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April 18, 2023
Pod Save America
“Little Ronny Pudding Fingers.”

In This Episode

Little Ronny Pudding Fingers finally responds to Trump’s attacks and quietly signs a 6 week abortion ban in Florida. Kevin McCarthy has a new debt ceiling plan that’s probably dead on arrival. The Democrats’ Dianne Feinstein problem is not going away and neither are Clarence Thomas’ ethics scandals. Then Crooked’s own Max Fisher stops by to talk about the epic defamation case that’s set to begin this week between Dominion Voting Systems and Fox News.


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Show Notes 

  • Daily Beast: Fox News Pundits Trash Trump’s ‘Childish’ DeSantis Pudding Fingers Ad Donald Trump Jr. tweet
  • Bloomberg: Peterffy Pauses DeSantis Support Over Social Stances, FT Says
  • AP: Abortion bans raise fears inside GOP about backlash in 2024
  • CNN: DeSantis, on cusp of presidential campaign, defies national abortion sentiments with signing of six-week ban
  • WaPo: How DeSantis backed a six-week abortion ban — while barely talking about it Politico: Republican donor retreat suggests Donald Trump is far from a coronation
  • WaPo: Trump, facing probes, seeks to assert dominance over GOP at donor retreat
  • CNN: Nikki Haley’s campaign overstated initial fundraising haul
  • WaPo: Fiscal crisis nears as McCarthy takes debt ceiling plan to Wall Street
  • CNBC: McCarthy pledges a vote on one-year debt limit hike – without clear GOP support
  • Reuters: Analysis: Republican states could be hit hardest by McCarthy’s proposed spending cuts
  • LATimes: Feinstein needs to ask herself some questions
  • MotherJones: Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s Saga Is a Very Public Example of a National Crisis
  • Politico: Senators praise Feinstein’s decision to step away from Judiciary Committee
  • WSJ Opinion: The Truth About Clarence Thomas’s Disclosures
  • MSNBC: Clarence Thomas could face federal investigation over property sale
  • The Hill Op-Ed: ​​A dangerous new low: Supreme Court must reform — or be reformed
  • The Hill: I consider Clarence Thomas a friend, and I’m shocked by recent reports
  • Business Insider: GOP megadonor Harlan Crow isn’t charging Clarence Thomas’ mother rent. Zillow estimates suggest that would have saved her $155,000 since 2014.