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November 04, 2021
Pod Save America
“The midterms start now.”

In This Episode

Republicans have the best Election Night since Trump won in 2016, Democrats debate what went wrong in Virginia, what it means for the ’22 midterms, and how to get involved. Then Delegate Danica Roem joins to talk about how she managed to be one of the few progressives in Virginia to win re-election last night.


Show Notes 


What Happened?


  • Playbook PM: Dems start to face the hard questions 
  • Playbook: Let the Democratic freakout begin 
  • NYT piece by Nate Cohn: Republicans broke through in Virginia, but not for the usual reasons. 
  • Nate Cohn tweet 
  • Virginia Public Access Project tweet 
  • Dave Wasserman tweet 
  • Dave Wasserman tweet 
  • David Weigel tweet 
  • WaPo’s Marc Fisher tweet  
  • NYT’s Trip Garbiel tweet 
  • Intelligencer: The Next Democratic Reckoning 
  • Politico: Terry McAuliffe Bet on Voters Hating Trump. Turns Out They Dislike Democrats More. 
  • Intelligencer: The Hillary Playbook Does Not Work 
  • WaPo: Reeling Democrats see threat to House and Senate control as Republicans crack their 2020 coalition 
  • AP: In Virginia, GOP finds new playbook — not easily replicated 
  • WaPo: Youngkin’s balancing act with Trump pays off in Va. governor’s race 
  • NYT: Glenn Youngkin’s Journey From the Heights of Finance to the Top Tier of G.O.P. Politics NYT Bret Stephens op-ed: Why Democrats Are in Trouble (11/3)
  • The Atlantic: You Can’t Win Elections by Telling Voters Their Concerns Are Imaginary 
  • The Atlantic: If Democrats Can Lose in Virginia, They Can Lose Almost Anywhere 
  • NYT: Republicans Schooled the Left in Virginia 
  • Politico: 5 things we learned from Republicans’ big night 
  • RSC Memo: Lessons from Virginia 
  • Peter Hamby tweet 
  • The Atlantic: The Democratic Unraveling Began With Schools
  • Hotline Josh tweet 
  • Axios: New GOP brand: Trump Light 


It’s not just Virginia


  • Amanda Litman thread 
  • Axios: Voters punish Democrats amid left drift 
  • Richmond Times Dispatch: Republicans claim House majority after flipping 6th seat 
  • AP: Minneapolis voters reject replacing police with new agency 
  • NYPost: Bail reform backlash spurs Republican Election Day red wave in Long Island 
  • Axios: Michelle Wu becomes 1st Asian American elected Boston mayor 
  • AP tweet
  • WaPo: Ohio’s Shontel Brown wins Ohio House seat, as primary for House seat in Florida heads to a recount 
  • NYT: Milestone choices: The Detroit area gains 3 Muslim and Arab American mayors, and more U.S. firsts.


Where we go from here?


  • Politico: Dems vow to plow forward on Biden agenda, even after election faceplants
  • Washington Post: Opinion: Democrats let Biden down. McAuliffe — and democracy — paid the price. 
  • Axios: Voters punish Democrats amid left drift 
  • Washington Post: Reeling Democrats see threat to House and Senate control as Republicans crack their 2020 coalition 
  • Politico: Dems keep butting heads after Virginia shellacking 
  • NY Times: Why Democrats are in Trouble
  • Reuters: After sobering Virginia upset, Biden to push Democrats to pass spending plans 
  • NBC:  An electoral thumping boosts Democrats’ urgency to pass Biden’s agenda 
  • The Atlantic:The Democratic Unraveling Began With Schools
  • Washington Post: Why Biden says his plan is ‘fiscally responsible,’ while Manchin decries ‘gimmicks’ 
  • Buzzfeed: Democrats’ Proposed Tax Cuts For The Rich Are Threatening To Derail The Build Back Better Act 
  • The Hill: Five takeaways from a grim night for Democrats 
  • Reuters:  Build Back Better bill shows new progress in U.S. House; sticking points remain 
  • CNN: Manchin warns he may vote against Biden social safety net plan as he criticizes key aspects  
  • Vox: Biden’s approval rating is very bad 
  • LA Times: Biden confronts Virginia defeat as Europe trip collides with political turmoil 
  • CNN:  Biden arrives back in Washington to a political nightmare 
  • The Hill: Biden approval drops to 43 percent in new poll 
  • Guardian: Body blow for Biden as voters in Virginia and New Jersey desert Democrats 
  • TIME: Democrats Struggle to Keep Faith in Joe Biden During Spending Negotiations
  • CNN: Pelosi adds 4 weeks of paid family and medical leave back into social spending bill 
  • NY Times: Why Paid Family Leave’s Demise This Time Could Fuel It Later 
  • WSJ: Debate Over Paid Family Leave Is Louder Than Ever 
  • Bloomberg: Pelosi’s Move to Revive Paid Family Leave Meets Resistance From Manchin
  • Barons: Democrats Reach Deal on Drug Prices, Schumer Says. Pharma Stocks Are Steady. 
  • Reuters: Explainer: What is in the new Biden plan to reduce U.S. drug prices? 
  • NBC: Schumer announces deal on prescription drug pricing, a key obstacle to mega-bill 
  • WSJ: Democrats Reach Deal on Lowering Prescription Drug Prices 
  • Stat: Here’s who wins and loses in Democrats’ new prescription drug pricing deal  
  • The New Republic: Big Pharma’s Revolving Door Is Imperiling Democracy 



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