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August 30, 2021
Pod Save America
“Resignation Dogs.”

In This Episode

The war in Afghanistan is almost over after a massive evacuation and a horrifying terrorist attack, Republican politicians use the tragedy as a pretense to call for Joe Biden’s impeachment, and NYU Law Professor Melissa Murray talks to Jon Lovett about the Supreme Court’s decision to block the administration’s eviction moratorium and Stephen Breyer’s latest comments about his possible retirement.


Show Notes



  • NYT: ‘Dead people were everywhere’: Carnage and chaos at Kabul airport 
  • Politico: U.S. officials provided Taliban with names of Americans, Afghan allies to evacuate 
  • NYT: Evacuations From Kabul Wind Down as U.S. Prepares to Pull Last Troops
  • WSJ: U.S. Used a Special Hellfire Missile in Afghanistan Airstrike on Islamic State
  • Politico: ‘Guidance is to just do it:’ Biden greenlights more strikes on ISIS-K 
  • AP: Biden pays respects to US troops killed in Afghanistan
  • Politico: Blinken said U.S. expects Taliban won’t seal off country after Aug. 31 
  • Politico: Sullivan, Blinken warn of ‘exceedingly dangerous moment’ in Afghanistan 
  • NYT: How Many People in Afghanistan Need to be Rescued? The Number Remains Elusive.
  • WaPo: Hope dwindles among U.S.-based Afghans trying to save family still in Kabul: ‘It’s over’ 
  • Reuters: Taliban prepare to form new cabinet as U.S. evacuation nears end
  • NPR: What We Know About ISIS-K, The Group Behind The Kabul Attack
  • WSJ: Inside the Hidden War Between the Taliban and ISIS 
  • NYT: After Decades of War, ISIS and Al Qaeda Can Still Wreak Havoc



  • WaPo: Biden receives heated criticism from Republicans, questions from some Democrats after Kabul airport attack 
  • CNN: ‘A direct punch in the gut’: Inside Biden’s biggest crisis as he races to withdraw from Afghanistan 
  • The Guardian: Republicans scent blood as Biden assailed over Afghanistan pullout 
  • Politico: Romney blames both Biden and Trump for crisis in Afghanistan 
  • The Hill: Republicans hit Biden over Afghanistan, with eye on midterms
  • USA Today: ‘Day of reckoning’: GOP unified in blaming Biden for Afghanistan bombing, divided on refugees and next steps 
  • CNN: Republicans split on strategy to make Biden pay a political price for Afghanistan
  • Slate: The GOP’s Phony Complaints About Afghanistan
  • WaPo: Opinion: GOP reaction to troop deaths shows what a Republican House would really mean 
  • Politico: GOP faces hurdles in push to make Afghanistan matter in the midterms 
  • The Daily Beast: GOP Hawks Rage: We Want Our Forever War Back
  • WaPo: The Trailer: Bring the troops home? Why the Afghanistan crisis isn’t reviving the GOP’s hawks. 
  • USA Today: Exclusive: Americans’ harsh judgment on Afghanistan costs Biden’s approval, down to 41%
  • The Hill: The political tides are turning against the Biden presidency
  • WaPo: What’s happening with Biden’s approval and why it matters
  • NYT: Biden Faces a Tragedy He Pledged to Avoid
  • WaPo: Biden struggles to address the most volatile crisis of his presidency 
  • Fivethirtyeight: Biden’s Declining Approval Rating Is Not Just About Afghanistan 
  • CNN: It’s not just Afghanistan — Americans are losing faith in Biden on many issues
  • WaPo: The storms of August: Biden’s devastating month stokes midterm fears among Democrats


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