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December 23, 2022
X-Ray Vision
L.A. Comic Con Live! Marvel Phase 4 and the Future of the MCU with Joelle Monique and Cody Ziglar

In This Episode

On this episode of X-Ray Vision, Jason Concepcion and Rosie Knight are LIVE at LA Comic Con! First they are joined by Cody Ziglar to discuss his work this past year, including the rocking Spider-Punk and breaking ground on Miles Morales. Then in the Airlock (0:51), Jason, Rosie, and iHeartRadio Executive Producer, host and MCU super fan Joelle Monique dive deep (deeep) into the recently wrapped phase 4, explain the “mess era” of the MCU, make predictions about what’s to come in future phases, and of course tie it all back to the X-Men. Then (54:39) they take audience questions about the MCU, including the Beyonder, young T’Challa, and more. Finally, Jason, Rosie, and Joelle share a Station 11 style piece of media from 2022 that has stayed with them through the year.


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Jason Concepcion Warning. This podcast contains minor spoilers for a bunch of projects from the MCU, including and most pertinently, lots of stuff from phase four, including Black Panther Wakanda Forever, WandaVision etc.. And lots of theories for phases five, six and beyond.


Jason Concepcion You’re about to hear a live episode recorded at L.A. Comic-Con on December 3rd featuring the great Rosie Knight, the great Cody Ziglar, and the great Joelle Monique. Hello. My name is James Concepcion. Welcome to X-ray Vision, the Crooked podcast where we dive deep into your favorite shows, movies, comics and pop culture. Today, live from the The Beautiful.


Rosie Knight The gorgeous.


Jason Concepcion The gorgeous, Los Angeles Convention Center. I’ve never seen anything like it, folks. The eyes have never beheld such a paradise as this in front of.


Rosie Knight Cosplayers everywhere


Jason Concepcion It’s beautiful in front of a live studio audience.


Audience Whoa!


Jason Concepcion Yeah. We’re joined by some of our most wonderful friends. We will be discussing Marvel’s phase four, some of our favorite things from 2022, Miles Morales, Spider Punk.


Audience woo hoo.


Jason Concepcion All that kind of stuff. Joining us today, of course, the comics encyclopedia, the number one Eternals lover, Rosie Knight. As Special Guests, host and executive producer for iHeart podcast Joelle Monique.


Joelle Monique Hi everybody!


Rosie Knight And an MCU superfan.


Joelle Monique Oh, yes, 100%.


Jason Concepcion And superstar of stage and screen and page. He’s got to leave us to go to the Futurama panel. He’s writing for Futurama. He’s written for She-Hulk. He’s written Spider Punk and Marvel Comics. Miles Morales. Yeah. Spider-Man in your comic shop this Wednesday. Cody”Zig” Ziglar.


Cody Ziglar Thank you. It’s always fun to be back.


Jason Concepcion Oh, well, let’s start there, since we only have you for a limited time only. What can you tell us? It’s been just just such an incredible year for you.


Cody Ziglar It’s been the weirdest year ever for me. Everything that I wanted to do, I’ve been somehow  weaseled the universe in letting me do that. So thankful to whatever powers are out there. Yeah. You know, She-Hulk was like my first, like, big, big job. And part of that room there was this dude named Zeb Wells who was like the number two in the room. And we were very much like the two MCU nerds who would yell at them about what if they used The Wrecking Crew or whatever. And when I was, they were pitching the drama, the Daredevil episode, which the episode that I wrote. They’re like, How did his powers work within the confines of, like, the MCU? Because they they had the TV show, they had the movie. And I just happened to have a Daredevil comic book in my backpack. I pulled it out to the exact page where he using his powers, and they were like, Fucking calm down, dude, but we appreciate your your enthusiasm, but you really need to chill. And afterwards, Zeb was like, all right, this guy is one of our own. So he got me to writing comic books, and I was like, I got to write Miles Morales. That’s the that’s the dude. Because I remember when I saw him as a kid. Kid? I was like, fucking 22. I was like,.


Joelle Monique That’s a child. Yeah, that’s a child.


Cody Ziglar Yeah, yeah, yeah. It wasn’t a maturity. I was like, Oh, wow, this is what it feels like. This is so powerful and so cool. And like, I was lucky enough to get the Miles book and, you know, I was all about like, you know, Miles has done a lot. He’s been to multiple universes multiple times. He’s had his own universe eaten by a giant spaceman. So I was like, Let’s make it a little bit simpler. Let’s, like, make it back to like a basics, back to a street level type dude. And also a really powerful thing that followed in the previous writer Dead is that he really did a really great job of surrounding Miles with a bunch of really powerful black women, his mom and then like Tiana. And I was like, well, we have like his homelife and sort of his love life covered. Like, Peter’s always been there for him. Different versions of Peter, but it’d be really cool to have that also covered in like a superhero life. So I was like, Can I just like teaming up with, like, Misty Knight and like, yeah, of course, no one to do that. So, like.


Rosie Knight The dream.


Cody Ziglar Yeah, I love I love Misty. Like, I love exploitation films. Like, nothing was more fun to me than, like, Miles being, like, little expectation films with Misty. And they’ve been really, really receptive of what I’ve been pitching and what I’ve been trying to do. And I, I cannot stress enough how weird and surreal is to be like, Oh, I’m having a Miles Morales Spider-Man release with my name on it. Very weird place to be in, but very, very cool to be here.


Rosie Knight Yeah. And that’s not like the first sort of sick team up you’ve gotten to do because Spider Punk was very much about like putting the band together and creating this really rad, like, diverse team of just badass heroes. Could you speak a little bit about that? Because that book, you know, it’s one of my favorite things of the year. It’s it’s so good.


Cody Ziglar Yeah. I mean, I think you can look at me and see that I was in the punk and metal as a kid,.


Rosie Knight Really?


Cody Ziglar Did have a bunch of tattoos as well. And they were like, Hey, we have a spider book about Spider Punk. Would you be into that as like, of course, a black, black Spider Punk kid, of course, I’m going to be into that and I was like, Well, what world has he been in besides, like, damn slots thing? And they’re like, Well, not really much. So you can basically do whatever you want to do. So I was like, Great, I’m with that. That’s dope. I also, you know, I, a lot of people are into punk and like the punk scene. I feel like traditionally a lot of people overlook that. How many black people and brown people in the punk scene, particularly the British punk scene. So I was like, I want a book with like all black and brown people. They’re like, Don’t do it. And beside because no one, it really written in that world, I was able to add in a bunch of really cool characters. Captain Anarchy I got to make this person and I got to bring in some next folks with with with Daredevil. Kamala, my my girl I love her.


Rosie Knight The best.


Cody Ziglar It’s really fun and the artist Justin Mason was like every time that we got an email with him with art, like we read every one of the text chain would be like, This is the most fun we’ve ever had writing a book, drawing a book, most fun we had lettering a book. Like everybody was like, so excited.


Rosie Knight It’s Travis, who did the letterring, right?.


Cody Ziglar He was fantastic. Like, everyone was like, Oh, we feel like this is the most fun we’ve had doing any type of discipline in art. So like, I’m glad that people really enjoyed it and I am excited that, you know, people are going to like know who Spider Punk is in the Spider-Verse movie comes out.


Rosie Knight Yeah.


Cody Ziglar Hopefully people will like, Oh, this is a whole universe black book character that exists. And like he’s also like a black British punk. Like, I’m really excited for that. And truly, I cannot ask for like a better book to write, like a better team to write it. And I just hope that people continue to enjoy who be Spider Punk and and Miles. It’s a it’s been, I truly can’t ask like a better year to have.


Rosie Knight If you like Spider Punk then there are lots of Spider Punk merchandise available now because of Into the Sprider-verse. So if you want to get some Cody approved Spider Man approved merch.


Cody Ziglar Oh yeah. Everything came by me.


Rosie Knight Cody approved everything.


Cody Ziglar You may also like I this is just like if you like music because I obviously I like music. I just made a Spider Punk playlist.


Rosie Knight Yes.


Cody Ziglar Just go to Spotify and look up Spider Punk. It’s going to be the only one on there. I can guarantee it. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.


Jason Concepcion The Rick and Morty to Marvel like pipeline.


Rosie Knight That’s the thing is.


Jason Concepcion It’s it’s quite wide. It’s got a lot of bandwidth. There’s a lot of pressure. I have they’re pushing the the people through that pipeline. Have you? What is it about that program that has managed to create so many Marvel Cinematic Universe creators? And, you know, I look at all the other people that have come through there. Like, at what point is Zig show running a show or writing a movie?


Rosie Knight Writing the Miles Morales movie perhaps in the MCU.


Cody Ziglar I would love nothing more than to write the Miles Morales movie. Please, Feige, baby, come to me. You got my email.


Rosie Knight Send them the email.


Cody Ziglar I think it’s I think it’s sort of 2 for1 who if anyone knows anything about Rick and Morty, which I also wrote on, they really hammer home just the idea of a story circle thing. I’m not going to get into it because it’s a very boring writing thing, but like they really hammer home, like how to write myth. So whether it’s like Rick going to Banana Planet or it’s Luke saying no to the dark side or it’s Miles learning he can wear the mask. I got that pretty universal thing when it comes to specifically like superhero movies. I think also like you really. And when you’re in that room, you spend so much time making the best version of the thing. And sometimes it sucks when you spend weeks and weeks and weeks. Why is Rick really want to go to Banana Planet?


Rosie Knight Like, Yeah.


Cody Ziglar Why does Rick want to turn himself into a pickle? And you go, I don’t I don’t know. I just think he wants to do it. But he’s got a lot of time, like figuring out why you want to do the thing. And I think that that really translates well. Also, you know, it’s a show that deals, I think particularly in phase four, you know, they’re an intimate universe. There’s like, oh, here’s here’s milkshake, Morty, here’s can Rick whatever. It’s like one of my favorite bits and Loki season one very, very small bit. But it’s to me it’s like peak Rick and Morty humor. It’s like there’s a scene where they’re in like that, nowhere planet or whatever. And like you’re panning down to like the Loki base and you see in the dirt you see like a little Loki in a jar, like just bouncing around in the jar, like, oh, that is 100 percent a joke that we would pitch out during lunch. That’s so stupid. And then we come back and spend half an hour trying to figure out how to make it work with an actual episode. It’s like, I love, like, those little touches and I, I’m lucky enough to, like, be on board or like one of those Rick and Morty writers. And I hope that I can weasel my way into, like, writing a Miles movie would be dope or anything with Marvel. Honestly, continue to run that ship into the ground.


Rosie Knight And before because we got to I think that you got to head off soon ish. What is your favorite thing from 2022?


Cody Ziglar Oh, we were just talking about this in the green room.


Jason Concepcion Yeah.


Cody Ziglar There I, I don’t know how you guys feel, but so much stuff has just come out this year. Like, I’m like, wait, this came out this year. I’m going to say it now, but just I just finished playing it. But like God of War, Ragnarok has really brought me so much joy, as much joy as that that very violent game can bring you. I never in my life have been looking up so many words that I cannot pronounce even a lower like I want to know about Skophie and Halfy or whatever the thing is. Like I’m so deeply embedded in that and that and that world. And I think I dedicated as of like last night, like 45 hours to it.


Rosie Knight Wow.


Cody Ziglar So as someone who doesn’t have a lot of time putting 45 hours into anything as a monument been really that brought me a lot of joy this year.


Jason Concepcion Really fun game shouts to fat Thor.


Cody Ziglar Yeah, yeah. I was thinking.


Jason Concepcion Well, what can you tell us about you’re heading off to Futurama? Yeah. Is there anything that you can tell us about what’s coming down the highway for Futurama?


Cody Ziglar They explicitly told me no, but they’re not.


Jason Concepcion Well, we tried.


Cody Ziglar Okay, say it is. There’s. We’ve had like 20 years to like sit on things so things that were planted 20 years ago can also be called back and then sort of paid off. And there’s a lot of like a lot of emotion. And there’s these lpast few seasons, which I guess is nothing new for Futurama. That’s all that I can say before daddy Disney comes in and Hawkeye’s me for sayign anything.


Rosie Knight Well it is next door, so they come through the wall?


Cody Ziglar Yeah. Truly busting like the Kool-Aid man.


Rosie Knight Well, I mean what was that like for you then? Just to get to write on Futurama, because like you said, 20 years, another incredibly, like, beloved project.


Cody Ziglar And dude, I’m I’ve been very lucky that everything I’ve worked on, I actually watched as a kid or cared about and I can what I keep making stuff that would make 12 year old me super stoked but like yeah when I when I had the meeting, it was just like David X. Cohen and Matt and like they just were just I think I list off like my top five like Simpsons episodes and my top like ten Simpsons bits. And like at one point I was like, Oh, this is the guy. We’re just gonna hire him. It’s like, Oh, that’s all it takes is just a giant nerd. I spent so many money guys on no, I spent so much money on the DVDs as the kids. Like, I have all those brick, brick DVDs just taking up so much space, I’m like, Oh, wow.


Rosie Knight The checks are paying for the DVDs.


Cody Ziglar Yet it took 25 years, but yeah, who would have thought spending ungodly amounts of like time in high school watching The Simpsons on UPN finally paid off.


Joelle Monique For all of us. Yeah.


Rosie Knight The dream.


Jason Concepcion I mean it is the dream, I guess, you know, in closing. Writing is really hard.


Cody Ziglar Yeah.


Jason Concepcion It’s like.


Cody Ziglar It’s not fun.


Jason Concepcion It’s not fun. It’s like the hardest, easiest job.


Cody Ziglar Yeah.


Jason Concepcion I know you like, but when it’s good, it, there are moments, and, you know, in my experience where you’re just like, this is cheating. I can’t believe they’re paying me for this.


Rosie Knight Yeah. Yeah. Is this my job?


Cody Ziglar Yeah. My my task. My tasks today are to figure out how Miles is going to beat up the scorpion or whatever, how Bender is going to get out of this one. Like, they’re like, I used to, like, wash dishes and, like, be on set and, like, lugging around cameras for 14 hours sucks so much shit. It’s not fun. Tired. You’re burnt out. You can’t have a life. And now I’m like, Oh, I wake up. I literally walk to my kitchen, and then I hopefully write a funny episode of TV that will not drag me on Twitter for like that’s that’s my big problem that I have to face. So I’m very lucky and very, very blessed.


Jason Concepcion For folks that like want to write stories or they’re trying to do it. What a little piece of advice from Cody “zig” Ziglar.


Cody Ziglar Oh, boy.


Rosie Knight No pressure, no pressure.


Cody Ziglar But really, if I could do it literally, anyone could do it. Like that’s the big the big the big headline. I think being a fan of the thing and knowing what your lane is, that helps a lot. Like, I’m not going to I can’t write drama like I’m not I don’t want to be bummed out writing a thing like that. Im not the guy to come to for, for that. I think also we’re were in a very lucky time creatively where people that are into the stuff that we’re into, like there’s really not a better time to be in like. That type of like myth telling comic books, whatever superhero stuff, just genre stuff in general. Like it’s like never going to find a better time to like have that happening. So like that definitely helps. And also like just making things like whether they’re absolute garbage, like a lot of my stuff is garbage, was garbage and will probably still not be great. But I think if you’re not afraid to like fail, like that’s the most important thing. Like, I failed so much so often with great temerity and very, very loudly. And I think we’re in a place now where people are like, Oh yeah, you can. Yeah, that’s why would you be good? You just started the thing like, of course you’re not to be great. The idea is that you find a mentor, which I was very lucky enough to find with Jessica Goa, who was the chairman for for She-Hulk. And someone gives you the shot. That’s all you need. Someone to give you a shot and not be afraid to feel like that’s really, truly all you can ask for. I think in my very limited experience, I’m being creative for a living.


Jason Concepcion Cody, thanks a lot. And yeah, thank you. Have fun.


Rosie Knight Thank you for making time. Well.


Cody Ziglar Thanks for having me.


Jason Concepcion Cody Ziegler.


Cody Ziglar I’m going to go yell about Slurms McKenzie for the next hour.


Rosie Knight Bye, Cody.


Joelle Monique That was delightful.


Rosie Knight I know.


Joelle Monique I liked that.


Jason Concepcion What a wonderful human being he is.


Rosie Knight The best. Let’s just keep saying nice things.


Jason Concepcion As he walks away. Let’s keep from hey.


Rosie Knight His writing on She-Hulk was so good.


Jason Concepcion It was the best.


Rosie Knight Incredible. It was the best stuff


Jason Concepcion Joelle, how are you?


Joelle Monique I’m at Comic-Con. How could I possibly complain? And amongst my people, feeling really good about it. And now we get to talk about Marvel things. So.


Jason Concepcion Let’s talk about, let’s talk about Marvel things.


Rosie Knight Yeah, I’d love to talk about those Marvel things.


Jason Concepcion Is there anything on the top? Just top of mind. It seems like you can’t really log on to the various Internets owned by various billionaires without seeing some sort of conversation about comic book stuff, the MCU in general. Is it dying? Is it growing? Is it good? Is it bad? Are they finished? Are they just started?


Rosie Knight Is it just the beginning? The end?


Jason Concepcion Where are the X-Men?


Joelle Monique And what’s happening?


Jason Concepcion Get your thoughts on phase four as we kind of ground to a close.


Joelle Monique Yeah. Okay. So. I think I’ve been hearing since maybe mid phase two, this won’t last. People are getting tired of superheroes. Who’s going to want this later? I was born in 1989, the year of Batman. Hello. And I haven’t stopped loving him since. So I don’t think it’s ever going to be an issue. I really don’t. I do think phase four is a transitional period, and therfore, for a lot of the fandom was a challenge. What I think will carry us forward is the fact that, you know, the people at Disney were so innovative in how they wanted to present stories to us, that it gives us a lot of inspiration for the future. So in phase four, we get Disney Plus and we start getting all these great TV shows. I love WandaVision. I still think it’s the bar for me, but I also love Loki and I loved Ms. Marvel I thought was really great. And so we got a lot of like really good things in there. But the game changer is the holiday specials.


Rosie Knight Yeah, the special presentations.


Joelle Monique Absolutely changed how we can introduce characters to the MCU without being, you know, too bogged down in story, right. Was like love Werewolf by Night. It was like, here’s the Lord. You know, it.


Rosie Knight It was that good.


Joelle Monique The best. I’ve seen it, like, four times. I’ll probably watch it again before the end of the year. It’s just fun. You immediately feel like you know the characters and you just, like, love the space and you kind of can’t wait to see them pop up. Like, in someone else is like, please, please make an appearance in Blade. Like, I just need to get more of this universe expanded. But it was just enough. It wasn’t too much. Whereas I felt like Moon Knight, which I liked the majority of, it was like, It’s long and there’s so much happening and you’re like, Where are we going with this?


Rosie Knight I felt like a Moon Knight special presentation could have been really effective.


Joelle Monique It would have been amazing and like just line it up with like an Egyptian holiday that sort of aligns with this thing and then like tell it because other thing, it’s like it’s global. So we have a lot of space. I’m waiting on a Valentine’s Day special, if anyone writes for Marvel.


Rosie Knight Who’s your dream Valentine’s Day special, if you could write it?


Joelle Monique So my dream Valentine’s Day special. So. Hector. Hector Navarro, who some of you may know the great. We talked about this on our pod the other day and we came up with two pitches. So one is Valkyrie trying to date, as king.


Rosie Knight Yeah, that way he meets the queen.


Joelle Monique Like who doesn’t wanna see Tessa Thompson in a rom com? She totally carry it. She’s super funny. Please let her date women, Marvel. It would be really dope to see her like trying to balance of that being king, which we’ve seen her sort of struggle with in the past movie. And then also like, how do I navigate the earth dating scene? Or does she even date earthlings? Or is she staying like in her kingdom? Like, I’m really curious to see what that would look like. The other one is we know we’re getting close to a young Avengers storyline. We’d love to see Wiccan and Hulking, you know, in a in a nice rom com. Maybe there’s a Valentine’s Day dance. Maybe I get Storm as a chaperon and she’s.


Rosie Knight I love this.


Joelle Monique You know this just making sure the children are staying ruler length apart when they’re dancing like I just I think that would be really I love like a high school dance rom com sort of situation.


Rosie Knight I think MCU Prom would be like a really good way to get those teenagers together. I’m just saying.


Joelle Monique Ms Marvel is like in a, you know, love triangle and she’s not sure which boy to go with. And does she pick the right one to go to the dance with? If you’ve seen Wednesday, please just pick up that storyline. I don’t think.


Jason Concepcion I love it.


Rosie Knight Any love triangle.


Joelle Monique And truly I love mess. So yeah, that’s what I would love to see. And I think to answer your original question, Marvel has really laid the foundation to say, If we go out, it won’t be without a bang. And having tried really hard to keep your attention, which I can appreciate, I don’t think these movies series are going anywhere. People keep paying for them.


Rosie Knight Yeah. Also as well, something I think that gets lost in the conversation is like Marvel, DC, you’re getting up to like 100 years of publishing for each of them, so there’s always an interest for these stories. It just used to be in comic book format and now we’re in a space where they’re way more accessible on TV or as blockbuster film. So the appetite is going to be there, but it’s going to ebb and flow like everything. We had Spider-Man, we had the X-Men. Those were the biggest movies in the world that ebbed and flowed. Then you started to get your Fantastic Fours. Then you know, the MCU changes everything. Now we’re getting Morbius. It happens. There’s going to be. Don’t bring your Morb chord in here. Your Morb Chord. But yeah, like I think there is always going to be cyclical. And the thing that we always say on the pod is like you can there’s this one. There’s so many things within the superhero universe. Everyone can find something they like if they want to. Werewolf by Night is a great example. But also, if you don’t like it, that’s also fine. Yeah, there’s like so many other great movies we did at Best of 2022 Horror Talk on the podcast. You know, me and Joelle love all kinds of movies. Like same with Jason. There’s all different things, but this is just one of those things we’re passionate about. And I think because of that, we can kind of see the audience and the hunger for these stories. And like you said, different stories. We actually only just tapping into all the different characters, the young Avengers, having queer characters, having more diverse characters, having characters from all over the world that is actually just starting like 15 years into the MCU. So I think there’s always going to be space for those stories to keep being told.


Jason Concepcion Joelle, you said something that that really resonated with me, which is the love of mess. I also love mess. I love mess so much and I really feel like I really feel like we’re heading into the mess era.


Rosie Knight Oh, the MCU is messy.


Jason Concepcion Because, you know, like WandaVision, loved it. I also think it was for me the bar emotionally and in terms of storytelling and how it impacted the wider universe. Kind of like the gold standard for what a Disney Plus show can do. And it grows out of this, you know, legendary, iconic relationship of The Vision and and the Scarlet Witch. We’re now entering a phase of the MCU where you have a lot of characters that are there or are coming, that have relationships, that have relationships with other characters. Front row here we have a young man dressed as Namor. When? When? All I know is when Sue Storm shows up in the MCU.


Rosie Knight Yes.


Jason Concepcion With the Namor that we have.


Joelle Monique Not happening ladies.


Jason Concepcion Folks, it’s over for Reed Richards.


Rosie Knight Reed Richards is done.


Joelle Monique I mean, Namor is not going to be.


Rosie Knight It’s going to be a big problem.


Joelle Monique Let’s be honest. We would be like , Girl, goodbye.


Rosie Knight But think about the yeah, you have to see the Sue Namor relationship has to happen, which means they just have to cast a Sue Storm. Who you believe that Namor would fall for. That’s the question. And also then, you have to cast a Reed, who is hot enough, that it can be a love triangle.


Joelle Monique Kang the Conquerer, who is black. Yeah, we’re getting there.


Rosie Knight I think the mess, WandaVision is a great point, actually. Yeah. Because that is a messy relationship.


Joelle Monique It’s messy.


Rosie Knight In the comics, you know, we’re about to have Wonder Man, played by Yaya, you know, and that is unbelievable casting. Wonder Man and Scarlet Witch. That is a relationship that happened in the comics.


Joelle Monique I love it.


Jason Concepcion It’s kind of her husband.


Rosie Knight Kind of her husband, you know, husband. And I think we’re going to get some really interesting interpretations of how Vision and One Demand, Simon Williams, connect in the MCU. So I think this is going to be the mess era of the MCU. And in in that way, phase four was actually quite a good introduction. Because it was .


Jason Concepcion Yes, I agree.


Rosie Knight Of outrageous storylines that can get brought in and brought out. And some of them were quite messy.


Jason Concepcion And, and once we get to the X-Men that’s what Mess City.


Rosie Knight This is actually this is just the mess cinematic universe. The next ten years is just preparing people for the mess of the X-Men.


Joelle Monique Mess cinematic universe. Love that


Jason Concepcion You said something really I think, really important, which is, man, that recasting is going to be crucial.


Joelle Monique Oh, yes.


Rosie Knight It has to be crucial. You,  we, everybody, everybody here has probably seen Wakanda Forever. And if you haven’t seen Wakanda Forever, you’ve seen pictures of Tenoch as Namor.


Jason Concepcion An unbelievable performance. Just holds your attention every time on screen. He is incredible.


Joelle Monique Or best villain since Loki. Let’s be real.


Rosie Knight He’s, they, they managed to do a great job of introducing a character who feels like they can become the heart of that kind of anti villainous role that is so key to the MCU. And they also created a Namor who is very attractive. And in that way, I think that casting Reed has to be important because you have to make it believable because otherwise Sue would just leap.


Jason Concepcion Yes.


Rosie Knight There’s no question.


Jason Concepcion With custody and you know, it’s been nice, but.


Rosie Knight Shuri is literally the strongest person in the MCU that she didn’t just join Namor and be like, you’re right, let’s just burn it all. Like I still don’t understand it.


Joelle Monique There was a moment of flirtation and I was like, yes, is it happening?


Rosie Knight The chemistry. Tenoch just has chemistry with everyone, so it’s good. Who is your, who’s your dream Reed Richards casting?


Joelle Monique I was just thinking, okay. This is a challenge, right? Because you don’t want. To me I sort of miss the MCU days when they were like, you virtually don’t know this person.


Rosie Knight Yeah.


Joelle Monique Yeah. Here or there. And I think that would be really crucial to Reed, especially after we got office dude in the MCU, who I really like. I love that casting. I thought it was really fun. I thought he did a great job in the role.


Rosie Knight I was glad he died though. That’s not the Reed Richards I want in the MCU. I was glad he died.


Joelle Monique Damn. But yeah. So I think that there’s that would be my my hope would be that we would get a character actor. I’m like scratching my brain trying to figure out, like, who could fill this role.


Rosie Knight Okay. What do you think of that? One of the biggest fan theory ones that I do think this would be a good love triangle because I think it would put Sue in in a compromising position. What about Raoul Cooley? Because that’s one of the biggest fan theory Reed Richards castings.


Joelle Monique Oh, he could kill it.


Rosie Knight Yeah, he could. He’s got that mix of, like, arrogance and like, yeah, funny and rude. And, and I’m interested to see it. I mean, the weirdest thing is that I think a lot of what we’re seeing now in the MCU was meant to be setting up a Fantastic Four movie that was going to come out much sooner.


Jason Concepcion Yeah.


Rosie Knight So it’s very interesting now to be in a space where we don’t know who the Fantastic Four are. But speaking of mess and WandaVision, it is Matt Shakman, who’s in charge. They probably realized they were like, we need someone who can bring like a divorced couple energy to this movie, like.


Joelle Monique William Jackson Harper.


Rosie Knight Oh.


Joelle Monique That’s my selection.


Rosie Knight Well, you know what? William Jackson Harper was just cast.


Joelle Monique Oh.


Rosie Knight In Quantumania.


Jason Concepcion Oh, that’s right.


Rosie Knight I believe that, that was my first thought, because you have Kang, he is a descendant of Nathaniel Richards, you know, Reed’s dad. A lot of people think he’s going to be Reed. I think it’s more likely that he is going to be Nathaniel Reed’s dad, because I want an older Fantastic Four. But I think they’re going to go young. I think it’s going to be in their twenties.


Joelle Monique It would make sense to me.


Rosie Knight Because they’re going to want them to to hold that for the next.


Joelle Monique We do have like a really like side lined, of course now I can’t remember which movie, but doesn’t Tony at one point like make reference to the Fantastic Four and say like, oh, like those guys from the sixties.


Rosie Knight That there’s there’s a joke about then there’s lots of jokes about naming conventions in the MCU, and a lot of them are like, Oh, that sounds like a Sixties boy band. Oh, that sounds. And I think the general rumor now is what many fans wanted, which was for a long time I’ve been talking about, I think we’ve talked about on the podcast, the idea of a fantastic movie that for me it begins in the sixties and moves into the the now, and that seems to be the general idea of what I do. So that would be a lot of ways to tie that to a star.


Joelle Monique With this period piece is really well and I am a sucker for like, you know, let’s get into a specific era and really explore. I really liked first class, X-Men First Class. I thought it was really solid and so yeah, I could see more of that.


Rosie Knight And it’s very interesting to see how they’re going to bring that Fox universe into the MCU. That I think is that I think is the biggest question of how do you meld the world of like the original X-Men movies? Then the second area are movies that began with First Class. How do you bring that into the MCU in a way that feels holistic? And as Kevin Feige is a hater of reboots that doesn’t necessarily directly reboot and just instead creates a kind of whole world.


Jason Concepcion I have a theory and it’s not it’s not good and it’s very obvious. But I’ve been reading and as we’ve been discussing, I’ve been reading AX Avengers versus X-Men versus Eternals, the big crossover event over the last few months, the Marvel Comics. The bottom line is Druig, who is a pretty ominous guy in the in the MCU version of the Eternals, is like, you know what, mutants are deviants. Our whole mission is we’ve got to take out the deviants. Therefore, we’re going to wage war on the X-Men and a lot of things happen. Reading through it. It ties up a lot of loose ends that currently exist in the MCU. What’s going to happen with the celestial in the middle of the ocean? How do we get it?


Rosie Knight The big question


Jason Concepcion Which is a huge question. How do we get an Avengers team back together? What is the relationship between mutants and deviants? Turns out they share a lot of the same DNA. I think that, Rosie, no one is better positioned to talk about the Eternals than you. I think. I think the Eternals is our way in.


Rosie Knight No, I agree. And also, this is one of my number one favorite things. If you’ve ever listened to the podcast or you’ve ever had the fortune such misfortune to meet me and talk about comics, the Marvel Comics has always since the eight since the inception of the MCU, but way before that, including, you know, She-Hulk was created because they were going to potentially introduce She-Hulk on the TV show and stuff. So they’ve always seeded stuff and this comic feels to me like they’re seeding it. I mean, it’s very simple, if you think about it. We’ve all been wondering where are the X-Men? How can mutants exist? But nobody knows about them. Are mutants going to be a new thing? No, if the Eternals who have been around for, you know, 6000 years, like being sultry all over the world as we saw them in the movie. You know, it’s.


Jason Concepcion Just being a hot, wonder of the world.


Rosie Knight Just being sultry.


Jason Concepcion Through all of  the ages of history.


Rosie Knight Ignoring some very big problems in the human world. But just going about their business. You know, if they’ve been around for that long, then that means that the mutants, if the Eternals believe them to be deviants, would have to be in hiding. And that is a really great excuse for the MCU to say, oh, well, Charles, you know, or Jean or whichever Omega level psychic stopped everyone from being able to remember the X-Men, remember that mutants exist, you know? And I think that Kamala could be a huge turning point where someone who was originally, you know, in the comics and inhuman but was originally supposed to be immune, who is now a mutant in the MCU? That could be the person. Oh, wait, mutants exist. And then the Eternals come, and there’s a big problem. And we kind of end up in a situation where we need Charles or Storm. I’m a Storm as a head teacher fan and I think Storm is the way into the X-Men that we need. But I think that that definitely is the way we could be going, especially because the way we have the sagas going now, if face to face seven, we’re skipping out a little bit, but it’s probably going to be the mutant saga that seems like it makes the most sense.


Joelle Monique Should be. It really should be. Because, like, okay, you guys wanna hear my pitch about how.


Rosie Knight Yes, yes.


Jason Concepcion Yes, yes, yes.


Joelle Monique So I really like when the MCU plays like a long game in the background. Right. That to me is like when you’re like, oh, for if we just go back to phase one, we’re like, and here’s The Shield and here’s The Hammer, and here’s like Nick Fury and you’re like, Oh, we’re getting there. We’re gearing up. At the end of Marvel’s, you know, after Kamala has caused whatever kind of chaos she’s about to cause. I would love it if Professor X in my head is Jeffrey Wright. I think he’s.


Rosie Knight Oh, yeah. I like that casting.


Jason Concepcion Yeah. That’s great.


Joelle Monique Just rolls up at the cut scene and is like, hey, girl, you can’t be in regular people high school.


Rosie Knight There’s a school in New York.


Jason Concepcion Admission is taken care of, we got you.


Joelle Monique We’ll, bus you back and forth from Jersey to New York every day.


Jason Concepcion Even we play a lot of baseball. There’s a ton of fun stuff to do.


Rosie Knight Yeah.


Joelle Monique Yeah. And then from there, like, as we’re getting more of these kids, you know, most of the kids we have now are not superpowered beings. Right? I think Love is. And that’s it.


Rosie Knight Love. We have we have WandaVision. We have Wanda’s kids, but we’re not really sure what their status is that we can imagine they’re going to appear.


Joelle Monique But I think we are going to get more of them going forward. And I would love it if as they’re coming forward, like here’s your like, you know, Hogwarts acceptance letter, but it’s like.


Rosie Knight Yeah.


Joelle Monique From the School for the Mutants. And I just think it would be really cool if I just what I’m really asking for is a teen teenage show with the kids at the school.


Rosie Knight That is this


Joelle Monique How do we not have a boarding school show of the Marvel mutants yet?.


Rosie Knight Disney Plus show just called School for Gifted Youngsters. The money is there. You just. You just call it Mutants and you just have everyone is about a different kid. I think that you’re onto something because I actually think they’re already doing that. We have Kamala, as we talked about on the podcast, every episode of She-Hulk, shout out Zig, goodbye, we miss you. He, you know, that show introduced mutants all the time. They might not have been like, this is a mutant, but if you read the comics they’re mutants. They’re characters who are mutants. I think that already adding those little bits and bobs in so that when you get to you know Marvel’s which is looks like it’s going to be a really outrageous cosmic thing where Kamala and Carol are kind of doing this Rick Jones – Marvel switching, I think is something that Cosmic could probably get the attention of Charles Xavier, even if he’s in hiding and probably be like, Yeah, you got to come. And also Kamala’s powers now are these kind of cosmic, you know, transformational quantum powers. That is an Omega level power probably, if you think about it. And then Charles is going to have to draw her in. So I love that. And I think it’s really hard because we all love the X-Men so much. As you know, me and Jason will always find a reason to talk about that. X-Men. Same with Joelle. It’s hard to not just want to skip ahead to that, even though we know it’s probably not coming. But, you know, Kang and Jonathan Majors that’s keeping me. I’m invested for the next era just mostly because of that.


Jason Concepcion I would imagine by the time we get to the big crossovers with the whatever the next version of the Avengers team is that unites to fight Kang. I would imagine by then, especially with, you know, we’re going to get the High Evolutionary and Guardians of the Galaxy 3e, we’ve already got Namor who is, you know, mutant number one.


Rosie Knight The first mutant.


Jason Concepcion It feels like you have enough you have enough there under category M to already have either some teams or some, you know, secret teams already operating by the time we get to the big crossover.


Joelle Monique You don’t have to start at the beginning, which is what we’ve learned from how they dropped Spider-Man into the.


Rosie Knight Yeah.


Joelle Monique You know, crossover. It’s like we know these folks. Like if you really need a refresher of like out of the school, you’ve got two great arcs. Okay. You have, like one and a half, like pretty good combination movies you could watch to get an idea.


Rosie Knight I’m sure they’re all going to be on Disney Plus, if they’re not already, you know, it’s not going to be hard for people to access them.


Joelle Monique Yeah. And so then like just leaving the door open to be like, okay, the school has been operating quietly for a while because, you know, we didn’t want police to come here and like take over our school and then sort of allowing those, like you’ll have like older teens who are like fight ready, you’ll have all of your teachers around and then you can bring in the really young kids.


Rosie Knight Yeah. Like the ten year old child soldiers that Charles Xavier keeps around to back up.


Joelle Monique To help hone their skills. That’s what he’s really trying to do.


Jason Concepcion Yeah. His own son that he kept locked up.


Rosie Knight Yeah. Yeah, just in case.


Joelle Monique That guy. That guy.


Rosie Knight You know. So. Okay, so the thing is that.


Jason Concepcion Great guy.


Rosie Knight Don’t even get me started. Don’t even get me started. This mass training he’s take he’s going to somebody’s house and he’s like your child’s a mutant. This is very dangerous for them to live in the human world. Let them come to my school where I have something called the war room, where I train them out to go out and kill other mutants.


Joelle Monique So when our warriors are really inspired, he’s like, this is the way. Yeah.


Rosie Knight Jedis. They seem like they treat children great.


Jason Concepcion Jean, You know, then now we we don’t go into people’s minds without their consent. You’re not doing that, richt Charles?.


Rosie Knight I’ll follow your lead. And he’s like, No, don’t worry. No, don’t don’t look at those mental blocks I put into your brain. So the one thing that we have coming up we have Kang, obviously, love Kang, got a hold of phase five and then we’re leading into Secret Wars. So what do you to think about the likelihood me and Jason have talked a lot about Secret Wars that introducing all these secret locations we know we’ve met them Tao Lo now Talokan. Oh those two kind sound kind of similar actually. You know, we’ve got the veil and Miss Marvel, we have the Eternals as generally as a secret society. We have all these different spaces where people are going to fight what and they can basically do what in the comics was called Battle World, where it was all different universes brought together, but it will just they already exist in the MCU. How likely do you think it is that the mutants could come into play there, in Secret. Wars?


Jason Concepcion As the introduction? I would imagine that it’s all in flux right now. You know, they’ve left themselves numerous avenues, like they’ve already sprinkled in several mutants, as we’ve discussed. How do you get to an entire secret society with an up and running school and the whole political ideology that exists as a kind of uniting factor across this across this community? I don’t know that they know. But my question with with Secret Wars is twofold. One, is it purely the time runs out, kind of, you know, the result of a time runs out kind of storyline where you have the collapse of all the multiverses that have been introduced over the last phase. Or is it really something like the original Secret Wars where you just mentioned it, where we have all these secret societies and it’s a fight somewhere in battle world, like a tournament kind of style thing? Or is it a combination of the two? That is that that’s the that’s the question I have. And I would not be surprised if they don’t really know which way they’re going.


Rosie Knight You know, Feige was talking about how they were having the meeting recently, the ten year planning meeting and everything. So I think that’s why that’s I think Secret Wars make sense because I believe that that was also the first event that had like The Avengers and the X-Men, everyone together and Marvel likes the throwback to that kind of stuff. So I think that could be a cool thing. But it’s like you said, how would it be done? I think you might have to do going to that kind of days of future past style era, I think you might have to do something where if you introduce a version of the X-Men, it’s like two X-Men who survived a mutant genocide in a different multiverse. And then they come here because, like you said, otherwise we talk about this all the time every week, we’re like, How do they introduce a world where mutants are hated and feared to the point where the X-Men story becomes relevant because that is not something.


Jason Concepcion Because that’s the thing you need, right? Because you know, there’s powered people that exist now. They’re running around all over the place


Rosie Knight And they have action figure as a musical.


Jason Concepcion And then people love them and, you know, admire them deeply and are inspired by them. But how so? How do you make it so? And I think they’ve they’ve been they’ve been making yeah, they’ve been making inroads towards this. How do you make it so people are like, you know what, now we don’t trust them, especially if they’re born that way.


Joelle Monique I think the interestingly, the redacted Cody should be here.


Jason Concepcion The Cody, come back. Sorry, Cody.


Rosie Knight He can hear us through the walls.


Joelle Monique The redaction of the Sokovia Accords, I think, could come to play a huge part in that, because here’s this idea of, okay, you saved us, and we were all super grateful for that. That was awesome.


Jason Concepcion Huge drop, by the way. That was just kind of like thrown in there.


Rosie Knight Like, I believe that on our interview, Cody was like, that was something where Jessica was just like, Hey, how about it’s like redact the Sokovia Accords? And they were like, Sure.


Joelle Monique They were like, no problem. Like, that’s a huge, huge implications because, you know, it ultimately frees every superpowered being or person who wants to put on a suit to go out and do whatever they want to. And essentially, you sort of legalize vigilantism. In a sense.


Rosie Knight I also think it frees up the space to do a real mutant registration storyline because the version we saw in Civil War is very like Tony based, very grounded in the MCU, very still messed up the idea of having to register people because of powers or anything. But I think that you’re right, it opens up the floodgates, not just in the world of the MCU, but also narratively.


Jason Concepcion Wakanda Forever as well. It’s quite clear that Contessa is putting together, as we said on the pod, the superhero team that just follows orders.


Rosie Knight Yeah.


Jason Concepcion That is that won’t go rogue. That won’t go. I don’t know about this because a lot of people are going to die. We’re not going to do that. They want the team that will just go in there and do whatever she orders them to do. And I think that is going to be a step towards this kind of whether it’s meet in registration or a conflict between the official government heroes and the more off the books heroes like mutants, if they if they introduce them. I think it’s set up pretty well coming off of Wakanda.


Rosie Knight Yeah, I think you’re right because also I think it’s a really interesting two way street between the notion of the militarization of superheroes, which is kind of ironic because that makes superpowers really militarized already, but but a more obvious like official militarization and then the arrival of Namor. And that is that’s going to spread. The man with winged feet, flooded a sovereign nation state and that is going to make people freak out and start thinking, oh, is is he a mutant? What’s a mutant?


Joelle Monique The was earthlings have to be like, yeah, we have got to explore these oceans. What is happening down there?


Rosie Knight What is going on down there?


Joelle Monique Giant things rising from the ground and in secret societies and God knows what else. Like it is interesting in the Guardians of the Galaxy special, I was watching with my brother and when the ship came in, you know, a lot of people were sort of critiquing the fear humans had when they saw the spaceship. And they were like, at this point, they’ve seen so many aliens. Why are they afraid? I’m like the last time they saw an alien invassion.


Rosie Knight Do you remember the Qatari invasion? It wasn’t good.


Joelle Monique It was terrible. Okay? It was not good at all. And so I really like the idea of not only is there an alien world above them, but also below them, and that sort of stoking the fear of like, we need to get some control over this and also be interesting, you know, once the secret wars plays out, like how secret does that stay at the end of the show?


Rosie Knight What is the outcome of Secret Wars? Is Secret Wars going to make everything one universe again? Is it going to be a situation where we have multiple different kind of universes that’s probably very intrinsically connected to whatever DC decides to do, I think.


Jason Concepcion Yeah.


Rosie Knight Because I think like that idea, I think the competitive nature of them will be like, well, does it make sense for us to just have one universe. Or, wait a minute. After Secret Wars, we have an animated universe. We have a TV universe, we have a movie universe. But they’re all kind of connected. So I think that, I think that it will be interesting to see and obviously we have another secret coming first, which is Secret Invasion, where we’re going to get into the Skrulls. So, I mean, there’s all kinds of secrets going on.


Jason Concepcion You mentioned the the Guardians of the Galaxy holiday special. So we should ask the implications of Mantis and and Peter being revealed as siblings.


Joelle Monique Yes.


Rosie Knight Yeah.


Jason Concepcion That was like, I was like I was like, wait, what? Why have you never talked about this? You’re just going to talk about this now?


I’m reading like every single comic book and I’m like, This is it. This never existed. Like, I do love that how the TV stuff it seems like there’s a lot more freedom to to introduce canon ideas.


Jason Concepcion Yeah.


Rosie Knight That maybe are a little bit more out there than the movies. The implications of that, I think are huge because it means we already knew   Mantis was very powerful, but she’s now immensely powerful, one of the only children of Ego who survived his genocide, of his own children. And obviously, I think like James Gunn has always talked about Mantis as one of his favorite characters. And I didn’t really feel that until this special.


Joelle Monique She really got to come. Like Tom killed it.


Rosie Knight Yeah. And I think that we will get to see the centering. We saw this in the new trailer, the Guardians Galaxy three trailer. Chris, our super producer, had made a really good point where he was basically saying, Oh, no, I think it was Saul actually, he was telling us that like Rocket is a really another fan favorite character of James Gunn’s. And so I think that that we’re going to see Mantis and Rocket becoming more to the fore than Peter Quill. I think that this puts Mantis on equal footing with Peter and will kind of squish Star-Lord away, especially now that we’ve had the best version of Star-Lord, which was T’Challa Star Lord.


Jason Concepcion I need to see.


Joelle Monique T’challa Star Lord rocked.


Rosie Knight No one wants to see other Star Lord.


Jason Concepcion I need to see how many movies Chris Pratt has left on his contract. But I think that you’re right.


Rosie Knight Right. Well, Guardians of the Galaxy is allegedly the close of this era of the team. And like every team, there’s many different iterations. So


Jason Concepcion So we should ask, now that we’ve mentioned Guardians of the Galaxy three is as not only our number one Eternals lover, but our but our number one Mount Wundagore lover. The high evolutionary.


Rosie Knight Wow. Couldn’t believe it.


Jason Concepcion He’s here.


Rosie Knight He’s here. I love the costume and he looks new here. The New Men here. I mean, that’s one of the wildest things about this movie is, I, I do talk about Mount Wundagore a lot. I love Mount Wundagore. I actually screamed in the screening of my Multiverse of Madness when they said Mount Wundagore.


Jason Concepcion I love Mount Wundagore.


Rosie Knight And then I got like, I got like ten different text from people being like that was you, wasn’t it? That was you that screamed, I know that was you. And I was like, Oh, it was me. Thanks. Thanks for seeing me and my passion. But no, I do believe after the end of of Multiverse Madness, Mount Wundagore, currently not in a good position for old Herbert to be to be there with the New Men. So I think I think what we’re seeing in that very cool unexpected trailer is a Count of wrath, which is where he goes afterwards with the New Men. And I think that obviously what we see in the comics, the New Men, are this the genetically modified men and animals who the high evolutionary created in this strange experiment. That’s how we got Bova who raised Scarlet Witch and and her brother in some iterations of the comics. One of my all time favorite characters. And I think that that’s what we’re seeing here. I have to say, I was blown away by how good they look.


Joelle Monique I agree.


Rosie Knight I guess I should agree because Rocket exists and I think they’re going to connect Rocket to the New Men.


Jason Concepcion It felt very clearly like Rocket is going to be like an early.


Rosie Knight First.


Jason Concepcion Yeah, maybe it may be created on Mount Wundagore before Herbert had to move out.


Rosie Knight And also maybe created by Herbert instead of the high, you know, maybe it’s like it’s her, but before the high evolutionary. I’m very interested. I also didn’t expect it to look so sad.


Rosie Knight It looks very sad.


Joelle Monique I was like, if I cry harder here than I did in Wakanda Forever, I don’t know what I’m going to do. Like I now.


Rosie Knight Try to drain you.


Joelle Monique Just there’s that shot of Peter where it looks like he might be looking over someone’s, like, hospital bed, and he’s just freaking out. And, like, you could say many things about Chris Pratt, but when that guy sad on screen, you’re sad and your heart like what’s happening? No.


Rosie Knight Like he can sell being sad. Yeah.


Joelle Monique And then we’re also interesting about that movie as we get 2014 Gomorrah in there.


Jason Concepcion Oh, yeah.


Joelle Monique I’m obsessed with like Zoe Saldana has been doing these franchises for so long she knows how to carry an action scene and I love that. They’re like just letting her loop right back into being a mercenary and going full out there.


Rosie Knight And I think it’s really cool because it feels like it’s not it’s not ever that you want movies to, like, reflect the things that you want, all the complaints that fans have, that is a conversation that’s always going on. But I love the idea that we can escape out of Gamora being defined by Peter Quill and her relationship and instead have more on her own feet. Maybe Peter will sacrifice himself for his beloved found family. I wouldn’t be sad about it. Like maybe in the movie I would.


Joelle Monique But Rocket is going to die. That was not great. I don’t want it. But I think given how much they’re doing with Groot right now and the fact that original Groot sacrifices himself and.


Rosie Knight That’s true.


Joelle Monique And then he raises his son and now his son’s kind of of an age where he can be independent and take care of himself. I do think that we’re going to this is going to be the end of Rocket.


Rosie Knight Wow, that’s some real story circle business right there.


Jason Concepcion I mean, when Rocket is freeing and hugging that otter, that is going to be heart wrenching.


Joelle Monique Cute animals in love with tragic backstories. I’m done.


Jason Concepcion Yeah I can’t take this.


Rosie Knight They look so good. And yeah, I’m very excited to see it, especially because the for me, I thought the Guardians Holiday special was like probably my favorite Guardians thing. I’ve always found.


Joelle Monique Oh, for sure.


Rosie Knight I found a bit hard to connect with them in the same way as some of the other MCU stuff, but I’m really excited to see that, especially as well, because we’re not even mentioning like, Look, I love the High Evolutionary and I love the New Men, but really the biggest thing in that trailer is Adam Warlock who.


Jason Concepcion Yeah.


Rosie Knight Yeah. I mean, look, the gold boy, the.


Jason Concepcion Golden boy, Jesus himself.


Rosie Knight Yeah. James Gunn is a Marvel Jesus.


Jason Concepcion How do you think they’re going to utilize Adam Warlock in this? One of the weirdest, if not the weirdest in the mix character of Marvel.


Rosie Knight And also one of the most missing out of the MCU, considering the characters that they view like Warlock and Thanos are so intrinsically connected and to not have him in that was always weird. But Thanos was kind of as weird as the MCU could get. So I’m very excited. I’m excited that it looks like they just painted Will Polter gold.


Joelle Monique Yeah.


Rosie Knight I respect that. I’m like, Please, I don’t need a CG face. Like, just paint him gold. I think he is going to be a really big part of the next couple of phases. It makes a lot of sense with things going so cosmic. I’m very interested to me if Adam Warlock is back, I feel like we’re back in an Infinity Gem’s Infinity Stones scenario. I feel like there’s no way that they’re not in play. But maybe he’s there for the Eternals. Maybe he’s that, you know, he’s deeply connected to Star Fox. That’s another character. So there’s different ways that they can bring him in. But I was interested to see him being on Gomorrah. It seems like I’m assuming at the end of Guardians of Galaxy two in the Stinger, I believe, is where he first turned up. And she was like, We’ll name him Adam. I’m guessing Harbor has raised Adam Warlock. That’s kind of what the high evolutionary raised Adam Warlock is, kind of his little bodyguard or something. He’s beating up the more, and then we’ll find out he’s actually this immensely powerful, you know, cosmic being.


Joelle Monique I’m concerned that they’re going to go a Gore the God Butcher thing where he has this, like, epic journey.


Rosie Knight And then it just looks like.


Jason Concepcion Bye bye.


Joelle Monique Quick Snap.


Rosie Knight Whew That would be terrible.


Joelle Monique Could be an interesting, larger platform for the Nova Corps to come in, which I wouldn’t mind. We’ve seen them, you know, sort of. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. They’ve popped up in every Guardians of the Galaxy movie in some way. Yeah. And so I hope. I love Nova.


Jason Concepcion Yeah, yeah, yeah.


Rosie Knight I think Nova is a we were kind of talking about this. I guess we’re going to we’re going to run out of time for questions, so we’ll stop. Yeah, I’m sure if you have questions, just keep it in mind cause we’re going to have time to do them. And that kind of leans in. Who are the biggest people that haven’t been introduced yet that you think? I think Nova is one of them and the like actual Nova The hero, Miles Morales that’s like the other big.


Jason Concepcion Sadly, with Nova, it’s like Nova is at his best when everybody is dead. You know?


Joelle Monique Wow.


Jason Concepcion Which is kind of what we need from Nova.


Jason Concepcion Like if they.


Rosie Knight If they maybe that’s Secret Wars, you know.


Jason Concepcion Yeah, if they do that, it’d be, you know, we’d have to watch the Nova Corps basically completely wiped out.


Rosie Knight And they kind of hint at that in Guardians, right.


Jason Concepcion Yeah.


Rosie Knight You get a hint of that like a lot of them were destroyed and. But I’m very interested. That’s like one of the biggest.


Jason Concepcion One more thing.


Rosie Knight Would be


Jason Concepcion Before we go to questions about the Guardians Holiday special. I think one of obviously Peter and Mantis’ relationship is the most cannon altering thing that happened there. I think the second most canon altering thing is like Drax can’t knock out a guy in a gobot costume. So Drax obviously like incredibly durable. Like he can go through space without a space suit.


Rosie Knight He was getting shot at with like a rifles.


Jason Concepcion And he can get and he can get like, thrown through a mountain, but he can’t one shot a guy in a gobot costume.


Rosie Knight And also they say, you know, Mantis says, gobots killed his parents. So I’m like.


Jason Concepcion Gobots exist.


Rosie Knight Gobots and cannon. Gobots are real. Maybe that guy was a real gobot, but maybe that’s why he couldn’t punch him out.


Jason Concepcion When we’re back, more Comic-Con.


Jason Concepcion <AD>.


Jason Concepcion We have a mic somewhere. If anybody has anything on their mind, questions, theories, anything they want to talk about and you kind of read it. Yes.


Rosie Knight Yeah, yeah. Come on up. I think we can. I’m like, Oh, I wish that was like a stand. Yeah, just grab it. It’s casual. It’s L.A. Comic-Con.


Jeff It’s something I was thinking about with this season.


Jason Concepcion Introduce yourself.


Jeff Hi, Jeff. I did my first Comic-Con, actually.


Jason Concepcion Oh wonderful,.


Rosie Knight Cool. Thank you so much for coming. Okay.


Jeff So I was thinking about before this this past phase and for the new phase is the connectivity issue where we saw from the snap and the blip in the that came through in many other of the new films and even the TV series and in great ways wandavision and really seeing a very visceral moment of that, that look back and it really connected us through in that throughline. Something that you mentioned about the celestial sitting out there in the ocean. And I felt like that was a real big missed opportunity.


Rosie Knight Where is it? Who is talking about it?


Jeff One line in there somewhere to mention it can be comic, it can be visceral, can be something. And are we going to see a return to that connectivity? I know COVID probably messed up some timelines and some some release dates. Maybe they wanted to shy away from that. But are we going to get that connectivity back?


Jason Concepcion She-Hulk did it, but you would have expected more.


Rosie Knight Yes, she had. In She-Hulk there’s a there’s a blink and you’ll miss it moment on a computer screen where they’re like, what’s up with the bigger time? It was one of the big figures in imagination. It’s not a verbal thing. And I do think I think connectivity, even though I love the varied eclectic ness of this phase, the connectivity is a big issue because think about Moon Night. I don’t think there’s any mention of the blip. I don’t think there’s any mention of anything apart from like a bus that goes in the background that’s connected to the group in in Falcon, the Winter Soldier, who are maybe trying to rehouse people after the blip. I think that COVID, you probably caught that because also I don’t think all those things were supposed to come out at the same time, you know, this kind of messed up the outline. I think they know that that is the thing that got fans hurt. The thing like Joelle mentioned, you know, this, oh, there’s some weird hammer in this desert.


Jason Concepcion It’s such a pure comics thing.


Rosie Knight Yeah, it’s what, it’s why people love comics. So I definitely think that will be a large part of phase five going forward and just little things like there’s easy ways to do it. You know, there’s easy ways to build in Easter eggs and and jokes and nods to the world. That makes it feel like one thing. And I think for fans that’s a that’s a really big thing. So my gut would say phase five is going to lean back into that in a in a serious way.


Joelle Monique We have to revisit it. I look forward to meeting the human cult that formed underneath this guy. I feel like there’s no way a group of humans didn’t go, oh, that’s the future. Yeah. God, yeah. Radical, like, worship that thing. Like, what’s.


Rosie Knight Happening? Is it going to become an Avengers headquarters? Like please, it’s in the comics.


Joelle Monique It’s a place for the Fantastic Four to be like, we’ll do our science over here. Like, What is this where I come from? What does it mean? Like, there’s just there’s too many questions that we have around it for the universe not to hopefully sooner rather than later, address it. Because it is a giant, like.


Jason Concepcion Literally a giant, literally a giant man in the ocean.


Joelle Monique What does this mean? That there are extraterrestrials terraforming our planet and and does that mean, again, going back to the Sokovia Accords, not that we’re going to react to mutants. How much more unsafe do we feel knowing that that was put here and that literally the earth almost got destroyed? I don’t know if people have made that, you know, conclusion yet, but to some extent, again, like we’re going to have to go down there. Also do fuck with Atlanteans. Like, I need to know.


Rosie Knight Like what? That. Yeah, the telekinesis I like. Excuse me. Yeah. What is.


Jason Concepcion In that in that vein, I think that secret invasion is going to be an important project because I think it’s going to ramp up the paranoia of the people of Earth, the population of Earth, who’ve been through multiple invasions now.


Rosie Knight These people were Skrulls when they were protecting us.


Jason Concepcion We knew that aliens were coming, but now they’re already here. And they’re potentially like the president or like the Secretary of defense or whoever.


Rosie Knight Probably the new head of the FBI or the CIA or whoever. Valerie


Jason Concepcion Contessa is potentially like a Skrull like. So I think that is.


Joelle Monique Going to be be human. I’ll be so mad if she’s Skrull because she just is like a perfect embodiment of the American government.


Rosie Knight Yes.


Jason Concepcion Who’s the Skrull? Because there’s got to be.


Rosie Knight Who’s the Skrull.


Jason Concepcion One right now. Who’s a Skrull?


Joelle Monique Because they got. What his face? Why can’t I think of the name?


Rosie Knight Well, I’m well. I think that the big costing they did recently was recasting Harrison Ford as Thunderbolt. Ross So that to me says he’s probably going to be a Skrull because otherwise I would have been like, just let him be dead. Well, I just have read also your your your Skrull theory that you brought up on the podcast is my favorite one, which is Maria Hill, because I think that is such a safe bet for them. I don’t I am always a fan of the Hawkeye as a scroll theory because I hate Hawkeye. Not Kate Bishop. Hey, Kate Bishop is Kate Bishop is great. You know, I love Kate Bishop, but I was always saying that Jeremy Renner is a Skrull. But I don’t know. You know, if Feige have spoken a lot about being a small scale story, which I think kind of helps them avoid the connectivity issue. Oh, it’s intimate. It’s a spy story. It’s this. So I don’t know if they’re going to go big with the skrulls. So I think it’s more likely that it’s these high empower in government people who are going to be the skrulls rather than say, you know, Spider-Man.


Joelle Monique They have to give us one or two like folks we’ve been following.


Jason Concepcion I got one more. I got one more. Kingpin.


Rosie Knight Oh, and that’s why he’s superpowered now.


Joelle Monique And why he didn’t die. Wow. Dermot Mulroney, you might know as Russell from New Girl.


Rosie Knight I love Dermot Mulroney.


Joelle Monique He’s playing the president.


Rosie Knight Oh, my goodness. He’s definitely a Skrull. Dermot Mulroney adopted him into an alien.


Rosie Knight Man, I see him. He is, that’s  a man who looks like he’s playing a Skrull.


Jason Concepcion Anyone else would like to step up, take the mic and ask a question or put forward a theory. Yes


Rosie Knight And feel free. If you want you can, like queue up in the middle if you want. So it’s easy.


Nick What’s up?


Jason Concepcion Hello.


Nick Longtime listener.


Jason Concepcion And introduce yourself.


Nick Nick.


Rosie Knight Hello. You’re going to be on the podcast.


Jason Concepcion Yeah, we can get your name on the pod. We got to get it on the record.


Joelle Monique Nick’s got a dope snorlax necklace on his neck.


Nick Thank you. Thank you. So what I’m wondering is we’re talking about we just have phase four. We’re looking at five and six. What do you think will not show up? What do you think is maybe too weird or too much of a push for them that they just can’t.Fit it in?


Jason Concepcion For phases five and six?


Nick Yes.


Joelle Monique I don’t think you’re getting the X-Men yet.


Rosie Knight Yeah.


Joelle Monique We talked about. Gosh, who do I try to think of? Like, who does it feel like they might beat up, but there’s a slim chance they actually I think.


Rosie Knight You know what? This is going to make me feel sad because I don’t want this to be true. But I think that I don’t think we’re going to see Galactus in the Silver Surfer until like we get to the X-Men era.


Rosie Knight Because with that, I know I.


Rosie Knight Love Galactus and I love the Silver Surfer. I, I think I heard rumors they were going to do a Silver Surfer special presentation, which I think makes a lot of sense, like, and nor am rad like. But I think that when the Fantastic Four come in, which is going to be in this phase five and six, I think we’ll get doom. I think that’s going to be your big focus. You do the big doom. So it’s so you stay away from the more cosmic aspects and you just focus on that. That main.


Joelle Monique That’s one of the last major secret societies that we have to uncover. Yeah, I like doom and it’s people. It makes sense that before the end of phase six, we get Doom also Doom so much stuff going on with Wakanda and now the Talkans are  kind of involved like, yeah.


Rosie Knight Yeah. Namor, Doom, T’Challa, that’s like a trio, you know, so.


Joelle Monique So I’m ready for it.


Jason Concepcion I just need a, I just need a heartfelt, you dare ask.


Joelle Monique Where would you like to see Doom introduced? Like whose movie, what heroes?


Rosie Knight I still think I think there is a version. I believe that there’s a version of what kind of forever that had a second that was meant to have a second Stinger. That would have been Doom. That was I think that would have been the original version of Wakanda Forever. Before we lost Chadwick tragically.


Joelle Monique I would have loved that.


Rosie Knight Because it makes Namor, Doom.


Joelle Monique So terrified that like all these other ideas come out.


Rosie Knight And I think, like, you can have this idea that Doom is the Machiavellian puppet master. And but I loved the way they did it. But now I’m not really sure where Doom will show up. I mean, I still think that where Moon Knight was, was Latvaria in, in the, in the show when he went to the place, it looked directly like a drawing from a, from a fantastic for comic, but yeah. Jason, where would you want Doom to show up? Because I think that’s a big question going forward.


Jason Concepcion Somewhere in our our conflicts with Kang over the next phase I think we will that seems to me like the most obvious place to introduce.


Rosie Knight I love that.


Joelle Monique I love a Doom – Dr. Strange team up.


Jason Concepcion Yeah. Oh, that’s one of the best.


Rosie Knight Well, that would make a lot of sense with Doctor Strange and Clea now being out there in the kind of universe in the multiverse, that’s not going to be hard for them to join that to the quantum realm. And yeah, I mean, we didn’t even really get into that. But I think you’re right. KANG The connection to Reed and Reed’s family, it would make a lot of sense to have Kang and Doom. It would actually be pretty cool to introduce both those major villains before you even got to ever meet the Fantastic Four.


Jason Concepcion I think there’s a world, too, where, you know, we’ve been talking a lot about the most recent Secret Wars in which, you know, Doom, kind of recreates.


Rosie Knight God, Emperor Doom.


Jason Concepcion God Emperor Doom recreates his version of the universe that he controls. You know, this is absolutely like a crackpot theory. But


Rosie Knight The best kind.


Jason Concepcion The best kind. But there’s also a world, I think, where you’re right, where doom already exists. They they introduce him before the Fantastic Four. And the MCU that we’re seeing right now is the universe controlled by Doom.


Rosie Knight Oh, I love that. I hope they do that. That’s really great. Well, it would also that gives you a lot of great narrative doubts. Why don’t things feel as connected anymore? Why did Phase four feel so different? Oh, it’s because there’s this one person controlling it who’s making all these different things happen at the same time. To get to this. I love that.


Jason Concepcion Anyone else. Uh oh. Oh oh.


Rosie Knight I was like, is it long enough to just sit back down?


Aaron Hey.


Jason Concepcion Hello.


Aaron That’s my boy. How you feel?


Jason Concepcion I feel good. How are you? Introduce yourself, please.


Aaron Aaron. Okay. You know who I am.


Jason Concepcion I think for people. Yeah.


Aaron So on Secret Wars, I feel like my job here is just mess up your whole program.


Jason Concepcion Okay. Good.


Aaron You didn’t say a name. That I think is very important to say when you speak of the Secret Wars, and especially because they recently brought him back in the Defenders in the New Defenders. They’re using different cast of characters, The Beyonder.


Jason Concepcion Oh.


Aaron Yeah. So I think that that’s where they’re going. Because you were talking about how these comics.


Rosie Knight Yeah. The Beyonder would be amazing. I mean we were talking about I think when we were we were really deep in the it’s been a year of theories, right? Because of that. There’s been so much stuff on the TV. Look, I know you’re sick of hearing it. I apologize for Mephisto. That was my fault. I I’m sorry about it. Okay. I wish I could take back the damage that I have done. I’m sorry, but because of that, we have talked so much. We were all about The Beyonder that we. I think it was when No Way Home was coming out. And we were like, who is behind this crazy, like multiverse thing that’s happening at the end where all these universes are coming together? We didn’t we hadn’t seen the movie, we theorized, and The Beyonder was one of our go to touch points. I think that is bang on. And I think that is the weirdness that we can expect.


Jason Concepcion Give us a quick download on the on The Beyonder for those not versed in.


Rosie Knight Who I’m like.


Jason Concepcion Original Secret Wars are kind of parachute pants wearing, mullet, perm.


Rosie Knight No, no, you’re The Beyonder. Go for it. Go for it.


Jason Concepcion I mean, yeah. He’s just he’s, you know, a very, very bored.


Rosie Knight This guy is bored.


Jason Concepcion Omnicent super being, who becomes fixated on earth and you know as this and a gathering point for incredible heroes that have at numerous times you know, staved off not just threats to their own world, but threats to the galaxy, threats the universe. And he becomes enamored with them and he decides to know more about Earth people. And so he takes the it takes the form of like a human with like a like a perm mullet and.


Rosie Knight Dyed.


Jason Concepcion Like a White track suit.


Rosie Knight I hope they keep the mullet.


Jason Concepcion Yeah. And he just decides I’m going to gather up all the superheroes and make them fight, which, you know. Great idea.


Rosie Knight Okay. Okay. That is absolutely the truth. And what if you did? So, look, I love The Beyonder. I think they don’t do enough like weird human alter egos for these characters. I would love to see that. What if they did like a Kumate special presentation and it’s just The Beyonder getting like low level heroes that we’ve met and like She-Hulk and stuff to fight because they’re never going to let us do it with that main heroes. But we’ll have to be on to like the.


Jason Concepcion Let’s keep your hope because I want that to be the next Shang Chi right here. Okay? I want that to be the next Shang Chi movie.


Rosie Knight Oh, my God.


Jason Concepcion I think.


Joelle Monique Oh my God.


Rosie Knight That. That’s a great call, actually. Well, imagine if the B.


Aaron Aren’t. *Inaudible*


Rosie Knight Exactly. You know, we get Danny Ram gets bought in and they beat up that Danny Ram and then we learn who the real iron fist was. Obviously it’s Colleen. We’ve already seen her. We know it is. Or, you know, the many Ironfists that they obviously introduced in Shang Chi but just didn’t say they were Ironfists. No, I love the idea. Imagine if The Beyonder in Shang-Chi 2, you know, if he, Shang Chi 2 Kumate. Yeah if he’s just like a fight promoter who’s like I’m but I heard about these underground fight rings. And you learn that that’s what it is and that could lead to Secret Wars because we also don’t actually know what’s going to lead there. And I think that’s the funniest thing. So I think in The Beyonder is a a massive. That’s going to be the weirdness we do get in five and six and also I think that. That could also we could see him sooner in quantum realm. I think that that is a name we could start to hear almost like Thanos before we. But yeah. Shang Chi Kumate. I dream of that.


Joelle Monique Love it.


Jason Concepcion Anyone? Anyone else? Any other questions? Any theories?


Rosie Knight And you see a Dorian.


Joelle Monique You can say it, I’ll repeat it into a mic..


Rosie Knight Yeah. Yeah.


Joelle Monique Okay. So Dorian, founder of Geeks of Color.


Rosie Knight Icon.


Joelle Monique Has asked us, what do we think about the tweet that occurred from a fan account that is Miss Minutes that then interacted with who did they interact with?


Rosie Knight I guess, so dead, it was it was a Miss Minutes account that interacted with Deadpool. And people were like, okay, does this mean that Deadpool is going to be in Loki 2.


Joelle Monique With Ryan’s direct account, right?.


Rosie Knight Yeah. And it was like that official, like Deadpool that was kind of it became a very big like, oh, this feels like, you know, Ryan Reynolds’ social media is never a coincidence.


Joelle Monique Never.


Rosie Knight Those are choices.


Jason Concepcion The very casual, oh, we’re just we just threw together a Deadpool trailer. Look at this.


Rosie Knight Well, I will say that is, though.


Jason Concepcion It’s all according to a very specific plan.


Rosie Knight The one thing that we didn’t talk about that I think is very key to what’s going forward is Deadpool as a tool to basically connect to and destroy the Fox universe. So I would not be surprised if Loki with the TVA. I mean, I just thought of this the other day after seeing that tweet, but I was like, What if the TVA just hired Deadpool to kill all of the people in the Fox universe?


Joelle Monique I am done. oh my God.


Rosie Knight They were like they were like, we don’t like we don’t have enough people we don’t have enough TVA gods. Like, we’re just and that’s your R-rated Deadpool movie. Deadpool kills the Fox universe, you know, because they can’t they don’t have enough people to take all the streams anymore, you know? So I was like, I think it could happen more likely. What’s it going to be? Probably gonna be like a Deadpool mask on one of the TVA, you know, a desk.


Joelle Monique But I like the idea that.


Jason Concepcion This is obviously so good.


Rosie Knight I mean, just hire me, I’ll write it


Joelle Monique They’re so good at, like, montages, too, in the Deadpool universe. And, like, I could just imagine, like, Beast dying. Devastating. But when he gets to the Phenix, like, how does Deadpool take out the Phenix? Like, that would just be fun.


Rosie Knight Yeah, well, also with Deadpool, with the Phenix Force, like.


Joelle Monique Oh, oh my God.


Rosie Knight I just say.


Jason Concepcion Oh, that would be the Jesus Christ. Please God. No, no.


Rosie Knight I’m saying. Do you know who would be really, really useful if you were trying to kill a bunch of really powerful mutants?


Rosie Knight Wolverine, who Deadpool was going to be in this third, you know, the R-rated movie, with.


Joelle Monique How do you get Wolverine to go on killing all of his experts?


Rosie Knight Just be like just be like, oh, the universe. Fate of the universe. Depends on it.


Jason Concepcion Look, you do it every way they they always do it, in which you trick them into killing everybody.


Rosie Knight These are not real.


Jason Concepcion Make them hallucinate. These are actually they’re actually people sent here to kill kill Laura Kinney. You better just kill them all.


Jason Concepcion It works every single time because you have all these friends.


Joelle Monique Oh, my word .


Rosie Knight The road trip, the R-rated road trip movie no one is expecting, it’s just them just murdering everyone. But I think that. I don’t think is ever a coincidence. I think that very on top of all that and they and even if it was just fun, they they want people to talk about it. They want people to ask about it and talk about and stuff like this because that’s what makes people excited is the same way with a comic. We used to finish the comic and you knew the next one wasn’t coming out till the next week and you’re talking to your friends, Oh, what’s going to happen? Who’s it going to be? And that’s just what we do now with these movies, you know?


Jason Concepcion Well, I think the cool thing about Deadpool and you kind of hit on a really fun thing about him that they do in the comics, which is he’s essentially his killing factor. Makes him basically immortal. Yeah, you could have him survive. You know, the collapse of the multiverses is like he’s still alive somehow. You could. How would he fight Phoenix?


Rosie Knight He’s just chilling in Attack mode.


Jason Concepcion Infinite chances to fight Phoenix because he just can’t kill him.


Rosie Knight It’s just one movie. Just him trying to kill a Phoenix.


Jason Concepcion Piece of his skull left, like he’s still going somehow. So I think that there are a lot of interesting implications once they bring once they bring Deadpool into universe. I hope he never gets the Phoenix. Where. Jesus Christ. God.


Rosie Knight Don’t. Don’t make it happen. Guys, I’m sorry. I jinxed it.


Joelle Monique Are there any other questions?


Rosie Knight This is Rosie jumping in because one of our rad audience members asked whether or not we think that we cast young T’Challa, who he met in the stinger of Black Panther Wakanda Forever. As in Prince T’Challa? Yes. 100%. I believe there is something about the MCU. I won’t get into the political ramifications of the strange heteronormativity that they’re obsessed with at the moment. But they lovg to make people parents.


Joelle Monique Mm hmm.


Rosie Knight And in the comics and in there, that the kids are not often direct legacy heroes. But that seems to be where they go with this. Thor has a kid now, you know one Wanda’s kids. Obviously, Jeremy Renner has kids. We now see as in the comics he’s called Azari. But in the movie, you know.


Jason Concepcion Scott’s kids.


Rosie Knight Scott got kids who and we know that Cassie is going to be statue out stinger in the next movie. So I think that absolutely we’re going to get another time jump. We’re going to see that kid. And I think so that was this. There’s like a movie that I go back to a lot ever since the Thor store was introduced called Next Avengers, and that was about all the kids of The Avengers. It was like an animated movie. You think they would never draw from that, but it’s literally about all these kids of The Avengers. I think that we are going to see many different teams and I think we might get that next Avengers team before are more classical young Avengers, which for some reason they are just holding off of and nobody knows why.


Joelle Monique I hope they don’t recast. Here’s why. I think it’s really we don’t. We have so many like tweens to like young adults right now.


Rosie Knight So you’d love to see them be like.


Joelle Monique Yeah, he’s the cutest kid. Don’t fuck it up. Just keep it.


Rosie Knight I like that.


Joelle Monique He’s adorable. If he can act, you have time to train him to do all the action stuff.


Rosie Knight Like next Avengers as well. They are all like ten. So we think you can have that combination of the older team and the younger team.


Joelle Monique And totally, totally.


Rosie Knight He is very cute. Yeah.


Joelle Monique And I like the variety of ages because I think what we’re getting from Marvel now is like before it was like here are all the popular genres that appeal to the most people and will apply it across our cinematic landscape. Now I feel like we’re like, how niche can we go and what can we give to like children, young adults, adults, older people like? I feel like there’s space enough that, you know, we could get a movie that’s for, like, grade school kids.


Rosie Knight I do actually think that the introduction of Love, Thor’s daughter, she is like seven and she’s like this omnipotent, superpowered kind of god. There’s no reason that if Azari took a version of the heart shaped herb or had a super suit, that he couldn’t be a small part of a team. Let’s be real. In comics, kids have always been strange sidekicks in a very irresponsible way. Robin.


Joelle Monique Yes, yeah.


Rosie Knight In Batman. It doxxed a thousand children and just turns them into his little like bodyguards. So I like that. I like that read. I would like to see I like the idea that we could maybe see non animated superhero content for actual kids.And again could be in an academy, some kind of Avengers academy or strange academy or.


Joelle Monique Give us a  special. I’m here for it.


Jason Concepcion Well, as we come to a close, not just for this panel, but for the year.


Rosie Knight R.I.P. to the longest year.


Jason Concepcion Everlasting year, 2022.


Rosie Knight It’s so long.


Jason Concepcion I know. Let’s I’d love to hear from the panel what their favorite thing from 2022 was. Joelle?


Rosie Knight I’m starting I’m with you.


Joelle Monique Okay. No pressure. It’s two things.


Jason Concepcion Okay.


Joelle Monique Okay. I’ll make them quick. Game of Thrones is back y’all. How lucky are we?


Rosie Knight House of Dragon was really good.


Joelle Monique Good television. I missed deep fury corner with my friends. I missed, like, falling out of a chair. Every scene I stood up and walked away and then came back and walked away and then screamed and then text my parents like, Are you watching? Do you see what’s happening? I love I love this, like, level of TV where it’s like you have to wait and you’re going to be engaging online and it’s going to Twitter and just talking to people, like reacting as things are happening. And it brought it back for me in a really great way.


Rosie Knight I never imagined it would have like two of the best female leads and lead character, both versions. I was not sure how I would feel about it when it came back, but Rhaenyra you know that. Duo.


Joelle Monique Yes.


Rosie Knight Of Rhaenyra and Alicent and the two people. And then the fact that the actors who play them are so charming. I just I’m so invested and I just I will follow them anywhere, even throughout the bits of the show where I’m like, Yeah, like you said, like, what was your second one?


Joelle Monique Of course I’ve forgotten now, but. Oh, no, no. Here it is. Here it is. We got my Batman on screen now. There are very many versions of Batman, and none of them is wrong unless he’s holding a gun. I’m sorry. That’s my opinion. But to get angsty.


Jason Concepcion Damn you Frank Miller?


Joelle Monique Hate Batman with a gun. Why is it there?


Rosie Knight How dare you.


Joelle Monique He’s so stupid. But I love angsty. I’m not quite sure what’s happening, but I’m going to try really, really hard. But I’m still.


Rosie Knight That movie is so good.


Joelle Monique Because I haven’t been doing this.


Rosie Knight For long enough to act yet. Two years.


Joelle Monique I mean, it’s literally what would happen if a billionaire decided he was gonna be a detective. He would fuck up a lot. He would. He would not know how to conduct himself.


Rosie Knight He would back into a train. Into a train bridge. And on the floor of this parachute. Yeah, but.


Joelle Monique The hits felt good. I loved the, like, sort of like, militarized costuming that had nothing really to do with, like, a military industrial complex. It just felt like it felt like proper gear. And I love that he’s just awkward around Catwoman. Like all of it. Yeah, really, really worked for me.


Rosie Knight It was Robert Pattinson was so great. I love that movie.


Joelle Monique Gotham was an actual city that you like felt alive again on screen. And as much as I love seeing my city Chicago play for Gotham, I think Gotham needs to feel unique. And for them to be like, okay, well, take a little bit of New York City.


Rosie Knight It feels almost cartoony to me, that’s like the version that we want.


Joelle Monique Yeah, yeah. I really loved it. I’m excited for the Penguin series next year. I’m not holding out like I’m not holding my breath for it, but I. It could be great. You know.


Rosie Knight Colin Farrell was really good.


Joelle Monique He was so good. And so, you know, I want more of this. I wish we could have Batgirl, but, you know.


Rosie Knight Yeah.


Joelle Monique I’ll take what I can get.


Jason Concepcion Rosie.


Rosie Knight I was that was going to be my I remember that this year has been 12 months long answer. Because I couldn’t believe that Batman came out. But seeing as you said it and it was great, my favorite thing of 2022, I’m sure there’s lots of other ones that I’m forgetting, but this one is very recent. So recency bias. I was lucky enough to watch all of Willow, the new series. Apart from the finale, apart from the finale. But I would say I love the movie is one of my favorite movies. My incredible friend Willow. I actually like it made me a shirt of Willow because I love it so much. The new series is so cute. It has Erin Kellyman from Star Wars and the MCU, who’s always getting terribly underwritten parts that don’t do her justice. And she gets a brilliant role in this. You know, Warwick Davis just does the best exactly what you wanted. Warwick Davis performance. It’s really cozy. It’s cute fantasy. So that’s one of my favorite things from 2022. And the first two episodes are out now and you can watch the original movie, which is like super weird and scary.


Jason Concepcion Mine is House of the Dragon. I think it was is.


Rosie Knight I’m shocked it was. Contractually oblidged.


Jason Concepcion It was just great to get back in the world and the fact that the conversation was back and how soapy and again, as a lover of mess. The mess was there, baby.


Rosie Knight Messy.


Joelle Monique Yes.


Jason Concepcion But you know, George R.R. Martin released another project this year. And it is it’s Elden Ring. And I think that’s my favorite thing of 2022. It just Elden ring had a grip on my life.


Rosie Knight In a choke hold.


Jason Concepcion It absolute choke hold. Wierd naked choke Hold.


Rosie Knight How’s it going Jason? 75 hours in.


Jason Concepcion Like hours and hours and hours and weeks and weeks and weeks. It had just, you know, I just love walking around in a world exploring it and, you know, discovering enemies to fight and different hidden secrets and that, you know, Breath of the Wild gave that to me. And Elden Ring was the first game since Breath of the Wild Three. Yeah, like, holy shit. This is a massive continent. It’s a massive world. The game was absolutely bullshit for a lot of the time. I was playing it like, you’re just, like, running from everything but beautiful, incredible, mysterious sense of adventure. I absolutely loved it.


Joelle Monique Yeah.


Jason Concepcion That’s it. And thank you all. We love you.


Rosie Knight Yeah.


Jason Concepcion For attending this live taping of the show. And thank you so much. Yeah. Enjoy your Comic-Con.


Rosie Knight And also, we have a bunch of, like, T-shirtsand tote bags and stuff to give away. So if you want, feel free to like we’ll be outside because I think they want to get to the next the next panel. But yeah.


Jason Concepcion Thank you all.


Rosie Knight Thank you so much. Have a great weekend.


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