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December 14, 2021
Pod Save America
“Mark Meadows’ Fascist PowerPoint.”

In This Episode

The 1/6 Committee charges Donald Trump’s former Chief of Staff with criminal contempt of Congress as the former president’s allies prepare for the next coup, Joe Biden and co-president Joe Manchin chat about the future of Build Back Better, Donald Trump and Bill O’Reilly’s roadshow is having trouble filling seats, and in the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision on the Texas abortion ban, this episode ends with a special feature on the future of Roe v. Wade that includes moving stories from people who’ve already been affected by abortion restrictions.


Show Notes



  • Politico: Meadows Jan. 5 email indicated Guard on standby to ‘protect pro Trump people,’ investigators say
  • CNN: Meadows said National Guard would be ready to ‘protect pro Trump people’ before Capitol insurrection, House investigators say
  • WaPo: Mark Meadows’s coverup of Trump’s coup attempt is falling apart
  • The Atlantic: What Mark Meadows Is Learning the Hard Way
  • The Guardian:Trump tested positive for Covid few days before Biden debate, chief of staff says in new book
  • The Hill: Manchin quietly discusses Senate rules changes with Republicans
  • Politifact: How unusual would it be to create a filibuster carve-out for voting rights?
  • 27 News: Gov. Wolf joins group of governors to ask Congress to protect voting rights in US
  • Axios: Clyburn predicts Dems will “get around” filibuster on voting rights
  • Politico: GOP takes aim at the engine that turned Georgia blue
  • NYT: In Bid for Control of Elections, Trump Loyalists Face Few Obstacles
  • States Democracy Center Report: A Democracy Crisis in the Making



  • Playbook: All eyes on the Joes 
  • Punchbowl: It’s Manchin time 
  • Politico: As Dems sprint against the clock, child tax credit might slip away 
  • Vox: The state of the shrinking Build Back Better Act 
  • US News:Manchin Takes the Teeth Out of Democrats’ Plan for Seniors’ Dental Care
  • WaPo: Manchin cites a blind trust to justify climate votes. But much income from his family’s coal company isn’t covered.
  • Politico: Old St. Chuck? Schumer under pressure to deliver by Christmas
  • Politico: Manchin raises red flags over Dems’ agenda ahead of Biden talk
  • CNN: Biden and Manchin to speak Monday as President tries to secure senator’s vote on ‘Build Back Better’ bill
  • Intelligencer: Joe Manchin Might Finally Be a Force For Good
  • WaPo op-ed: Will Joe Manchin see through Lindsey Graham’s desperate scaremongering?
  • WSJ: Biden Aims to Win Pivotal Democrat’s Support for $2 Trillion Spending Plan 
  • ABC: President Biden’s job approval sinking on inflation, crime and COVID: POLL
  • WSJ editorial board: Joe Manchin’s Inflation Vindication
  • Remington Research Group: West Virginia Statewide General Election Public Opinion Survey 




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