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January 07, 2021
Pod Save America
“Two Americas.”

In This Episode

Donald Trump incites a violent insurrection against the U.S. Capitol, and Democratic candidates Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff make history in Georgia, wresting control of the U.S. Senate away from Mitch McConnell. Then New Georgia Project CEO Nsé Ufot talks to Dan about how years of grassroots organizing paved the way for Tuesday’s victory.


Show notes



  • WaPo: Trump supporters storm U.S. Capitol, with one woman shot and tear gas fired
  • NYT: Washington in the Final Convulsions of the Trump Era 
  • Vox: How a “March for Trump” rally led to clashes at the Capitol
  • The Atlantic: This Is a Coup
  • BuzzFeed: The Rioters Who Took Over The Capitol Have Been Planning Online In The Open For Weeks
  • The Atlantic – Republicans Meet Their Monster
  • Politico: Trump urges ‘special’ Capitol rioters to ‘go home now’
  • Politico: ‘For our country!’: Trump world pleads with the president to condemn storming of the Capitol 
  • Atlanta Journal Constitution: ‘We will never concede’: Trump incites supporters during rally address, mayhem ensues at Capitol hours later 
  • CNN: Trump tells rioters to ‘go home’ while repeating election lies
  • CNN: Twitter restricts engagement with Trump’s labeled tweets amid riots at the US Capitol
  • Daily Beast: Trump Aides Beg Top Officials to Stay in the Administration for the Night
  • The Atlantic: This Isn’t Just Political Theater 
  • The Atlantic: Worse Than Treason
  • Buzzfeed: Democrats Are Saying Trump Should Be Impeached Again For Encouraging Supporters To Storm The Capitol
  • The Atlantic: Remove Trump Tonight
  • NPR: Rep. Omar Says She Is Drafting New Articles Of Impeachment Against Trump
  • The Hill: Lincoln Project adds to impeachment calls
  • The Nation: Impeach Trump Immediately
  • Slate: Remove Trump Now
  • The Atlantic: Impeach Trump Again
  • AP: Biden calls on mob to ‘pull back,’ urges restoring decency
  • NYT: Biden calls on Trump to go on national television and “demand an end to this siege” 
  • CNN: Biden says US democracy under ‘unprecedented assault’ and calls on Trump to ‘demand an end to this siege’
  • Rolling Stone – Biden: ‘Democracy Is Under Unprecedented Assault’
  • USA Today – Biden calls Capitol riot ‘insurrection,’ Trump tells mob to ‘go home’ – live updates
  • The Nation – How Josh Hawley Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Donald Trump
  • Vox: The 14 Republican senators objecting to the Electoral College’s
  • Vox: The Senate Republican divide over certifying the presidential election, explained
  • NPR: Here Are The Republicans Challenging Congress’ Tally Of Election Results
  • NYT: With Objection to Biden’s Win, Josh Hawley Puts His Party in a Bind
  • WaPo: Ted Cruz’s electoral vote speech will live in infamy 
  • Vox: “Our democracy would enter a death spiral”: Mitch McConnell urges Republicans to back the election results 
  • Axios: McConnell: “Our democracy would enter a death spiral” if Congress overturned election
  • WaPo: Mitch McConnell’s forceful rejection of Trump’s election ‘conspiracy theories’
  • Vox: Mike Pence says he won’t try to throw out electoral votes for Joe Biden 



  • NYT: Georgia Senate Runoff Election Results
  • FiveThirtyEight: Latest Polls Of The Georgia Senate Runoffs
  • WaPo Analysis: What happened in Georgia 
  • The Atlantic: The Price Republicans Paid in Georgia 
  • Vox: “Phenomenal” Black turnout won the Senate for Democrats in Georgia
  • CNN: Black Georgia voters’ high turnout helped solidify a historic win, organizers say
  • NBC News: In Georgia, Latinos shatter runoff turnout record as groups make last push for voters 
  • WaPo: Youth voter turnout in Georgia runoffs shows signs of sustained enthusiasm post-November 
  • Mother Jones: Georgia’s Runoffs Were a Tool of White Supremacy. But Black Voters Turned Out in Record Numbers. 
  • NYT: Phone Calls, Texts and Tinder — Georgia Campaigns Court Young Voters 
  • American Prospect: How Georgia Got Organized 
  • WaPo: Ahead of runoffs, civic groups in Georgia mount ambitious campaign to mobilize Black voters
  • NYT Mag: Knocking on Two Million Doors in Georgia 
  • CNBC: Democrats target Asian American and Latino voters in crucial Georgia Senate runoffs 
  • Politico: Democratic organizers set their sights on Asian American voters to win control of the Senate 
  • WaPo: The long history of Black women organizing in Georgia might decide Senate control 
  • NYT: Georgia Was a Big Win for Democrats. Black Women Did the Groundwork. 
  • Buzzfeed News: Democrats Turn To Door-Knocking To Win Georgia 
  • WaPo: Republicans across Georgia stayed home, helping Democrats flip at least one Senate seat 
  • WaPo Analysis: The damage Trump did to the GOP in Georgia
  • WaPo Analysis: Four takeaways from Raphael Warnock’s big win in the Georgia Senate runoff
  • NBC News: In Georgia, Democrats close with populist pitch vowing $2,000 stimulus checks
  • CNN: Biden says electing Georgia’s Ossoff and Warnock would lead to $2,000 stimulus checks
  • FiveThirtyEight: Will The Debate Over $2,000 Stimulus Checks Help Democrats In Georgia?
  • FiveThirtyEight: Warnock And Ossoff Are Testing A New Strategy For Democrats In The South
  • Vox: 6 Black women organizers on what happened in Georgia — and what comes next
  • The Verge: Ossoff campaign turns to TikTok and Snapchat ahead of special election 
  • Politico: Biden to tap Merrick Garland for attorney general
  • NYT: Biden Said to Pick Merrick Garland as Attorney General
  • Axios: Biden to pick Merrick Garland for attorney general
  • Vox: 5 winners and 2 losers from the Georgia Senate elections
  • Politico: Liberals to Breyer: Time to retire
  • Mother Jones: Even if Ossoff Wins, 2021 Is Going to Be a Tough Year for Democrats
  • WaPo: $2,000 stimulus checks could become a reality as Democrats lead Georgia elections 
  • Axios: Schumer: First priority in new Senate is $2,000 stimulus checks
  • CNBC: Biden’s tax plan might have a fighting chance if Democrats sweep Georgia
  • Vox: 3 health care policy predictions now that Democrats have won control of the Senate
  • Axios: Georgia results shake up Democrats’ potential health agenda
  • Axios: What a Democratic sweep would mean for climate and energy policy 
  • Mother Jones: Democrats Control Congress. Can They Help Restore Democracy?