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January 11, 2023
Keep It
“No Day But Tuesday” (Golden Globes Special)

In This Episode

Ira and Louis break down the 80th Golden Globes ceremony which inexplicably took place on a Tuesday night.




Ira Madison III And we are back with a bonus episode of Keep It. I’m Ira Madison III.


Louis Virtel I’m Louis Virtel. And I guess we’re just going to have to keep doing this as long as they spring Tuesday award shows on us. I’ve never even said that sequence of words together before. It’s bone chilling.


Ira Madison III Can I say the amount of people who I would normally watch the Globes or any awards show with were texting me like an hour before, confused that the Globes were happening last night.


Louis Virtel Imagine watching something at 5 p.m. on a weeknight.


Ira Madison III On a Tuesday.


Louis Virtel That is Sunday behavior. It made no sense.


Ira Madison III And it also felt like it felt like Hollywood in general didn’t even shut down. I had like two generals yesterday and like, no one seemed to care that the Globes were happening. I’m like, You’re nominated.


Louis Virtel Yeah, you should have responded with do you understand we’re all at the Beverly Hilton right now. The the ghost of Merv Griffin is not pleased.


Ira Madison III The ghost of Whitney Houston, if you ask Jerrod Carmichael.


Louis Virtel Oh, that’s right. Wow. That was certainly a joke. A lot of things he said were certainly a joke.


Ira Madison III Um. All right. We’re going to get to the Globes right away. Let’s just start with Jarrod Carmichael. I would say that his hosting for me was 50/50.


Louis Virtel I, you’re right. I’m sorting through it because I’m glad he kind of brought the audience into his style, which runs a little slow. You know, if you watch.


Ira Madison III Mm hmm.


Louis Virtel Sorry, what’s the name? Nathaniel. You know, it sort of draws you in. There’s a conversational kind of meditative vibe. That said, I would also call it a bit drab. And then eventually, I felt like the the jokes that were at the celebrities expense were too, it was too dismissive. It was too, not in the spirit of everyone being there in the room, I’m not saying he has to be like super grateful to be there. Are like thrilled to be hosting the Golden Globes, which is obviously tainted, but it needed a little bit more. Something more fun, I don’t know.


Ira Madison III I will say that I appreciated that his jokes seemed to like be his jokes were like punching up for once, as opposed to Ricky Gervais.


Louis Virtel Right, yeah.


Ira Madison III Like, if Ricky Gervais was there, there was no way Ana de Armas was leaving that stage without a Ben Affleck joke.


Louis Virtel Right. Correct. That’s true.


Ira Madison III Yeah.


Louis Virtel Also, Ricky Gervais can’t tell a joke without telling you how amazing it is that he told it, you know?


Ira Madison III Right. So I appreciated that. I also appreciated, you know, the fact that he just sort of like when certain people that he really liked came on stage, he was just sort of like, no, I really like this person’s work. You know, I thought there was a lot of support for artists at this Golden Globes ceremony. Whether or not you were Jarrod Carmichael or you were Colin Farrell just wanting to fuck Ana de Armas.


Louis Virtel That was and very interesting aside and yet I’m not surprised he did it. I could have predicted it I feel.


Ira Madison III I know it makes sense that he liked Blond, to be honest. And also I actually really appreciate this current era of Colin Farrell. He’s still incredibly hot, like he’s still like very like Irish and sexy and like, but he has less of his like. I guess we use the word sleazy yesterday. We’re talking about people he has less of his sleazy sex tape era Colin Farrell going on. Right. Like it seems like he’s matured into a sweeter Colin Farrell.


Louis Virtel Yeah, there’s something about him physically going on where he’s advancing into this August or August, kind of Mark Rylance looking fellow. So it’s sort of like, you know, there’s just a new dignity of age appearing on it. And it sounds like the kind of thing we don’t see actresses have that. I’m not saying he has, but yeah, no, I he’s an amusing person.


Ira Madison III It’s also nice to see him getting celebrated, I guess, for Banshees, because I would say that Colin Farrell has always been a very good actor, like a great actor. And I feel like he’s always been sort of respected by the industry. But he’s also an actor who obviously, like took time to do movies, which I appreciate, like he did movies that people wanted to see, and not an actor who just sort of like does Oscar bait every fucking year, you know, like he’s not he’s an Eddie Redmayne.


Louis Virtel Right, Right. And by the way, this is for better and for worse. He also did like the Total Recall remake. Like, it doesn’t always work out, but he is the kind of person where when he comes up, people say, actually he’s always good in everything. And it takes you a second to realize that because the movies themselves can often be mid life.


Ira Madison III I will always stan Phone Booth.


Louis Virtel I feel like that comes up a lot with him. I think Phone Booth is one of his top tier.


Ira Madison III Yeah, but otherwise, you know, back to the hosting, I felt like the jokes were the jokes are funny. I like his style. Some of them I just felt like were made to, like, make a punch.


Louis Virtel Oh, sure.


Ira Madison III But didn’t really, you know, sort of land. Like, I fully support Shelly Miscavige joke.


Louis Virtel Okay, Now, I did love that. It is interesting that finally someone makes a joke about Scientology and Shelly Miscavige on TV the minute Tom Cruise does something right, you know, like taking his Golden Globes away or, like, turn back or whatever he did. Like, it’s funny that that’s what provoked it.


Ira Madison III But he’s in this like era where everyone is sort of like, we like Tom Cruise, we like Mission Impossible, etc.. You know, like a few years ago, it would have been much easier to be to call him out about that. But no one ever did.


Louis Virtel Right, right, Right. No, if in a way, the fact that it took this long for someone to say something like that made it even better. So I was pretty happy about that. But I do have to say certain people stole the show from Jarrod Carmichael, namely, Regina Hall.


Ira Madison III Oh. I mean, we’ve already forgotten, you know, that she hosted the. What does she host?


Louis Virtel She hosted the Oscars last year.


Ira Madison III The Oscars. Yes, the Oscars last year. That was so fucking long ago.


Louis Virtel Right. Also, nobody comes away from that Oscars being like, oh, the three female hosts really, you know, slayed.


Ira Madison III Yeah, but have her host every fucking thing. There is the funniest moment of the show, you know, was obviously her presenting and then calling out


Louis Virtel To Kevin Costner. Yeah.


Ira Madison III Calling out Kevin Costner. And I love that because it also pierce that sort of fourth wall where, you know, when people are always like, so-and-so couldn’t make it to the awards because they’re doing whatever, you know, like Amanda Seyfried is busy working on a new musical.


Louis Virtel Yeah. Deepen What was the I forget the wording, but it made it seem like she was really down in the trenches working on a musical.


Ira Madison III She’s writing Mamma Mia three herself actually.


Louis Virtel Tick tick boom. Mamma Mia 3. Yeah


Ira Madison III She’s with, she’s with Abba in the studio crafting new songs.


Louis Virtel She and Agnetha are in a fight right now. Yes.


Ira Madison III But Regina was reading the excuse on the teleprompter as to why Kevin Costner couldn’t be there. And she starts cracking up. And then once she gets through it, it’s because Kevin Costner was sheltering in place in Santa Barbara due to the rain in California. And it’s as I said, it’s like very few people were like, we’re being annoying about the joke being like, you know, people have died. You know, it’s like the rain is serious. But I’m like, the joke wasn’t at those people’s expense. The joke was at the fact that Kevin Costner is sheltering in place in his mansion in Santa Barbara.


Louis Virtel Yeah, right. Just being safe. Right. I but also just the continued disbelief on her face like it kept going on. How funny it was. It kept hitting her and then it kept hitting us. She was so unpretentious, delivering her joy about that situation. It was just I mean, she’s obviously always extremely funny, but like, she just is one of those people who has, like, talent on tap. It doesn’t even look like she has to activate it. It just flies out of her.


Ira Madison III One of our favorite interviews.


Louis Virtel Yes. Love her.


Ira Madison III You know, like she’s so fucking funny. The extra funny thing about the Kevin Costner sheltering in place thing is that he’s in his like, I’m starring in Yellowstone era, so, you know, appealing to conservatives and, you know, that’s like anti Hollywood, liberal, etc.. But like, what is more Hollywood liberal than sheltering in place?


Louis Virtel Yes.


Louis Virtel And you’re.


Ira Madison III Santa Barbara mansion.


Louis Virtel Right.


Ira Madison III Okay. Come on, Mister Dances with Wolves.


Louis Virtel Yeah.


Ira Madison III Speaking of Kevin, actually, we didn’t discuss those where we talked about I Want to Dance with Somebody.


Louis Virtel Oh yes.


Ira Madison III The funniest part of that movie was the splicing in of Kevin Costner from The Bodyguard. Like, like actual just footage of him as if he were there on set with her.


Louis Virtel Right. Yes. Because you only get footage of her, like sitting in a director’s chair or whatever, learning her lines or something.


Ira Madison III Yeah, she’s just with Clive.


Louis Virtel Right.


Ira Madison III Yeah.


Louis Virtel Right, right. Yes. That is very funny.


Ira Madison III And actually, how awarded is Kevin Costner? I only think of I only remember, like Dances with Wolves.


Louis Virtel He won a best director Oscar for that, and then he was nominated for best Actor, too. And then that was the last of that.


Ira Madison III Did it did that one best picture?


Louis Virtel Yes. Oh, I guess he won that, correct. I actually have not a very good memory for who has a best picture Oscar. It’s usually a bunch of people, I don’t know. But occasionally it’s, you know, like Brad Pitt has won for 12 Years A Slave or whatever.


Ira Madison III Yeah. I mean, that’s a little bit like we were talking about with Anna Kendrick, You know, with someone producing something. It’s a movie comes up and then all of a sudden you see an actor, you know, on stage like, what was it when like Octavia Spencer being on stage for Green Book.


Louis Virtel Right. And she’s, by the way, like yards down the stage, She’s, she’s basically in East Hollywood. It makes no sense that she’s even that. But by the way, speaking of Brad Pitt, you actually tweeted something that resonated with me, which is it was so fucking weird to see all these people on stage seemingly make the same come ons to Brad Pitt at this particular moment in popular culture.


Ira Madison III It was giving Payola.


Louis Virtel Yeah.


Ira Madison III It was giving. It was like like we know that he’s already got some of the papers in his pocket saying that, you know, Angelina Jolie is an awful person for trying to take him away from his kids. But this was giving did Plan B slip a bunch of people some money and just say or they will cast you if their agents tell them, like shout out Brad Pitt like I was, Regina’s made sense, you know, because Regina is older, you know, like, you know, like, like she’s she’s been around in the same places as Brad Pitt. You know, like, that was sort of like an easy joke, you know, for her. But even so, it was sort of reminiscent of, like, her joke from the Oscars, which I thought was funnier.


Louis Virtel The one where she was like hitting on everybody and, like, padding everybody. Yeah. Stuff.


Ira Madison III Yeah, that one. That one was funnier there. But this and that. I was like, Who made my girl Quinta?


Louis Virtel That was.


Ira Madison III Shout out Brad Pitt


Louis Virtel Right. Quinta Brunson, huh. And then the person who presented with Salma Hayek at the end to it felt like a very conveniently diverse panel of people approving of Brad Pitt.


Ira Madison III Him sitting in the front with his grand, you know, like giving prime like Taylor Swift at a music awards show seating.


Louis Virtel Yes.


Ira Madison III The camera kept cutting to Brad Pitt. But speaking of my girl Quinta, shout out to someone from BuzzFeed winning a Globe last night, but also fuck the Globes for making Quinta walk from Timbuktu to get to the stage. And I’m like, First of all, she is tiny. Like, she was just like a tall actor, you know, like a TV actor, like striding up there, like she’s wearing this big dress. She’s wearing heels, too. She’s getting up there. And then it it also seemed like the walkway from the way that she came up, it seemed like it was tiny.


Louis Virtel Yes. Right.


Ira Madison III She was squeezing up and I was like, who’s helping her?


Louis Virtel I mean, that calls to mind Jennifer Coolidge coming to the stage from the back, which I believe took one year. I was I was like, will she get there. Wow. It’s like the Oregon Trail. I was very dysentery would get her before she got to the mic.


Ira Madison III I know that you have to separate TV and film people for whatever reason, but you would think the big shows like the nominated ones, like like the ones you think are going to win, like would be towards the front. Yeah. Like I think White Lotus, Abbott Elementary would be sort of towards the front.


Louis Virtel You know, That is, by the way, a hilarious thing about the Golden Globes. So because it’s a big room of tables, people are necessarily like people who are going to win awards have to be further back. Just spatially. Then, if you remember Jacqueline Bisset, that’s crazy win for whatever TV movie she was in. She gave that crazy speech and she walked it had to a be a football field worth of distance from the back to the front. She literally gets lost backstage like the fully she’s like tangled up with producers trying to get to the mic. It’s so funny.


Ira Madison III What truly stressed me out as a person who extended amount of times of people like watching you try to do a simple task, make me makes me anxious.


Louis Virtel Yeah.


Ira Madison III Like seeing people watching me walk to the stage that long would stress me the fuck out.


Louis Virtel Oh my.


Ira Madison III I’d be sweating


Louis Virtel Fully. You’re going to fall or something. Like when Jennifer Lawrence fell at that Oscars. I know. It was sort of seen as, like, the ultimate adorkable moment That is also truly the number one nightmare.


Ira Madison III Yeah, That’s why men always help people out. Right? You know, And shout out also to Colin for helping Jennifer Coolidge up, while Brad Pitt just sat there with his teeth.


Louis Virtel By the way, speaking of Jennifer Coolidge, twice, she went up to that mic, one of them was she ended up giving a really heartfelt tribute to Mike White, of course, creator of the White Lotus Survivor alum.


Ira Madison III He was crying. Yeah.


Louis Virtel Oh, my God.


Ira Madison III That was beautiful.


Louis Virtel You love seeing a fagot, love an actress. I mean, come on. How often do you get that? Like, Ryan Murphy was not even shedding any tears. And Mike White, Mike White, who has worked with Jennifer Coolidge now for years, just weeping. It was awesome to see. But Jennifer Coolidge. She really took her time at the mic and you were in a way that made you worry for a second. You’re like, Does she have a complete joke here? Is something about to happen? And man, did she fucking deliver. I was like holding my face shrieking at how funny she was. She. I mean, I tweeted something about this, but she really is out there being Jennifer Coolidge 100% of the time. You know, if you if she has to buy like whatever or something at the store, you know, she’s going to say something kind of quizzical and strange under her breath to the person behind the counter and, you know, like, you know, like just whatever’s on her mind. Okay. And now I’ve got to go. Just that strange, faraway, pensive or bamboozle thing about her.


Ira Madison III And this came to me last night while she was doing that. You know what I really want to see for Jennifer Coolidge?


Louis Virtel Here we go.


Ira Madison III Her starring as a detective.


Louis Virtel Oh, sure.


Ira Madison III In like a Columbo kind of mystery, Like just her doing her Jennifer Coolidge thing. And all the suspects are confused as fuck. And then she’s like, Oh. He’s the killer.


Louis Virtel Yes.


Ira Madison III Yeah, he’s the killer.


Louis Virtel That’s a little original recipe, Miss Marple. Margaret Rutherford. She was a little bit like, Oh, let me get my shit together, you know? But you’re right. Jennifer Coolidge, that third act turn where she actually knows what’s going on would play really well, by the way. Which reminds me, Natasha Leone did a funny bit where she was talking about on the stage. I just wish people would get cut to the quick on these award shows. And she took 20 minutes to say that.


Ira Madison III She looked so fucking good.


Louis Virtel I love her look. Love her look. And also, it feels like in the past five years, she really has acquired film noir abilities. She just everything that her mouth seems like it’s from the forties, and now she’s starring in the.


Ira Madison III She’s a dame.


Louis Virtel Ryan Johnson detective show. I cannot wait for it. Yeah.


Ira Madison III Yeah. Poker face looks like really fucking good. And I’m glad that he’s doing something fun that’s on TV. That’s like, but like something that he really wants to do. I mean, it’s fucking wheelhouse.


Louis Virtel Yeah. Sefinitely.


Ira Madison III I stan them and their friendship and I love whenever I get to run into her because she’s like besties with Janicza Bravo so.


Louis Virtel Oh, cool.


Ira Madison III Natahsa Leon is like, fantastic.


Louis Virtel Now, speaking of accents and what has happened to people’s voices, can we diagnose Austin Butler? What the fuck is happening there?


Ira Madison III Hey, you mean, uh, Austin Butler. First, thank you all for giving me this award. I. He is from Anaheim.


Louis Virtel Sir. You’re not from Graceland. You’re Knott’s Berry Farm.


Ira Madison III I, I actually find it hilarious that he is sticking the landing even more than like a Lady Gaga.


Louis Virtel Yes, right. Hardcore.


Ira Madison III He is. This is full Madonna level. This is his voice now. And it is never going away.


Louis Virtel Right. No, it’s it’s yeah, it’s that moment when Madonna met Rupert Everett. There was no going back. She simply was.


Ira Madison III It’s funny. I was like, I think it’s funny. I like. I don’t think. I hate it. Like some of the. That’s why I deleted most of my award show tweets. Because, like, someone put out someone put mine. I think like The New York Post did an article that was like audiences hate Austin Butler’s cringe voice. And I was like, First of all, I don’t call anything cringe. I’ve never said that word.


Louis Virtel Yeah, the cheapest shot you can take.


Ira Madison III I think there was one of your Keep Its once.


Louis Virtel Yes, I hate that word. It’s it’s so condescending and it’s so like, I’m cool. They’re not it’s like. So you live in fear of being embarrassed all the time. Got it. Moving on.


Ira Madison III Yeah. And it’s not cringe. It’s just. It’s funny. It’s. It’s nonsense. It’s. It’s Sabrina Carpenter nonsense. Okay.


Louis Virtel Yes. Right, right, right. It’s just so surprising, just because to me, Elvis is he’s obviously a real person, a popular figure, but also such a character. Like, I can’t imagine actually having Elvis qualities in real life, you know.


Ira Madison III But she just shout out to him, you know, like, that is a that’s a really fun Hollywood story, to be honest. You know, because Austin Butler is an actor that and nobody was thinking about him ever being in like a prestige film.


Louis Virtel Let alone this quickly. Yeah.


Ira Madison III Yeah. And now it looks like he’s got to win an Oscar. Right. So shout out to him. Speaking of the four main categories for films, you know, we had Austin Butler winning, we had Michelle Yeoh winning, we had Angela Bassett winning.


Louis Virtel Which is interesting because I didn’t I don’t I don’t know that I was assured she was an actual Oscar contender before. But it the supporting actress is so weird this year. It’s so nebulous who’s even who’s in the running. It’s a lot of people. You like the performance, but you don’t really know of them as celebrities. Very Alicia Vikander energy in this in the category this year, you know.


Ira Madison III I would love to see Angela Bassett in Tomb Raider.


Louis Virtel Your lips to God’s ears, please.


Ira Madison III Okay.


Louis Virtel And Aliens reboot with Angela Bassett. There we go. Yeah.


Ira Madison III Ah, really? Just a strange day sequel. Come on. It’s called Big Hello. And then Ke Huy Quan also won for Everything Everywhere. And what I kind of love about the Globes is they’re really sort of like you get into someone’s story a bit more.


Louis Virtel Yeah.


Ira Madison III And I just hearing more about, you know, how he had stopped acting for years and then, you know, seeing Michelle Yeoh in Crazy Rich Asians, he was like, maybe I want to give it a try again. And then like being in this movie with her and then getting this award. Like, I feel like the Globes, like, are really good at setting up sort of a narrative for someone to go to the Oscars, which could sort of shake up the pre-conceived sort of narratives that we have for everyone else. So like, I think that he could potentially win. I think that, yeah, I wasn’t thinking about Angela Bassett winning, but now I’m like, it definitely feels like she feels like she has to be nominated for Black Panther for an Oscar. And also people fucking love Angela Bassett. Feel like she dipped into that history of like last time I was on the stage was What’s Love Got to do With It, you know? And I think that, like, everyone is thinking about the fact that like, yes, she is an actress who should have tons of Oscar statuettes at home and does not. But I think people would be happy to give her one.


Louis Virtel Yeah, this would only be her second nomination, which is really crazy. But you’re right.


Ira Madison III So that’s her movie, by the way.


Louis Virtel Yeah. I mean, yeah, you come away thinking of anybody, that’s her, right. Ke Huy Quon, I mean, after that speech, you would be crazy not to nominate him. You know, It’s like he belongs on that stage at this point. I think something the Golden Globes will always have, not over the Oscars, but as an appeal is this speech is there and obviously alcohol helps this really have the nature right. Best man, maid of honor. You know, like let me just I’m so excited to gush about this project or this person or whatever. And it feels off the cuff and a little spontaneous and a little off the rails. Whereas the Oscars are about you talking to God. You know, it’s like, here I am with my values and I’m going to declare them and, you know, absolve me of my sins, you know? So it’s a little bit more down to earth, if you will.


Ira Madison III I’ll always think of Joaquin Phenix in that fucking amazing Joker speech at the Globes and then going to the Oscars. And I’m like, I don’t know, talking about veganism.


Louis Virtel Right? There’s there’s a difference in tone that occurs. I mean, one of the great Golden Globes speeches is when Emma Thompson won the screenplay Globe for Sense and Sensibility. She delivered it as Jane Austen. I think it was Jane Austen writing to Emma Thompson or something, but it was so funny and so something that would seem very kitschy at the Oscars. But at the Golden Globes, there’s this anything goes vibe. So it’s exactly right.


Ira Madison III Yeah, I mean, truly, anything goes with the HAARP. And I love how that woman sauntered out at the end of like, girl, hide your face.


Louis Virtel Right, Right. Don’t declare yourselves now. Yeah. Interesting that the Fable Men’s won best picture, which I don’t know that I would have predicted. That would have been like third on my list of in that category.


Ira Madison III When I said I saw it though. Yeah. What? I thought I saw that film. I was shocked. The amount of people who had never told me that I had to go see it. But what I said I’d seen it. The amount of people who were in my DMs and responding to me that they fucking loved that film.


Louis Virtel Interesting.


Ira Madison III Was shocking.


Louis Virtel Mm hmm.


Ira Madison III I think there’s a groundswell of support for this film.


Louis Virtel But it’s interesting because Michelle Williams just missed the SAG nomination and I’m thinking about her performance, and as I’ve said on the podcast, like not really a fan of it, but I feel like maybe the problem is whether you like it or not, as the movie’s going along, you, it is about her, like you’re thinking about her. But then the movie shifts and I think for that reason afterwards, you’re not thinking about her as much as maybe the movie wants you to. So it’s a little bit easier to forget, especially when you compare it to Ana de Armas, where that movie is just the the closest shot on her, you know?


Ira Madison III Yeah. And those interesting, too, that after we’d recorded, Spielberg brought up Cassavetes in his speech when he won because, you know, I was thinking about Cassavetes and like the working with Rowlands all the time. And I was like, you know, like, I think that I still think that, like, Michelle Williams has an amazing performance that does not fit in a Steven Spielberg film.


Louis Virtel Yeah, right, right, right.


Ira Madison III I think that performance works with a different director, a director who’s making a different kind of film. But, you know, because that performance, yeah, it dips out towards the end. But a performance like that needs to, like, keep going higher and higher and higher. Yeah. And like, take us to this like big sort of like crescendo and it really does it like she has nothing to do with the end of the movie, right?


Louis Virtel It doesn’t intensify. I think you’re right. And also additional like for example, if you think of Patricia Arquette in Boyhood, obviously she won for that movie. That’s somebody who gets a big speech at the end, you know, somebody who’s like, and what’s it all about? You know, basically summing up the movie for us. And Michelle Williams forgot to sum up the movie for us.


Ira Madison III Yeah. I mean, she could have leaned into Gabriel and said, You can exhale now. Yeah.


Louis Virtel Oh, my God. Love Spielberg


Ira Madison III Her gay son.


Louis Virtel Yeah.


Ira Madison III By the way, we didn’t. I didn’t. We didn’t talk about this. But in the Fable Mens, I loved David Lynch’s cameo.


Louis Virtel Oh, I meant to bring that up, by the way. I did not identify him immediately, and I knew it was somebody. And I guessed Peter Bogdanovich. But it was. It’s David Lynch.


Ira Madison III Yeah, And one of my favorite Spielberg endings with him walking after hearing that, you know, like that it bias and then the camera adjusting the frame.


Louis Virtel Yeah.


Louis Virtel So that was.


Ira Madison III Just like the horizon. I thought that was very clear. I thought it was sweet. I was like, oh, like, I like when Spielberg has fun with his form.


Louis Virtel Also, if we’re going to compare endings that tout a love of moviemaking, see how that was succinct and like you knew exactly what he was doing. It was the opposite of what occurs in Babylon. Do you like I wrote you go down literally of celluloid like you’re watching it spiral as you sit there waiting for the movie to end. And then after it revisits not only all of cinema, but the entire movie you just saw anyway.


Ira Madison III Also Avatar.


Louis Virtel Avatar is in the movie. Oh. Oh, oh, wait. Here’s a faggy thing I will say about Babylon. So they revisit Singin in the Rain in the movie. But yeah, if you’re watching, when you’re watching Babylon, you already know the parallels. This doesn’t need to be drawn out. But they take a real moment to focus on Gene Hagan’s performance in Singin in the Rain. And by the way, that’s a very famous loss in that category. They play enough of her performance here that I honestly think she should compete again. I think Gene Hagan should be nominated. I think she could take care of them.


Ira Madison III I mean, nobody says I can’t stand them like her.


Louis Virtel Yeah.


Ira Madison III I love her.


Louis Virtel I can’t stand him. It’s unbelievable. I think also what hurts, hurt It hurt that performance in retrospect is it’s the year after Judy Holiday won for Born Yesterday, which is like the feature length version of that performance.


Ira Madison III Yeah, it was very odd to be like this movie is basically singing in the rain and then here is.


Louis Virtel Singing in the rain to her.


Ira Madison III By. Yes, the similar rate is also a better film.


Louis Virtel So yeah, and see, you have to watch out. Yeah.


Ira Madison III It didn’t help. You know, that’d be like at the end, the shape of water. They just watch Splash.


Louis Virtel Right.


Louis Virtel That would have been cute.


Ira Madison III Speaking of acting categories, I thought it was fucked that they combined so many categories. Like, he got to a point where, like, you know, when. When like, when Julia Garner won for Ozark’s, it’s like, okay. Like, I love that she won, you know, because people seem to love Ozark’s. I haven’t seen it and I never will. But I was waiting to see what Ozark and Adelphi.


Louis Virtel Ozark. And it was.


Ira Madison III Okay.


Louis Virtel And she, by the way, like, won the Emmy last time, too. This is a real Temple Grandin situation where I feel like she’s been to her one performance for over seven years.


Ira Madison III Yeah, but there was, you know, her winning. But because they combine like the comedy and drama for supporting people, but you had like, you know, like Shirley Ralph and, you know, like Janelle James, like there and it’s like, okay, but they’re great and deserve like a win, too. You know?


Louis Virtel It’s very weird.


Ira Madison III Combining of categories.


Louis Virtel Well, particularly if you’re going to give the space for the lead actors to, like, divide into genres, like to group everybody in supporting like that is, is strange, but obviously that’s what the Oscars do.


Ira Madison III So yeah. And then speaking of combining categories, it was just sort of like it felt sort of like a foreshadowing, you know, of what would happen, you know, if you combine the actor and actress categories, too, you know, like it was great. So it was actually great seeing Emma D’Arcy, seeing them on the red carpet, talking to Loni Love. And Emma had this, you know, sort of like really funny, sort of poignant speech about how. You know, once they started to accept that, they did have to present as a woman, you know, life opened up for them, this role opened up for them. But then also, like, right when that happens, they’re nominated for best actress.


Louis Virtel Yeah, right.


Ira Madison III For House of the Dragon. Which is funny, but then also shout out to House of the Dragon winning nothing and then all of a sudden getting that award at the end and only three of them walking up there, it was truly like they were like, Huh.


Louis Virtel Yeah. Confused Berry Grand Hotel winning best movie in 1932 and nothing preceding it. I was interested in who, by the way, didn’t show up to the Golden Globes, like Cate Blanchett. Wasn’t there, Zendaya wasn’t there. Kevin Costner obviously wasn’t there. And I just want to say about Cate Blanchett, I just saw you at the Palm Springs Film Festival, like a week ago, so don’t tell me you didn’t do this on purpose. Also, in her speech.


Ira Madison III She said, I’m good.


Louis Virtel Yeah. In her speech at the Palm Springs film competition, or whatever it’s called, she talks about how she was almost late because Jamie Lee Curtis insisted on repacking her bag. And then she said, Because we’re driving back tonight. Excuse me. Jamie Lee Curtis and Cate Blanchett were on the highway back to L.A. from Palm Springs. I mean, I’m not saying I’m not the kind of person who says, like, that should be A, when I play it, guys, that should be a one act play. What the fuck? I should be watching that right now.


Ira Madison III That’s giving  Ingrid Goes West. Okay, that’s that’s giving, that’s giving, I would love to see that. Oh, speaking of Jamie Lee Curtis just packing, repacking her bag when she repacked Cate Blanchett’s bag or her own bag.


Louis Virtel I think Cate Blanchett out outfit.


Ira Madison III Well, you know that don’t tell TSA that.


Louis Virtel No.


Ira Madison III You should have you did you pack your bag yourself? Actually, Jamie Lee Curtis did it.


Louis Virtel But.


Louis Virtel That’s actually the worst person. Yeah, right.


Ira Madison III Did it not seem like Jamie Lee Curtis just drunkenly wandered on stage during the Eddie Murphy tribute? Because.


Louis Virtel That was very strange.


Ira Madison III Like Tracy Morgan giving this beautiful, you know, like sort of like speech. You know, I start to count Eddie Murphy means to him. And then also that great like pull out jokes about, like, how many kids he has. And then you see the montage of Eddie Murphy’s roles. A lot of Norbit.


Louis Virtel Yeah. But it was also, by the way, every Eddie Murphy role. Every. Yes.


Ira Madison III And after the montage, Jamie Lee Curtis is just out there. She’s like, remember when we did Trading Places in 1983? And he’s like trying to mouth to her, but she can’t hear. And everyone’s just like, Yeah. Can we wrap this up?


Louis Virtel Right. Also, it’s like, Right, I remember that movie you did together. Not sure that means you should be giving the tribute right here, but. All right, whatever. I guess you’re there anyway.


Ira Madison III Not sure they ever saw each other again after that movie.


Louis Virtel She did say she goes. The first time we worked together, I was like, did I miss a Halloween sequel where Eddie appeared? Was he in True Lies? Yeah.


Ira Madison III Like no, Jamie, that was L.L. Cool J. That’s not Eddie Murphy.


Louis Virtel Yes. Yes.


Ira Madison III Anybody could have been up there to present something to him. Also, I love that people use the stage to shout out Rihanna constantly, but she never did any damn thing.


Louis Virtel No, Yo.


Ira Madison III She was just chillin.


Louis Virtel She sat there, right?


Ira Madison III She’s just chillin.


Louis Virtel She’s like, reading the program. She’s like, What the hell is RRR? That just won. That song is awesome. I haven’t seen that movie yet. Yeah.


Ira Madison III I haven’t either. RRR is like her album, but that’s what she’s going to name it now. Um, also the worst thing Jerrod Carmichael did was telling Rihanna to take her time on that album. Okay, we’ve already got we’ve already got Beyoncé pretending she’s Rihanna now and not releasing anything that she’s promised. We we can’t act like there needs to be new music around the Super Bowl.


Louis Virtel Also, I believe the time has been taken. I mean, I’m just looking at my watch also. I mean, at this point it’s giving Fran friendly. But what’s his third book? That’s what it’s giving. 1979 was the last one? Okay, great. Yeah.


Ira Madison III Is that how long we’ve been waiting for a new Fran book?


Louis Virtel Yeah.


Ira Madison III I feel like a new Fran book is always coming out. And every time you go and look at it at the bookstore, it’s just repackaged interviews that she’s already had before. Right? This is a scam.


Louis Virtel No. One time it was literally the two books I wrote in the seventies. Now they’re together. It’s like, you know what? They weren’t hard to find separately before, so I’m not really sure what’s going on here.


Ira Madison III You know, Joan Didion pulled that scam a lot.


Louis Virtel It right? Yes. We tell ourselves stories in order to make money. Okay. Yeah. I will say about this award show, though, and our friend Chris was talking about this, too. This awards season does feel pretty muted. I don’t know that it’s that like a movie like Avatar or Top Gun isn’t like dominating the conversation something that everybody saw. But it does feel like there’s a lack of particular oomph this year that we’re having to make up for in the Oscars loving community. And I hope it happens. And by the way, it should happen, too. And I can say this now because I am writing for the Academy Awards this year. So you better all watch because I’m writing some of those damn jokes.


Ira Madison III Um, no, yes shout out to shout out Yeah the entire ceremony just seemed very we’re just hanging out.


Louis Virtel Yeah.


Ira Madison III There’s no glitz and glamor and as you know, part of its maybe, oh are people still sort of, you know, not really going in because of, you know, we’re we’re still coming out of the pandemic and lockdown, you know, And like, we don’t want people to feel like, you know, we’re doing too much excess, you know, I mean, too much excess is why Babylon flopped at the box office.


Louis Virtel That’s right. Yes. You sounded like a Sunday school teacher there. Slap me with the ruler.


Ira Madison III To much excess.


Louis Virtel Yeah.


Ira Madison III But anyway, overall, like a pretty fine award show that was presented on Tuesday evening at 5 p.m..


Louis Virtel Yes. No, I literally had the thought maybe I’ll just watch it later, not live, since it’s so early in the night because I had other things to do. Glad I watched it live. It was a solid Golden Globes and a return to form. Not that we’re all obsessed with HFPA again or whatever, but it was very watchable, often very funny. We were like screaming at the TV at certain moments.


Ira Madison III So yeah, oh, last before before we end this, we must address the Ryan Murphy tribute.


Louis Virtel Oh, yes. Interesting. Do you? My feeling is, did it not feel like he pitched that as like a segment to the HFPA? Because it was very.


Ira Madison III Yeah.


Louis Virtel Like, what if I talk about all the queer and posse I’ve worked with in my lifetime? It just felt convenient somehow.


Ira Madison III Yeah. I will say the one benefit was that he really sort of shouted out all of those people that he has worked with. It was a great story. I thought that was lovely and I really loved him, you know, making I really loved him asking. Michael J. Just stand up so that she could get her standing ovation that she didn’t get on last year’s Globes when it didn’t air. That was really sweet. But it’s just it’s so weird that we’re in this era where, like now because he’s done all this, you know, like people have done sort of like a 180 on Ryan Murphy, only in that they love how he supports queer and people of color. You know, there was really just a 180 on the quality of all of his work. But it is successful. So it is it is just a 180 from how there used to be just like industry jokes about Ryan Murphy circa Glee. You know.


Louis Virtel This reminds me of a conversation I had with my friend Andrew Cologne once, who goes the 1979 Death on the Nile. That’s a great movie. And I said, Is it a great movie or is it a star studded movie? And that’s how I feel about a lot of Ryan Murphy productions. But star studded is important.


Ira Madison III We love star studded. You know, everyone who works with him.


Louis Virtel Yeah.


Ira Madison III You know.


Louis Virtel He must be fun, you know. Jessica Lange, when you watch interviews about Ryan Murphy that she’s given, I mean, like, it’s not just that she’s thankful she fucking loves him, you know?


Ira Madison III Yeah. I mean, you know, he’s he’s keeping Angela Bassett employed. Okay. So I always love that man. I need Nip Tuck, reboot.


Louis Virtel Nip Tuck.


Ira Madison III There was there was a lack of Nip Tuck.


Louis Virtel Always top tier of what he’s done. Always. The attitude of that show was second to none.


Ira Madison III Yeah, there was a lack of Nip Tuck in that montage. And I think that there’s a lot more to say about plastic surgery now.


Louis Virtel Right? Especially since it’s so much better. Yeah.


Ira Madison III Yeah. You know, I know you’ve had your buccal fat removed.


Louis Virtel Oh, yes. Place right under my tits. Yes. Where it belongs.


Ira Madison III But anyway. Yeah. Shout out to Ryan Murphy. Great, great Hollywood makeover. You know who else has got a real good Hollywood makeover? M Night Shyamalan.


Louis Virtel That’s another one. Yes.


Ira Madison III I just was sitting in the that knock at the cabin trailer airing before Megan. And I remember when a film by M Night used to used to be met with groans.


Louis Virtel Yes.


Ira Madison III I remember they basically hid his name when Devil came out.


Louis Virtel That’s so funny.


Ira Madison III And now it’s sort of like, Oh, he’s back, so.


Louis Virtel Well because they’re basically that old person at the beach or whatever that movie was now. That’s us. That’s  America.


Ira Madison III And making and making a movie with two gay leads. So shout out to that, too.


Louis Virtel Which I think has never been. It’s frequent in porn, Rarely in regular cinema.


Ira Madison III Yeah, in A Cabin in the Woods in an Only Fans video. It’s there’s 20 being shot right now.


Louis Virtel That’s basically its own genre. Yeah, right.


Ira Madison III All right. Well, this is our bonus episode, so I hope you all enjoyed our Globe’s rundown. And we will see you next week. Keep It is a Crooked Media production. Our senior producer is Kendra James. Our producer is Chris Lord, and our associate producer is Malcolm Whitfield. Our executive producers are Ira Madison III, that’s me and Louis Virtel. This episode was recorded and mixed by Evan Sutton. Thank you to our digital team, Matt DeGroot, Nar Melkonian and Delon Villanueva for production support every week. And as always, Keep It is filmed in front of a live studio audience.