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June 08, 2023
Pod Save America
Indictment Eve

In This Episode

Donald Trump prepares to be charged with more crimes. Mike Pence and Chris Christie jump into the race with some pointed criticism of the man who almost killed them. Matt Gaetz foils Kevin McCarthy’s plan to protect your gas stove. And later, White House Chief of Staff Jeff Zients stops by to talk about the debt ceiling deal and what’s next on Biden’s agenda.


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Show Notes



  • TheGuardian: Multiple witnesses subpoenaed in Florida in Trump Mar-a-Lago case
  • NYT: Mark Meadows Testified to Grand Jury in Special Counsel Investigation of Trump
  • NYT: The G.O.P. Has Drifted, but Mike Pence Is as Conservative as Ever
  • NBC: Mike Pence rips Trump as he launches his 2024 GOP presidential bid
  • FiveThirtyEight: Mike Pence Is Starting His Presidential Campaign From A Historically Bad Position
  • Playbook: Christie’s tough talk, Pence’s ‘better angels’
  • AP: Christie goes after Trump in presidential campaign launch, calling him a ‘self-serving mirror hog’ 
  • The Bulwark: Here Comes Chris Christie
  • Fivethirtyeight: Chris Christie Should Have Run For President In 2012
  • NBC: Chris Christie: On the issues
  • Insider: Chris Christie just made the GOP primary pettier with his deep beef against the Kushners 
  • WSJ: Doug Burgum: Why I’m Running for President in 2024