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June 21, 2021
Pod Save America
“That new Biden smell.” (with Sen. Bernie Sanders!)

In This Episode

Joe Biden’s approval rating takes a hit among some Democrats as Republicans obstruct his agenda, law professor Melissa Murray joins to discuss whether the Supreme Court is as right-wing as we thought, and Senator Bernie Sanders talks to Tommy Vietor about the latest negotiations in Congress over voting rights, infrastructure, and more.


Show Notes



  • FiveThirtyEight: Latest Polls 
  • NYT: Biden’s Approval Takes a Hit, Driven by Sagging Hopes Among Democrats 
  • Monmouth University Poll: National: Biden Spending Plans Remain Popular
  • FiveThirtyEight: Republicans Really, Really Dislike Biden. But It’s Not Just About Him.
  • The Atlantic: Biden’s Latest Challenge Could Be Insurmountable 
  • Bloomberg: Progressives Fret Over Biden’s Wooing of GOP Over Infrastructure 
  • NYT: Bipartisan Infrastructure Talks Collide With Democrats’ Goal to Tax the Rich 
  • WaPo: The state of play on voting rights in Congress
  • Forbes: Poll: Biden Approval Continues Slide As Americans Remain Divided On Reopening 
  • WaPo: Biden marks milestone of 300 million coronavirus vaccination shots in 150 days 
  • NYT: With Vaccination Goal in Doubt, Biden Warns of Variant’s Threat 
  • Politico: AOC: Bipartisan deals often ‘underserve the communities that are already underserved’ 
  • AP: ‘We need more’: Democrats frustrated as agenda faces hurdles 
  • Bloomberg Opinion: What Does Biden’s Approval Rating Tell Us? 
  • The New Yorker: American Democracy Isn’t Dead Yet, but It’s Getting There 



  • NYT: Affordable Care Act Survives Latest Supreme Court Challenge 
  • NYT: Obamacare Is Here to Stay. Brace for New Health Care Battles. 
  • WaPo: Supreme Court’s pro-ACA decision spurs both parties to new strategies
  • NBC: Supreme Court rules in favor of Catholic charity that wouldn’t allow same-sex foster parents 
  • NPR: Supreme Court Rules Catholic Group Doesn’t Have To Consider LGBTQ Foster Parents 
  • The 19th: The Supreme Court rules unanimously in LGBTQ+ rights vs. religious liberty case. 
  • The Atlantic: The Fight for Religious Freedom Isn’t What It Used to Be 
  • NYT: The Supreme Court’s Newest Justices Produce Some Unexpected Results 
  • Politico: Justices don’t vote the way you expect them to, Christie says
  • Bloomberg: Supreme Court’s Conservatives Duck ‘Big Waves’ as Storms Loom
  • CNN: Roberts, Kavanaugh and Barrett have seized the Supreme Court for now 
  • WaPo: Opinion: At the Supreme Court, precedent takes a leave of absence
  • NPR: Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s Rise Continues To Fascinate In ‘Dissent’
  • QuadCity Times: Column: A moderately conservative court 
  • NBC: Supreme Court decisions on abortion and guns could shake up 2022 election 
  • WaPo: Editorial Board: A big abortion case could upend ‘Roe’ — and burn the court’s credibility
  • Boston Globe: Justice Breyer, under pressure from left to retire, takes the long view
  • Slate: Stephen Breyer’s Apparent Retirement Plan Will Backfire 
  • The Atlantic: Justice Breyer’s Legacy-Defining Decision 
  • WaPo: I’ve urged Supreme Court justices to stick around — but never to retire. Until now. 
  • CNN: Nothing Justice Stephen Breyer has said publicly suggests he’s ready to quit 
  • NYT: Why Justice Breyer May Resist Calls for His Retirement 
  • LA Times Editorial: A Breyer retirement could help depoliticize the Supreme Court
  • Daily Beast: Liberals, STFU With Telling Justice Breyer to Retire 
  • NYT: McConnell suggests he would block a Biden nominee for the Supreme Court in 2024. 
  • NYT: Progressive groups step up calls for Justice Breyer to retire.
  • WaPo: Opinion: I think retirement would be just perfect for Justice Breyer — or anyone else! (6/18)


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