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February 08, 2021
Pod Save America
“Impeaching the Big Lie.”

In This Episode

The second impeachment of Donald Trump begins, President Biden reins in ICE as part of an immigration overhaul, and Fox News is hit with a $2.3 billion defamation lawsuit for spreading election conspiracies.



Show notes


Impeachment Preview

  • CNN: Trump’s second impeachment trial set to kick off this week amid questions about what it will look like
  • ABC News: Majority of Americans say Trump should be convicted, barred from holding federal office in impeachment trial: POLL 
  • Politico: Democrats’ big shift in Trump’s second impeachment
  • WaPo: Shape of Senate impeachment trial remains unclear as Trump rejects House Democratic request to testify 
  • Politico: Trump won’t testify at his second impeachment trial
  • NYT: Senate Leaders Agree on Impeachment Trial Delay, Giving Biden Breathing Room 
  • Axios: Democrats call on Schumer for speedy Trump impeachment trial
  • AP: Senate Republicans back Trump on eve of impeachment trial 
  • LA Times: Trump backer decries ‘show trial’ as Democrats call on Senate to hold him accountable
  • Politico: Trump impeachment lawyer says he’ll use video of Dems’ own remarks at trial 
  • NYT: Impeachment Case Aims to Marshal Outrage of Capitol Attack Against Trump
  • NYT: Read the Brief from Trump’s Defense Team on Impeachment Charge 
  • WaPo: 5 arguments the GOP is making against impeachment, parsed 
  • NYT: Impeachment Case Aims to Marshal Outrage of Capitol Attack Against Trump
  • WaPo Analysis: Power Up: Democrats and Trump’s lawyers just previewed their impeachment trial strategy. Here’s a breakdown.
  • WaPo: Trump’s actions described as ‘a betrayal of historic proportions’ in trial brief filed by House impeachment managers
  • NYT: Republicans Rally Against Impeachment Trial, Signaling Likely Acquittal for Trump 
  • CBS News: Biden says “no need” for Trump to still receive intel briefings
  • Politico Transition Playbook: Impeachment? Never heard of her 
  • WaPo: Trump’s access to sensitive briefings will be determined by intelligence officials, White House clarifies
  • Vox: Biden’s hesitancy about Trump receiving intelligence briefings, briefly explained
  • NYT: Biden Bars Trump From Receiving Intelligence Briefings, Citing ‘Erratic Behavior’



  • WaPo: New Biden rules for ICE point to fewer arrests and deportations, and a more restrained agency
  • ABC News: Biden ending deals with Central America restricting asylum
  • WSJ: Biden Withdraws From Trump’s Agreements to Send Asylum Seekers to Central America
  • NPR: Biden Moves To End Trump-Era Asylum Agreements With Central American Countries
  • NYT: Migrant Families Force Biden to Confront New Border Crisis
  • The Guardian: US to resume deporting asylum seekers after judge rejects Biden order
  • Texas Tribune: Federal judge temporarily blocks Biden’s 100-day deportation moratorium after Texas sues administration
  • Politico: Biden dealt blow on 100-day deportation moratorium
  • CBS News: ICE starts 100-day moratorium on deportations for certain immigrants in U.S.
  • Vox: Biden will pause deportations for 100 days
  • WaPo: Biden announces efforts to reunite migrant families separated by Trump administration 
  • ABC News: Biden creating task force to reunite families separated at the border 
  • The White House: Executive Order on the Establishment of Interagency Task Force on the Reunification of Families
  • WaPo: Biden seeks to restore ‘badly damaged’ refugee resettlement program
  • NYT: Biden to Welcome More Refugees, but Far From All Will Get In 
  • The Hill: Biden immigration policy looks beyond reversing Trump 
  • WaPo: Biden’s new orders seem bold. For most immigrants, they don’t change much. 
  • Texas Tribune: President Biden’s early immigration overhaul has overlooked one growing problem: A massive court backlog
  • New Yorker: The Race to Dismantle Trump’s Immigration Policies 
  • PBS: Why reforming the U.S. approach to deportations could be Biden’s biggest immigration challenge
  • Vox: What Biden can learn from Obama’s immigration mistakes
  • NYT Op-Ed: 3 Million People Were Deported Under Obama. What Will Biden Do About It?
  • WaPo Opinion: Opinion: Biden must fight for immigration reform like never before. Until I see that, consider me a skeptic.
  • WaPo Opinion: Opinion: ICE’s union can basically veto any Biden immigration plan — thanks to Ken Cuccinelli 
  • NYT: Trump Loyalists Across Homeland Security Could Vex Biden’s Immigration Policies 
  • SC Now: Lindsey Graham says Joe Biden’s immigration polices will make the migrant caravans flow again
  • The Hill: Biden on immigration orders: ‘I’m eliminating bad policy’ 
  • The Hill: McConnell criticizes Biden’s Day 1 actions
  • Fox News: Marco Rubio rejects Biden immigration bill, calls it ‘blanket amnesty’ 
  • CNBC: Bipartisan pair of senators reintroduces immigration reform bill protecting ‘Dreamers’ 
  • Politico: Biden open to breaking his immigration bill into pieces 
  • AP: Democrats start reining in expectations for immigration bill 
  • NBC News: Senate Republicans throw cold water on Biden’s immigration proposal
  • AP: Biden immigration plan opposed by GOP, conservative groups
  • CNN Analysis: On immigration, Biden seeks a new approach to an old deadlock 


Disinformation and Defamation

  • Vox: Fox Business abruptly canceled Lou Dobbs Tonight
  • LA Times: Fox News cancels Lou Dobbs’ show; pro-Trump host not expected to be back on air
  • WaPo: Smartmatic files $2.7 billion defamation suit against Fox News over election fraud claims 
  • Axios: Smartmatic files $2.7 billion lawsuit against Fox, Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell
  • NYT: Fox News Is Sued by Election Technology Company for Over $2.7 Billion 
  • WaPo: Dominion voting machine firm sues Giuliani for more than $1.3 billion 
  • NPR: Dominion Voting Systems Suing Giuliani For Defamation 
  • CNBC: Dominion Voting warns Fox News, Sean Hannity, other conservative outlets that defamation lawsuits are imminent
  • NYT: Lawsuits Take the Lead in Fight Against Disinformation
  • WaPo Analysis: Lou Dobbs, and the most problematic claims Trump allies made about voting machines 
  • Vox: OAN prefaced Mike Lindell’s election “documentary” with a hilariously massive disclaimer 
  • Bloomberg Opinion: Defamation Law Can Slow the Plague of Fake News 
  • CNN Business: ‘There is real teeth to this’: Legal experts weigh in on Smartmatic’s $2.7 billion lawsuit against Fox News
  • USA Today Opinion: Fake news victims are using lawsuits to shut down the lies. Can courts cure this plague? 
  • Columbia Journalism Review: The debate about fixing America’s information ecosystem 
  • Media Matters: These companies dropped the GOP’s insurrection caucus — but are still running ads on Fox 
  • WaPo Opinion: Fox News is a hazard to our democracy. It’s time to take the fight to the Murdochs. Here’s how.
  • NYT: More Than 1,000 Companies Boycotted Facebook. Did It Work? 
  • NYT: Advertisers Are Fleeing Tucker Carlson. Fox News Viewers Have Stayed. 
  • WaPo: Three ways the media can vanquish the Big Lie that will linger even after Trump is gone
  • NYT Opinion: The Women Who Paved the Way for Marjorie Taylor Greene 
  • WaPo: The media can’t ignore Marjorie Taylor Greene. Can they figure out how to cover her?


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