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April 26, 2018
Pod Save America
“It’s your Justice Department!"

In This Episode

Trump calls into his favorite program, Ronny Jackson withdraws, Mulvaney says the quiet part out loud, Kanye tweets, and Democrats find hope in a special election loss. Then Arizona Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema joins Jon and Dan to talk about her Senate race and her approach to politics.

Show Notes:

Kanye: http://go.crooked.com/kanye

Ronny Jackson:

NYT: New Allegations Emerge Against Ronny Jackson as White House Digs In

NYT: A history of Ronny Jackson in fewer than 70 words

WaPo: VA nominee Ronny Jackson faces explosive new allegations of drinking, wrecking government vehicle

CNN: VA nominee drunkenly banged on female employee’s door during overseas trip, sources say

Politico: Trump aides rush to save Jackson nomination

Vox: The Real Ronny Jackson scandal – By Sarah Cliff

New Yorker – The Real Ronny Jackson Scandal Is That Trump Nominated Him at All – By John Cassidy

WaPo: Here are 5 urgent problems a new VA secretary would need to tackle

Mulvaney/Dumb corrupt stuff:

NYT: Mulvaney, Watchdog Bureau’s Leader, Advises Bankers on Ways to Curtail Agency

WaPo: Mick Mulvaney’s confession highlights the corrosive influence of money in politics

NY Mag – Mick Mulvaney Tells Bankers to Pay Up If They Want Favors From Trump

The Atlantic – Mick Mulvaney says the quiet part out loud

WaPo: Michael Cohen to invoke Fifth Amendment right in Stormy Daniels case

Arizona Special:

538: Another Special Election, Another Really Bad Sign For The GOP

WaPo: Democrats didn’t win in Arizona, but here’s why they’re celebrating anyway

WaPo: Republicans see close margin in Arizona as another wake-up call heading into fall

National Journal: Democrats Learning the Limits of Base-First Politics

Kyrsten Sinema:

Vox: New poll shows Democrat leading in every Arizona Senate matchup

AZ Central: In Arizona’s Senate race, has Joe Arpaio lost his fundraising mojo?

Cronkite News: Sinema outpaces likely GOP challengers, raises $8 million in Senate bid

Washington Post: Republicans got a win in Arizona — but it just made them more nervous

NYT: Year of the Woman? In Arizona, it’s plural and it’s both parties

WSJ: Can a Onetime Nader-Supporting ‘Bomb Thrower’ Win Arizona’s Senate Seat?

FiveThirtyEight: The GOP’s Identity Crisis Has Overtaken Arizona’s Senate Race

Tucson News Now: SNAP THE VOTE: Arizona Senate race

Vox: Republican Debbie Lesko wins Arizona special election — by way less than Trump did in 2016

Vox: The latest Senate fundraising numbers look good for Democrats

CNN: Democrats running this year cautiously back Trump’s decision to strike Syria

Yahoo News: Trump looms large in Arizona Senate race to replace Jeff Flake

The Hill: The 10 Senate seats most likely to flip in 2018

NYT: Arizona G.O.P. Tiptoes Between a Trump-Loving Base and a Leery Wider Electorate