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September 11, 2023
Pod Save America
Is Trump Snoozing on Iowa?

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Trump shows up in Iowa to flip burgers before a football game, but his allies worry that photo-ops won’t be enough to win the Hawkeye State. Republicans in Wisconsin prepare to impeach a judge before she’s heard her first case, while their counterparts in DC lurch closer to forcing a government shutdown. Then, constitutional law scholar Laurence Tribe talks to Lovett about why the 14th Amendment might bar Trump from serving another term, and Hallie Kiefer joins the guys to test out the latest in right-wing classroom propaganda.

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  • NBC News: Trump allies urge a wake-up call for his lagging Iowa campaign operation
  • Politico: DeSantis camp on Iowa: A ‘strong second’ is good enough
  • Vanity Fair: The DeSantis Campaign Is Already Lowering Iowa Expectations: “A Strong Second-Place Showing”
  • NBC News: GOP ad war hits $100 million as early-state campaign to stop Trump intensifies
  • ABC News: Trump stops at a fraternity house on his way to Iowa-Iowa State football game, outdrawing his rivals
  • ABC News: Donald Trump’s 2024 campaign: Fewer rallies, more court dates
  • CNBC: Modi, Biden pledge to deepen India-U.S. partnership as world leaders meet in Delhi for G20 summit
  • CNN: New US-backed India-Middle East trade route to challenge China’s ambitions
  • Politico: ‘I don’t want to contain China,’ Biden says in Beijing’s backyard
  • CNN: White House press secretary ends news conference as Biden is still responding to questions from reporters
  • AlaskaNewsSource: President Biden attending 9/11 memorial ceremony at JBER
  • Politico: McCarthy pressure hits a boiling point
  • AP: McCarthy juggles a government shutdown and a Biden impeachment inquiry as the House returns for fall
  • CNN: House GOP’s government shutdown threat set to collide with demands for Biden impeachment
  • NYT: Congress Embarks on Spending Battle as Shutdown Looms at End of September
  • WSJ: Hard-Line Conservatives Talk Tough, and Government Shutdown Looms
  • AP: Wisconsin GOP threatens to impeach justice over donations, but conservatives also took party cash
  • Wisconsin Examiner: Dems launch defense of Protasiewicz as GOP impeachment threats continue
  • Wisconsin Watch: Mega donors fuel record-shattering $45M Wisconsin Supreme Court race
  • Politico / Playbook: What Ginni Thomas and Leonard Leo wrought: How a justice’s wife and a key activist started a movement