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January 11, 2023
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Mailbag - Marvel, HOTD, and more!

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On this episode of X-Ray Vision, Jason Concepcion and Rosie Knight start 2023 in the least surprising way – talking about X-Men! First in the Airlock (1:08), Jason and Rosie dive deep (deeep) into the mailbag, answering your questions about the MCU, Marvel comics, House of the Dragon and Game of Thrones, and more, including questions on Doctor Doom, Kang, mutants, and lots more. Plus Cody Ziglar drops in to answer a question about Miles Morales (thank you Zig!). Then in a return of the Nerd Out (1:26:47) listener Swati pitches us on the Netflix reboot of She-Ra.


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3-D Man


The tweet Zig references in his answer.




Jason Concepcion Warning. This podcast contains spoilers for House of the Dragon. The first four phases of the MCU, a little bit of Star Wars and a bunch of other stuff. *music plays* Oh, my name is Jason Concepcion.


Rosie Knight And I’m Rosie Knight.


Jason Concepcion And welcome to X-ray Vision, the Crooked Media podcast where we dive deep into your favorite shows, movies, comics and pop culture. In this episode, it’s a mailbag, folks.


Rosie Knight And in the Nerd Out we got our listener, Swati, pitches Netflix’s amazing She-Ra reboot.


Jason Concepcion She-Ra.


Rosie Knight If you want to jump around, check the show notes for the timestamps.


Jason Concepcion Of course, in the first thing we’re going to do is open up the airlock and get into your mailbag. Here we go. And we are stepping out of the airlock and we are opening up the flap on the beautiful bag of wonderful missives that we have received from you as we step into the blessed year of our Lord 2023. It’s a good start. Let’s start with John and Brett. John and Brett ask, Do we get Doom before Fantastic Four like a post-credit in Quantumania or something else? Who should they cast? Please, you and Rosie vamp on the Good Doctor. Rosie, this is interesting question. I have  thoughts.


Rosie Knight Oh, yes. So many thoughts. I truly do believe that. There was a vision of Wakanda Forever that would have ended with a Doctor Doom post-credits scene. I believe that would have fit. I believe it makes sense with Namor, with the connections to Wakanda and, you know the now known as Talokan. But. So I do believe that we will see Doctor Doom before we meet the Fantastic Four. He’s one of Marvel’s most incredible villains, and Marvel Studios has never been able to make a movie with him in because of their licensing to Fox. So I think now as a character they can’t get wrong and that, they know, could be their kind of next level Thanos. This kind of overarching got em for Doom, he can be the ally who turns into a villain. He can be your average kind of sort of small level villain that you don’t see coming that becomes this huge, omnipotent kind of foe. So I think I think we’re going to see him. I would love to see him in Quantumania Do I think it’s going to be that soon? I don’t know. What do you think?


Jason Concepcion I don’t think we see him proper in Quantumania. But I do think that the way they could introduce Doom, if they were going to do it, is like as an image in the background. We know that the version of Kang that we met in Loki was, you know, trying to keep that different malevolent version of himself from coming to the fore. I would imagine that this Kang, this maybe more aggressive. Kang is also trying to keep different multiversal threats from threatening his power. And I would imagine that, like if he was telling Scott the story of how he came to be, he might mention some of these threats and we could see like an image of Doctor Doom’s mask like in a computer screen somewhere.


Rosie Knight Yeah, I think.


Jason Concepcion I would be. I would, not I would not be totally shocked if that happened. And I think that’s the way they do it. I think it is kind of quick because obviously casting like we don’t know. I don’t know, like and I feel like, who knows? They’re so good at keeping this shit quiet. But I also feel like if they had cast Doom by now, there would be something more than the kind of, you know, Giancarlo Esposito rumors and the Adam Driver rumors that are kind of out there, like we’d probably hear some pretty loud whispers. So in lieu of having like an actual cameo guest spot where you see him and don’t hear his voice or hear somebody’s voice that they’ve cast, but we haven’t had the news yet. I think that you’ll just get a very, very, very small clue to the existence of Doom in the form of like a picture of his armor in the context of like all these other versions of Kang that have that have existed throughout the multiverse and throughout time.


Rosie Knight Yeah, I think that makes a lot of sense, especially if you think about how they introduced, you know, Thanos in the original MCU. You have that incredible Damian Poitier ending, but he doesn’t say anything. And then when they wanted to, they could recast him. I still think it was a mistake, even though I love Josh Brolin. But you know, it would be easy for them to do a mask. You don’t see who’s behind it. You can get an implication and then you can reveal this actually does lead to one of so. So they also wanted to know who would cast. Right. This leads to one of my favorite things that I’ve been thinking about a lot.


Jason Concepcion Tell me.


Rosie Knight So William Jackson Harper from The Good Place and Midsommar, he got cast.


Jason Concepcion I fucking love that.


Rosie Knight He got cast in Quantumania. Now a lot of people were like, Oh, maybe he’s going to play Reed. I would love that casting. It’s delightful. But I actually think I think he’s going to play Nathaniel Richards. I think he’s going to be, yeah, I think because I think that they’re going to go young for the Fantastic Four as much as my original fan casting that I did a couple of years ago on Nerdist was then older. It was like Keanu Reeves and and all these different kinds of people as older versions because I like that story. But I think this is their next generation of heroes. I think they’re going to go young. So I think William Jackson Harper is going to play Nathaniel, who obviously then you’ve got Kang being the descendent, and that sets up black Reed, which we kind of all thought was going to be the route that they go. And I think that could be so cool because then you get to see these different generations of the Richards.


Jason Concepcion And just too quick download for those not versed in the history of Kang and the and Reed and the Fantastic Four and Marvel universe. Nathaniel Richards is a descendant of Reed Richards from the 30th century who, bored with the completely Utopic and peaceful existence of the 30th century, decides to travel through time where he can get into some trouble. He finds a time machine. He goes back to ancient Egypt and becomes, you know, the predecessor of the person who then becomes Kang. Starting the Kang journey, basically. So if that is correct, do they cheat kind of? And do Jonathan Majors, Reed Richards.


Rosie Knight I think.


Jason Concepcion Is that a cheat?


Rosie Knight I think one of the most interesting questions.


Jason Concepcion I think that’s on the table.


Rosie Knight I think is on the table. I’m interested. So I think one of my. Me and my my my friend James, we have a lot of Fantastic Four thoughts, my wonderful friend James, and we have some some fan castings that we do for our own fun. But one of the ones that really stuck with me for for Doom that I think about a lot that I think could work really well with this is and it’s unexpected because he’s quite he’s he’s not a looming tall figure but he’s very serious and I think do we very good. I think you could do a great John David Washington Doom and I like that. I like the idea of having. This Fantastic Four and Kang kind of storyline become this unexpected space for all these incredible black actors in the MCU, especially because, you know, Kang is not. I love Kang, but he’s not particularly like well-known character. And Jonathan Majors has already brought so much gravitas and kind of texture and weirdness to that role. So I’m expecting them to kind of follow on and do unexpected casting. But yeah, I love I love thinking about who they’re going to cost as doctor do. My original fan cost that I did was Keanu is an older Reed Richards who’d been stuck in the negative zone and then young Doctor Doom, who is going to be Adam Driver, who now isn’t really that young. But I do think Doom Adam Driver is like, that’s a really interesting casting just because of how great he was as Kylo Ren. He brought so much weird, strange emotion to that. But I think Doom has obviously. Mads Mikkelsen That’s like the iconic Doom casting that I think a lot of people kind of immediately jump to their heads.


Jason Concepcion I like all of those. I like the Giancarlo Esposito kind of like rumor that is out there. I do. Let me ask you this, because this is something I’ve been thinking about. What? Kang’s coming first, right before any of the Fantastic Four, Before Dark Jim, etc.. What? I’ve been wondering about the relationship between King and Doom like is. Does care. You know, we now understand that Kang has been at least the Kang that we met in Loki existed to kind of keep the multiverse pruned and kind of streamlined in order to keep the rise of various versions, more warlike versions of himself from coming to the fore. I’ve been wondering if, along those lines, Kang is not like in this kind of multiversal struggle against Doom as well. Like he’s like, Yeah, I wonder if he’s not trying to keep Doom from showing up.


Rosie Knight I think that’s a really interesting take and I wish I could remember. For the life of me, I do not remember whether this was my close friend, somebody who DM’d me, something I read online. I saw an absolutely wild theory that leans into that, which is like, the MCU as we know it, is basically Godem for Doom’s version of the Marvel Universe that he is controlling.


Jason Concepcion That would be such a mind fuck.


Rosie Knight It would be so crazy, right? And then you have the idea of Kang basically trying to undo the MCU because he wants to get it out of Doom’s control. I think that So wild but I absolutely love it and I feel like we’re going into a world now where we don’t know what is going to happen. But I think I think that the nature of Kang being someone who is so many different people, so many different versions of of a person, so many different iterations that leans into the empathetic, that means there are versions of him who want to do the right thing. And so I think pitting him against Doom and them almost being kind of equals in power is very interesting and I think quite likely. So, you know, I think that the way they do the quantum realm in the MCU is very similar. We’ve we’ve talked about before, you know, to the negative zone. So I think that there’s a big chance that there’s already been some kind of if Kang is lived every life in every multiverse possible. He’s probably already met Doom.


Jason Concepcion Oh, for sure. I mean, the thing that so when you reference Gotem Pure Doom, again for those you don’t know, this is this is the Doom that after the kind of collapse of all the multiverses molded reality in the image that he wanted and basically controlled the universe for the period of time that is that is shown in the crossover event, the Secret Wars crossover event, the Hickman’s version of this crossover event. And man, I think it would be I think it’s too much of all this didn’t happen.


Rosie Knight Yeah it’s too much of it was all a dream.


Jason Concepcion But. It’s also like it’s also really. And that would be incredible if they did it right. If they if it was, you know, because like, they’ve kind of gestured, at least at the time runs out storyline Collapse of All the Multiverses. We saw that in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and some other kind of like little snippets of imagery where you see like galaxies, this image of galaxies and these.


Rosie Knight Incursions with.


Jason Concepcion Incursions. Yeah. The actual usage of the term incursions, which sets up the time runs out storyline. I mean, that is, that is kind of there. I do wonder if I wonder if we’re going to get incursions before we get Doom or if they’re going to set up. If we’re going to see Doom before we actually get incursions. I’m not sure they even know. But like that, there’s a lot of pathways to get to Doom. And there’s also the like to your point, let’s say they go young with the Fantastic Four casting. Where do we see them? Do we see like a more down to earth? Just kind of not run of the mill, but a more standard comic book baddie Doom in his early evolution, you know, post the scarring post. Reed Richards You know, from Doom’s perspective, Reed’s meddling in his experiments, he’s got this. Maybe they’re both like tech bro guys.


Rosie Knight And that does seem like the easy way to go. I hope they do something a little bit different. But I do think.


Jason Concepcion I do hope that.


Rosie Knight I think now, I mean, in the much maligned fan force that because we call it because the logo had a four in the middle for some unknown reason, the the most recent Fantastic Four movie, you know they did it that Doom was like a hacker, which actually is like kind of even felt dated then. But I think that that idea that is the thing that gives me the biggest hope for them being slightly aged up is because we’ve already seen the young Fantastic Four done and it didn’t necessarily coalesce in the way people would have wanted, even though obviously like Michael Jordan is Johnny Storm is like icon level casting.


Jason Concepcion Yeah.


Rosie Knight But yeah, I’m very interested to see the route that they go. And I think that’s the biggest question when it comes to casting is are we seeing. Oh, the Fantastic Four are going to be aged up. They already exist. They’ve, you know, a long time. This is what I was saying. I used to say it when I was in the comic shop. I’m still saying it now. I had always wanted to, you know, back then it was like Taika Waititi and he’s directing a Sixties Fantastic Four movie where they get thrown into the future and it’s a fish out of water story. Those rumors are now going around that that might be what happens, in which case they already have to be established. And we do have the X-Men as the young heroes potentially coming into the MCU.


Jason Concepcion Yeah.


Rosie Knight I still think why wouldn’t they want 20 year olds so they can still be doing it in 20 years? You know, that is really how long these franchises go on for. So I’m I’m intrigued to see which way.


Jason Concepcion I kind of also think that my sense is that. You know, if we see some version of a Fantastic Four origin story. We might not see Doom until like the second Fantastic Four movie, or it might be some version of scientists make an amazing discovery, a dimension that scientists are calling the negative zone has been contacted.


Rosie Knight Yeah, yeah. Exactly.


Jason Concepcion There seems to be.


Rosie Knight Avengers style.


Jason Concepcion And then they fucking. And then they open it up, right? Then they open it up and who comes out? But Doom and the Fan. It’s the Fantastic Four’s job is to be like it is to try and stop people from from accessing the negative zone. But. But it’s too late.


Rosie Knight I mean. I just quickly say, I do think that’s one of the most interesting things about Quantumania. I feel like within a month when we’ve seen it and we’re talking about it, we’re going to know a lot more because the what we’ve seen in the trailer is Cassie essentially creates a portal that opens up the quantum realm, and then that is a problem, which is a very negative zone storyline. So I think we’ll really see how much of those analogies are purposeful homages, coincidental, useful or actually concrete? Kind of, you know, the tagline for the new poster they released for the Quantumania poster they released today said, I think it’s like welcome to a new dynasty. Obviously, that makes us think of the Kang Dynasty, but it could also be talking about the Richards. It could be many things. So it’s very exciting times.


Jason Concepcion Well, let’s get to Kang. Jasmine asks, Do you think we’ll see a version of Kang in Loki Season two, or will we just be teased with the whole season? I want more Jonathan Majors. She also asks Secretive agent question What’s your bets on the undercover Skrull reveals over under. Oh, two good questions. Okay. First Kang I think we you know, it’s a good question. Is Jonathan Majors going to be too busy? It certainly makes sense that. I think that there’s a way to do it. And I think they gestured at it with, you know, when Loki, you know, steps out into whatever reality he’s currently in, he sees this huge statue of Kang. I think there’s a way to do it in which King is this shadow falling over the entire season without actually seeing him. And I kind of think that that’s what they’re going to do. And they will save the Jonathan Majors for the movie. What is your what are your thoughts?


Rosie Knight Basically almost exactly the same as you. I think you really hit the nail on the head. The only thing I will say, I think, is the wild card and the kind of hopeful, bright light for us is who love Jonathan Majors is that the first season of Loki had that standout ball episode that was really focused on Kang and that really worked. It went down really well. People loved it. So maybe there’s a potential that we get a kind of reflection of that, where we get that shadow of Kang the whole time, and then the one episode, and it might be in the middle because you’re learning about this universe’s version of Kang where he is Kang the Conqueror, or it might be at the end again. But I think there’s there’s potential for maybe an episode, but I don’t think he’s going to be our villain of the week, sadly, because I would love to see it.


Jason Concepcion What do you think about Jasmine’s second question, secretive agent question over Skrulls.


Rosie Knight So many people asked us about Skrulls So. I still think you’re 100% right. Maria Hill. That’s 100%.


Jason Concepcion 100% is a Skrull.


Rosie Knight She’s absolutely a Skrull.  Just saying it. If they don’t do it, that’s going to be like the best fake out ever. Other Skrulls. Other Skrulls. I think that it’s quite likely that the Contessa Valentina de Alegria Fontaine is a Skrull.


Jason Concepcion I like her, which I also like her for a Skrull. I worry that it would be a little, a little bit of the same kind of beat if Maria Hill is also a Skrull. But I like her for that.


Rosie Knight Maybe it’s like, girl, you have if you if they get into that, getting into every high part of the government and say, you have Val, who’s now like the leading the CIA or something. And then you have Maria, who’s trusted within S.W.O.R.D., you know, so they’re kind of hitting both both segments. Who is who’s our big hero going to be? I’ve always been the Jeremy Renner is a Skrull believer. I think they could use it can wipe out.


Jason Concepcion Get well, soon. Jeremy Yeah.


Rosie Knight Get well soon. Get well soon. But I. Yeah. Who is? If you were going to pick one big hero that they wanted to say, Oh, this person has been a Skrull for five years, who would it be?


Jason Concepcion Hank Pym.


Rosie Knight Oh, that’s a good one. And that could have big ramifications if they have easy access to the quantum realm. Yeah, it’s such a hard question. I mean.


Jason Concepcion I feel like there’s going to be one, maybe not one, but like a .75 average of characters from each kind of group, like from Cosmic, from Spy Marvel.


Rosie Knight Exactly.


Jason Concepcion From Wakanda Marvel. So I think they’ll be one in each like, I think Wong. Wong would be shocking like I’m not it’s not out of the question to me of Wong is a Skrull.


Rosie Knight Also like, so Bucky Barnes I think is like a solid choice. What I will say is I will say that the thing that’s hard to comprehend. And I think this once the Skrulls are in the MCU, people understand it. It’s hard to comprehend how much of a big deal it was when they were like peace, that all Skrulls like.


Jason Concepcion It was huge.


Rosie Knight It was huge and it was huge is because their behavior, they had been there for so long that you never knew. And that’s actually because editorial decided to do it. That was no seven years of seeding, thinking that, oh, these people were Skrulls. But in the MCU. That’s why I think it’s so hard because we have yet to really comprehend the fact that if a Skrull has been there, they will have learned all the patterns, they will have behaved. They That’s why you would believe so. It could be Wong. It could be Bucky. I’m going to I’m going to go with I’m going to say that no Skrulls ever got into Wakanda. That was the rule in the comics, which was like, you know, see Wakanda and die. That like, great three.


Jason Concepcion Yeah.


Rosie Knight Three issue run by by Jason Aron like so I’m going to say Skrulls never made it to Wakanda, but that doesn’t mean they couldn’t have taken someone over outside of Wakanda and had them be a plan out in the wild, you know? So yeah, I think who is the Skrull was, was a big question that we got. And I think that’s going to be very interesting to see how much we find out in Secret Invasion because honestly, that’s a TV show. But Marvel has not been afraid to drop big, shocking things within the world of TV.


Jason Concepcion This one is kind of cheating because it’s plucked from the comics. But as we saw at the end of Hawkeye, Linda Cardellini a.k.a Laura Barton is Mockingbird is the MCU non ABC Shield version of Mockingbird. Right. And Mockingbird has returned to the comics after many, many years Being Dead was in Secret Invasion when we realized that they had kidnaped Bobby and taken her fucking Skrull space wherever to hold her prisoner and. If it works, it goes. It translates directly to TV. You know, she’s already worked, you know. I would not be shocked if Linda Cardellini is a Skrull.


Rosie Knight I think that is a legit great call. Yeah, because one, we all knew that Linda Cardellini was going to be made for bigger things than being Hawkeye’s wife. You don’t cast her as Hawkeye’s wifef. And then we found out she’s Mockingbird. But I think her being a Skrull and then seeing the fallout of Hawkeye, having to realize.


Jason Concepcion He’s been sleeping next to a Skrull.


Rosie Knight And not just that.


Jason Concepcion For how many years.


Rosie Knight But he’s is doing crazy missions in the Hawkeye TV show. Putting his family at risk to get back this watch, for a Skrull. For a Skrull. You know, I guess my biggest hope for Skrulls is, you know, Secret Invasion. It’s great. The Super Skrull. That’s like a whole other thing because we need to get into the Fantastic Four before we can see a Super Skrull. But my biggest wish is will 3D man be in Secret invasion or will 3D Man be involved in the comics? 3D man who is just the weirdest, weirdest classic like seven years. Marvel character first appeared in Marvel Premiere 35, created by Roy Thomas, who truly must be raking in the cash right now because they are going for his back catalog and Jim Craig and he has 3D glasses, right? Magical 3D glasses. But the way that they’re used in especially secret invasion. But throughout the history of his comics with Skrulls, he can see who Skrulls are. And one of the coolest parts of Secret Invasion is like he just walks into this room of heroes and he’s like. Oh, And they’re like, Oh my God, what are you talking about? And he’s like, They’re Skrulls, they’re literally Skrulls. I would love to see him come into this Skrull storyline at some point because it’s just such a fun character. But it will be interesting to see because I feel like Secret Invasion was so huge in the comics and Feige keeps saying This is like an intimate spy thriller. So I didn’t. We don’t know how much impact it’s going to have. But yeah, I think I think those are great bets and I think you’ll that mocking you’re always great with these Skrull predictions The Mockingbird that’s my new favorite even above Maria Hill I think I think that’s a great one.


Jason Concepcion And you mentioned Bucky Barnes. We talk about Hank Pym, who’s not certainly not necessarily a top line Avengers, but.


Rosie Knight He does have powers.


Jason Concepcion He does have powers, and he’s been very important to the to the evolution of the MCU and has been running secret missions, you know, since the sixties. But like, if there was one non Bucky Barnes top level current living or dead. Which would open the door to like them coming back. Living or dead like MCU character Who is a Skrull? Who do you think it could be? Okay. If you’re saying Barnes is a good guy, Bucky Barnes is a good guess. I like Bucky Barnes.


Rosie Knight You’re saying living or dead? I think. Yeah. The cruelest and most likely because the MCU loves him. I would say in my head my choice would be like Captain America Skrull. I think that’s so interesting. But the reality, I think, is like Tony Stark. The miraculous news of, Oh, my God, Tony Stark wasn’t actually dead. Like he’s actually been in cryostasis this whole time. And he comes back and he becomes this huge figure in this icon once again. But he’s actually a Skrull, that’s incredibly bleak and amazing and would be very interesting because you could have some great storylines with the characters within the MCU, like Peter, who would just know for some reason. He just knows or Pepper just knows. And you kind of have this this war between wanting to imagine that he’s back and not. And I’m sure that Robert is dreaming of a way to find his self back in that world.


Jason Concepcion I mean, it would like it just in terms of what we know about the Skrulls powers, like the suits would work, like it would read his DNA as Tony Stark. He would read his brainwaves as Tony Stark. You could do a thing where it’s like they took Tony to space and then whatever Skrull took over Tony with the idea that, Oh, I’m going to, you know, bring down humanity from the inside study. But then he falls in love with being a hero and does all the right things.


Rosie Knight Maybe a Skrull, maybe a Skrull was at Tony Stark’s funeral, you know, okay, what about this one? This one’s really out there. So one of my all time favorite theories that I first remember the brilliant Joshua yell IG and we were talking on like the Captain Marvel set was this is so long ago about what became one of my ultimate favorite theories, which is the kid from Iron Man three who got to keep one of the shoes becomes Iron Lad, right? That’s like the dream. So that saying the moment I spoke to that kid, I interviewed him once again and he was just that was his dream was that he could get to play Iron Lad and kind of go through that role. That seems unlikely now because, you know, Kang is Iron Lad is Kang. So it’s like, would they cast a white person? Would Harley be the right choice? But what if that kid is the Skrull in the Skrull? Who was at the funeral? Who gets the suit? Now, that’s what I’m talking about. Bring that kid back. Fake us out. Because people thought that I am the whole point of that original young Avengers. Brilliant. You know, Jim Chong stuff is you thought that they were all analogs for established characters, but they were actually secretly kind of nothing to do with them. And Iron Lad was was, you know, revealed to be Kang But I love this idea that they could fake us out by being like, Oh, he’s going to be Iron Lad, He’s going to be this young new hero with this suit on. But really he’s a Skrull. So I’m like, That’s my one. Bring Bring Back the Kid from Iron Man three and he can be a Skrull. He was at Tony’s funeral. Why was he there? Nobody’s seen him for a long time.


Jason Concepcion I have one more and then we’ll one move on. This is this is a this is a this is a tinfoil hat.


Rosie Knight We’re doing it. We’re tinfoiling.


Jason Concepcion Yeah, we’re doing it. Fuck it. But Matt Murdock.


Rosie Knight Love it.


Jason Concepcion Daredevil. Here’s the reason being this first of all, new to the MCU, right? So kind of a good inflection point, too, to try something like that. Two, as we saw in She-Hulk, because of who he is, the skill set he has, the fact that he’s a lawyer plugged into all these kind of like different superhero concerns. He can go take a meeting with The Avengers, he can go take a meeting with Doctor Strange, he can go take a meeting with who? With whatever you know, with the government. And he would be in, would have access to a lot of information if the idea is like, you know, I can and also.


Rosie Knight It is.


Jason Concepcion And have contact with the Marvel underworld. So like there would be that opportunity to kind of like he’d be perfectly positioned in a kind of spy role if he indeed was a Skrull. I don’t think that’s the.


Rosie Knight No, but I love that idea, and I will say that that does link to one of your best predictions, which was that Kingpin is a Skrull, hence why he now has these sick superpowers. I love that one. So I’m like everyone in that I was a Skrull. Everybody’s the Skrull baby. You are. When Secret Invasion comes out, you guys are going to be sick of us saying the word Skrull. Because we’re gooing to be Skrulling, Skrulling, sprawling.


Jason Concepcion I mean, to be honest with you, the only one that I am like 100% sure of is Maria Hill. Yeah. And kind of honestly, like, I feel like Laura Barton is a Skrull.


Rosie Knight I feel like Laura Barton.  Now I’m the Laura Barton believer.


Jason Concepcion Cause. Just because like in the comics, that’s legitimately how they reintroduced Bobby Morrison into the continuity. He was like, Oh, she he actually didn’t die. She was just in space with the Skrulls.


Rosie Knight So we’re going to move it on to the X-Men. It’s time. One of our all time favorite topics.


Jason Concepcion You know, we rarely talk about them.


Rosie Knight I feel like we never get to talk about them.


Jason Concepcion How do we do this? Yeah.


Rosie Knight This is a really great question. Ryan asks, Do you think Marvel would be better served introducing the X-Men slowly, one character at a time, like they introduced The Avengers. Start with a standalone Beast movie that introduced Chris Jean, Gray, Slow Play, Wolverine, etc. I feel like everyone is always speculating how they’ll introduce the X-Men instead of a slow, methodical universe building. Maybe after a Secret Wars reset?. Well, guess what, Ryan? This is our number one favorite topic. Will they introduce the X-Men? Jason, how do you think that they’ll  introduced the X-Men to the MCU?


Jason Concepcion Well, I think that they will do it. I think the slow play is happening now.


Rosie Knight I do too. I agree.


Jason Concepcion The slow like we’re seeing the slow play, both with the reveals that were happening in Wandavision with the various characters. Miss Marvel, who have been referred to actively, is like having mutations or being mutants. We saw again in Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness. And so I think that slow play is happening where we’re already getting familiar with the idea that people are just born with powers for whatever reason, and it’s a mute and it’s due to mutation. And I think when we when it does come time for the X-Men, I think it’ll happen all at once. I think we’ll get them. All at once. I do think the one outlier putting we’ve said this, we both talked about this a million times, the one possible outlier being Wolverine, who you can see existing in MCU continuity right now and since like the 1920s or whatever, you know, like that, it’s the original Super Soldier program where it was involved, this guy named Logan, who is like a Canadian mutant who they experimented on this became Weapon X and it was like an offshoot of super soldier. And he’s been like an either in crisis status or they wiped his mind and he’s been running all kinds of secret missions. And I think when they do introduce the X-Men. In a non interdimensional way, much like the Eternals it’s going to be and Wakanda and and Nomura and and Telecon it’s going to be all at once They’ve been hiding in plain sight. There’s a school upstate. It’s a school for gifted youngsters, but actually it’s a school for superhero superpowered beings. They haven’t gotten involved in the various fights yet on because they don’t trust humanity. They can kind of see where this is going. They might have any number of characters who can actually see the future and are saying, Listen, we’re going towards a bad place and you reveal yourself. We’re already going towards a bad place. But if you actually revere yourself during.


Rosie Knight It’s going to be so much.


Jason Concepcion Faster. But yeah, between when the Thanos stuff is happening, when whenever fighters have won the battle and you’re because if you reveal yourself, then we’re going to get to that post-apocalyptic, you know, genocidal time for the mutants a lot quicker. So don’t reveal yourself. And I think I think they basically are around right now and they’re just hiding your thoughts.


Rosie Knight I think so, too. I also think something I’ve been thinking about a lot. I think I think you’re 100% right. I think we’ve seen it with the kind of reversion of Kamala back to her original origin, which was that she was going to be a mutant. And this kind of hint, I mean, she lives in New Jersey. It would be so easy for her to go to a school that was kind of upstate to see the way things go down. I think your 100% right there seeing it now. What I think is very interesting is the timing of and look, these schedules shift, right? But what we know right now is that. Phase five. Kind of secret wars phase. This kind of, you know, 2024 onward situation. And they did it. They did. They did a very interesting ad in, you know, India that was like Cassie saying, where are we in Quantumania? And it was like phase five.


Jason Concepcion Yeah.


Rosie Knight So we’re there, right. But I think it’s very interesting that Deadpool 3, which we know is going to include Logan, is coming out in 2024, which is going to be within this kind of Secret Wars phase. And I think that is, is very telling. We don’t know what it means for Deadpool and Logan to be in the MCU. I’ve already positioned my theory that Deadpool’s there already to kill all the Fox characters and Logan’s potentially helping out.


Jason Concepcion I fucking love it. I hope. I only hope that that’s what it is.


Rosie Knight I will write it.


Jason Concepcion I absolutely love it.


Rosie Knight Like, you know, phase five from now to kind of 2024. I think that is very interesting and I think that we could see Deadpool and Wolverine as mutants, as potential members of a Multiversal X-Men team, so they understand that the X-Men already exist, even if it isn’t public here. I think we could see that be a way that they start to really see those words and characters and phrases, even if it’s just. A touch of it. And then I do believe that we would probably with that movie coming out when it is supposed to come out, I believe we would probably see that version of Logan and Deadpool whenever the big Secret Wars kind of battle, at least in a cameo phase. Who will the other mutants be? When will we start to see, you know, Storm, who I believe is kind of your nowadays, that’s your primary X-Men that you want to introduce first. I don’t know. That’s the thing that I find most interesting. I my one big prediction that we’ve talked about before that I think is true is I think that post, you know, this kind of multiverse phase, the multiverse saga, I think it’s going to be the mutant saga. I think the multiverse saga, Mutant saga. I think that is it makes sense.


Jason Concepcion It kind of makes the most sense in that the mutants in the MCU gives you access to like an untapped mine of stories. You know, obviously.


Rosie Knight It’s a whole new world.


Jason Concepcion Run in the fox in the Fox-verse, but you could do them again in a better, more streamlined, more.


Rosie Knight Stuff we never got, Morlox. You know, there’s.


Jason Concepcion We never got Morlox


Rosie Knight Been so many different kind of we’ve seen so many characters, but, you know, we’ve never had a definitive bishop storyline, you know, one of the best mutants in the world.


Jason Concepcion Of course, people have been which people have been. People can’t wait for Bishop.


Rosie Knight Yeah, that’s the, I want Bishop so badly. You know he, I loved.


Jason Concepcion What a scumbag. I need that scumbag in my life.


Rosie Knight Right. We need we the. I love the glimpse that we got in days of future past. And I felt like there were things that were done there that were very interesting, but we didn’t get to expand on them. So, I mean, I just I think about all the different teams that we could see, all the different teams that we love that are now being brought back to life, Excalibur, new mutants like these teams, that meant so much to us when we were kids. X X-Factor, you know, X-Force there’s so it’s a whole it’s almost I feel like that’s the stage where these movies could step out of the MCU and it becomes an entirely different space.


Jason Concepcion Now that puts us several years off, and I think that that’s probably what it’s going to be. I will also say that I think that in addition to all the kind of seatings that we’ve seen, you know, Namor etc., like all the things that we just mentioned, I do think that and we talked about this some weeks ago when we discuss AXE, that Judgment Day crossover event in that just finished up in Marvel Comics, written by Karen Gillan with Art by a number of artists, including Valeria Shetty, that that the Eternals, you’re you’re Eternal fave.


Rosie Knight My fave.


Jason Concepcion Do you kind of give us. The most currently existing straight line shot towards the X-Men because you could just because, you know, in that crossover event, the Eternals or a faction of the Eternals are pitted against the mutants because it turns out the mutation is actually a form of a deviation. They’re actually deviants by another name. In fact, deviants can take the Krakoan gates telling you that genetically they are extremely similar. So I think that there is a world in which the Eternals, the mission of the Eternals brings them into direct conflict with. This thus far hidden sect of deviance that we can then can be then revealed to be mutants. I think that that is kind of our most direct straight line shot towards mutants in an earlier time frame then kind of.


Rosie Knight I think so too, especially.


Jason Concepcion What’s happening now.


Rosie Knight The Krakoa stuff has been so popular and has really reignited the X office in a way we haven’t seen for a long time. So I wouldn’t be surprised.


Jason Concepcion Long time.


Rosie Knight If the as an old school life long like middle aged almost at this point, like X-Men fan, it blows my mind to imagine that Krakoa wouldn’t be too weird for them to put on the screen. But it seems like


Jason Concepcion I feel that way too, yeah.


Rosie Knight The easiest. Simplest direct line to what we already have. So I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw them start taking from that era.


Jason Concepcion Well, it’s it’s the problem that we talked about that we’ve talked about so many times before, which is that you can introduce them a million different ways. But the issue is. The crux of the mutant drama is that the world does not accept them.


Rosie Knight Hated  and feared, baby.


Jason Concepcion They’re hated and feared, and there’s been multiple very successful attempts at wiping them out as a race that have happened in Marvel Comics. And without that kind of drama and tragedy. You kind of don’t have the mutants you need, the hated and feared. Now, again, I think they’re seeing it again, as we saw with damage control in the. Yeah, yeah. And the prison that that we visited during Ms.. Marvel. I think that that’s there, you know, with S.W.O.R.D. and the kind of the way they’re kind of pivoting S.W.O.R.D. to kind of study sentient computers potentially giving us an entree to Sentinel, to the Sentinel programs, I think they’re seeding all that stuff, but we need the hated and feared before the mutants like I’m with you would be. They could certainly say, Oh, here’s Krakoa and here’s all the mutants. And they’ve been hiding here and it’s been. But I think that it wouldn’t have the same impact unless you get the MCU writ large to a place where people with powers are feared and mutants in particular are hated, feared, despised to the point where people would be just kind of okay with somebody going to try and wipe them out.


Rosie Knight Yeah, I think you’re absolutely right on that front. And that’s like the biggest conflict. Also, again, I know it gets like this every time one of the MCU movies come out. It’s because we’re like so excited about what the implications could be. But again, I think Quantumania could set us even closer to that path where if Kang or whoever gets out of Cassie’s, you know, quantum kind of teleportation conversation device that she created, which by the way, somebody should have stopped because I was really stupid idea. But like that, opening that space to the quantum realm, introducing different kinds of powered characters who did not get that powers from military suits or military experiments or the accepted ways in the MCU are more cosmic empower who are more reminiscent of, say, a Thanos. I could definitely see a route where Kang comes to our universe in the role of a benefactor who wants to help but is treated as if he is a villain like Thanos. And that can stoke that fear and also create a conflict between Kang and his hopeful ally, Paul Rudd, who, by the way, I saw walking down the street in San Pedro this week filming.


Jason Concepcion Reshoots, reshoots happening now.


Rosie Knight Cheeky additional photography in that same comic shop.


Jason Concepcion What do you think that means?


Rosie Knight I’m actually this very interested.


Jason Concepcion Here’s the thing. This is not uncommon, right? Reshoots. Reshoots are very, very common, particularly in these kind of franchise movies, both on the DC side and the Marvel side. But it is quite late in the game, and I don’t know for a fact that this is the latest reshoots that we’ve seen. I guess Avengers


Rosie Knight Like a warm up. So it’s usual right.


Jason Concepcion I guess like Avengers, the schwarma scene was kind of like quick and dirty and very close to release, but. What do you think it means?


Rosie Knight So the scene that I saw them shooting, because it was just in my neighborhood, I was just wandering around and they were they were doing a shot of him going into the coffee shop. And we saw the the same character act he was outside who was in the coffee shop. So maybe expanding on that, seeing because I think people really liked that with the Spider-Man joke. Maybe it’s an end sequence where he goes back and they thank him and they get his name right. That seemed like something that would make sense to me. Also, I did think the trailers, which looked amazing and completely wild and very Spy Kids, which is always a compliment in my opinion. I did think they were lacking on the traditional Ant-Man jokes. Ant-Man is very much the comedic kind of going back to phase one type movie, so I’ll be very interested to see if maybe it was Punjab’s. It was additional photography. They also were shooting in its very outrageous, like classical restaurant that’s kind of called that J Trannies. I saw them shooting outside. So I’m very interested to see what that would be because I don’t believe we’ve seen anything in or around there. So yeah, and it was again, they were shooting it was shooting San Fran, San Pedro for San Francisco. So it’s set. It’s still there. It could have also just been easier to shoot here than going back to S.F.. But yeah, additional photography a month before the movie. I’m intrigued. There’s a new trailer coming out tonight.


Jason Concepcion I am quite intrigued.


Rosie Knight So we shall see.


Jason Concepcion X ray vision. We’ll be back.




Jason Concepcion And we’re back. Let’s continue with with the Fox verse conversation. You mentioned Deadpool. Edward asks in a deleted scene from Deadpool two, Deadpool two, Deadpool travels, say Deadpool two travels, Deadpool two, which is the French version of Deadpool two. Deadpool travels back in time with the intent to kill a baby Hitler at the end of Avengers Endgame. Cap is famous for socking Hitler in the jaw, travels back in time to restore the Infinity stones and learn to dance. If Cap gets wind of Deadpool’s plans, does he jump back in time to help Deadpool or does he stop them? Do the ensuing hijinks cause the Fox universe in the MCU to fold in line when each other? A asks a similar question, Just asking basically how the Fox movie characters and the MCU characters in the MCU in general could interrelate. Your thoughts?


Rosie Knight So I will say I like this theory very much, is very smart. But I’ll tell you one thing I know about Captain America from the end of the Infinity saga. He didn’t he wasn’t going to change ship. He literally let everything else happen so he could just dance with his little girlfriend. He left behind his best friend, inverted commas, who he had literally caused an international incident for. And then he was just like, peace out Bucky. See you later. And then


Jason Concepcion I got to get that. I got to meet a girl for a dance.


Rosie Knight He literally allowed every single terrible thing to happen from the fifties to now. And he didn’t do any single thing. He did not change anything. So I believe you know what in that context, because he’s not very good, probably actually would have stopped Deadpool, because he would have been like, well, this is the one thing I do have to change. But I, I do not believe that Cap going back for that dance will be what causes the the universe’s default, though I do think that is a very, very, very, very, very good argument that that is the easiest way to explain it, because that whole thing is just the timeline is so messy. And the idea that he could go back and not change anything is it doesn’t make sense with the interior logic of the movies.


Jason Concepcion Let me ask you this. Do we? With a Cap of it all. To me, the biggest bump with Cap going back and just like living in a in a a life of, you know, of romance with his beloved is that he wouldn’t tell anyone that S.H.I.E.L.D. is actually not here.


Rosie Knight Yeah, I’m telling you that she’ll be like, that’s what.


Jason Concepcion Do we one day find out that he tried and tat created some kind of fucking spin spell splinter universe somewhere else.


Rosie Knight Did he kiss his own blood relation niece? Is that who Sharon Carr is? Because I don’t understand. Also, like how did he go back in time and live a peaceful life? So was does that mean that the other version of Captain America was the entire time going through time and being Captain America? Because then he must have just stayed in the house the whole time. It’s very confusing. I hope he did try to tell someone about Shield, because that’s really messed up. I will also ask you one of my I asked a really fun thing, which was like, how? Do. What’s your dream team up with a Fox character and an MCU character? What’s yours?


Jason Concepcion Oh, gosh. Wow. You know, I would say that this is kind of recency bias, but Logan and Cap, finding out that they had.


Rosie Knight Classic style


Jason Concepcion Classic style, this is this is age old. This is an age old pairing in the comics. But finding out that they have a history somehow in World War Two, you know, in some of the stuff that we didn’t see in Captain America First Avenger, their paths crossed. Maybe he was part of the Howling Commandos. Everybody thought he died. Maybe they ran some. Maybe they were. You know, when when the U.S. military command realized the kind of impact that Captain America had, maybe they pull him out for a weekend and pair him with this shadowy agent named Logan, who’s maybe from Canada, maybe from somewhere else nobody knows.


Rosie Knight Nobody knows.


Jason Concepcion They send them they send them on some secret mission. Loved you. Whatever. But I think those two together. There’s just there’s just a lot of interest, a lot of possibilities there. Along those similar veins, you know. At this point. Namor is the oldest.


Rosie Knight Mm hmm.


Jason Concepcion You know, the oldest character in the MCU. And we know that Logan is like 100, and we’re. Gosh, he would be like, what, 140?


Rosie Knight Yeah, at least.


Jason Concepcion 145 years old. Something like that. Right? I think there’s there’s a world in which those two could have could have crossed paths. What about you?


Rosie Knight Oh, I think this is such a fun question. So my I have some, like, immediate, like, funny ones that I would love to see for gag answers, which is like, I’d love to see our, you know, our amazing Kamala Khan meet Wolverine. That’s like, our favorite in the comics. I’d love to see a Logan, a cranky Logan Wolverine and a Kamala who knows him somehow. That would be fun. Also, I think now Tom Holland is more of age and the character is of age, you know? I would like to see that. Ryan Reynolds, Tom Holland, Deadpool, Spider-Man. There’s like such a fun, flirty, weird, cheeky, dynamic. But honor, if I was going to pick one thing just because this is kind of a cheat, because I really just want these characters to be in the MCU. I would want to see Kamala go to the school upstate, and for all of Laura Kinney and the new mutants that they basically established, like Rick during everyone from that brilliant kind of phase of Logan, I’d love to just see them that I felt like that group of kids was one of the most exciting kind of possibilities that we never got to explore. So that would be my my real one. But I think I think the other two are a little bit more likely.


Jason Concepcion One possibility also and we’ve talked about it before and this might be too much hat on a hat with all the multiverse stuff and erasing realities that have already happened. But I also think that there is there’s a path where Charles Xavier made everybody forget.


Rosie Knight Oh, definitely.


Jason Concepcion About mutants. I mean, all the shit happened, you know, various sentinel pogroms have happened. You know, there have been, you know, the the, the shit back in the sixties in X-Men First Class actually happened. But then Charles Xavier was like, You know what? This is too much fucking trouble. I just want to raise my kids, my child soldiers in peace. I am going to put myself up to Cerebro, and just because I am so fucking powerful, I’m going to make everybody forget about it.


Rosie Knight Or he’s evil.


Jason Concepcion And he does.


Rosie Knight He’s evil Charles, As we know, he has that side and he has Jean hooked up to, like, a cerebro, like in a coma, just doing it constantly. That would be so bleak. But I do. I feel like Charles has it in him. I love that. I would love. If there’s one character, I’d love to see them bring back and do something really unexpected with it is James Mars then is Cyclops because like, I’m not a Cyclops fan.


Jason Concepcion They did him dirty.


Rosie Knight But they did it. They did him dirty. Imagine if he I always thought the coolest thing to do with cable because that’s Scott Summers son just in case you didn’t know, that makes a lot of sense. I always thought he would have been really cool if they cast Marsden as Cable as well, but like grizzled him up. But seeing as we have you know Josh Brolin Cable, I would love to see that version of Scott come back and they do something along the lines of that like psychic romance with Emma that they did in New X-Men. You know, I would love to see a kind of aged up down to Scott, because I think that’s the most interesting Scott, But you know how they will introduce the Fox characters or get rid of them? We are probably the only people who are talking about it more than the Marvel Studios because they are talking about every day. I swear to God, this must be the conversation.


Jason Concepcion Okay, last one. Magik, Illyana Rasputina.


Rosie Knight Oh.


Jason Concepcion And Doctor Strange. Doctor Strange Just wandering around the the canyons of the magical multiverse.


Rosie Knight Yeah, that is like a bad use of casting. Bring her in.


Jason Concepcion Yet Just happens upon the realm that is ruled by Illyana.


Rosie Knight Oh I love that.


Jason Concepcion Or gets it gets a hint of this powerful magic figure with this gigantic sword out there. And maybe that gives us that would be a cool pairing as well.


Rosie Knight Yeah. Should we do a.


Jason Concepcion Let’s do Spidey. Splits display?


Rosie Knight Let’s do Spidey. Okay. Anthony asks, and Anthony submitted this question multiple times. So thank you.


Jason Concepcion So we got it. We got it.


Rosie Knight We got to do it. Yeah. How is Spider-Man going to be incorporated into the MCU going forward? He’s too big of a character in Marvel history with interactions with so many of the remaining heavy hitters in today’s MCU. They can’t just have him be forgotten because of a spell. We’ve got so much history with him. And Strange Daredevil, the The Fantastic Four Fury. Sam as Cap Miles. You know, we hope he shows up soon, which I think we can also. I think.


Jason Concepcion He will. I think that’s.


Rosie Knight I was going to say let’s let’s.


Rosie Knight Add that on to the end of this question, because we got a lot of people like Gloria asking about Miles. And I will say I think the most important thing to remember about the spell, which is easy to forget, because there was a lot going on in that movie.


Jason Concepcion Yeah.


Rosie Knight People know who Spider-Man is. They know that Spider-Man exists. They just do not know that Peter Parker is Spider-Man. And they basically essentially wiped the memory of Peter Parker out kind of cosmically of everyone who was in that universe. That will likely, as we have talked about before, be an exception. That will be someone who is off planet. There will be someone who remembers him potentially. So Spider-Man is going to be that. The big question is. How does Spider-Man have personal interactions with these characters when so many of their relationships were based on the fact that he was this young hero who wasn’t afraid to show them his face, who was sweet, who had this hold on all these personal things. That was what made him beloved in The Avengers. That was how. Yeah, you know, with his little pajama suit, Like, those were the memories people have. So the question is, does Spider-Man now become this kind of almost like a lone wolf hero who people are like, Oh, he’s so enigmatic. None of us know who he is. What and when does that get broken? I do think that I’ve spoken about this before, like we’ve chatted about on the pod. But I do think that his role right now actually helps us seed miles because it essentially makes him a figurehead instead of a person. And that could easily be Miles.


Jason Concepcion Imagine what a huge emotional moment it’s going to be when potentially upon Peter’s mortal wounding at the hands of one of his great enemies. The spell is broken, and all of a sudden people remember who Peter is as he’s like, laying dying.


Rosie Knight Because he’s going to die. So it doessn’t matter. I love that.


Jason Concepcion I just think that there’s going to be I think there’s going to be a massive emotional impact when they break that spell. And I think it’s probably going to be, as we say, goodbye to Tom Holland in the MCU. I, I, I think what they’re going to do is go to the kind of, in air quotes, kind of classic mid eighties and nineties Spiderman stories working at the blue you know the version of the bugle he’s going to he’s going to be get an adult job.


Rosie Knight Yeah we did leave him in the kind of in the most classic Spider-Man set up. He’s in a shitty apartment.


Jason Concepcion That’s it.


Rosie Knight He needs to get a job.


Jason Concepcion That’s it.


Rosie Knight He doesn’t have like Tony Stark paying for him. It’s almost the new origin story, which I loved.


Jason Concepcion That’s exactly where I’m going. He’s going to. He’s going to get a job working for J. Jonah Jamison. He’s going to be a fucking complete asshole right around, and he’s going to be scuttling around trying to get some money. Maybe he’s going to date. Maybe he’s going to run into a jewel thief lady who all of a sudden he has some, like, romantic sparks.


Rosie Knight There is many,.


Jason Concepcion But he’s going to be a.


Rosie Knight Peter Parker is a ladies man is the polite way to put it.


Jason Concepcion Many say eighties and nineties Peter was a fucking heartthrob. And so I think that that.


Rosie Knight There are many potential love interests and I think those will come into play.


Jason Concepcion I think that that’s where we’re going to go, is the kind of classic eighties and nineties Spider-Man stories where he’s, you know, a young adult guy with a job just trying to balance paying the rent with doing Spider-Man hijinx. Meanwhile, everybody’s like, Who the hell is Spider-Man? Have no idea. I also will say that I think that. I think when they reconfigure The Avengers, he’s also he’s going to be part of whatever the new Avengers team is when they finally put that team back together.


Rosie Knight Yeah, I think that’s all that’s that’s the way it’s going to go down. Also, I’m very interested. What do you think before we get to Miles? Because I do think that’s the biggest outstanding question in the MCU, pretty much above anything else. Do you think? I think that we will see them do a version of the Black Suit Spider-Man stuff with Tom, with the little bit of the venom that has been left by Tom Hardy. Good old Tom Hardy there. You know, he leaves some city.


Jason Concepcion He has served purpose.


Rosie Knight He served his purpose. Feige send him back to his own universe where he can, you know.


Jason Concepcion Simbiate test tube.


Rosie Knight See where he can jump around and eat some lobsters. What do you think? Do you think we’ll see it with Tom? I think that could be very cool. But it has been done, obviously so iconically in Spider-Man three that it’s now come back around to people loving it. I love that movie. But or do you think they would do something different where we would see Flash get It and you get that different version of Venom or you would see, you know, maybe they go straight to a more planet, you know, SIM Planet symbiote kind of like multiple different symbiotes existing in the MCU. Maybe they want a venom ize everyone. They love to do that in the comics. What do you think? Because the Simbiote being there and Peter not being Peter and kind of publicly known as Peter, I think is that’s leading somewhere.


Jason Concepcion I think you give it. I think the Symbiote can’t be in the MCU without being drawn to Peter. Considering the origins of the Symbiote, you know, in the in the Sony version of the universe. Right. The Sony version of the Symbiote.


Rosie Knight It knew Peter.


Jason Concepcion It knew him, it knows him.


Rosie Knight I love that. That’s a great point.


Jason Concepcion It’s going to be drawn to him. So I kind of think logically there’s kind of, it makes I know they’ve done it before, but they’ve done it before in an alternate universe. And I think that Symbiote is going to seek Peter out.


Rosie Knight Also, it would be so cool to see like a a more. That I love Spider-Man three, But, you know, someone who didn’t love Venom is is Sam Raimi’s and the not a huge fan. I’d love to see a real spooky, cool, weird version. And you have Peter having to go through that himself because he doesn’t have that support base. And then you could establish your primary venoms. I mean, I’m very interested the implications of No Way Home who does and doesn’t exist. I mean, oh, you know, they kind of said, you have Norman and he’s like, whatever, He’s my son, you know? And there’s this idea that Norman doesn’t exist in that universe. Norman Osborn. But does he? Like those are the characters I think we could see in that kind of eighties and nineties, more classical Spider-Man as we imagine him from that era. I think those are the big questions which villains are now going to appear in the MCU, who has suddenly have been there the whole time or who he meets at college, you know, his little friends.


Jason Concepcion I will say one more thing. The Symbiote may be the only person that remembers Peter Parker.


Rosie Knight Oh. Cause technically, he’s not like a human.


Jason Concepcion Not technically a human.


Rosie Knight From a different universe.


Jason Concepcion From a different universe, remembers Peter Parker. But not this one. And I think that there I think there’s a lot of ways around. I think there’s a lot of ways around the spell through the symbiote.


Rosie Knight I love that.


Jason Concepcion And it just makes so much sense that he’s going to seek Peter out. It just makes too much sense to me that he would do it.


Rosie Knight Okay. And you’re you’re like one line pitch for like, how Miles will make it into the MCU.


Jason Concepcion He just what you said. He inspires Miles towards wanting to be this person who makes a difference in the way Spider-Man makes a difference. And it’s and it’s the death of Peter Parker that that propels him on his journey. And it’s like that’s one of the most impactful deaths in Marvel Comics in the ultimate universe. It is just it’s crushing, it’s inspirational, it’s amazing.


Rosie Knight It leads to just so many great interactions for Miles too, and great relationships.


Jason Concepcion And I think he got to do it again. Snot Old Stat asks, Can Cody Ziglar reveal whose idea was to return Miles to his classic costume for his new run? I’ve got Zig cemented on my pull list, but the streetwear suit was the best Miles suit of all time. Let’s go to Zig himself for the answer.


Cody Ziglar You know what, Snot. This may shock you, and this may even surprise you, but your boy, Cody Ziglar, had absolutely no say in selecting Miles return to its classic costume. I also agree. I was also a really big fan of the street wear suit designed by Chase Connelly, fantastic illustrator and comic comic artist and obviously a designer in his own right. Funny enough, when that suit was first sort of being floated around, mean, I got an email from Nick Lowe, who’s the head editor for the Spider offices, just sort of getting he want to get like my take on on the suit update and it is I think I wrote back it’s like this is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. The version that eventually they they ended up landing on was a little bit more simplified than the one that I originally saw but and gave notes on. But if you go to Chase Connelly’s Twitter or Instagram, they’ve had they they posted their original designs for it. You can see it’s got these really cool like straps like tech wear tech wear like straps and stuff on the suit that didn’t really make it to the words the final version, because I believe they were concerned that it’d be too complicated for artists to keep drawing that every time there’s like a huge action scene, which I get. But also, you know, part of me, if you know anything about me, I’m a huge streetwear fan, so I was a bit bummed about that. But yeah, that was that. That’s the that was like the practical reason. But I think from like a story standpoint or like an editor standpoint, you know, a lot of this arc that I’m going to be writing is about sort of starting a new status quo and starting things over and Miles, going back to his roots. So I think thematically it it makes sense. But, you know, maybe there’s a way I can weasel my way into getting have that’s that his his his last suit pop up again and some feature stories because I am a big fan of it and a big fan of Chase to begin with. So Snot, I hope that answers your question and thanks for reading in. I hope you continue to enjoy enjoy that Miles story.


Rosie Knight We’re going back, back to Westeros, one of Jason’s favorite places,  Let’s go.


Jason Concepcion I love it there.


Rosie Knight I’ve miss it.


Jason Concepcion I don’t know what to say. I love it there.


Rosie Knight It feels like I’m going back on a  nice vacation. Bailey asks. Oh, this one. You’re going to go deep on this one. Is Adam of Hull, and then in equal sign Laenor, possible? Question And if not, do you think House of the Dragon will revisit Laenor at all?


Jason Concepcion I. My initial reaction, and this is how I still feel when I when this theory started popping up, is that it would be. It would be maybe too confusing to bring Laenor back as Adam of Hull. So Adam of Hull is a bastard of Driftmark, one of the so-called dragons sees this. I should add spoilers for House of the Dragon. Seasons two, three and beyond. So as the need for Dragonriders becomes more pressing, thus the search for people with Valyrian lineage is launched and one of the people they find is Adam of Hull, who is one of the so-called Dragon Seeds, a bastard fathered by some member of the Valerian lineage who’s just been running around Drift Mark. You know how much they love brothels and stuff and and then he becomes a dragon rider also riding Sea Smoke. Of course Laenor’s a former dragon. He becomes a quite an important figure in the middle of this war. I think it would be. How would you hide it from people? I think that Laenor is too notable a person for it to work, but. I think that their men, if you could really crack the code on how it could work, it would be pretty fucking amazing. That would be. But I don’t I it just feels like. It’s just the fact that there was never even a whisper in the histories. You know, the reason Laenor revealed the fact that he was not killed and he actually survived an escaped. The reason it has such an impact is there’s no hint of that in the histories in the in the various tellings of that history, most notably Fire and Blood, which tells us that no one even thought of it. There was never even a hint. There was never even a rumor that, hey, and there are lots of examples throughout Westeros history of people pretending to be other people coming back as other people saying, Hey, I’m actually this person and they’re not. In Dance of Dragons, there is currently a Aegon Aegon Targaryen running around who everybody is calling Fagan because pretty much people are pretty convinced that he’s not actually a Targaryen. This happens a lot in that world. And the fact that nobody. The fact is not mentioned in the text tells me that nobody even, you know, had a hint of it, which kind of suggests to me that Laenor is not Adam of Hull. Adam Velaryon.


Rosie Knight It’s like it would have to be the slickest, most foolproof transformation of all time.


Jason Concepcion It would have to be a really great way of doing it. Like he’s all scarred up. Something happened to him over there in Essos where he looks like a different guy and nobody even has a hint of it. And and even to the point, because I think that obviously, I think, you know, I think Corlys and Rhaenys would act, would react very, very negatively to the realization that their son shirked all responsibilities and fled. So if they did do it. He would have to hide his identity from certainly his parents. And everyone but Rhaenyra. Like he would just it would just have to be and Daemon, it would just have to be the most tightly guarded secret. That’s the only way to do it.


Rosie Knight And Bailey has a very important follow up question. Do you think you’ll ever say kyber in the style of Grand Master Pistol on an X-ray Vision? Do you? And have you ever said Kaiba, as in the crystal from Star Wars in that way?


Jason Concepcion Well, I can do it right now. Kyber Kyber Crystal from a personal, very powerful interaction I have. I have said kyber and in just natural conversation ever since recording those soundbites years ago, and I continue to enjoy doing it. And thanks for thanks for bringing that up. Josh asks. I’m reading through a Game of Thrones books for the first time, currently on Book Five Dance Dragons and Faltering Because I’m scared six and seven will simply never see the light of day. Welcome to the very, very populated club. Any encouragement you can give me would be appreciated. Ha ha ha. Do you want to start off with any encouragement on why you should continue?


Rosie Knight You know, I would say this is such a hard question, especially when the book series is probably the most famously currently unfinished book series in the world, to the point where it’s like a meme.


Jason Concepcion Tell me about.


Rosie Knight You know what I would say? I would just say, just enjoy each book as you go. One, these books are very long. Two, if you’re like me and Jason, you can reread them. And three, WyberThe books exist in a vacuum outside of whatever comes afterwards. And I would just say that if you’re enjoying them, read them. Take a little break if you want. And also, you know what? Just trust George. He says he’s going to finish them. So I’m like, let’s just take him at his word. He loves. He’s put this world together. He spent decades creating it.


Jason Concepcion He says he’s been on a great streak of writing lately, so I don’t know. I remain hopeful, even as I realize as I hear myself say that that that sounds crazy, I would say. And I completely agree with you, Rosie. I would say, Josh, that I don’t know where you are in the book, so I need to be careful. Right. Saying stuff. But there are moments and I guess I’ll mention that Wyman Manderley, the Lord of White Harbor, is involved in in in the most notable of these. There are moments in A Dance of Dragons that I had me at the edge of my seat because I could finally feel like the story was turning towards something of a resolution. And there is an incredible. Wyman Manderly’s speech in that book that to this day I will break out and reread because I think it’s so good. There’s like just some really, really wonderful moments. And listen, it is disheartening to realize that, like, it’s like basically stuck at like season five of gave it there. It’s like that’s where we’ve been for 12 years. But but I. I think there’s some incredible, incredible like sun breaking through the clouds moments in A Dance of Dragons that, if you’ve come this far, are absolutely worth seeing through. And listen again. I remain hopeful. I remain hopeful. Hope. I hope we’ll find a way. I also believe that. You know that there in a cynical sense, there is no kind of media entity currently in existence that is going to leave hundreds of millions of dollars on the table. Those books will come out. Will George write them? That is the question. How will they be created, is the question. But those books are going to come out one way or another. I know George has said that he doesn’t want that to happen. I guess cynically, I feel like. That’s just one of those things that is going to happen. Those books will will come out. They will be. And if George doesn’t write them, which I think he will, again, I remain hopeful they’ll be based off his notes, something like that. And I certainly think I remain. I know that I’m going to be roasted for this. I remain 97% sure that we will see Winds of Winter. 97%. I believe we will see it.


Rosie Knight What year?.


Jason Concepcion Q4 2023.


Rosie Knight Hopeful man. A hopeful man.


Jason Concepcion Holiday. Holiday. 2023. Okay, Moving on. Matty asks what would be your dream mission to see on the upcoming season of the Bad Batch, which the first two episodes are out now. And I think they’re great.


Rosie Knight They’re really great.


Jason Concepcion I think they’re really, really strong.


Rosie Knight This is just such a delightful show. I love these characters. For me, really, anything centering around Omega. I’ve always been a huge kind of.


Jason Concepcion Tantalizing character.


Rosie Knight Kid sidekick person. And I think that this is one of the most interesting spaces within that. I also think the first two episodes hint at some good missions that we’re going to get around the kind of realities of Order 66 and what happens when it doesn’t occur. So basically, I just want to see this ragtag found family go on a mission, maybe after the end of last season where Crosshair kind of split off from them. I’d love to see them maybe have to help him out, some kind of reconnection there. But yeah, I’m really excited and I’m glad that our listeners love the show so much because I do think it’s a really, really special show.


Jason Concepcion I would love to see some. And we got hints of it, particularly in the second episode of the current season, when, you know, the Bad Batch are kind of debating amongst themselves how, how involved in the non-existent fight that is currently going on they should get? Should we? We understand that something terrible is going on has gone on with the rise of the Empire. Should we do something to stop it? And I would be really eager to see their role in the formation of what we now call the Rebel alliance. If that if there is a role for them to have. Because just the fact that they’re debating it. You know, this is obviously a debate that’s going on in this particular time and this particular time in galactic history, you know, in various different parts of this story. And I think that the fact that they’re having that conversation means that, you know, could we see. We are already seeing them kind of get mixed up with their former clone compatriots in a raid and an attempted heist. You know Count Dukus’ former Riches. That could bring them into conflict with any number of imperial figures, early imperial figures, including maybe, you know, Tarkin Maybe. I think that I would just love to see because we don’t know anything about it. I would love to see if they played any role in the formation of the Rebel Alliance and what that would look like. I think that’d be really cool.


Rosie Knight Yeah, I love that. Especially because the thing that makes the Bad Batch so special and the way that Filoni is used, the animation in general, is to look at all the different small parts that come together to make the whole the is the rebellion, the people who are background, who are collateral damage in the, you know, the case of the clones and kind of expand on that. So I think that would be a lovely way to see it.


Jason Concepcion And then finally, a couple of questions about The Last of US, which is going to debut next Sunday on HBO Max. Matt says, don’t know if you’ll cover this on the part, but I’m hyped for the Last of US. How much of the first game do you guess we’ll be covering the first season? What do you think will make this zombie show different from others like The Walking Dead, for instance, And then after Bedtime Game asks, Will you be covering the Last of US adaptation for HBO? If so, any thoughts leading into the premiere? Yeah. First of all, we’re going to be covering it.


Rosie Knight Yeah, we are covering it, baby.


Jason Concepcion We can reveal now as we enter this phase of the X-ray Vision podcast. X-ray vision will be in your ears twice a week, Wednesdays and Fridays. This Friday’s episode, we’re going to be covering The Last of US game. It’s going be a first installment on the Story of the Last of US. The First Last of US game, which is just a tremendous storytelling experience, tremendous game experience. We can’t wait to bring that to you. And yes, we will be covering the show on a on a weekly basis. In terms of Max’s question, Rosie, who how much do you think they’re going to cover in this first episode? And the first season.


Rosie Knight I’m going to be real. I think that the game I think you could tell the most important parts of the game in a season, and I think that would be the smartest thing to do. Do I think they’re going to do that? Probably not. I think that we will probably. I think they will probably stretch out over two seasons. Though the game is this kind of all encompassing. We’ve both been replaying it like it’s this all encompassing storytelling. So much of the time is taken up by you inhabiting the role, and obviously we’re not going to be in that space. So I personally think you could do a brilliant limited series, but seeing as this has the potential to be the most successful video game adaptation of all time, you know, Torchwood, I’d assume they’re going to stretch out a bit. I think.


Jason Concepcion Yeah.


Rosie Knight Yeah. What do you think?


Jason Concepcion Oh, no. I was completely agreeing with you. I think what will make this different is going. What’s going to make this different is than than The Walking Dead in particular is the kind of part of the kind of drama generator of this story is a cure. A cure is possible. Unlike in The Walking Dead, where everybody’s just like, This is what the world is now and you just have to deal with it. The What Gives The Last of US gave its devastating, emotional and moral punch is a decision has to be made about trying to make a cure.


Rosie Knight Mm hmm. And what we would sacrifice to do it.


Jason Concepcion Yeah, right.


Rosie Knight That is. I think. I think that is.


Jason Concepcion And that is a big difference.


Rosie Knight A big difference.


Jason Concepcion That is a huge difference because it’s about selfishness. It’s also it’s about like.


Rosie Knight It’s also finality that the Walking Dead didn’t have at the time because the comic book was ongoing. I will also say in replaying the game something that blew my mind and I’m really excited to talk about this game and. And it’s kind of origins because something that kind of blew my mind was the game was being developed a year before The Walking Dead got onto TV. Now, the game was probably inspired, at least in part, by the comics. But there are a lot of differences, and you can see that it becomes a cyclical thing where The Walking Dead TV show also starts to feed off the Last of US in the way The Last of US tell stories. One of the biggest differences that I think that I was kind of really blown away with playing the game again. I think it’s that. The Last of US is a game that is very bleak and has these immense moral choices and is very sad and scary. But it has these unbelievable moments of beauty almost constantly throughout the game. Even if you’re just walking around in a broken down landscape about to kill ten people. By the way, Tess’s a psycho. Like, she really made me mad as so many people when I started playing Absolute Psycho.


Jason Concepcion You know what? Like she’s a traumatized person as every survivor is.


Rosie Knight And no judgment. But I was shocked. I was killing a lot of people and I had forgotten that part. But even when you’re just walking around the city, you go from it’s not that resident evil style, Walking Dead style. Everything is grim, Everything is dark. Everyone is getting eaten by a zombie at all points. There is a lot of quiet and there are these moments of beautiful, overgrown nature of peace of. And I hope that that is going to be something that they keep in the show because that will really make it stand out against that kind of grim, grit and kind of constant grime of The Walking Dead.


Jason Concepcion Yeah. We can’t wait to dive into that show. Thanks for all your questions. Up next, Nerd Out.


Rosie Knight In today’s Nerd Out, where you tell us what you love and why. Listen, Swati pitches us on the Netflix reboot of She-Ra.


Swati Hello, Jason, Rosie and my fellow nerds. My name is Swati, and I’m here today to share my love for She-Ra, the 2018 Netflix reboot of the classic 1980s animated series that I grew up on. This version of She-Ra is Gay Star Wars with a Lisa Frank esthetic and a bit of Sailor Moon thrown in. It’s the most wholesome show I’ve ever watched. Perfect for adults and children. It made me laugh, made me cry, warmed my heart. And I just want to watch it over and over. Also, it has a banging theme song I can’t help but sing every time I watch. The show is hilarious with wildly funny characters and ridiculous shenanigans you’d expect from a kids show, but it also has a very deeply moving story about good versus evil. A quick synopsis Adoring Khadra are orphans raised by the Horde, a military unit similar to the Empire. One night A Adora finds a magical sword that transforms her into a legendary warrior princess, Shira. She learns that the Horde is evil and trying to take over their world at the area. Adaora teams up with the princesses of power, but to save the world, she has to go against her best friends since childhood. Katra, who doesn’t want to leave the Horde over the course of the show. Adaora searches for her origins as she fights to do the right thing without sacrificing the people she loves. Over five seasons, she explores themes of identity, friendship, sacrifice and love. The stakes are high in this show. The Princess Alliance is fighting to save it, the area and the universe. I would compare this to Star Wars rebels in the depth of character development and the epic battle of good versus evil. But my favorite part about She-Ra is how unabashedly queer it is and a theory. A queerness is just a normal part of society and life as it should be. Princes are married, people have gay parents, and we even have a very fun, non-binary character. Double trouble voiced by non-binary actor Jacob Tobia. It’s how the world should be, with queerness existing the same as straightness. Also adore and catch are the best will they? Won’t they ship in TV? They are also deeply heartfelt characters, as are the rest of the cast, which includes Karen Fukuhara, the actress who plays Kimiko on the Boys as Princess Glimmer. So go watch She-Ra on Netflix. It’s five seasons of hilarious hijinx and Epic Battles. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did for the honor of Grayskull catcher Dora Forever.


Thanks, Swati, for submitting. If you want to be featured and send your Nerd Out pitch to Instructions in the show notes.


Jason Concepcion That’s it for us. Big thank you to the listeners for submitting so many incredible questions. Happy 2023 to everybody. We didn’t get to all of them, but we will of course continue to do more mailbags on the show. Rosie, it’s time for plugs. What do you have to plug?


Rosie Knight You can find my work on all the usual sites. I have a website, which will send you to all of them. There’s also zines and comics on there. You can find me on Letterbox’d on Instagram @RosieMarx, and I will be covering The Last of US at IGN. I’ll have some cool stuff coming out at Prime Timer about some other rad shows that are coming out soon. And yeah, just, you know, as soon as February comes around will be will be Ant-Manning hard. So enjoy this MCU break.


Jason Concepcion Catch the next episode of the X-ray Vision Pod this Friday, January 13th, because remember, we’re now coming to you twice a week. That’s twice the deep dives, twice the tinfoil hat theories, twice that We were right, twice the nerd outs, twice the everything’s double it and pass it on.


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Jason Concepcion Here’s this episode’s five star review from Jamison Hass: a truly comprehensive look at the stories we tell. Jason and Rosie do such an amazing job of digging deep and bringing their diverse backgrounds and stories into their analysis. That’s so nice.


Rosie Knight Thank you. Thank you. We try our best.


Rosie Knight Thank you, Jamison.


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