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June 07, 2024
Pod Save America
The MAGA Plot to Jail Democrats

In This Episode

Republican voters are starting to second-guess their support for convicted felon Donald Trump, who’s now threatening to lock up President Biden and other Democrats if he wins. Meanwhile, one of Trump’s most loyal henchmen, Steve Bannon, is finally going to jail. In Normandy, Biden makes the case for democracy with a fist bump at the D-Day anniversary, while Republicans block a bill to protect access to birth control.


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  • NYT: Small Shift Toward Biden After Trump Verdict (6/5)
  • USA Today: Did Donald Trump’s guilty verdict drive away pivotal voters? Here’s what the early polls say. (6/6)
  • ABC/538: Trump’s conviction may be hurting him — but it’s early (6/4)
  • Hill: Trump’s support steady after New York conviction: Poll (6/6)
  • NYMag’s Intelligencer (Ed Kilgore): Trump vs. Biden Polls: How the Conviction Impacted the Race (6/6)
  • ABC: Majority of independents and ‘double haters’ think Trump should end 2024 campaign: POLL (6/3)



  • NYT: Trump’s Vows to Prosecute Rivals Put Rule of Law on the Ballot (6/5)
  • WaPo (Philip Bump): Even Sean Hannity can’t get Trump to back away from wanting revenge (6/6)
  • WaPo (Aaron Blake): The GOP promises legal revenge for Trump. Easier said than done. (6/5)
  • AP: Republicans who see Trump conviction as politically motivated vow to ‘indict the left’ (6/4)
  • CNN (Tom Foreman): The GOP fires up its vengeance 2024 tour (6/6)
  • CNN: Right-wing media figures vow revenge after Trump‘s conviction (5/31)
  • NBC: Judge orders Steve Bannon to report to prison on July 1 for contempt of Congress sentence (6/6)



  • NYT: Biden Links Fight for Ukraine With Allied Effort on D-Day
  • APNEWS: Biden calls for solidarity with Ukraine at D-Day anniversary ceremony near the beaches of Normandy
  • TRUTHSOCIAL: Donald Trump D-Day Post
  • THEHILL: Veterans hit Trump as ‘draft dodger’ in Biden ad released on D-Day
  • BIDENAD: Our Veterans
  • ABCNEWS: Exclusive: Biden tells Muir US weapons will not be used to strike Moscow, Kremlin



  • APNEWS: Republicans block bill to protect contraception access as Democrats make election-year push
  • WaPo: How every senator voted on advancing the Right to Contraception Act
  • NYT: G.O.P. Blocks Contraception Bill in Senate as Democrats Seek Political Edge
  • Twitter: GOP Sen. Cornyn on Contraception Bill