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July 06, 2023
Pod Save America
The Biden Bump (with AOC!)

In This Episode

Joe Biden launches a new plan to forgive student debt after the Supreme Court strikes down his first attempt. Ron DeSantis attacks Donald Trump for being too supportive of LGBTQ rights. Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez joins to talk about reforming the right wing Supreme Court and lots more. Then, in a special edition of Two Takes and a Fake, Jon and Dan sniff out the made up reaction from the right over the revelation that lines were crossed and possibly bumped when someone left their nose candy in the White House.


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Show Notes



  • WaPo: Supreme Court rejects Biden student loan forgiveness plan
  • Insider: Why Biden’s new plan to cancel student debt is going to take a lot longer than his first proposal
  • Insider: Student-loan borrowers who qualified for the first debt-relief plan are not yet guaranteed relief under Biden’s new route
  • NPR: What the Supreme Court’s rejection of student loan relief means for borrowers
  • NYT: Biden Vows to Pursue Student Debt Relief With a Different Law
  • Data for Progress: A Majority of Voters Support Student Loan Debt Relief Through the Higher Education Act 
  • WaPo: Biden faces renewed pressure to embrace Supreme Court overhaul
  • Vanity Fair: The Fight to Convince Joe Biden to Back Supreme Court Expansion Is Just Beginning
  • The Nation: Why and How to Pack the Court
  • Politico: Pressley, Ocasio-Cortez call for changes to the Supreme Court



  • NYT: Stumping on July 4, Trump’s Rivals Pitch Themselves to Early-State Voters
  • Politico: Trump takes over small city in South Carolina show of force 
  • Politico: Trump pulled in more than $35 million in the second quarter
  • Politico: The parents group Republicans are banking on to win the White House
  • Daily Beast: DeSantis, Furries, and Trump Merch: I Went to the Moms for Liberty Summit
  • Axios: GOP 2024 rivals and Buttigieg slam DeSantis video targeting LGBTQ rights
  • The New Republic: Is This the Weirdest Ad in American Political History?
  • Politico: ‘We are way behind’: Top DeSantis PAC official sounds alarm 
  • Morning Consult: Tracking the 2024 Republican Primary
  • Fox News: Florida Gov DeSantis announces crackdown on out-of-state illegal immigrant driver licenses
  • WSJ: Migrant Workers Flee Florida as New Immigration Law Takes Effect 
  • NYT: Republicans Have to Sign a Loyalty Pledge to Debate. Who Will and Who Won’t?
  • Politico: The first GOP debate is at risk of losing its draw 
  • Vanity Fair: Donald Trump Might Counter-Program Fox News’s GOP Presidential Debate
  • Real Clear Politics: DeSantis Allies Say They Blunted Trump’s Post-Indictment Surge