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June 04, 2024
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New Polling on Trump’s Felony Conviction

In This Episode

Republicans fall in line behind convicted felon and presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump as he lobs insults at prosecutors, witnesses and the rule of law. President Biden fights back, labeling Trump a “white collar crook” while jury selection begins for his son’s criminal gun charge trial in Delaware. And, as the White House pushes for a ceasefire, Republican and Democratic congressional leadership invite Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to the nation’s capitol to address Congress.


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Show Notes: 


  • AXIOS: Trump okay with jail, house arrest but might be “tough for public to take”
  • Guardian: ‘No way out without bloodshed’: the right believe the US is under threat and are mobilizing
  • FOXNEWS: Romney scorches Bragg’s ‘political decision’ in Trump case: ‘Malpractice’
  • DailyBeast: Michael Cohen Worries Trump Will Spill Secrets in Prison ‘for a Bag of Tuna’
  • AP: Republicans join Trump’s attacks on justice system and campaign of vengeance after guilty verdict
  • POLITICO: Trump defiant — and a little resigned — as he awaits sentencing
  • CNN: Fact check: Trump falsely claims he didn’t call to lock up Hillary Clinton


  • Biden Harris HQ tweet
  • Biden-Harris HQ tweet
  • Biden Harris HQ tweet
  • Biden Harris HQ tweet
  • Axios: Biden goes all-in on calling Trump a “convicted felon”
  • Adam Schiff on CNN via Biden-Harris HQ tweet
  • Leader Jeffries reaction on Meet the Press, via Biden-Harris HQ tweet
  • Adam Kinzinger reaction on CNN, via Biden-Harris HQ tweet


  • Axios: Exclusive: Inside Hunter Biden’s secret legal battle
  • AP: Prospective jurors in Hunter Biden’s firearms case questioned on gun rights, addiction, politics
  • NYT: As Hunter Biden’s Trial Nears, President Biden Pulls Him Close


  • AP: Biden details a 3-phase hostage deal aimed at winding down the Israel-Hamas war
  • Politico: White House prods Israel to accept Gaza peace plan
  • AP: Congressional leaders invite Israel’s Netanyahu to deliver an address at the Capitol