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August 28, 2023
Pod Save America
Trump Mugshot-enfreude

In This Episode

Friend of the pod Addisu Demissie joins to discuss the latest Trump indictment news, including the mugshot seen around the world, Saturday’s horrific hate crime in Florida and Vivek Ramaswamy’s bizarre response, and how abortion access will be a key part of upcoming elections in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Virginia. Then White House Economic Advisor Dr. Heather Boushey stops by to talk about Bidenomics and how the White House is taking on inflation, student loans, and housing prices. And later, Halle Kiefer quizzes Tommy and Addisu on cringe mugshot merch in a game called The Price Is Wrong, Bitch.


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  • CNN: Jacksonville gunman in racially motivated attack legally bought two weapons earlier this year, sheriff says
  • Axios: Biden decries Jacksonville shooting: “White supremacy has no place” in U.S.
  • NBC: It’s the 60th anniversary of the March on Washington. Here’s what to know
  • The Hill: Black leaders denounce Jacksonville shooting on heels of March on Washington anniversary 
  • Politico: Pressley punches back at Ramaswamy over KKK jibe: ‘A line was crossed’
  • Politico: Ramaswamy doubles down on calling Pressley part of ‘modern KKK’
  • NYT: G.O.P. Chair Says Candidates Must Talk About Abortion to Win in 2024
  • NYT: Trump and His Co-Defendants in Georgia Are Already at Odds
  • WP: The Trump Cases: Highlights from last week and what’s coming this week
  • CBS: Judge sets March 2024 trial date in Trump’s federal case related to 2020 election
  • WP: Trump mug shot released after booking in Fulton County Jail
  • NBC: Mark Meadows and Georgia DA face off over his request to move election case to federal court
  • The Hill: Mark Meadows taking stand in Georgia hearing: reports  
  • Miami Herald: DeSantis said at debate a woman survived ‘multiple abortion attempts.’ Here’s the real story
  • WaPo: Opinion | If they want to win, Republicans need to go on offense on abortion, by Kellyanne Conway
  • Politico: The next big abortion battleground: Pennsylvania
  • NBC: Virginia Gov. Youngkin eyes a 15-week abortion ban as a ‘consensus’ voters would back
  • The Hill: Psaki: GOP claims that Democrats root for late-term abortion is ‘entirely misleading’
  • The 19th: The 19th Explains: What are ‘late-term abortions’ — and why are politicians talking about them? 
  • NBC: Biden campaign targets answers at Republican abortion debate in new ad