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May 16, 2023
Pod Save America
Trump’s Surprise Q-chella Set

In This Episode

Ron DeSantis tries to reboot his presidential prospects in Iowa. Donald Trump calls into Mike Flynn’s QAnon rally. Joe Biden is much more optimistic about a debt ceiling deal than Kevin McCarthy. Senator Joe Manchin flirts with playing spoiler in 2024. And Diane Feinstein returns to the Senate. Then North Carolina Democratic Party Chair Anderson Clayton stops by to talk about her plans to turn the state blue.


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Show Notes



  • NYT: DeSantis Impresses in Iowa, Showing Up an Absent Trump 
  • POLITICO: Why the DeSantis Braintrust Thinks It Can Actually Beat Trump
  • POLITICO: Trump puts DeSantis in a bind on 2020: Can he bring himself to say Trump lost?  
  • The Messenger: EXCLUSIVE: Trump Interview Hits DeSantis, Abortion, New Media Blitz 
  • Intelligencer: Do Evangelicals Think Trump Is Jesus?
  • Playbook: A surprisingly positive debt-limit vibe check
  • Punchbowl: What you need to know about the debt-limit talks
  • Message Box: Is Joe Manchin Trump’s Secret Weapon?
  • Puck: No Labels Leaks & Manchin ’24 Dreams 
  • WaPo: Defying calls to resign, Feinstein returns to looming Judiciary agenda
  • Daily Beast: GOP Oversight Chair Says He’s Lost Track of His Biden Corruption Informant
  • Politico: Comer releases Biden family probe update without showing link to president