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April 12, 2021
Pod Save America

In This Episode

The Republican Party’s spring donor retreat becomes a MAGA-fest at Mar-a-Lago, Joe Biden launches a commission to reform the Supreme Court, and Democrats try to undo the damage Mitch McConnell did to the judiciary. Then, an Under the Radar segment that ends with a new filibuster game: “Manchin or Sorkin?”


Show Notes


The Mar-A-Lago MAGA Retreat

  • Vox: Trump’s irate, lie-filled RNC speech shows tensions in GOP 
  • WaPo: Trump slashes at McConnell as he reiterates election falsehoods at Republican event 
  • AP News: Bowing to Trump? GOP brings leaders, donors to his backyard 
  • NYT: Trump Lashes His Enemies Anew as G.O.P. Dances Around His Presence 
  • WaPo: The GOP is Trump’s party, so ‘all Republican roads lead to Mar-a-Lago’  
  • Vox: Trump’s irate, lie-filled RNC speech shows tensions in GOP 
  • Reuters: Half of Republicans believe false accounts of deadly U.S. Capitol riot-Reuters/Ipsos poll 
  • AP News: Trump: The key to Republican success is more Trumpism 
  • Politico Playbook: GOP donors privately pan Trump’s ‘horrible’ RNC speech 
  • CNN: Mitch McConnell-aligned super PAC backs Lisa Murkowski, setting up clash with pro-Trump candidate 
  • Vox: Donald Trump is attempting a hostile takeover of the Republican Party 
  • NYT: Could Ron DeSantis Be Trump’s G.O.P. Heir? He’s Certainly Trying.
  • USA TODAY: Exclusive: John Boehner says Donald Trump ‘abused’ his loyalists by lying to them 
  • USA TODAY: Exclusive: Ex-Speaker Boehner says Matt Gaetz should resign if indicted – or be expelled 
  • CBS News: Former House Speaker John Boehner accuses some in Congress of being “political terrorists” 
  • CNN: 5 takeaways from former House Speaker John Boehner’s new book 
  • Axios: Scoop: Ohio Senate candidate Josh Mandel escorted out of RNC retreat 


Biden and the Judiciary

  • NYT: Biden Creating Commission to Study Expanding the Supreme Court 
  • AP: Group to study more justices, term limits for Supreme Court 
  • WaPo: Biden unveils bipartisan commission to study structural changes to Supreme Court amid liberal calls for expansion 
  • Slate: Biden’s Supreme Court Reform Commission Shows He Doesn’t Really Want Court Reform 
  • The Hill: McConnell, GOP slam Biden’s executive order on SCOTUS 
  • SCOTUS blog: The urgent need for court expansion 
  • WaPo: Justice Breyer warns proponents of packing Supreme Court to ‘think long and hard’ about the risks  
  • Politico: Justice Breyer says big Supreme Court changes could diminish trust 
  • Politico Playbook: Activists to Breyer: Give us your seat 
  • The Hill: Progressive group ramps up pressure on Justice Breyer to retire 
  • MSNBC Op-Ed: Justice Stephen Breyer should retire from the Supreme Court  
  • Politico: Psaki: Biden won’t pressure Breyer to retire 
  • CNN: Biden unveils first slate of judicial nominees featuring diverse and history-making selections


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