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April 01, 2021
Pod Save America
“Planes, Trains, and Matt Gaetz.”

In This Episode

Infrastructure Week is finally here with President Biden’s $2 trillion American Jobs Plan, Republicans continue their quest to rebrand as a Working Class Party, and Congressman Matt Gaetz is under investigation for sex trafficking. Then Tommy joins to talk about the next round of Pod Save America’s March Badness tournament, the Fascist Four.


Show Notes



  • Punchbowl: How we see the politics Biden’s infrastructure push 
  • Axios: Biden unveils sweeping American Jobs Plan 
  • The White House: FACT SHEET: The American Jobs Plan 
  • Axios: Biden’s true tax priorities
  • Roll Call: What’s in Biden’s infrastructure investment, corporate tax plan
  • WaPo: White House unveils $2 trillion infrastructure and climate plan, setting up giant battle over size and cost of government
  • NYT: Biden Details $2 Trillion Plan to Rebuild Infrastructure and Reshape the Economy
  • NYT: Biden Wants to Pay for Infrastructure Plan With 15 Years of Corporate Taxes
  • POLITICO Playbook: Fault lines form on Biden’s massive infrastructure plan
  • Forbes: Three House Democrats Vow To Oppose Biden Tax Plan Without Concession
  • Axios: Scoop: Moderate Democrats buck Biden tax hikes
  • Pew: Overwhelming Majority of Americans Support Spending More for Flood-Ready Infrastructure
  • WSJ: Behind Biden’s Big Plans: Belief That Government Can Drive Growth
  • NYT Op-Ed: The Biden Boom
  • The New Yorker: Inside the Koch-Backed Effort to Block the Largest Election-Reform Bill in Half a Century 
  • NYT: Democrats Splinter Over Strategy for Pushing Through Voting Rights Bill 
  • POLITICO Playbook: What the Duckworth-AAPI episode revealed


House GOP Memo

  • Axios: House GOP memo: Embrace of Trump agenda is only option for comeback
  • Forbes: House GOP Memo Argues For Embrace Of Trump Coalition Some Republicans Find ‘Distasteful’ 
  • NBC News: The GOP is rapidly becoming the blue-collar party. Here’s what that means. 
  • YouGov Blue: Registered Voter Omnibus Crosstabs – February B 2021
  • NYMag Intelligencer: The Rotten Core of Republican Appeals to the Working Class
  • FiveThirtyEight: Why Attacking ‘Cancel Culture’ And ‘Woke’ People Is Becoming The GOP’s New Political Strategy
  • HuffPost: Republicans Mock Rescue Plan While Pushing A Tax Cut For The Richest
  • LATimes: Column: Countering Dem relief package, GOP proposes a huge giveaway to the rich
  • Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center: Tax Policy Center Briefing Book


Rep. Matt Gaetz

  • NYT: Matt Gaetz Is Said to Face Justice Dept. Inquiry Over Sex With an Underage Girl 
  • WaPo Analysis: The Matt Gaetz allegation, explained
  • Axios: Scoop: Matt Gaetz eyes early retirement to take job at Newsmax
  • Vox: Matt Gaetz’s disastrous Tucker Carlson interview, explained
  • USA Today: ‘Serious implications’: GOP Leader McCarthy says Matt Gaetz could lose committee assignments over allegations


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