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October 28, 2020
Pod Save America
“One last ride on the pollercoaster.”

In This Episode

The Trump-McConnell Supreme Court gets involved in the election, and the results of the final Crooked Media/Change Research Pollercoaster series show Biden in the lead and Trump voters in a Fox News bubble. Then TargetSmart CEO Tom Bonier talks to Jon about the most promising trends in the early vote data.


Show Notes

The Court

  • NYT: Senate Confirms Barrett, Delivering for Trump and Reshaping the Court 
  • WaPo: Senate confirms Barrett to Supreme Court, cementing its conservative majority
  • Politico: Senate confirms Barrett to Supreme Court, sealing a conservative majority for decades
  • WaPo: Trump’s conservative imprint on the federal judiciary gives Democrats a playbook — if they win
  • The Atlantic:  The Amy Coney Barrett Hail-Mary Touchdown
  • Vox: The legal theories of Amy Coney Barrett, explained
  • Vox: How an anti-democratic Constitution gave America Amy Coney Barrett
  • Vox: This is the future of abortion in a post-Roe America
  • Vox: What Amy Coney Barrett on the Supreme Court means for abortion rights
  • NYT: In Swearing In Barrett, Trump Defiantly Mimics ‘Superspreader’ Rose Garden Ceremony
  • New Yorker:  Justice Amy Coney Barrett Is Sworn In Under Darkness at the White House
  • CNN: Pence’s office says he did not attend swearing-in due to CDC guidelines
  • CNN: Associate Justice Amy Coney Barrett sworn in and greeted with a request to recuse herself in an election case
  • Vox: 4 upcoming Supreme Court cases will reveal who Amy Coney Barrett really is – We know she’s conservative. We don’t yet know if she’s a nihilist.
  • NYT: Supreme Court Won’t Extend Wisconsin’s Deadline for Mailed Ballots
  •  WaPo: Supreme Court rejects request to extend Wisconsin’s deadline for counting mail-in ballots
  • Vox: The radical implications of the Supreme Court’s new ruling on Wisconsin mail-in ballots
  • Politico: In Wisconsin decision, Supreme Court foreshadows election night cliffhanger
  • Capital Times:  Supreme Court ruling makes it official: Absentee ballots due by 8 p.m. on Nov. 3
  • NYT: Supreme Court Galvanizes Push for Early Voting by Wisconsin Democrats 
  • NYT: In search of 362,236 unreturned ballots, Democrats plan an all-out scavenger hunt in Wisconsin.
  • WaPo: After supporting Trump by one vote in 2016, a Wisconsin community reassesses
  • CNN: Brett Kavanaugh foreshadows how Supreme Court could disrupt vote counting 
  • The Nation:  Brett Kavanaugh Prepares to Upend Election Rules to Benefit Donald Trump
  • NY Mag:  Trump’s Supreme Court Justices Show How They Might Help Him in Contested Election
  • Daily Beast: Justice Kavanaugh Parrots Trump in Ominous Anti-Mail-In Ballot Wisconsin Ruling
  • Slate:  Brett Kavanaugh Signals He’s Open to Stealing the Election for Trump
  • WaPo: Kavanaugh’s argument for rejecting late-arriving ballots is riddled with dubious arguments
  • NYT: Fat and Happy’ With a Conservative Court, Are Republicans Losing a Winning Issue?
  • WaPo: Raging Trump wants the Supreme Court to save him. Here’s why it probably won’t
  • WaPo: Democrats say Republicans will ‘regret’ confirming Amy Coney Barrett. Will they?
  • Politico Mag:  The Other Tool Democrats Have to Rein in the Supreme Court
  • The Atlantic:  The Supreme Court Is Helping Republicans Rig Elections
  • USA Today : Trump makes false statement about Election Day ballot counts
  • WaPo: Amid USPS delays, election experts and campaigns weigh in: Don’t mail your ballot
  • WaPo: Ohio’s drop-box dispute shows how voting rights groups and Democrats fear Trump’s influence
  • WaPo: Former U.S. attorneys — all Republicans — back Biden, saying Trump threatens ‘the rule of law’



  • The Message Box
  • Crooked: PollerCoaster 2020: What Voters Are Hearing Down the Stretch 
  • Change Research: PollerCoaster 2020
  • CNN: Why the GOP hold on Texas is loosening
  • CNN: 8 days to go: Biden’s lead over Trump is holding, while Clinton’s was collapsing at this point
  • CNN: How early voting is consistent with the polls
  • FiveThirtyEight:  Is Joe Biden Toast If He Loses Pennsylvania?
  • FiveThirtyEight:  The Senate Races Where Democrats Have An Edge In The Polls
  • Pew Research: About one-fifth of Democrats and Republicans get political news in a kind of media bubble
  • FiveThirtyEight: Media Bubbles Aren’t The Biggest Reason We’re Partisans