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April 23, 2020
Pod Save America
“Trump’s imaginary enemy.”

In This Episode

Trump responds to falling poll numbers with a temporary ban on some forms of immigration, Mitch McConnell wants to hit pause on economic relief, and we answer some questions from listeners. Then former White House Chief Technology Officer Jason Goldman talks to Dan about how Joe Biden and Democrats can get creative with their digital strategy ahead of November.

Show notes


  • WaPo: Trump signs order pausing immigration for 60 days, but offers no details
  • NBC News – Trump to sign executive order limiting immigration Wednesday
  • NYT: Trump Halts New Green Cards, but Backs Off Broader Immigration Ban
  • Reuters: Trump immigration order curbing green cards is under legal review, may be delayed
  • Vox: Trump’s executive order to stop issuing green cards temporarily, explained
  • WaPo: Trump’s new immigration focus could squeeze Biden into a Democratic tug of war
  • WaPo: Facing coronavirus criticism, Trump reaches for his favorite remedy: An immigration ban
  • FiveThirtyEight: Trump’s Latest Attempt To Limit Immigration Isn’t Really About The Coronavirus
  • Reuters: Inside Trump’s Proposal To Suspend Legal Immigration Amid The Coronavirus Crisis
  • CNBC: Trump and Biden are deadlocked in six key 2020 election states, CNBC/Change Research poll finds
  • The Atlantic: An Unprecedented Divide Between Red and Blue America
  • ABC News/Ipsos: Country grows more pessimistic about a return to normalcy post-coronavirus: POLL
  • NBC/WSJ: Public Approval of President Trump’s Handling of the Coronavirus
  • WaPo: Trump’s latest campaign ploy is disgusting — and it will fail
  • NYT: Is Biden Gaining Older Voters, and Losing Young Ones?
  • Wall Street Journal Editorial Board: Trump’s Immigration Distraction
  • NYT Op-Ed: Trump Reaches Back Into His Old Bag of Populist Tricks
  • NBC News: ‘Xenophobe. In. Chief.’: Democrats blast Trump’s plan to suspend immigration to U.S.
  • Politico: How Democratic governors and mayors are bucking Trump on stimulus benefits for immigrants
  • WaPo Plumline: Trump’s new immigration ban is a scam. Don’t pretend otherwise.
  • Pro Publica: ICE Has Access to DACA Recipients’ Personal Information Despite Promises Suggesting Otherwise, Internal Emails Show
  • NPR: Federal Judge Orders ICE To Consider Releasing Detainees At High Risk For COVID-19
  • NYT: U.S. Deported Thousands Amid Covid-19 Outbreak. Some Proved to Be Sick.
  • Politico Magazine: Another Time a President Used the “Emergency” Excuse to Restrict Immigration

Economic Relief

  • ABC News: Congress eyes new virus aid, but McConnell signals ‘pause’
  • The Hill: Battle heats up for phase-four coronavirus relief bill
  • Politico: McConnell slams brakes on next round of coronavirus aid
  • The Hill: McConnell hits brakes on ‘phase four’ coronavirus relief
  • The Hill: Mnuchin on coronavirus funding: ‘We need to spend what it takes’
  • MSNBC: Mnuchin says fourth coronavirus economic relief bill likely to be last one needed
  • Marketwatch: Trump says he supports more money for New York, other states in ‘Phase 4’ aid package
  • Reuters: McConnell says he favors state bankruptcy over more federal aid
  • RealClearPolitics: Pelosi Blames McConnell For Delaying Coronavirus Relief Bill: “He Was The One Wasting Time”
  • Bloomberg: Pelosi Seeks ‘Major’ State Aid, Setting Up Clash With McConnell
  • Politico: Senate passes $484 billion coronavirus deal after weeks of deadlock
  • NYT: Senate Approves Aid for Small-Business Loan Program, Hospitals and Testing
  • Axios: Battle lines drawn over next stimulus bill
  • NBC News: Biden slams McConnell, calls on Congress to pass fourth coronavirus stimulus package
  • WaPo – Why Democrats should stop worrying about Biden’s low profile
  • NYT: Joe Biden: My Plan to Safely Reopen America
  • NYT – What Biden Can Do
  • The Hill – Biden told to think economy with VP pick
  • Mother Jones: “You Don’t Say No to Joe!”: What Biden’s Role in the Last Economic Crisis Says About How He’d Handle This One
  • The Atlantic – What Biden Learned the Last Time the World Stopped
  • Vox – Joe Biden says the pandemic response is an opportunity for structural change
  • Politico – Dems find a rallying cry: Trump tanked the economy
  • NPR: A Look Back At How Joe Biden Managed The 2009 Stimulus Package
  • WaPo – Joe Biden understands the devil is in the details