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October 30, 2020
Pod Save America
“See you on the other side.” (Pre-election special!)

In This Episode

Jon, Jon, Tommy, and Dan break down the closing arguments and strategies from Donald Trump and Joe Biden, answer your questions, and offer some final thoughts on the 2020 election. Then, a few of Vote Save America’s incredible volunteers will talk about why they got into political organizing.


Show Notes

Closing arguments

  • The Detroit News: Trump rebuffs advisers, focuses on Hunter Biden
  • Politico: MAGA scrambles to repair the Hunter Biden narrative
  • WaPo: Stock market slide muddles Trump’s economic message days before 2020 election
  • WaPo: In closing days, Trump and Biden push opposing pandemic strategies
  • NYT: Trump’s Closing Argument on Virus Clashes With Science, and Voters’ Lives
  • Roll Call: Trump’s worst possible closing message
  • Politico: Trump stokes suburban fears after Philadelphia shooting
  • Politico: As coronavirus cases surge, Trump has another message
  • Vox: Trump’s closing message is lying about the coronavirus at rallies that spread infection
  • The Hill: Trump leans into attacks on Biden’s family, business dealings
  • NYT: Trump Had One Last Story to Sell. The Wall Street Journal Wouldn’t Buy It.
  • Axios: Biden’s closing ad campaign
  • WaPo: In closing days, Trump and Biden push opposing pandemic strategies
  • CNN: Biden draws contrast with Trump on coronavirus as pandemic worsens in campaign’s final days
  • NBC News: Biden brings closing message to historically red Georgia
  • The Hill: Biden unveils closing message in new ad: ‘It’s all at stake’
  • NYT: Trump’s Second-Term Agenda? Slogans Over Details
  • Axios: Trump doesn’t have a second-term economic plan
  • Politico: Biden flips script on Trump in campaign’s final week
  • WaPo: Initially spurned by his own party, mocked by his opponent, Joe Biden has emerged more popular as he closes in on a job he has wanted for decades
  • Politico: The Unspectacular Excellence of Joe Biden’s Slow and Steady Campaign
  • NYT: Biden Always Had a Simple Message. He Rode It to the Nomination.


Closing strategies

  • NYT: Facing Gap in Pennsylvania, Trump Camp Tries to Make Voting Harder
  • Politico:  Trump confronts his 50 percent problem
  • NY Mag: Trump’s Voter-Suppression Strategy Is a Crisis (Even If It Backfires)
  • NPR: It May Be Too Late To Mail Back Your Ballot. Election Officials Stress Other Options
  • WaPo: Trump’s effort to steal the election, explained by a Democrat fighting against it
  • New Yorker: In Pennsylvania, Republicans Might Only Need to Stall to Win – A political analyst warned, “Harrisburg in 2020 could be Tallahassee in 2000.”
  • Guardian: ‘To me, it’s voter suppression’: the Republican fight to limit ballot boxes
  • Guardian: Trump’s election day director is waging war on voting in Philadelphia
  • Philadelphia Inquirer: Biden’s lead over Trump in Pennsylvania hasn’t budged, poll says; at least two Pa. counties will wait to count mail-in ballots
  • FiveThirtyEight: Why Pennsylvania’s Vote Count Could Change After Election Night
  • WaPo: Trump campaign makes play for Latino voters in Pennsylvania
  • WaPo: In campaign’s waning days, both candidates seek to shore up support from Latino voters
  • NYT: Student Voting Surges Despite Efforts to Suppress It
  • The Atlantic: The Raw Desperation of the Republican Party
  • CNN:   Obama to join Biden on campaign trail for final weekend push
  • Minnesota Star Tribune: Dueling presidential campaign visits come to Minnesota
  • Morning Call: President Trump returns Saturday to eastern Pennsylvania ahead of election
  • NYT: Biden’s Caution: Wise Campaign Tactic or Misguided Gamble?
  • WaPo: In closing days, Trump and Biden push opposing pandemic strategies
  • Charlotte Observer: Two attendees at a recent Trump rally in NC test positive for COVID-19
  • NYT: Texas Is a Tossup. So Why Won’t Trump or Biden Campaign There?
  • NYT: No Selfies or Hugs, but Biden Is Sneaking In Meet and Greets