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June 26, 2023
Pod Save America
Roe vs Republicans

In This Episode

The Republican presidential candidates and Joe Biden battle with each other over abortion a year after the Dobbs decision. The president road tests a new economic message and gets advice about his age from Hollywood. Texas Congressman Colin Allred stops by to talk about his Senate race against Ted Cruz. And later, Jon, Jon, and Tommy take a look at some feuds where it’s tough to pick a side in a game called Billion Dollar Baby.


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Show Notes


  • USA Today Support for legal abortion rises a year after Roe v. Wade overturned-Poll
  • NYT: How a Year Without Roe Shifted American Views on Abortion
  • AL JAZEERA: How abortion became an ‘Achilles heel’ for US Republicans
  • Politico: House Republicans think Democrats’ abortion rights strategy could backfire
  • TIME: Why GOP White House Hopefuls Are Chasing a Cursed Election Strategy on Abortion
  • Teen Vogue: VP Harris Says Young Voters Have the Power to Fight “Extremist” Abortion Bans
  • WaPo: How a Year Without Roe Shifted American Views on Abortion
  • Gallup: Abortion Remains a Potent Issue for Pro-Choice Voters
  • FiveThirtyEight: Dobbs Turned Abortion Into A Huge Liability For Republicans
  • AP: Planned Parenthood, Emily’s List and NARAL-Pro Choice America endorse Joe Biden in 2024 race
  • The Atlantic: It’s Abortion, Stupid 
  • The 19th: Democrats in Congress run full-court press on reproductive rights ahead of Dobbs anniversary
  • NBC News: Democrats lean on abortion to flip the House — but there’s a catch
  • WaPo: Dobbs changed abortion politics. One year later, it’s still potent.
  • WaPo: Biden announces $42 billion to expand high-speed internet access
  • Insider – The fate of millions of student-loan borrowers is set to be decided this week
  • Axios: The politics of Biden’s battery support
  •  CNN: Biden vs. Trump: The 2024 race a historic number of Americans don’t want – By Harry Enten 
  • WSJ: Jeffrey Katzenberg’s Very Hollywood Advice for Joe Biden
  • The American Prospect: For Workers, Unions and Public Pressure Get the Goods
  • IBEW: ‘We Never Stopped Applying Pressure’: Hard-Fought Success on Rail Sick Days
  • Rolling Stone: Pro-RFK Jr. Super PAC Has Deep Ties to Marjorie Taylor Greene, George Santos
  • NYT: Senator Rick Scott Has Been Weighing a Presidential Run
  • Politico: ‘It’s just stupid’: DeSantis stumbles in New Hampshire
  • Axios: I-95 reopens nearly two weeks after deadly collapse