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October 27, 2023
Keep It
Keep It Real: "Gina Kirchensheiter"

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Ira is joined by Gina Kirchensheiter for a post-mortem on the Real Housewives of Orange County reunion, her current relationship with Shannon Beador, and what to expect at BravoCon.






Ira Madison III And we are back for an all new Keep It Real. I am Ira Madison, the third. And let me tell you something. Next week, I’m getting ready for Bravocon. Okay. We have Bravocon coming up in just a week in Las Vegas. I’m going to be there next weekend. I am not hosting a panel as of now. Imagine someone like dies next week and they say Ira, host a panel. I don’t know if that’s happening, so do not expect that to happen. But I will be in Vegas, so come and say hi. Find me at the craps table. I’ll be drinking a lot. I also need to make sure I get a reservation at the Bedford Martha Stewart’s restaurant there, because that is some of the best fucking pierogies I’ve ever had in my life. Outside of the soccer. So that is also on my list. I love that. That is the more interesting thing to me than actually being at Bravocon. And also. I guess I got to see a show where I’m there to maybe Usher. I don’t know. I got to see something so I can have a good time in Vegas. Also, I have a little something to say. Let me give you a little. Keep it. This week, someone commented on our YouTube that I should spend more time talking about groundbreaking new shows like Physical on Apple TV Plus and not Housewives. Listen, man. I think we are already long past that. Okay. We’ve got Roxane Gay talking about housewives who’ve got McQueen, Camille Paglia talking about Housewives when she’s not talking about the vamps and tramps that she loves on soap operas. She loves The Young and the Restless and also General Hospital. And if you have never seen this clip of Camille on this old E show called Pure Soap, just Google Camille Paglia, pure soap. She’s talking about young wrestlers. We’re talking about Nikki Newman. It’s iconic. And she wrote an essay for Bravo about The Real Housewives, too. So Google Camille Paglia and Real Housewives. And then also, while you’re at it, Google her talking about male sexuality and about how heterosexual men are actually closer to women because they fuck things that are shadows of their mothers and that gay men with their, you know, beefcake magazines and things are actually continuing on the tradition of masculinity that has existed since the Greeks and the Romans with that art of masculinity and how gay men are actually more masculine than straight men. We don’t really have this level of discourse, public discourse in the world anymore, and I love it. And that is what we try to create here. So without further ado, this week’s episode, I am delighted to be joined by Gina Kirschenheiter from The Real Housewives of Orange County. Now, that show just wrapped, you just saw the reunion and we had a chat after the reunion. So we got to talk about everything coming out of the reunion, what Gina is thinking about going into Bravocon next week, where she currently is in her relationship with Shannon Beador. There’s a lot going on. So we will be right back with my interview with Gina. So we are so excited to have today’s guest on the show. You know her best from The Real Housewives of Orange County. But she’s a multi-hyphenate. She has a skincare line. It’s a real estate agent. She’s giving it to Shannon on the reunion. And now she’s a podcasting peer with her new show, Orange Country, which she co-hosts with Shane McAnally, which is out now. So please welcome to Keep It The Dynamic, Gina Kirschenheiter.


Gina Kirschenheiter Hi, Ira.


Ira Madison III Hi. It’s so nice to meet you.


Gina Kirschenheiter That was quite the introduction.


Ira Madison III Although, we’ve met briefly at Bravocon last year. I was at the Moo-Gen booth with Bruce Bauza and. And when Andy popped by and he was handing out shots to everybody.


Gina Kirschenheiter Oh, yeah. Oh, my God. I was, too.


Ira Madison III Yeah. Yeah. You walked over and then you were handing them all out. That was so fun.


Gina Kirschenheiter I was. Yeah, I you know, that was. That was really fun. Yeah. Yeah, That was already after I stopped drinking, though, unfortunately. So I couldn’t shoot any back, but I was better. Everybody else received more. So that was good. Yes.


Ira Madison III Yeah. I assume you’re looking forward to Bravocon this year in Vegas.


Gina Kirschenheiter I really am. I mean, you were there. It’s. It’s incredible. It’s like. It’s electrifying. And you know what? At the end of the day, too, I feel like it’s good for all of us, like Bravolebrity is to to get that. It’s kind of, like, really refreshing. It’s such a boost. And everybody in that room is having an amazing time. Everybody in that room is there. It’s for the fans. And the fans are the reason that we all have jobs, you know? So to me, to feel that energy and everything that, you know, they just care so much honestly. And. And like also like who doesn’t want to feel like a rock star for a day? Like, I was like, I’ve never experienced this before. You’re screaming at these high levels for me. Like, it’s incredible. So, yes, I’m really looking forward to it.


Ira Madison III I can’t imagine doing all of this now. Now that you have stopped drinking, what is that even been like on the show? I mean, like, that’s such it’s such I feel like it’s such a part of Orange County in general. The women on that show historically, you know.


Gina Kirschenheiter Yeah, I don’t disagree with you, I can’t disagree with you. And it and it yeah, it has been a really big thing on the show. I would say that like it’s never if you watch back, like, it was never really a huge thing for me. I certainly drank, you know, like everybody else and had a fun time. But I never I wasn’t really known for being like I never got sloppy. I was never like taking my clothes off because I’m drunk. Like, that wasn’t really a part of my character. So I kind of knew that it would be I felt it would be okay going into it because I just was it wasn’t like a huge shift in my character. Overall. What I wasn’t expecting is the huge shift in my character because of like the emotional stuff that was coming up because I was no longer drinking. That was a very big surprise to me. And you just don’t know what it’s like to stop drinking. And you got to understand who that was. When we started filming that season, I think it was like about six months sober. So that’s like for somebody who stops drinking, it’s still like a very fresh, raw time. And I think I was just like going about it. Like, this is just a decision I made. It’s going to be fine. I don’t I don’t want to be hung over anymore. I feel like crap. I’m making bad decisions. It’s holding me back and I’m just going to do this. And I wasn’t really thinking about it in the totality of it. And I think that you that’s really what you see playing out last season on this show. So I was nervous about it. But like anything, I actually I, I found it to be more interesting and I feel like the viewers found it to be interesting, too.


Ira Madison III Yeah. I mean, coming out of this season now, it’s so interesting, too, I’ve been thinking about Bravo card, right? Because I feel like you film the season and then you have to react to the show as its airing and then you film a reunion and now you’re going back to be with all the women again to rehash.


Gina Kirschenheiter Maybe with all women. You don’t even know, though. Yeah, I don’t know. Like at this point, I don’t know if Shannon will be there or not, you know, so I don’t even know. But yes, it is. It’s very weird. It’s just I have a weird job, Ira. It’s very weird. I am, like, in good standings with all the ladies. I’m not communicating with Shannon at this point, but not because she’s. I’m assuming she’s focusing on her health, you know?


Ira Madison III Yes.


Gina Kirschenheiter But I, I yeah, it is a weird thing to go back. I think actually it’s a really nice for the Orange County cast, though, this year because when Bravocon happened last year, we were we actually were at Bravocon and you see a little bit of it play out on the show in like Mexico, it was right before our Mexico trip. So first of all.


Ira Madison III Oh, wow.


Gina Kirschenheiter We were like kind of gagged when we were at Bravocon last year because we were right in. The middle of a season. So our panel was like kind of boring. Like, I remember the audience members were like, What’s your favorite color? I was like, this is the best we got, you know? But because they couldn’t really, I guess, ask us anything cause we were in, we were filming. And so and it had been a long time since the last season. And the last season was such a disconnect with casting issues and whatnot that I just think it fell flat. I’m actually stoked to go this year because I feel like we held up our end of the bargain this year. I feel like as a cast we delivered and I mean that for from all my cast mates. So it’s exciting to go into it this year, having wrapped up a whole season, being able to talk about the season and the things that are going on in happen, and I feel like the audience will be the fans are excited about it. You know, the buzz is still a lot like this is in a couple of weeks. You know, I’m like, if I don’t go get my dresses fitted today, I have nothing to wear like that. We are took our job, okay. So I’m stoked.


Ira Madison III I mean, I think this was a great season, you know, And I think that, you know, just the sort of gelling of the cast like was really fun. I mean, you’ve been through so many you’ve been through different eras and casting of like the show now. Like, how do you feel even being on the show with, I guess, sort of the new women on the show, too. But then also, you know, with like with Tamra and then Vicki and Heather, these sort of like, you know, A-listers of O.C., you know, does it feel like there’s a weird, like imbalance when you’re filming it, or do you feel like everyone is sort of at an equal footing now?


Gina Kirschenheiter Well, I will say that Emily and I always laugh because we’ve pretty much accepted the fact that no matter how many we could be on this show for three years and we’re still always going to be fucking low man on the totem pole, because for whatever way it works out. It’s like, we’ll just bring back the original divas of all time and then you’re we just think it’s hysterical. But yeah, it’s been really interesting. And you can see the difference with, with different casting choices and selections. I think that Orange County has been was the original show. It’s a flagship show, right? It’s been running the longest and there is going to be times of transition and then they’re gonna I don’t fault my network for trying different things and trying to space it up in different ways and also putting some of these women who had been on it for so long, you know, having them take a break or a step back, I think is honestly, even though it’s like like I know how bad that burned Tamra at the time, but when I really look and I didn’t I didn’t agree with it, I was like, wait a minute. Like, don’t get don’t let Tamra go. Like, she’s like, help. Tamra makes our jobs easier, you know? But then it’s like when you really see where we are now, it’s like, Oh, wait a minute. That actually was the best thing for her. Like, she took a you know, she took time. She she calls herself relevant while she was away from the space. And she came back with like a fresh start. And like for some reason on this show, if you get, like, fired and then you’re brought back, you you catapult yourself. I’m like, maybe I should just take a year off, you know? But yeah. It feels really good. It feels like it gels. I think they did a perfect job. I personally also, like, just like the opportunity to try to form friendships with some of the women that I haven’t successfully been able to do in the past. Like historically, I never really. Vicki It’s not that I didn’t get along with Vicki, it’s just that Vicki never gave me the time of day and she never tried. And when Vicki came back this year, she was like a completely different woman, at least towards me. I and it was, it was so nice because I know so many people love Vicki and think she’s so great and so funny and set it off. And like, I felt like I was never able to see that. And like, this year I totally could. She, like, let our guard down with me. And she was so kind to me and like, she knew stuff about my life that I didn’t even know. She knew. Like, clearly she was following and watching and like, that actually meant a lot to me. And I got to know her better. And like, now I think she’s pretty great. I mean, even to me, like, me and Vicki got into it a little bit in Mexico. But I think it’s great because, like we really did, we kind of got on each other’s nerves and that I try to put together plays and she’s just like, You’re not putting me in my place. And then we move on, you know what I mean? It’s not like so harsh and toxic and vile. She is who she is. She’s hysterical. And I really enjoyed getting to know her this year on the show, even in the small capacity that she was in. And I think it was wonderful.


Ira Madison III What’s it like? I guess, you know, when you do have a relationship with someone on the show and you deal with a conflict, but then you’re still able to, you know, be friends with them and. Sort of interact with them versus, you know, where you ended up somewhere with like Shannon at that reunion, you know? Yeah.


Gina Kirschenheiter Well, I think those just show those are normal when you can get into it, say your opinion and get pissed off at each other, have it out a little bit and then move on. That’s like, that’s a real friendship. That’s a normal friendship. Like, I eat at my best, best bet. Emily is literally one of my best friends and we’ve gotten into it bad, you know, And that, that that shit was real. Like, like when we that time, when we were, like, not understanding each other, we really were not understanding each other. And it was really upsetting to us because we were such good friends. I think that with someone like Shannon, like, I think it just highlights the fact that like we’ve never had a friendship and we likely never will. You know, we’re just very, very different people. And if someone just doesn’t want to respect you or acknowledge you or see you as a human being, how long are you going to be down that door? You know, and that’s where I’m at with her. I, I don’t want to try to you know, it gets pathetic after a while. It’s like I’m not going to stick around and try to get you to like me, like I know my value. I know what I’m worth. I have a great life, I have great friends. And that’s even going into the season this year. That’s where my head was at. I was like, Look, we don’t have to try to pretend we’re friends or be best friends. We could simply be civil. You know, there are people that are in your core group of friends that you just don’t like, but like you’re one of your best friends just won’t cut them loose, you know? And it’s like, all right, I y yeah, I think everybody has a better life. It’s like, So what do you do if you want to not go to, like, your friend’s party over it? No, you go and you try to ignore that person and then you talk shit about them behind their back with a normal person. So I’m like, That’s fine. Like, I could do that with you. It and like, the thing that upset me was like, I wasn’t even talking about her behind her back. Like, I just was like. I am not going to touch this because it’s always historically gotten me burned and then I just got attacked anyway. So, you know, it is I am being very careful right now and very respectful right now because I know that she’s dealing with something that is very severe, very significant in her life right now. So I am respectful of that. But that doesn’t mean that I’m not going to still stick up for myself, stick up for my children and vocalize like what is wrong. Like you can have sympathy to a point, but it doesn’t make you a bad person to still point out and acknowledge injustices. You know, even though something bad happened to this woman, doesn’t mean that she was not treating me unkindly and unjustly. And I’m going to stick up for myself. Probably to a fault. Like, that’s just who I am.


Ira Madison III Yeah. I don’t know. I’ve been. Yeah. She’s always been an interesting person to watch on television, but it’s also always just been very stressful to watch Shannon on television. I feel like she’s always going through it, through something, through it, you know? And yeah.


Gina Kirschenheiter It’s just.


Ira Madison III Very much it’s.


Gina Kirschenheiter It’s always worse than what anybody else is going through.


Ira Madison III When we’re back, more with Gina.




Ira Madison III How would you say maybe your relationship is with Heather now? You know, because you had a sort of a back and forth all season. But yeah, right next to each other on the couch, having a fight at the reunion.


Gina Kirschenheiter I know. Because I love Heather. I really do. I How can you not love Heather? I mean, that’s the thing, too. Look, I did get into it with Heather. I didn’t understand where her head was at throughout a lot of this season. And so it was very that was a little frustrating for me with Heather this year because I just simply didn’t get a lot of it. But at the end of the day, like, Heather’s a great she’s a good person and she will apologize. She will see or try to see your point of view, at least you know. And she, like we do respect each other and care about each other. So it really wasn’t that hard to reroute that. There were certain things that were. But she was like bugging me this season. There were certain things that I just kind of let go because I felt like I was always been a good friend to Heather, and I felt like she did a lot of that like grouping in of like all of you do this. And I’m like, Wait a minute, except me. You know, you have to say that. Except GIna, except Gina. But she wasn’t. And it was like driving me nuts. And then it didn’t make me question where I was with her. Look, at the end of the day, though, Heather and I, we actually do are very we’re close. We really I could call Heather any day at any time, and she would be there for any of us. That’s truly who Heather is. But we we also it’s okay to acknowledge that Heather and I have two completely different lives. You know, we make time for each other. We enjoy doing things together. But obviously, you know, I’m I’m there is an age difference and I’m still working on getting up, you know, in life and and taking care. My kids are very young. Her kids are almost all out of the house. She has a ridiculous amount of money. We’re not going to like vacation together, you know. Like on the show, you know, But but we are friends and we just, we make time to see each other. So we’re great. I love Heather. I adore her. I respect her. I go to her for advice like she’s always wanting to help. That’s what I think people don’t understand. And I try to get people to see that a little bit. Like peek behind the curtain a little bit with Heather is Heather is who she is. Heather isn’t isn’t a product of the money that she has. Like Heather would be that same person even if she was poor. It’s just who she is, You know, she’s a proud person and she’s also a New Yorker, but she’s like a Westchester, New York or her New Yorker. You know, there’s just there’s differences and places where people come from. And that’s just a part of who Heather is. She’s just she is fancy pants.


Ira Madison III Mm hmm. Okay. So speaking about New York, we had a lot of this question online. People are wondering if people are wanting like you’re from New York. And then they were like, but this season they were like, you have almost like a different accent or vocal fry in your interviews. And people are like, Where is this girl from?


Gina Kirschenheiter I know it’s so interesting to me because, Ira, get this. I did I got this a lot. I don’t know what they’re like. I have no idea. And I think that I honestly think that this is just my voice. Like I’m from Long Island. I grew up with, like, a bunch of my girlfriends. Like, you know, we would do all these weird accents and you would think some of my girlfriends were from upstate New York, too. So, like, we have these weird things that we would do and say. And I really think what you’re hearing is I don’t drink anymore. So I’m not like. I don’t know. I guess like the alcohol maybe just like, takes more of your personality out. Like maybe it just subdues you a bit. And this is me, like, completely sober and I just kind of sound like this. I sound weird. I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t. Maybe it’s like a nervous energy thing and I just, like, develop voices. I don’t know, because everybody keeps asking me and I feel like it’s getting worse. The word people talk about it and I don’t know what it is. Maybe I lived in California too long. I don’t know. I have like a twang. I you know, I think I’ve had that since I’m younger, like everybody would say dog, dog, dog. And I would say everybody, Why be like dog? And my friends would be like, Where are you from? And I’m like, I, I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t have all the answers. But I’m sorry. I know it annoys people. I know everybody hates my voice. There’s nothing I can do about it. It just is what it is.


Ira Madison III I mean, people also want to know if you have a collaboration with Chili’s coming.


Gina Kirschenheiter I hope so. God. Who wouldn’t? Are you kidding me? And I don’t know who started that. Like, I know I’ve. I’ve talked about it a lot because it’s fun and whatever, but, like, honestly, I. Chili’s loves me, by the way. They always post on all my things, but I’m like, Oh, write that check Chili’s check to my name. And then I’m going to go to whoever started that and I’m going to be like, Let’s go cash the check together. You can watch me cash the check. I’m not giving you any. But yeah.


Ira Madison III Because that was a joke. Someone started online,? Like.


Gina Kirschenheiter Oh, yeah.


Ira Madison III Meet and greet at Chili’s.


Gina Kirschenheiter Yeah. And then I work at Chili’s at all night. The lesson, first of all, I’m not above anything. I would work Chili’s if I had to take care of my kids. But I was like, I don’t know. I feel like that might be less drama working at Chili’s. Maybe. Like, I feel like it would be a good vibe.


Ira Madison III I don’t know. I feel like working at Chilli’s would probably be. There’d be a lot of drama there, too. You know.


Gina Kirschenheiter You’re probably right


Ira Madison III I’m sorry.


Gina Kirschenheiter Yeah, me too. Yeah. Actually, to be quite honest and fair to Chili’s, I don’t think I am the caliber of waitress that would make it. I don’t think I could do Chili’s. Because they’re so corporate. And, like, they’re very strict. I was, like, a shitty waitress at, like, an independent restaurant where great customer service. Everybody loved me, but I would never bring you what you ordered. But, you know. Service with the smile. 100.


Ira Madison III Yeah. Talk about your podcast a bit. Orange Country. What’s it been like, you know, to join the fray of Housewives with podcasts? Now I feel like everyone used to have a house was used to have like a single people would drop like a song and now it’s like people are like, I’ve got to make a podcast. Actually.


Gina Kirschenheiter It’s true. Well, I feel like it’s podcast nation in general, this day and age I I’m happy to join though, these women that are out there doing it, I, I don’t see anything wrong with it. You know, like a lot of the time we like we have things to say and we know the most information and everybody wants to know what’s going on anyway, right? So like, it makes sense that we would try to get out there and do and explore as many avenues as we can. But what I do like about Orange Country is that it is not a Housewife podcast and that that actually like, of course, I address things that come up in the moment, like I spoke to the Shannon situation, things like that. But for the most part it’s just and we cover a lot of ground and there is no real one theme. It’s like parenting, sobriety, pop culture. We have on a lot of good celebrity guests that are super interesting and fun and all over the place.


Ira Madison III You had Jesse Tyler recently. Yeah.


Gina Kirschenheiter Jesse Tyler. Yeah. Yeah. I was like what? It was like, dead crying, sitting with him. I was like, Can I even like, honestly, the level that I got too quickly, too is very pleasantly surprising to me and I’m loving it. Like, I think it’s really cool when you could just be like, I’m just going to put this out there. Let’s have real conversations and to have viewers and people responding to that is really it’s really it’s really serving my my soul well. It fills up my bucket. I really enjoy doing the podcast like it’s cool to talk to people.


Ira Madison III Yeah. I mean, do you find that you have sort of learned something new about yourself by doing that? Something like that will help you like go forward even like on the show? You know.


Gina Kirschenheiter The show for me has been always very cathartic. Like it’s been a really great way. What I realized about myself and this journey on the show and through my podcast is that I think the former New Yorker in me, I always thought when it came to my life, you’re tough if you just keep everything down, you just smile. We just go, you don’t talk about it. It’s nothing. I was like. Hot. My parents actually were like, more like hippies, so like they were open with their emotions. It just became what I thought I should do, what the standard was, which is why I never opened up about anything that was going on in my life. But then also what I found is I am an honest person. So if you actually just sit me down in a chair and you ask me a question, I will answer that question. And the show forced me to do that, and it allowed me to get out all of this shit. And then it made me feel better. And I’m like, Wow, like, what a novel idea. You know, you get out your emotions and then you process them and feel better. And so like that for me has been a very powerful tool. So when I sit down with Shane and we’re just having these conversations and asking each other things and sharing things with each other, it just feels good. And to be able to share that then with other people is a really cool experience.


Ira Madison III What do you think about where things might even be going next season? You know, I mean, do you want them to bring back someone else? Because that’s they’re always talking about bringing back old people to the show, Right? And it’s like, bring in some new people, maybe, you know, that the idea that Heather belongs on Beverly Hills instead of fitting it on Orange County, you know?


Gina Kirschenheiter Yeah. I mean, I do think I don’t want to be. I do. I think that Heather could easily fit in in Beverly Hills because she’s fabulous and she has home there. But I also think that Heather really fits in in Orange County. And I want I want Heather to return. And I think Heather wants to return. I don’t really want to speak for her, but I just from our conversations I’ve had, like, I think Heather feels secure in her friendships. I know she had a rough year on the show, but I do think she feels good now with everybody and the situation with Shannon certainly changed things, right? So that to me is the biggest unknown as I just don’t know what that looks like. Like what? What does it look like if she does return? What does it look like if she doesn’t? I don’t know. It’s a weird question I would like to see personally. I just I want someone I want someone more my age on the show.


Ira Madison III Yeah.


Gina Kirschenheiter Or younger. You know, I think that would be really fun and really cool. And I like the you know, it’s no disrespect. I think that that is all these women are incredible and amazing and all that, but I think youth is fun, you know, and, and different and it spices stuff up and like, I would love like, a buddy my age or, or even honestly, even like a chick. I’m pushing next year on the show, I’m going to have to celebrate my 40th birthday. So I’m getting up there with all these ladies, too. Now, you know, I’ve been here per minute and it would be fun to have somebody young. I think Jen Programs did a great job for her first season. She’s the first person that I feel like in years and really clicked and really did it in a natural way. And the job is just to show up and be yourself. I think she did a really good job of that. And also like obviously she wasn’t taking Tamra’s crap so that, you know, like she’s strong.


Ira Madison III Yeah, I mean, you sort of have to be able to go toe to toe with Tamra to stay on the show.


Gina Kirschenheiter You have to. And it’s not an easy thing to do.


Ira Madison III Yeah. Do you think that you would televise your wedding on the show?


Gina Kirschenheiter Um, the I mean, I wouldn’t. I’ve shared so much of my life. To me, it’s like I’ve shared so much bad stuff to be able to have the opportunity to share something so great. I like I wouldn’t even bat an eye like, Yes, a hundred. I think it’s more a question of if if that is what’s going to happen. Um, I think that Travis and I are just so happy in our relationship. And look, I it’s not that I wouldn’t want, like, a beautiful wedding and all these things, but I think that right now we’re just not there yet because we’re at this, like, very critical, like, practical point of our lives. We have six children.


Ira Madison III Yeah.


Gina Kirschenheiter They need things, you know? And so then I just think, oh, yeah, I could have this big, beautiful wedding. But also I need to get six vehicles for these kids to drive and they all have to go to college and we need a bigger home, you know? So yeah, I think our eyes on the prize right now, but there is still a part of me in me. You know, I think for a while I was like, I don’t think I need a wedding. I don’t need that.


Ira Madison III Yeah.


Gina Kirschenheiter And now I’m like, I wouldn’t mind wearing that ring. I mean. I wouldn’t mind putting on that dress. Yeah, I want the photo, you know, like I want it.


Ira Madison III Yeah. I mean, it’d be nice if Bravo paid, but we know that they don’t pay for the wedding.


Gina Kirschenheiter 100%. But, yeah, that’s not gonna happen. Yeah, I’m going to have to flip a table to go to a wedding we had probably. No, no, I don’t want to pay that price either, Ira. I pay for by our wedding. Yeah.


Ira Madison III I guess. Lastly, what are you looking forward to at Bravo? Like, who are you looking forward to see?


Gina Kirschenheiter The while I always say 100% the most is the fans. Like, I truly love it. I love it. Like I never get bothered when people come up to me. I think it’s such a privilege to be able to like take a picture with somebody and you make their whole fucking week. Like, that’s so cool, you know? So honestly, I, I love all that, but I do love a lot of the women. I love Wendy and Giselle from Potomac. It’s so funny because I don’t necessarily I don’t watch all of the franchises, but I know the women personally. So to me, sometimes when I hear that somebody is more of like the villain or something on the other character, I’m like, once I’m like, No way, You know, I don’t even get it. But yeah, I, I get along with so many of the women. I mean, I love Melissa Gorga.


Ira Madison III That’s even so funny though, that you mentioned, even like, like you love like Giselle and Wendy because it’s so funny. They like, they don’t even get along on their own show, you know?


Gina Kirschenheiter Yeah. And I didn’t even know that like that. And I’m like, No, but I but I love both. Like, it doesn’t make sense to me because you’re both so amazing, you know? So it is kind of me and I do. I genuinely love them. I laugh with Wendy so much we did on Project Runway together. So that was how we we got to bond. And then they came back for like the finale. And I don’t know, there’s something about Wendy that she just freaking cracks me up. And then you find out, like, she’s also, like, this boss lady, and she’s like, got all this education and she’s doing all these, like, big time thing. So, like, I love, I like to see women up, you know? I like strong, strong friends. I like smart friends. I like I, you know, I like rich friend. I like when my friends are doing good, you know? So she makes me laugh. I’m trying to think who else I do like. Melissa Gorga. You know what? I. I really want to see Lindsey Hubbard, too. I would love to see her have a moment abroad, you know, because she’s been through a lot. We share the same. Melissa is our makeup artist. And Caroline in New York, we share this. So when she comes here, Melissa does Lindsey And then when I go there, I use Caroline. So we we were so excited to meet each other for the first time at Bravocon last year. And she’s such a sweetheart. And, you know, I don’t know anything about the situation, but I want to see her get through that. This is obviously a shitty time for her and I would love to see her come to Bravocon and like, you know, have that, like, I’m going to be okay. I look fucking and cry. I’m sure she’s so thin because that shit just makes you so skinny, you know? And I just want to see her, like, in all her glory, at Bravocon, God.


Ira Madison III Yeah, well, that’ll be nice to see, too, so.


Gina Kirschenheiter Yeah.


Ira Madison III I’ll see you there.


Gina Kirschenheiter Yeah.


Ira Madison III Yeah, I’ll be there.


Gina Kirschenheiter Are you going to be in, like, the podcast room? Are you just going to be there having a good time?


Ira Madison III Like, I’ll just be there having a good time.


Gina Kirschenheiter I love it.


Ira Madison III Yeah.


Gina Kirschenheiter That’s better. Not trapped in a room.


Ira Madison III No. Yeah, absolutely.


Gina Kirschenheiter And getting all the tea. Yeah. Yeah, I love it.


Ira Madison III Well, thank you for being here.


Gina Kirschenheiter Yeah. This is so fun, Ira.


Ira Madison III Yeah. Nice to meet  you.


Gina Kirschenheiter Yeah.


Ira Madison III Thank you again to Gina Kirschenheiter for being here with me this week. That was a fun convo about the Real Housewives of Orange County. Remember, I am going to be at Bravocon next weekend, so if you see me, say hi. It’ll be a good time. Let’s Keep It Real. We’ll see you next week. Keep It is a Crooked Media production. Our senior producer is Kendra James. Our producer is Chris Lord, and our associate producer is Malcolm Whitfield. Our executive producers are Ira Madison, the third, and Louis Virtel.


Louis Virtel This episode was recorded and mixed by Evan Sutton. Thank you to our digital team, Megan Patzel and Rachel Gaewski, and to Matt DeGroot and David Toles for production support every week.


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