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January 19, 2023
Pod Save America
"Kook-ing With Gas."

In This Episode

America hits the debt limit and Republicans prepare to take hostages. The best committee assignments go to the House’s biggest MAGA freaks and they’re all ready to investigate Joe Biden’s garage. Then, The Bulwark’s Sarah Longwell joins to talk about what’s on voters’ minds. And later, Jon and Dan find out if Joe Biden’s about to take your gas stove in a new segment called I’m About to Myth Bust.


Show Notes



  • Politico: Biden world celebrates GOP oversight picks: ‘Credibility of a sentient My Pillow commercial.’
  • WaPo: The stark irony of George Santos’s and Marjorie Taylor Greene’s committee assignments
  • NYT: How ‘Extraordinary Measures’ Can Postpone a Debt Limit Disaster
  • Politico: Biden, House GOP refuse to budge as key debt ceiling deadline looms
  • TheBulwark: The Fed and the House Are Both Bringing on a Recession
  • WaPo: If the Mar-a-Lago case collapses? Disaster dodged, America 
  • CNN: White House strategy to manage documents fallout takes shape
  • WSJ: Justice Department Considered but Rejected Role in Biden Documents Search
  • Fox News: Dems ‘want answers’ on Biden documents, Rep. Porter says: ‘Classified documents belong in classified settings’
  • The Hill: Biden documents case marks Garland’s latest test
  • WaPo: The impressively weak effort to ‘whatabout’ Biden’s classified documents
  • ABC:Biden classified documents need to be reviewed for national security risks, Schiff says
  • WaPo: 4 key questions about the Biden documents
  • Reuters: Biden taps problem-solver Bob Bauer as personal lawyer in document probe
  • Fox News: Rep. Swalwell on Biden vs. Trump’s classified documents: ‘Treat them both the same’
  • CNN: Archives says it has to consult Justice Department before providing Biden document info to Congress
  • The Hill: Comer focuses on Penn Biden Center in investigation of classified documents



  • Forbes: U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Considers A Ban On New Gas Stoves – How To Get Cash To Switch To Electric
  • New Republic: The Dawn of Gas Stove Denialism 
  • CNN: Opinion: The great gas stove debate has been reignited 
  • CNN Business: Your questions about a possible gas stove ban, answered
  • Grist: How the fossil fuel industry convinced Americans to love gas stoves
  • Mother Jones: The Gas Industry Is Paying Instagram Influencers to Gush Over Gas Stoves


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