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November 24, 2021
X-Ray Vision
Christmas Comes Early (Literally) with Marvel's Hawkeye on Disney+

In This Episode

On Episode 13 of X-Ray Vision, Jason Concepcion & Cody Ziglar grab a slice with Lucky the Pizza Dog! First, in the brand new recurring segment Nerd Out (1:41), in which nerds get to share what they love and why, Crooked’s own Kendra James (producer of Keep It & Lovett or Leave It) sits in the captain’s chair to give the latest on Trek as Discovery season 4 premieres on Paramount+. In the Airlock (15:25) Jason and Zig dive deep (deeeeep) into the first episode (and a sprinkling of the second) of Hawkeye, out now on Disney+. And in The Endgame (53:24), Jason and Zig play Assembly Required, picking a character from Hawkeye for a randomly assigned mission (Hint: pass the gravy boat). Use #XRVEndgame & let us know what you think of their choices!


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The Listener’s Guide for all things X-Ray Vision!

My Life as a Weapon aka Hawkeye – Written by Matt Fraction with gorgeous art and covers by mainly David Aja, this is the series Disney+’s Hawkeye takes inspiration from and the series that redefined the character Clint Barton in the eyes of fans. Available on Marvel Unlimited, Amazon, etc.


Avengers (2012) – This is the MCU movie that really made people sit up and notice (unless you were already sitting up, in which case it made you stand). We see the continued aftermath of the Battle of New York from Kate Bishop & Clint Barton’s perspectives in Hawkeye, revealing that, when it comes to war & loss, some wounds never heal. Available on Disney+ or for rent.


Young Avengers – Created by Allan Heinberg & Jim Cheung before being relaunched by Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie after the Marvel NOW! rebranding in 2012. Both series by the different writers and artists won GLAAD Media Awards (2006, 2014) during their respective runs. Available on Marvel Unlimited.



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