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December 12, 2019
Pod Save America
“The Do Something Democrats.”

In This Episode

Democrats are on the verge of voting to impeach Donald Trump and to approve his trade deal, Bernie Sanders is underestimated, Joe Biden contemplates serving one term, and Pete Buttigieg releases his McKinsey clients. Then Mike Isaac of the New York Times talks to Dan about Uber, Facebook, and tech industry culture.

Show notes


  • PBS: WATCH LIVE: House begins markup of articles of impeachment
  • The Guardian: Five key takeaways from the Democrats’ articles of impeachment against Trump
  • WaPo: Democrats charge Trump with two impeachment articles, setting up historic vote
  • NYT: Trump ‘Ignored and Injured’ the National Interest, Democrats Charge in Impeachment Articles
  • Politico: ‘High crimes and misdemeanors’: Dems unveil impeachment charges against Trump
  • Politico: Read Democrats’ articles of impeachment against Trump
  • Politico: Poll: As impeachment progresses, voter support remains static
  • Monmouth University: Most Say Trump Hindered Inquiry, But Impeachment Opinion is Unmoved
  • FiveThirtyEight: Where Americans Stand On The Democrats’ Impeachment Charges
  • Roll Call: On impeachment, Pelosi prevailed over Judiciary panel to narrow focus
  • NYT: Seeking Unity on Impeachment, Democrats Decided Against Mueller Charges
  • Politico: Why Democrats sidelined Mueller in impeachment articles
  • Politico: Schiff argues waiting on impeachment would be letting Trump ‘cheat just one more time’
  • FiveThirtyEight: Does The Democrats’ Impeachment Timeline Still Make Sense?
  • WaPo: Lawyer for Democrats calls Trump ‘a clear and present danger’ as he argues case for removal
  • WaPo: 5 takeaways from the House Judiciary impeachment hearing
  • WaPo: Just how fast is this impeachment progressing, anyway?
  • WaPo: House Democrats brace for some defections among moderates on impeachment of Trump
  • Politico: Small group of Democrats floats censure instead of impeachment
  • WaPo: Centrist Democrats skittish on impeachment consider voting down obstruction article
  • CNN: Small group of House Democrats discussed censure over impeachment ahead of looming vote
  • PBS: What does it mean to censure a politician?
  • Bloomberg: GOP Senators Leaning Toward Quick Impeachment Trial for Trump
  • FiveThirtyEight: Which Senators Are Likely To Vote For Trump’s Removal?
  • ABC News: Senate likely to take up impeachment trial after holiday recess, McConnell says
  • Politico: McConnell: Senate won’t take up impeachment trial before Christmas
  • Politico: Senate looks for holiday truce on impeachment trial
  • NPR: Biden Rejects Calls For Impeachment Testimony As A Trump Ploy To ‘Divert Attention’
  • CNN: Growing divide between Trump and McConnell over impeachment trial
  • Politico: Republican lawmaker asks Lindsey Graham to ‘rethink’ Senate’s impeachment strategy


  • Reuters: Factbox: House Democrats back USMCA – What happens next?
  • WaPo: The USMCA is finally done. Here’s what is in it.
  • CNN: 5 key differences between NAFTA and Trump’s USMCA deal
  • WaPo: Winners and losers in the final USMCA deal
  • CBS News: Here’s what’s in the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement, the new NAFTA
  • NYT: Trump Aides and Democrats Agree on Trade Pact With Mexico and Canada
  • WSJ: Revised Trade Pact Set for Likely Approval by Congress in 2020
  • WSJ: North American Trade Pact Could Cushion U.S. Economy
  • USA Today: ‘Total nonsense’: Democrats rip McConnell on delaying USMCA vote until after impeachment trial
  • CBS News: Pelosi walks tightrope over dueling announcements on impeachment and USMCA deal
  • Politico: ‘We ate their lunch’: How Pelosi got to ‘yes’ on Trump’s trade deal
  • Vox: Democrats — and Trump — declare victory on USMCA
  • WaPo: ‘We ate their lunch’: Democrats claim legislative victories with dealmaker Trump
  • FiveThirtyEight: How unpopular is Donald Trump?


  • RealClearPolitics: 2020 Democratic Presidential Nomination
  • Emerson Polling: Iowa 2020: Warren’s Support Drops While Sanders Rises 
  • WBUR: WBUR Poll: Buttigieg, Biden Top N.H. Primary Race, While Warren’s Support Slips
  • CNN: CNN Polls: Close race in California’s Democratic primary while Biden tops in Texas
  • Quinnipiac Poll: Buttigieg Slips, While Biden And Sanders Gain In Primary, Quinnipiac University National Poll Finds; Slightly More Than Half Of Voters Say Don’t Impeach Trump
  • Politico: Andrew Yang qualifies for PBS NewsHour/POLITICO debate
  • NYT: Which Democrats Are Leading the 2020 Presidential Race?
  • LA Times: Mike Bloomberg is widely unpopular following campaign launch, poll finds
  • USA Today: Joe Biden leads two national polls, while Michael Bloomberg debuts in top five
  • Morning Consult: The State of the Democratic Primary
  • CBS: CBS News analysis: 5 takeaways from 5 waves of primary polling
  • Medium: My Clients at McKinsey and My Commitment to You
  • Politico: Buttigieg releases names of consulting clients
  • NYT: How Pete Buttigieg Spent His McKinsey Days: Blue Cross, Best Buy, U.S. Agencies
  • Vice: Canadians Are Convinced Mayor Pete Helped Fix Bread Prices
  • MSNBC: Buttigieg downplays McKinsey role in Blue Cross layoffs
  • The Atlantic: What Pete Buttigieg Says He Did at McKinsey
  • WaPo: As Democrats trade barbs on business ties, some worry purity tests are going too far
  • Vox: What we know about Pete Buttigieg’s McKinsey clients
  • NYT: When Pete Buttigieg Was One of McKinsey’s ‘Whiz Kids’
  • NBC News: Biden campaign denies speculation of a one-term pledge
  • Politico: Biden signals to aides that he would serve only a single term
  • WaPo: Why Joe Biden only needs one term in the White House
  • NY Mag: If Biden Is Too Old to Serve Two Terms, He Shouldn’t Serve One
  • USA Today: Joe Biden, 76, says he has no plans to limit himself to one-term in the White House
  • NYT: Joe Biden Weighing Unique Steps to Reassure Voters Concerned About His Age