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April 26, 2022
Pod Save America
"New Phone, Coup Dis?" (with Stacey Abrams!)

In This Episode

Republicans were even more complicit than thought in carrying out and covering up Donald Trump’s coup, Kevin McCarthy gets caught lying, Stacey Abrams joins to talk about her race for Governor, and later: some recommendations on what to watch and read if you’re planning to quit Twitter now that it’s owned by Elon Musk.


Show Notes



  • CNN: Mark Meadows’ 2,319 text messages reveal Trump’s inner circle communications before and after Jan 6 
  • WaPo: The two significant new Jan. 6 disclosures from Mark Meadows’s aide 
  • NYT: Remember When Kevin McCarthy Had ‘Had It’ With Trump?
  • WaPo: Meadows was warned of violence before Jan. 6, new court filings show
  • Axios: Lawmakers met with Meadows on election schemes, ex-aide testifies 
  • LAT: Amid turmoil over his comments on Trump, McCarthy warns of ‘attacks’ on Republicans 
  • NYT: McCarthy Said Trump Acknowledged ‘Some Responsibility’ for Jan. 6
  • WSJ: Trump Says McCarthy Relationship Not Damaged 
  • WaPo: Why Trump might give McCarthy a pass on Jan. 6
  • New Yorker: It’s Not News That McConnell and McCarthy Are Craven Patsies for Trump, but the Danger Has Grown 
  • NBC: McCarthy’s leaked Trump remarks complicate quest to be House speaker 
  • Politico: Kevin McCarthy’s speakership hopes face new threat from Trump comments 
  • NYT: ‘I’ve Had It With This Guy’: G.O.P. Leaders Privately Blasted Trump After Jan. 6 
  • CNN: READ: Text messages Sean Hannity, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Ivanka Trump and others sent to Mark Meadows
  • NYT: Marjorie Taylor Greene Denies ‘Insurrectionist’ Charge in Court
  • Aaron Rupar substack: Marjorie Taylor Greene doesn’t remember anything and you can’t prove she does
  • WaPo: Marjorie Taylor Greene’s four answers, under oath, that invite scrutiny
  • The Hill: Trump stumps for Vance while acknowledging he ‘said some bad s— about me’
  • WaPo: Michigan GOP has put two election-deniers on the November ballot
  • NPR: Michigan GOP moves forward with 2020 election-denying secretary of state and AG



  • NYT: Kemp and Perdue Debate, Looking Back at 2020 and Ahead to Abrams  
  • NYT: Why Stacey Abrams Isn’t Embracing Her Democratic Stardom (So Far)
  • NYT: Left and Center-Left Both Claim Stacey Abrams. Who’s Right?
  • AJC: Georgia Democrats beef up infrastructure with November looming
  • NBC News: ‘We’re very concerned’: Black voters fear changes to Georgia voting laws


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