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February 10, 2022
Pod Save America
"Hangin' with Mike Pence."

In This Episode

The Republican Party is once again in disarray thanks to Donald Trump, Democratic Governors are ending Covid restrictions as Omicron recedes, and host of The Axe Files podcast and co-host of Hacks on Tap David Axelrod is here to talk about Democrats’ midterm strategy.


Show Notes 

Legitimate Discourse

  • NYT: Censure Vote Has Republicans Battling Themselves Again
  • WaPo: The GOP’s legitimate political discord
  • Axios: Kinzinger: McCarthy a “feckless, weak” man
  • TheHill: Trump tightens grip on RNC
  • CNN: ​​Trump sets off yet another GOP civil war, risking party’s midterm strategy




David Axelrod 

  • Hacks on Tap: Legitimate Political Discourse 
  • David Axelrod tweet 
  • David Axelrod tweet
  • David Axelrod tweet (2/4)
  • West Wing Playbook: To crow, or not to crow, that is the question 
  • NYT: For Biden and Adams, a Meeting of Like Minds on Gun Crime 
  • David Axelrod tweet 
  • CNN: Axelrod reveals two big lessons from Biden’s first year
  • Yahoo: Former Obama adviser Axelrod: Biden’s Atlanta speech rhetoric ‘not very useful’ 
  • CNN: Harry Reid took a risk on Barack Obama 
  • NYT: It’s Not Over for Joe Biden (12/28/21) – op-ed by David Axelrod
  • CNN: Biden’s peacock moment 




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