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March 01, 2022
Pod Save America
"The World Rallies Behind Ukraine."

In This Episode

Joe Biden prepares a State of the Union as war rages in Ukraine, Melissa Murray joins to talk about Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson, and a look at the good, bad, and ugliest moments from this weekend’s Conservative Political Action Conference.


Show Notes



  • WaPo: The invasion looking less ‘smart’ daily, Republicans won’t criticize Trump’s praise of Putin
  • NYT: ‘I’m a Soldier Now.’ Even in Untouched Villages, Ukrainians Prepare to Fight
  • NYT: ​​Ukraine Invasion Tests the Ties That Bind Putin and Xi
  • Atlantic: Can Putin Recover From This?
  • Atlantic: How the Crisis in Ukraine May End
  • CNN: Here’s why the sanctions against Russia’s central bank is such a big step
  • FP: Putin Accidentally Started a Revolution in Germany
  • Press Run: Stop whitewashing GOP’s Putin worship



  • WSJ Opinion: A Look at Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Judicial Record
  • WaPo Opinion: Why the GOP should avoid a battle over Judge Jackson
  • NBCNews: How Texas’ war on trans youth feels when you have a trans child



  • Politico: At CPAC, Trump delivers a reminder of his muscle
  • NYT: At CPAC, Ukraine and Policy Take a Back Seat to Cultural Grievances 
  • SLATE: The Surge
  • The Guardian: Calls to expel Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene after speech at white nationalist event (2/26)
  • DNC: DNC Statement on Marjorie Taylor Greene Speaking at a White Nationalist Conference 
  • RollingStone: White Nationalists Raid CPAC But Find Themselves Right at Home CNN: Fact-checking the first two days of CPAC
  • Politico: At CPAC, Ukraine takes a back seat to the culture wars
  • CNN: CPAC speakers seek to set themselves apart as they condemn Putin
  • Daily Beast: ‘Right At Home’: Tulsi Stakes Her Claim at CPAC
  • The Guardian: ​​Ron DeSantis fuels US presidential run speculation with CPAC speech NYT: CPAC: From ‘City Upon a Hill’ to ‘Anti-Anti-Putin’
  • WaPo op-ed: This year’s CPAC lineup speaks volumes about the conservative movement


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