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September 21, 2023
Pod Save America
Trump's General Election Pivot

In This Episode

With the first primaries still months away, Trump skips more debates and pivots to a general election strategy with a primetime speech to autoworkers in Michigan and an attempt to cast himself as more moderate on abortion. Will it work? Then, Politico Congressional correspondent Daniella Diaz joins the show to help make sense of the GOP’s shutdown shit show. Finally, the most divisive topic on Capitol Hill this week: what John Fetterman is allowed to wear.

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  • FoxNews: DeSantis warns pro-life voters Trump will ‘sell you out’ after ex-president’s critique of 6-week abortion ban 
  • TheHill: Iowa governor defends 6-week abortion ban after Trump ‘terrible thing’ comments
  • WSJ: Donald Trump Owes Pro-Lifers
  • Politico: Trump interview triggers Biden world 
  • NBC News: Trump criticizes UAW leadership amid strike, warns auto workers’ jobs are moving to China
  • The Hill: Trump seeks to put himself at center of auto strike
  • Click on Detroit: UAW president slams Trump ahead of planned trip to meet with Michigan picketers
  • CNBC: Tim Scott and Nikki Haley attack unions as UAW strike threatens to escalate ahead of GOP debate 
  • The Guardian: Workers barely benefited from Trump’s sweeping tax cut, investigation shows 
  • Axios: Biden’s team tells nervous Dems: Just chill
  • CNN:  The Republican Party infighting is driving America toward a government shutdown
  • Politico: Why the White House is letting McCarthy flail 
  • WSJ: GOP’s ‘Dysfunction Caucus’ Stymies McCarthy as Government Shutdown Looms 
  • CNN: Senate Republicans urge Schumer to enforce more formal dress code
  • NBC News: Sen. John Fetterman says he’ll ‘save democracy’ by wearing a suit if House GOP avoids shutdown 
  • WaPo: Barbara Mikulski made it okay for women to wear pants in the Senate