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September 30, 2021
Pod Save America
“The fun part.”

In This Episode

Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema are still holding Joe Biden’s agenda hostage despite exclusive new polling that shows his Build Back Better plan is extremely popular in some of the most competitive House districts. Then, Dave Wasserman from the Cook Political Report talks to Dan about the new redistricting maps that have been drawn so far and what they might mean for control of Congress.


Show Notes


Congressional Shit Show

  • NY Times: Republicans at Odds Over Infrastructure Bill as Vote Approaches 
  • Business Insider: Pelosi is taking a big gamble on the Biden infrastructure bill, and it’s sparking a progressive revolt that could tank the entire thing Washington Post: Opinion: I lost my election after voting for Obamacare. Democrats need to back Biden’s agenda. 
  • NY Times: Biden Struggles to Unite His Own Party Behind His Economic Agenda
  • Business Insider: Democratic sources tell us Biden’s Capitol Hill allies are losing their nerve after president’s missteps
  • NY Times: Opinion: Manchin and Sinema Should Just Say No
  • Washington Post: Opinion: Kyrsten Sinema’s latest moves pose a dire threat to Biden’s agenda
  • Politico: Manchin, Sinema leave Dems in lurch as Biden agenda teeters
  • CNN:Schumer announces Senate will vote Thursday on stopgap bill to avert shutdown
  • Bloomberg: Schumer Says Deal Has Been Made to Avoid Government Shutdown
  • NBC: Senate reaches deal to avoid government shutdown, Schumer announces 
  • Ny Times: Democrats move to Avert Shutdown, but Divisions Imperil Biden’s Agenda
  • Politico: Pelosi defuses debt standoff with centrists, turns to rest of crises 
  • Axios: House Democrats pass bill to suspend debt limit 
  • CNN: Debt ceiling: What to know as Congress nears an October 18 deadline 
  • Vox: How Joe Biden could end the debt ceiling — all by himself
  • Washington Post: Opinion: Democrats’ failure to raise the debt ceiling is yet another self-inflicted crisis
  • Reuters: Analysis: Wall Street nervous about Washington as debt-ceiling warnings sound 
  • Axios: Why Biden Won’t Beg
  • Politico: Biden opposes changing Senate rules to raise debt limit 
  • The Week: Partisanship is up, but party strength is decimated. Can Biden adapt? 


Dan and Dave on Redistricting 

  • Cook Political Reporter’s Road Map to Redistricting 
  • The Guardian: The plot against democracy: how Texas Republicans plan to steal power from minority voters 
  • OregonLive: Oregon’s redistricting maps official, after lawmakers pass them, Gov. Kate Brown signs off 
  • MSNBC: Transcript: All In with Chris Hayes 
  • Axios: Mapped: No majority-Hispanic districts added in Texas 
  • POLITICO Playbook PM: Poll: Good news for Biden’s agenda 
  • Politico: Republicans plot to keep Texas red in redistricting 
  • BuffaloNews: The Editorial Board: Senate bill offers a way to reduce the chances of gerrymandered lines
  • Axios: Delayed maps upend midterm campaigns 
  • Axios: Democrats approve of Iowa’s proposed redistricting maps 
  • NYT: Where Redistricting Stands in 14 States
  • NYT: 2 Parties, 2 Maps: Democrats and Republicans Squabble on Redistricting 
  • NYT: New York Will Soon Lose 1 House Seat. The G.O.P. Might Lose 5. 



  • FiveThirtyEight: How unpopular is Joe Biden?
  • ABC: At critical moment, confidence in Biden’s ability to handle range of issues eroding: POLL
  • West Wing Playbook: Inside the White House’s polling obsession
  • MSNBC: Why the popularity of Biden’s Build Back Better plan matters
  • Playbook PM: Poll: Good news for Biden’s agenda



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