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July 22, 2021
Pod Save America
“Both Sides-ing the Insurrection.” (with Mehdi Hasan)

In This Episode

Mehdi Hasan joins Jon Favreau to discuss Joe Biden’s town hall in Cincinnati, the Republican intra-party battle over vaccines and the 1/6 commission, and Tom Brady’s devastating takedown of Donald Trump. Then, Equis Research co-founder Stephanie Valencia talks to Jon about immigration and other issues on the minds of Latino voters.


Show Notes



  • CNN: 5 things to watch during CNN’s town hall with Joe Biden
  • AP: Biden’s 3rd trip to reddish Ohio pushes his economic agenda
  • CNN: ‘We’ve come up against the brick wall’: Southwest Ohio fights vaccine hesitancy ahead of Biden town hall 
  • NYT: Why Biden Might Avoid the Policy Sinkhole That Swamped His Predecessors
  • CBS: Biden nets positive marks for handling pandemic, but vaccine resistance, Delta concern remains – CBS News poll
  • Yahoo!: Biden’s town hall at Catholic university riles bishop, abortion opponents
  • NYT: C.D.C. Director Warns of a ‘Pandemic of the Unvaccinated’ 
  • CNN: Covid-19 hospitalizations and deaths are increasing, and the vast majority were not vaccinated 
  • CNBC: Delta variant now accounts for 83% of all sequenced Covid cases in the U.S., CDC Director Walensky says
  • HuffPost: Leading Pediatrics Group Recommends All Kids Wear Masks In School This Fall 
  • CNN: Pediatricians’ group says all kids should wear masks in school, but some states block such mandates
  • Politico: Cash shortage threatens White House global vaccine effort 
  • WaPo: Key federal aid programs are running out of time — and cash — as new coronavirus variant spreads
  • Politico: State, local officials distributed just 6.5 percent of rental aid in first half of year
  • Politico: Biden diverges with Canada and extends border restrictions until at least Aug. 21
  • NBC: Fauci blasts Rand Paul’s Wuhan lab funding claim: ‘You do not know what you’re talking about’
  • Politico: Republicans scramble to secure infrastructure support ahead of failed vote
  • Politico: Senate infrastructure talks may stretch into next week as failed vote looms
  • Politico: Biden moves to preempt House Dem blow-up over infrastructure deal 



  • WaPo Opinion: Yes, a few Republicans are advocating vaccines. They don’t deserve much credit.
  • The Hill: Republicans divided on how hard to push vaccines
  • WaPo: Growing number of Republicans urge vaccinations amid delta surge 
  • NYTimes: On Fox News, Vaccination Pleas Intensify, but Skepticism Persists
  • WaPo Opinion: A vile new Trump-GOP claim about vaccines suggests trouble ahead 
  • NYTimes: How Republican Vaccine Opposition Got to This Point 
  • Vox: Tennessee has one of the lowest vax rates. Republicans are working to make sure that stays the case. 
  • NYTimes: Top Tennessee Vaccine Official Says She Was Fired Over Shots for Teens 
  • WaPo: Bipartisan House probe of Jan. 6 insurrection falls apart after Pelosi blocks two GOP members 
  • Slate: Pelosi Kicks Kooks off Coup Committee
  • Axios: McCarthy pulls Republicans from Jan. 6 select committee after Pelosi rejects picks
  • NYTimes: Pelosi bars two Trump allies from the committee investigating the Jan. 6 riot. 
  • MotherJones: Pelosi Rejects Two Big Lie Enthusiasts From Jan. 6 Commission
  • WaPo: The Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol hurt the Republican Party, new research finds


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