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May 23, 2024
Pod Save America
Trump Heads to Tribal Council

In This Episode

The world gets some clues about the “special project” that’s keeping Lovett away from the show, Nikki Haley abandons her principles and endorses Trump. With head-to-head polling showing a race locked in place, Trump and Biden spar over who deserves the support of Black voters. Then, former prosecutor Andrew Weissmann stops by to talk with Jon and Dan about where Trump’s Manhattan trial stands ahead of closing arguments and jury deliberations.

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Show Notes



  • AXIOS: Nikki Haley says she’ll vote for Trump in November
  • THE BULWARK: Can Nikki Haley Do the Right Thing?



  • NYT: Another Provocative Flag Was Flown at Another Alito Home
  • APNEWS: Second flag carried by Jan. 6 rioters displayed outside house owned by Justice Alito, report says
  • Bloomberg: Justice Alito Urged to Recuse From Court’s Jan. 6-Related Cases
  • POLITICO: Senate Democrats split on next steps after Alito flag flap



  • Quinnipiac: 2024 Race: Biden-Trump Matchup Margin Razor Thin With Nearly 1 In 5 Voters Likely To Change Their Minds, Quinnipiac University National Poll Finds; More Than 7 In 10 Voters Plan To Watch June Debate
  • Bloomberg: Half of Swing-State Voters Fear Violence Around US Election
  • MSNBC: Trump and Biden are close in every swing state, new polling finds
  • Forbes: Biden Vs. Trump 2024 Election Polls: Trump Leads Biden By 4 Points In Latest Swing State Poll
  • WaPo: Here are the key dynamics in a new batch of Biden-Trump polls
  • Axios: Senate Democrats don’t believe Biden’s bad polls, either 
  • Split Ticket: Crosstabs at a Crossroads: Six Months Out