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April 17, 2022
Pod Save America
Bonus Episode: "Am I The Masshole?" (Live from Boston!)

In This Episode

Guest host Jane Coaston joins Jon, Jon, Tommy, and Dan live in Boston! Donald Trump tests his strength in the Republican party with a series of radical endorsements, the internet cringes as Elon Musk tries to buy Twitter, and Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey and Boston Mayor Michelle Wu join to discuss the local and national initiatives they’re pushing to fight climate change. Then Markey stays for a game that asks the ultimate question.


Show Notes



  • NPR’s Fresh Air: The midterm elections will show if Trump is still a ‘kingmaker’ 
  • NYT op-ed: Don’t Kid Yourself. Republicans Still Live in Fear of Trump’s Wrath.
  • ABC: ‘Big lie’ still a big deal inside GOP grassroots: The Note
  • Politico: Trump pours money into a midterm race for the first time
  • AJC: Trump boosts Perdue with new cash infusion
  • Bloomberg: Trump Fails to Turn Evangelicals Against Governor He Scorns
  • Politico: Trumpworld scrambles to contain Oz endorsement fallout 
  • Reuters: Trump endorsement of Dr. Oz in Senate race stuns advisers, divides loyalists Intelligencer: Dr. Oz Isn’t the Cure for Trump’s Endorsement Woes
  • AJC: Internal poll shows Brian Kemp close to outright primary win, despite Trump fight The Philadelphia Inquirer: Trump denounces Bill McSwain as a ‘coward,’ dashing the Pa. Republican’s hopes for an endorsement 
  • WaPo: Trump again turns against a supplicant he once found useful 
  • Intelligencer: Trump’s Brian Kemp Revenge Plot Has Hit a Snag 
  • NBC: ‘Revenge’: Georgia GOP primaries test Trump’s power, voter fraud lie 
  • Axios: Colorado GOP nominates election deniers to 2022 primary ballot
  • Vice: ‘Big Lie’ Candidates Just Had a Pretty Good Night in Wisconsin 



  • NYT: Elon Musk Knows Exactly What He’s Doing
  • The Hill: What does Elon Musk stand to gain from Twitter offer?
  • NYT: Worries inside Twitter as employees consider Elon Musk’s takeover bid
  • Economic Times: Elon Musk is no longer Twitter’s largest shareholder, Vanguard group ups stake to 10.3%
  • WSJ: Musk Gives Twitter’s Board an Expensive Out
  • The Street: Everything Elon Musk Said at His TED Talk 
  • Forbes: Elon Musk Had A Wild Year On Twitter. Here Are His 5 Craziest Tweets
  • ScoopHoop: 16 Of Elon Musk’s Weirdest Tweets That Will Make You Wanna Take His Phone Away