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November 18, 2021
Pod Save America
"Gaslighting gas prices” (with Elizabeth Warren!)

In This Episode

President Biden hits the road to go on offense against rising prices and falling poll numbers, Senator Elizabeth Warren joins to talk about passing the Build Back Better plan, and Elijah Cone offers up the week’s worst punditry in another round of Take Appreciator.


Show Notes



  • WaPo: White House fears about the coming CBO score point to a deep perversity
  • WaPo: Inflation emerges as defining economic challenge of Biden presidency, with no obvious solution at hand
  • WaPo: Biden approval hits new low as economic discontent rises, Post-ABC poll finds 
  • NY Times: I Warned the Democrats About Inflation 
  • NY Mag: An Obama Economic Adviser on Biden’s Big Inflation Problem 
  • Axios: Progressives fearful as Biden plan pushed into December
  • NY Times: Who’s to Blame for Rising Prices
  • Reuters: EXCLUSIVE Rating agencies say Biden’s spending plans will not add to inflationary pressure 
  • Politico: Pain at the pump drives Biden’s suffering in the polls
  • NY Times: Biden’s reliance on I.R.S. enforcement to pay for $1.85 trillion bill hits a snag. 
  • WSJ: Biden Says Fed Chair Pick Could Be Unveiled This Week
  • CNN: Biden changes his tone and walks a delicate line on inflation 
  • Guardian: Biden’s approval ratings continue to plunge amid crisis over inflation
  • Vox: Why it’s not quite time to panic about inflation
  • Jacobin:  Lies, Damn Lies, and CBO Statistics
  • WaPo: What is the CBO, and how could its score derail Democrats’ social safety net bill? 
  • The Hill: Moderate Democrats press for score before vote on Biden package (11/2) 



  • CBS: What’s in the newest version of BBB?
  • CBS: What will the Senate likely haggle over once it’s in their hands?
  • Politico: Manchin ‘fine’ with end-of-year timeline to bring up social spending bill
  • Bloomberg: Democrats’ SALT Cap Proposals Don’t Yet Have Elizabeth Warren’s Support
  • WaPo: Opinion: Elizabeth Warren persisted. Now, she’s driving change.
  • NYT: ​​Democrats Divided Over Tax Proposals to Pay for Budget Bill 
  • Newsweek: Sinema, Manchin Back Corporate Minimum Tax on $1B Companies
  • NYT: As gas prices surge, President Biden asks the F.T.C. to investigate ‘illegal conduct.’
  • WaPo: Democrats say Build Back Better can save them. Does their data back that up?
  • NYT: With his reappointment on the line, Elizabeth Warren calls Jerome Powell ‘a dangerous man.’
  • WaPo Editorial Board: No, Sen. Warren, the Fed chairman is not a ‘dangerous man’ 



  • NYT: ​​Democrats Shouldn’t Panic. They Should Go Into Shock. 
  • CNN: ANALYSIS: Americans aren’t feeling relief from Biden’s big Washington victory
  • AXIOS: “Democrats Brace For Retaliation Over Gosar Censure” 
  • NYT: Want to Save the Earth? We Need a Lot More Elon Musks. 
  • WaPo: A Trump candidacy in 2024 Would Threaten His Own Legacy 



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