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July 09, 2020
Pod Save America
“SCOTUS Gives Trump Notice.”

In This Episode

The Supreme Court rules on Native rights and Trump’s taxes, the President bullies schools to re-open, Joe Biden and progressive Democrats find common ground, and Kanye West flirts with a presidential bid. Oklahoma journalist Rebecca Nagle talks to Jon about the legal victory for tribal nations, and Color of Change’s Rashad Robinson talks to Dan about Facebook’s handling of hate speech and misinformation.

Show notes 


  • WaPo: CDC will issue new guidance on school openings, Pence says, after criticism from Trump
  • NYT:  After Trump Criticizes the C.D.C.’s Guidelines for Reopening Schools, Pence Says They Will Be Changed
  • Politico: Trump threatens to cut federal funds from schools that don’t reopen
  • NYT: Trump Signals a Brewing Battle Over School Reopenings
  • Politico: DeVos blasts school districts that hesitate at reopening
  • NYT: N.Y.C. Schools, Nation’s Largest District, Will Not Fully Reopen in Fall
  • NPR: Florida Orders Schools To Reopen In The Fall For In-Person Instruction
  • Houston Chronicle: TEA: Public schools must reopen campuses in August with few exceptions 
  • Arizona Republic: Schools chief: Trump school reopening summit doesn’t reflect ‘Arizona’s growing public health crisis’
  • Chalkbeat: Tennessee to award $81 million in grants to help schools reopen safely
  • Chalkbeat: Some students will stay home in the fall. School districts have to figure out how to teach them
  • WaPo: Fairfax families have a choice for next school year: Two days on campus or full-time remote learning
  • USA Today: School reopening plans are now part of COVID-19 politics. Teachers fear for their safety
  • CNN: Fact-checking Trump’s threat to cut off education funding if schools don’t reopen
  • NPR: White House Stumbles Over How Best To Reopen Schools, As Trump Blasts CDC Guidance
  • CNN: Trump ignores recent calamities in his push to open schools – Analysis by Stephen Collinson
  • Politico (June 24) : Poll shows voters concerned about reopening schools
  • LA Times: Trump urges K-12 schools to reopen. Others aren’t so sure
  • CNBC: ‘The anxiety is so high’: Going back to school won’t look the same this year. Here’s what it means for retail
  • WBTV: Poll shows NC residents divided over plans to reopen schools
  • Philly Voice:  Nearly half of Philly parents would send their kids to school now, survey shows
  • American Academy of Pediatrics: COVID-19 Planning Considerations: Guidance for School Re-entry
  • NYT: In the Covid-19 Economy, You Can Have a Kid or a Job. You Can’t Have Both.
  • WaPo: The big factor holding back the U.S. economic recovery: Child care
  • Politico: A lack of child care is keeping women on unemployment rolls
  • CNN: Being an unemployed parent is about to get even tougher
  • WaPo: Biden tells teachers their profession is ‘the most important’ on same day Trump trashes public schools
  • Vox: Reopening schools safely is going to take much more federal leadership
  • WaPo: Why schools must find a safe way to reopen for the most vulnerable students — by a veteran educator
  • NPR: Is There A Way To Safely Reopen Schools In The Fall? – NPR’s Mary Louise Kelly speaks with Brown University economist Emily Oster about the consequences of not opening schools for the fall semester
  • Forbes: Want Schools Open In The Fall? Then Pay For It
  • Education Week: What to Watch for in Any New Coronavirus Bailout for Schools
  • ChalkBeat: All eyes on Congress: For schools, the next stimulus package will shape the future
  • AP: States sue U.S. Department of Education over diverted virus relief funds for schools – SAN FRANCISCO

 Dems in Array

  • NYT: How United Are Democrats? A 96-0 Data Point Offers a Hint
  • Politico: Bernie’s student army learns to live with Biden
  • Politico: Democrats discover a new team player: Bernie Sanders
  • LA Times: Bernie Sanders, iconoclast turned team player, leans in to help Joe Biden
  • Mother Jones: Here’s How Former Sanders Staffers are Gearing Up to Help Biden Win
  • Morning Consult: As Bernie Sanders Drops Presidential Bid, Most Supporters Ready to Back Biden
  • Morning Consult: Sanders Supporters Look Less Likely to Defect This Year Than in 2016
  • Ady’s interview with Biden can be found here
  • NYT: Ady Barkan Endorses Joe Biden for President
  • The Hill: Progressive activist Ady Barkan endorses Biden, urges him to pick Warren as VP
  • Full Task Force Recommendations
  • The Week: 6 big recommendations from the Biden-Sanders unity task force
  • NYT: Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders Deepen Their Cooperation
  • NBC News: Democratic task forces send Biden a progressive policy
  • ABC News: Biden-Bernie Sanders Unity Task Forces release DNC platform recommendations
  • Real Clear Politics: YouGov Polling: Biden Skeptics Are Moderate Democrats
  • NYT: How United Are Democrats? A 96-0 Data Point Offers a Hint
  • Wasserman tweet
  • Wasserman follow up tweet
  • Vox: Trump’s surprising resilience with Hispanic voters, explained
  • WaPo: Power Up: Trump is touting an enthusiasm gap with Biden. But his campaign may be looking at the numbers the wrong way.
  • The Hill: Biden still has a Hispanic voter problem, but does it matter?
  • CNN: Biden is doing worse than Clinton among Hispanic voters
  • WaPo: Does Joe Biden have an enthusiasm problem?


  • Forbes: Kanye West Says He’s Done With Trump—Opens Up About White House Bid, Damaging Biden And Everything In Between
  • USA Today: Kanye West says he’s running for president. There is no evidence of that yet.
  • Forbes: Here’s Why A Kanye West Run Might Be More Likely To Hurt Trump
  • Business Insider: Kanye West announced on Twitter that he’s running for president, but it’s too late for him to appear on the ballot in 4 states
  • WaPo: Don’t take Kanye West seriously or literally — yet
  • RealClearPolitics: Kanye West in 2020? Trump Says it Would Be ‘a Great Trial Run’