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December 03, 2021
X-Ray Vision
Marvel's Hawkeye Episodes 2 & 3

In This Episode

On Episode 14 of X-Ray Vision, Jason Concepcion & Cody Ziglar dodge traffic (Pym arrow not included)! In Previously On (1:58), Jason and Zig recap episodes 2 and 3 of Hawkeye, streaming on Disney+. In the Airlock (37:42) Jason and Zig dive deep (deeeeep) into the theories and possibilities of Hawkeye’s upcoming episodes. For The Omnibus (54:17) Jason lifts the lid on organized crime in the Marvel canon. And in The Endgame (1:07:05), Jason and Zig play another round of Assembly Required, picking a character or item from Hawkeye episodes 2 and 3 for a randomly assigned mission (no hints this time). Use #XRVEndgame and let us know what you think of their choices!


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The Listener’s Guide for all things X-Ray Vision!

Savage Land – Created by Jack Kirby and debuting in Marvel Mystery Comics #22, a prehistoric land in the modern world of Marvel comics (right near Antarctica); picture Jurassic Park with even more dinosaurs and zero rules. 


Daredevil – Specifically the 2011-2014 Eisner-winning series by Mark Waid with eye-popping art by mainly Chris Samnee; the series was known for its humor, introducing the villain Ikari, and featured a team-up with Spidey himself. Available on Marvel Unlimited, Comixology, and more.



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