrogate operation, empowering social media influencers, and—maybe!—an endorsement from Taylor Swift.


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  • WaPo: Lankford defends bipartisan border security bill after attacks by Trump, GOP
  • Axios: Oklahoma GOP condemns Lankford for bipartisan Senate border talks
  • Politico: Top border negotiators stump for their deal ahead of possible vote next week
  • Playbook: Biden crosses the border line (Saturday)
  • WaPo: Trump brags about efforts to stymie border talks: ‘Please blame it on me’
  • Mike Johnson Dear Colleagues Letter
  • WaPo: House GOP unveils Mayorkas impeachment articles despite lack of evidence
  • Playbook: Can Dems flip the border script?




  • NYT: Haley’s Dilemma: How to Diminish Trump Without Alienating Republican Voters
  • Axios: Haley says RNC “clearly not” honest broker in Republican primary
  • The Hill: Haley defends verdict against Trump in Carroll case: ‘I absolutely trust the jury’
  • NBC: Haley seeks momentum — not a win — in South Carolina
  • USA Today: Can Super Tuesday save Nikki Haley’s bid to compete with Donald Trump?
  • Axios: Nikki Haley’s coast-to-coast money week
  • The Hill: Trump’s attacks on Haley pose risks with female voters
  • WSJ: South Carolina Turned the Tide for Biden. Haley Hopes for Same Magic in Home State.
  • HuffPost: Jen Psaki Shows How Nikki Haley Could Be The Key To Joe Biden Beating Donald Trump




  • NYT: Inside Biden’s Anti-Trump Battle Plan (and Where Taylor Swift Fits In)
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