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May 28, 2020
Pod Save America
“Biden grieves, Trump tweets.”

In This Episode

The two candidates mark the pandemic death toll reaching 100,000 Americans in starkly different ways, a masked Biden emerges from his home, and both campaigns compete for black voters amid new incidents of racism and violence. Then Obama veteran Paul Tewes talks to Jon about recruiting an army of organizers to beat Trump in 2020.

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Show notes

100K Dead

  • NBC News: U.S. coronavirus deaths top 100,000
  • The Guardian: Almost 100,000 Americans have died from Covid-19. Here is that tragic story in figures
  • NYT: Trump Tweets and Golfs, but Makes No Mention of Virus’s Toll
  • LA Times: As deaths near 100,000, Trump and others head outdoors, often without precautions
  • WaPo: On weekend dedicated to war dead, Trump tweets insults, promotes baseless claims and plays golf
  • Vox: Trump spent Memorial Day weekend tweeting conspiracy theories and petty attacks
  • The Hill – Trump again tweets about Scarborough conspiracy, despite heavy criticism
  • WaPo: Trump doubles down on conspiracy theory about woman’s death, ignoring grieving widower’s plea for peace
  • NYT: Trump Pushes a Conspiracy Theory That Falsely Accuses a TV Host of Murder
  • Vox – The baseless Joe Scarborough conspiracy theory that Trump keeps pushing, explained
  • The Daily Beast: Kayleigh McEnany Tries to Justify Trump’s Scarborough Smears Despite Widower’s Demand to Stop
  • Axios: Kayleigh McEnany defends Trump’s conspiracy theories about Joe Scarborough
  • WaPo: Kayleigh McEnany’s latest briefing is a case study in gaslighting, whataboutism and false claims
  • NYT: ‘Ugly Even for Him’: Trump’s Media Allies Recoil at His Smear of MSNBC Host
  • POLITICO – Romney condemns Trump for Scarborough staffer tweets: ‘Enough already’
  • CNN: ‘Enough already’: Romney blasts Trump for pushing conspiracy theory about Joe Scarborough
  • WSJ: A Presidential Smear
  • The Hill: Trump touts layoffs at The Atlantic: ‘Tough time’
  • Washingtonian – The Atlantic Saw Subscriptions Surge After Trump Tweet
  • Variety – Trump Celebrates Major Layoffs at The Atlantic in ‘Fake News’ Twitter Rant
  • CNN: Pandemic takes toll on Trump properties while President golfs at one
  • Newsweek: Trump Organization Makes More Cuts, Permanently Lays Off 250 People At Doral Resort
  • CNN: Boeing lays off nearly 7,000 workers
  • NYT – Trump Promotes Posts From Racist and Sexist Twitter Feed
  • The Guardian: Trump spends Memorial Day weekend golfing and insulting female politicians
  • Slate: Trump Shares Sexist Messages About Prominent Female Democrats in Twitter Spree
  • The Hill – Trump job approval falls to 2-year low in Rasmussen poll
  • CNN –  Biden is running ahead of Clinton’s 2016 pace
  • Vox – New Fox News poll finds Biden with healthy lead, sends Trump into tailspin
  • WaPo – In back-to-back tweets, Trump shares a fake poll number and dismisses a real poll number as fake
  • HuffPo: Trump Flips Out After Biden Ad Rips Him For Golfing Amid Growing Death Toll
  • The Hill: Trump hits Biden and Obama in defense of his golfing
  • CNN: Fact check: Trump has spent far more time at golf clubs than Obama had at same point
  • FiveThirtyEight: Don’t Expect A Quick Recovery. Our Survey Of Economists Says It Will Likely Take Years.
  • Politico: The general election scenario that Democrats are dreading
  • New Yorker: Trump Is a Superspreader—of Distraction
  • WaPo: Trump’s signal is his noise. Stop trying to distinguish between the two.
  • LA Times: Trump lashes out with distractions and disinformation
  • Vox: Trump’s latest Fox Business interview was an elaborate distraction campaign
  • The Hill: Biden slams Trump in new ad: ‘The death toll is still rising. The President is playing golf’
  • Vox: “Human capital stock”: White House adviser Kevin Hassett uses dehumanizing term for US workers
  • NYT: Trump Threatens to Pull Republican National Convention From North Carolina
  • WaPo: Trump wants to know ‘within a week’ whether North Carolina can hold August convention amid pandemic

Biden Emerges

  • CNN: Biden blasts Trump for mocking face masks
  • NYT: Joe Biden, Wearing Mask, Appears in Public at a Veterans Memorial
  • NPR: Biden Commemorates Memorial Day In First Outing Amid Coronavirus Pandemic
  • WSJ: Biden and Trump, at Separate Memorial Day Events, Show a Contrast in Style
  • Delaware.gov: Governor Carney Announces Lifting of Short-Term Rental Ban, Out-of-State Quarantine on June 1
  • CBS Philly: Delaware To Allow Outdoor Weddings, Graduations Up To 250 People; Lifting Ban On Short-Term Rentals, Mandatory Quarantine For Out-Of-State Travelers
  • The Independent: ‘You want to be politically correct’: Trump asks reporter to take mask off then mocks him when he says no
  • WaPo: Trump calls mask wearing ‘politically correct,’ Biden calls him a ‘fool’
  • NYT: Trump Denies Making Fun of Biden for Wearing Mask
  • WaPo: Trump, who spent Memorial Day without a face mask, shares tweet criticizing Biden for wearing one
  • Navigator: Coronavirus Live Updates: Public Opinion on Coronavirus: Navigator Update
  • NYT: Biden Calls Trump a ‘Fool’ for Not Wearing Mask in Coronavirus Crisis
  • Politico: Biden: Trump’s ‘an absolute fool’ for stoking face mask controversy
  • WaPo: Trump’s mockery of wearing masks divides Republicans
  • Vanity Fair: Team Trump Wants to Turn Biden Into A Mask-Wearing Weenie
  • Axios: Trumpworld’s plan to brand Biden
  • WSJ: Trump, Biden Place Opposing Bets on Voters’ View of Coronavirus
  • NYT: Biden Apologizes for Saying Black Voters ‘Ain’t Black’ if They’re Considering Trump
  • NPR: Biden Pulls Back On ‘Cavalier’ Remarks About Black Voters
  • NBC News: Biden apologizes for saying African Americans ‘ain’t black’ if they back Trump re-election
  • The Hill – Trump campaign seizes on Biden’s ‘you aint black’ comments to court black voters
  • NYT – Inside the Dizzying Effort to Pitch Trump to Black Voters
  • Politico – Team Trump plans $1M ad blitz after Biden’s ‘you ain’t black’ stumble
  • Salon: Kushner wants to remove word “freedom” from GOP platform in effort to appeal to black voters: report
  • Axios: Scoop: Inside the secret talks to overhaul the GOP platform
  • WGBH – With Biden Pulling Ahead, The Media Must Avoid Repeating The Mistakes Of 2016
  • Vox – Do Joe Biden’s “you ain’t black” comments ultimately matter?
  • NBC News – Biden’s ‘gaffe machine’ has black voters wary but still on board
  • Politico – Clyburn says he ‘cringed’ at Biden’s ‘you ain’t black’ gaffe but reiterates support
  • AP: Biden says he was too ‘cavalier’ about black voters’ choices
  • WaPo – Why black voters don’t want Klobuchar as Biden’s running mate (OPINION)
  • Morning Consult – Among Rumored Vice Presidential Candidates, Warren Would Give Biden the Biggest Boost
  • Politico – Black activists warn Biden: Don’t pick Klobuchar as VP

George Floyd Killing

  • Click here for anti-racism resources and organizations to follow
  • WaPo – Four Minneapolis officers are fired after video shows one kneeling on neck of black man who later died
  • NYT – ‘I Can’t Breathe’: 4 Minneapolis Officers Fired After Black Man Dies in Custody
  • Axios: Trump asks DOJ and FBI to expedite probe into George Floyd’s death
  • NBC News: ‘Justice will be served!’: Trump weighs in on George Floyd case
  • PBS News: WATCH: Biden calls for justice in ‘horrific’ Floyd death
  • Politico: ‘George Floyd’s life mattered’: Biden condemns death of black man in Minneapolis police custody
  • WaPo: Biden calls for federal civil rights investigation into death of George Floyd