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August 21, 2020
Pod Save America
“It’s Joe Time.”

In This Episode

Jon, Jon, Tommy, and Dan reflect on Joe Biden’s acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention, reflect on the week of speeches and moments, and look ahead to next week’s Republican National Convention.


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Show Notes 

Biden accepts the nomination

  • CNN: Transcript: Joe Biden’s DNC speech
  • NPR: Fact Check: Biden’s Address To The DNC, Annotated
  • Full video of the speech
  • Axios: Biden accepts nomination, tears into Trump for “unforgivable” COVID response
  • NYT – Biden Leaves Convention With a Clear Mission: Stop Trump
  • WaPo: 4 takeaways from the final night of the Democratic National Convention
  • CNN: Joe Biden urges Americans to choose hope over fear in accepting Democratic nomination for president
  • Dave Weigel tweet
  • ABC News: A different view of the Democrats on Fox News prime time
  • The Week: Joe Biden’s speech even wowed his critics: ‘Biden crushed expectations’
  • The Hill: Jake Tapper: Biden’s acceptance speech was ‘one of the best, if not the best’ of his career
  • Matt Mackowiak speech
  • Dave Weigel response to Mackowiak
  • Lara Trump tweet



  • AP: Beau Biden honored at Democratic convention
  • LAT – At the DNC, Joe Biden’s story is his family’s story
  • Vox: Ordinary Americans stole the show at this year’s Democratic convention
  • Tweet from Gabby Giffords
  • Axios: 13-year-old Brayden Harrington shares advice Biden gave to help him with stutter
  • NYT: ‘He Stiffed Our Party’: Bloomberg Doubts Resurface as He Speaks at D.N.C.
  • WaPo: The Trailer: The Democratic Party on display this week
  • New Yorker: After Two Nights, the Virtual Democratic National Convention Is Winning
  • Slate: The DNC’s Roll Call Made Me Feel More Patriotic Than I Have in Years
  • NPR: Reimagined Virtual Roll Call Steals The Show
  • WaPo: Democrats highlight diversity at their convention — and the challenges that come with it
  • NYT: TV Audiences Dip for First Night of Democrats’ Virtual Convention
  • Politico: Battle of the virtual conventions: How the GOP team is studying the Democrats’ show
  • Politico: This Convention Was an Eight-Hour-Long Infomercial—And a Pretty Good One
  • Politico: Same cast, different story: How the virtual convention benefits Biden
  • The Atlantic: Democrats’ Unprecedented Embrace of Gun Control 
  • NYT: Democrats Set Aside Their Differences 
  • WaPo: The four issues besides coronavirus that Democrats are hammering in their convention
  • WaPo: Convention’s big message: Biden is a good guy
  • WaPo (The Trailer): The Trailer: What mattered at the start of the Democratic convention
  • Heather McGhee tweet
  • The Atlantic: Sanders Supporters Realize Their Party Is Bigger Than They Are
  • Daily Beast: Why the Fuck Is Creepy Bill Clinton Speaking at the Democratic Convention?
  • Kasich speech transcript
  • Daily Beast: DNC Favors Republicans Over Muslim and Latinx Dems, Activists Say
  • Vox: The DNC’s opening message: The system isn’t broken, it just feels like it
  • The New Yorker : After Two Nights, the Virtual Democratic National Convention Is Winning
  • The New Yorker: A Temporary Truce at the Democratic National Convention
  • WaPo: Rep. Ocasio-Cortez’s convention speech serves as warning to Democratic establishment and Biden
  • NYT: Ocasio-Cortez Makes Symbolic Nomination of Sanders for President: Full Speech Transcript
  • Kristin Urquiza full speech
  • NYT: Kristin Urquiza, Whose Father Died of Covid, on Turning Grief Into Activism
  • AZ Central: Kristin Urquiza, who blistered Gov. Doug Ducey in viral COVID-19 obituary, speaks at Democratic National Convention
  • CNN: The DNC keynote address speech: Full video
  • NYT: Keynote Speaker? How About 17 of Them 
  • Vox: 5 winners and 2 losers from night 2 of the Democratic convention
  • HuffPo: Democrats Had 17 Young Stars. The DNC Didn’t Give Them Any Chance To Shine.
  • Jacquelyn Brittany’s speech
  • Mother Jones: Joe Biden Is Officially Nominated by Jacquelyn Brittany
  • WaPo: The security guard blurted ‘I love you’ to Joe Biden in an elevator. One viral video later, she nominated him for president.
  • Ady Barkan’s full speech
  • The Guardian: Ady Barkan delivers powerful DNC speech demanding quality healthcare 
  • Daily Beast: Ady Barkan, A Man Without a Voice, Delivers Most Powerful DNC Speech on Night 2
  • NYT: Ady Barkan on Progressives’ Future Under Biden
  • NYT: Democratic National Convention’s Roll Call Showcases Voices from Across America


Trump and the Republican Convention

  • Dave Weigel response to Mackowiak
  • Matt Mackowiak speech
  • CNN: Trump in overdrive to produce a blockbuster RNC that outshines Dems
  • NBC News: How Republicans plan to counter Democrats’ big week
  • Politico: Battle of the virtual conventions: How the GOP team is studying the Democrats’ show
  • NY Mag: How Will the RNC Counter The Diversity of the DNC
  • The Hill: McConnell to give taped remarks as part of GOP convention
  • USA Today: Who’s speaking at the RNC? Here’s what we know so far.