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November 02, 2023
Pod Save America
Is Trump Losing a Step?

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Donald Trump’s dominance in the early states finally has his Republican rivals and the press pointing out that he’s no spring chicken. Meanwhile, MAGA Mike Johnson is embracing his nickname during his first week as Speaker. Plus, George Santos lives to lie another day and RFK Jr. is taking more support from Trump in two new polls.

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  • CNN: Mike Johnson tests his new power with risky gambit on Israel
  • Axios: Scoop: Mike Johnson fuels House GOP’s best fundraising week of cycle
  • NYT: Mike Johnson Just Confirmed How Unserious He Is
  • The Hill: Liz Cheney: ‘Dangerous’ Johnson he knew his 2020 actions were ‘wrong’
  • NBC News: House GOP’s Israel aid bill adds $26.8 billion to the deficit, budget office says
  • CNN: Mike Johnson faces divisive floor votes in early test of his speakership
  • AP News: House Speaker Mike Johnson was once the dean of a Christian law school. It never opened its doors
  • WaPo Opinion: Mike Johnson is a pro-gun Christian nationalist. Yes, be afraid.
  • TIME: Mike Johnson’s Election Marks the End of Reagan’s GOP
  • MSNBC: Why Mike Johnson’s days as speaker may already be numbered
  • The Hill: Democrats hope to use Speaker Johnson’s conservatism against the GOP
  • Axios: Trump has his own age problem as he mocks 80-year-old Biden’s fitness
  • Forbes: Trump’s Week Of Gaffes: Biden And DeSantis Highlight Trump’s Mistakes
  • NYT: How Trump’s Verbal Slips Could Weaken His Attacks on Biden’s Age
  • ABC/538: Why it doesn’t matter that Mike Pence dropped out of the GOP primary
  • Des Moines Register: Iowa Poll: Most likely Republican caucusgoers disagree with Trump’s 6-week abortion ban comment
  • Washington Examiner: Tim Scott downplays fourth place finish in new Iowa poll
  • CNN Poll: Trump dominates South Carolina GOP primary, with Haley a clear but distant second
  • CNN: These Americans are ambivalent about democracy