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May 20, 2021
Pod Save America
“Capitol-storming police-haters.”

In This Episode

Republican leaders reject a bipartisan commission created to investigate their own attempted murder on 1/6, Democrats finish a new analysis of why they nearly lost the House in 2020, and NYU Law Professor Melissa Murray talks to Jon Favreau about the news that New York State has launched a criminal investigation into the Trump organization, as well as what’s ahead for the Supreme Court.


Show Notes



  • Thompson statement on the bipartisan agreement to create commission
  • CNN: All eyes on how many GOP defections will there be as House set to vote on bill to create January 6 commission
  • WaPo: McConnell comes out against Jan. 6 commission, imperiling its chances of becoming law
  • The Hill: 9/11 commissioners slam GOP for rejecting Jan. 6 commission
  • Axios: McConnell formally announces opposition to Jan. 6 commission
  • NYT: McCarthy Announces Opposition to Jan. 6 Commission
  • WaPo: The Daily 202: Kevin McCarthy of Jan. 6, meet Kevin McCarthy of Benghazi 
  • Slate: Republicans Are Tough on Terrorism Until the Terrorists Are Republicans
  • CNN: Republicans fear January 6 probe could undercut 2022 midterm message
  • Politico: Internal GOP drama over Jan. 6 commission exposes holes in McCarthy’s leadership
  • WaPo: McConnell moves from rebuking Trump over Jan. 6 to potentially killing a Jan. 6 commission
  • WaPo: Opinion: Why Republican opposition to a Jan. 6 commission could be a blessing in disguise
  • Vox: The Big Lie is the GOP’s one and only truth



  • WaPo: House Democrats’ 2020 election autopsy: Bad polling hurt and GOP attacks worked 
  • WaPo: Should House Democrats write off rural congressional districts?
  • Vox: The Democratic Party’s down-ballot collapse, explained 
  • The Atlantic: Why Do Democrats Keep Losing in 2017? 
  • WaPo: Here’s what Democrats have won (and lost) in special elections this year 
  • Fivethirtyeight: Barack Obama Won The White House, But Democrats Lost The Country 
  • WaPo: Why the Democrats’ 2017 comeback dream is like nothing we’ve seen before
  • WaPo: With violent crime spiking, the push for police reform collides with voters’ fears 
  • Axios: Danger lurks in the Democrats’ police talk
  • Politico: ‘A conversation that needs to happen’: Democrats agonize over ‘defund the police’ fallout 
  • NYT: Philadelphia’s Progressive District Attorney Fends Off Democratic Challenger
  • The Intercept: Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner Trounces Police-Backed Primary Challenger
  • The Nation: The Police Union Failed Miserably in Its Attempt to Beat Philadelphia DA Larry Krasner 
  • NYT Op-Ed: Why Can’t the Republican Party Quit Donald Trump?
  • FiveThirtyEight: Why The Republican Party Isn’t Rebranding After 2020
  • WaPo Opinion: Democrats think voters will reward them for sending checks. What if they’re wrong?
  • WaPo Opinion: The GOP hands Democrats the formula to keep the House majority 
  • Vox: New data helps explain Trump’s gains among Latino voters in 2020 


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