"#TrustWomen with Tressie Cottom and Erika Christensen" | Crooked Media
Jon, Jon & Tommy's first ever book is here - Order Democracy or Else NOW! Jon, Jon & Tommy's first ever book is here - Order Democracy or Else NOW!
February 08, 2019
With Friends Like These
"#TrustWomen with Tressie Cottom and Erika Christensen"

In This Episode

Tune in this week for a double interview feature!

First, Dr. Tressie Cottom joined Ana Marie Cox for “the hot take superbowl.” They began by recapping the Northam debacle in Virginia and where it fits into our historical moment. They continued with a discussion of Dr. Cottom’s new book THICK: And Other Essays. From Betsy Devos to our society’s flawed concept of beauty, Dr. Cottom wrote about her personal experiences with all of it.

Ana then interviewed Erika Christensen about her experience with later abortion. They discussed what it meant to take such a private moment and make it public, as well as the real life implications of policy decisions surrounding a women’s right to choose. Follow the links to hear more about Erika’s Story.

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