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April 13, 2023
Pod Save America
"He’s Running (From Prison)."

In This Episode

Donald Trump is running for President, even if it’s from prison, and South Carolina Republican Tim Scott is crazy enough to think he can beat this criminal defendant. Joe Biden kind of, sort of makes news about his own presidential ambitions. Lovett and other Democrats pressure Dianne Feinstein to resign. Some Republicans want to ban entire libraries. And later, Governor Gretchen Whitmer joins to talk about what national Democrats can learn from Michigan.


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Show Notes



  • WaPo: Tucker Carlson gives Donald Trump an hour to say what he wants
  • YahooNews: Trump’s tale of crying Manhattan court employees was ‘absolute BS,’ law enforcement source says 
  • WaPo: Manhattan DA sues Rep. Jim Jordan for ‘brazen’ attack on Trump probe
  • CNN: Trump asks to delay sexual assault trial following historic indictment
  • NYT: Trump Appeals Decision Forcing Pence to Testify to Jan. 6 Grand Jury
  • Axios: Congress given access to Trump, Biden and Pence classified docs
  • NYT: Tim Scott Announces Presidential Exploratory Committee for 2024
  • WaPoOpinion: Tim Scott is in the second-best polling position possible 
  • Politico: All signs still point to a DeSantis run, despite the naysayers
  • Politico: Pritzker, allies to DNC: We’ll cover the bill — if Chicago gets the ’24 convention
  • WaPoOpinion: Biden’s polling numbers should not be this low
  • MissouriIndependent: ​​Missouri’s new effort to punish libraries is vindictive and harmful