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July 14, 2023
X-Ray Vision
Secret Invasion Ep 3 & 4 + DC Casting News

In This Episode

On this episode of X-Ray Vision, Jason Concepcion and Rosie Knight question Nick Fury’s marriage! In the Previously On (1:09), they discuss the spate of DCU castings for Superman: Legacy. In the Airlock (11:21) Jason and Rosie dive deep (deeep) into episodes 3 and 4 of Secret Invasion, discussing questionable submarine nuke passwords, Nick Fury’s questionable marriage, and more. Then in Nerd Out (1:02:32) a Secret Invasion theory.


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Jason Concecpcion Warning. This podcast contains spoilers for Secret Invasion episodes three and four. Hello, my name is Jason Concepcion.


Rosie Knight And I’m Rosie Knight.


Jason Concecpcion And welcome to X-ray Vision, the Crooked Media podcast, where we dive deep into your favorite shows, movies, comics and pop culture.


Rosie Knight In this episode, on Previously On, some exciting DC casting news and there has been a lot of it as the studio.


Jason Concecpcion There has been a lot.


Rosie Knight They are trying to tie down these actors before the SAG strike potentially happens at midnight tonight.


Jason Concecpcion Please don’t leave us.


Rosie Knight So there’s lots of DC casting news. In The Airlock, Secret Invasion, Episode three and four. And we have questions.


Jason Concecpcion We have questions.


Rosie Knight Lots of questions.


Jason Concecpcion In Nerd Out. Oh, why am I doing this? I don’t know.


Rosie Knight It’s you. You’re impersonating me you’re a Skrull. A very relevant Secret Invasion theory.


Jason Concecpcion And coming up next, Previously On. Okay. First up, some DC casting news. It was announced today. Today’s Wednesday, July 12th that Berry’s Anthony Carrigan a.k.a. NoHo Hank a.k.a. Gentlemen I see around town on a regular basis. I ate dinner from him one table over and he seems like a wonderful gentleman. We’ll be playing Metamorphose a.k.a Rex Mason in what has to be one of the most perfect castings. Out of the.


Rosie Knight Ten out of ten. No notes. Best casting ever like. This is this is the kind of casting where you just put in a group chat and you’re like, perfect. And everyone’s just like, perfect. I’m so glad I saw this. Like, this is incredible. Give the casting director $1,000,000, give James Gunn some props, because I’m sure this was one of the things that he was like excited about doing. This is such a fun character. Manimal, created by Bob Haney and one of my icons, Ramona. For Don, still making comics to this day, she’s an icon, debuted in The Brave and the Bold 57 in January 1965. Really good, weird character been in The Outsiders Doom Patrol, Justice League Europe, seven Soldiers, a Victory Justice League Task Force and more. Just like a super good, weird, deep cut DC character. So let me ask you a question before we get into these other ones.


Jason Concecpcion Please, please, please, please, please.


Rosie Knight Is this really a Superman movie? Because they’re.


Jason Concecpcion Interesting.


Rosie Knight A lot of characters that have been casted. We’re talking about one of the biggest ensemble movies since like End Game with the amount of characters. So how do you balance a Superman origin story, a Superman Lois Lane working in, you know, the Daily Planet kind of story? How do you balance that with Morpho and all these other cool castings that are about to get into?


Jason Concecpcion I think that. It is going to be a human origin story, but a Superman origin story in the sense of it will be the the reveal of Superman to the world. Clark Kent has been working as a reporter doing stuff that, you know, he knows about his powers. Maybe he’s flown around and saved a few people here in their bus from falling into.


Rosie Knight Cat from a tree.


Jason Concecpcion Cat from a tree, you know. That kind of thing. But now, with other super heroes and villains in play, the super villains perhaps start overpowering the superheroes, the, you know, the very whatever. Version of early versions of of a superteam they have here. And so Superman has to reveal himself and be like, okay, I guess I’m going to say.


Rosie Knight I like that I think is great.


Jason Concecpcion What it’s going to be. What do you think?


Rosie Knight Yeah, I’ll tell you my theory after we reveal some of the other characters, because I think those are the selling point to me.


Jason Concecpcion Next up, Isabella Merced, Vanity Fair exclusively announced, who will play Hawkgirl. Isabella Merced, you’re familiar with from the absolutely appalling Sicario Day of the Cerrado. It’s terrible, horrendously awful movie. Its politics are truly, truly, outrageously bad. I enjoyed the first Sicario. The sequel is terrible. And also Dora and the Lost City of Gold actually delightful.


Rosie Knight Ten out of ten, I would recommend if you have not seen it. It’s a joy.


Jason Concecpcion And I will say the inclusion of a hot girl kind of has me feeling. This is kind of why I say. I wonder if it’s going to be like a justice society kind of thing, and then the justice society just gets like Merc. And so Superman has to be like, okay, I’m here.


Rosie Knight That’s a really great point, actually, because we know that that was what If we look at James Gunn’s patterns with Suicide Squad, he announced all these different people playing all these different deep cut heroes and then killed them off in the first, you know, 5 minutes of the movie. Now, do I think it’s going to be that quick? Probably not. But I do think that was a really interesting addition. I like your thing about the JSA. I think that’s right. This is such a weird, deep character. It’s just like Hawkman. There’s like multiple versions. Like the original version is the wife of a Whore who is, you know, I guess in the old days, the associate of the Justice Society. They’re like, she can’t be in it. She just a woman. But she was created by icon, Gardener Fox Love him.  Dennis Neville from Flash Comics number one, January 1940. That’s how old this character is. There’s been like all the different versions, the Fanta Guardian, one who is the wife of Carter Hall, spelled differently, another Gardener Fox with Joe Cuba, and then Kendra Saunders, who’s like the modern one that I think most people know. James Robinson. David S. Goya, friend of the pod. Good ole David icon, superhero, movie icon and Stephen Sadowski. And that’s like a Knight nineties version. I think knowing James, this is probably going to be an amalgamation slash. Something a little bit new because that apart from in the DCU, the animated films and TV. I would say that is the real definitive version of Hawkgirl for a lot of people is the animated DC version. So I think there’s space on screen for a really great Hawkgirl That was a Hawkgirl in the CW, but I feel like this could be a really cool space. Also, Hawkman was played by Aldis Hodge in the much maligned, rightfully so, Black Adam. But Aldis Hodge was brilliant. That was cool. Costing the costume look great. I would like to maybe see him come back. It is just bonkers to me. Like that is such an out there casting for a Superman movie. Yeah, but it’s not the last out there casting.


Jason Concecpcion It is not the last out there. Casting. We continue. Edi Gathegi. Who you, who we know is from X-Men First Class. And what was possibly the worst death in a marvel related film of a character that definitely should not have.


Rosie Knight Darwin with his literal power, he always evolves. We know that you all are sick of hearing about this because people like us talk about it all the time. But it’s true. I’m so happy to see him get his props here and get a new character. Also a very cool character, Mr. Terrific. I love this character. I think this is so cool and out there, and I was absolutely not expecting this.


Jason Concecpcion Tell us about Mr. Terrific.


Rosie Knight So Mr. Terrific is really cool. He has a cool jacket that says fair Play, and it is a legacy mantle. So there’s been multiple different versions. There was actually a really cool version in The CW, played by Echo Kellum, who I really like cut this whole, but this is going to be the Michael Hall character created by John Ostrander, Tom Mandrake, the great, really cool.


Jason Concecpcion Cool squad, crazy.


Rosie Knight Like the super intelligent inventor. But yeah, he created the T spheres and that’s his weapon. And he has this really iconic costume design that is like a leather and leather kind of racing jacket, and he has the T painted on his face. Now, the art that they used for this was by Alex Ross, which is the most probably the most famous and I would say this is the one, where with the other characters. Now, don’t quote me on this. This is a tinfoil hat theory. Right. Okay. I’m excited. To me, this feels like James Gunn’s doing A Kingdom Come movie. Like the roster of characters, something that’s so different. He’s like, What is the legacy of Superman? The movie is called Superman. Legacy like is the legacy that there’s this threat that he cannot deal with. So all the heroes have to come in and be involved in it. I just feel like to me, these kind of out there characters, especially like with Mr. Terrific, in the next one, it is Feeling Kingdom Come ish, but I also I think that is a. Huge ambitious leap for the first movie in the DCU because it’s essentially elseworlds. But I’m not going to lie. This is has been giving me Kingdom Come vibes with all these castings.


Jason Concecpcion Wow. Well here is. Here is the the final announced casting Nathan Fillion of of lots of things that you probably like including Firefly and more will portray a Green Lantern specifically Guy Gardner as confirmed by James Gunn on Twitter. And this only bolsters my theory that a lot of these people.


Rosie Knight Are going to die.


Jason Concecpcion In the first 15 to 20 minutes. David Fillion  will die in the movie.


Rosie Knight He was, you know, the detachable kid. A.K.A like James Gunn’s version of Arms Fall Off. Boy, he died then, you know, he played this. The security guard in Guardians of the Galaxy who was always ragging on the Pete Davidson character like he didn’t he didn’t kind of have a main role. Nathan Fillion definitely doesn’t seem like he’s going to survive long, especially as Guy Gardner, who, like I love Guy Gardner because he is that annoying Green Lantern. But like when you think of Green Lantern, you think of how Jordan, Jon Stewart or Kyle Reyna, you know, you don’t think of Ginger Gordon, Guy Gardner, who’s always like fucking around and doing some rude shit and annoying everyone. So I would I like, I think you’re right. I would not bet on him surviving the movie.


Jason Concecpcion Do you think he makes it 20 minutes?


Rosie Knight I wonder. James Gunn has been doing a good job trying to cast Nathan Fillion in a main superhero role for a long time. Nova was one of the ones that everyone was talking about. Allegedly, that was going to be a poster of him in Guardians of the Galaxy Volume one, where he was going to be Wonder Man, like the kind of Hollywood Wonder Man version. So maybe this is the time where James is found that perfect drove him and he can kind of pop up around the DC Universe. But like, is it more likely that the first he’s the first green light only and he dies? Yes, I agree.


Jason Concecpcion All of these characters, of course, will appear in Superman Legacy, a movie that.


Rosie Knight Will exist


Jason Concecpcion Looks increasingly and we can’t wait to see it.


Rosie Knight Two years. Two years.


Jason Concecpcion Crazy stuff. Up next, Secret Invasions. Episodes three and four.




Jason Concecpcion We’re stepping out of The Airlock and into New York of 1998 to talk about Episode three Betrayed of the Secret Invasion television program on the Disney Plus streaming network. Directed by Ali Selim, written by Roxanne Paradis and Bryan Tucker. We start with with Vito, who is maybe Fury’s son. Like he’s probably can easily use Fury son.


Rosie Knight How? Can Skrulls have babies? I don’t know. We’re going to be talking about that in this episode. Do they have babies that are human? Do they have humans that turn into skrulls? Unclear.


Jason Concecpcion It’s a very it’s a very comics thing that would happen. Yes. And we open on Beto. He’s being questioned about why he specifically wants to be a warrior in the Skrull rebellion. And he’s like, Well, we got to have a home. And the guy interviewing me is like, Great. Good answer. That is the extent of my questions.


Rosie Knight Feels like you should have him given him more questions.


Jason Concecpcion Here. I would like to hand you the reins of a very, very sensitive mission to to destroy a plane, a U.N. plane that will be carrying multiple politicians. And you’re going to impersonate.


Rosie Knight It sounds bad.


Jason Concecpcion Gravik is studying his Super Skrull machine. The council arrives. He’s brought them in to kind of like flex in front of them, in front of the machine. He’s like, okay, here’s what’s going on with my latest attack. Three skrulls dressed as soldiers and strike a U.N. facility and then World War three. That’s it. That’s the extent of the plan. And when World War Three happens, then we unleash the super skrulls. And by the way, that’s going to be all of us. Don’t just think, because I’ve only got one of these machines and there’s a million of us that I’m not going to get to every single one of you and give you Skrull powers. It’s going to take a while and we’re going to have to do some kind of lottery system numbers. Well, because clearly the bandwidth is not there. I don’t know how long this process takes, but we will all get Super Skrull powers and be weapons of mass.


Rosie Knight Let’s talk about this. Yeah, This is his plan to deal with the Avengers asset.


Jason Concecpcion Trying to do it. Maybe you do ten a day.


Rosie Knight Maybe. I mean, I think I want to. Look, I understand that Marvel was in a.


Jason Concecpcion 100 thousand days.


Rosie Knight I understand Marvel was in a sticky situation here, as they do not know who their Fantastic Four are going to be yet, and they are not sure when they will be introduced. And they wanted to do the Super Skrull. I would have said, Just wait because let’s be real. If you’re going to go against, you know, all these heroes in the MCU, there’s so many of them just stick to the end of end game. Think about how many people there, and this is the powers you have. Extremists grouped an ice demon from Loki.


Jason Concecpcion We haven’t seen, We haven’t seen the ice yet.


Rosie Knight We haven’t seen the ice yet. And then like one other, we oh, one of Thanos’ annoying children.


Jason Concecpcion Like I feel like that I think is just strength. That’s probably just stregnth.


Rosie Knight Like instead of the thing.


Jason Concecpcion Yeah.


Rosie Knight Like I just feel like those powers are not really they don’t have the range. If you’re going up against the Avengers, like I just.


Jason Concecpcion But you know what they can, they can be like, Oh well we tweaked it like obviously the first this is, this is Super Skrull baby.


Rosie Knight Yeah. Yeah.


Jason Concecpcion Like  whenthis comes out.


Rosie Knight When this comes out, it’s going to be like we going to release soldier serum. Like we got Bucky’s metal arms just growing out of everywhere.


Jason Concecpcion The thing they’re going to do, they’re going to be rolling out improvements to obviously like one.


Rosie Knight I like to do this in patches.


Jason Concecpcion Actually. He’s going to be like, Hey, update the firmware. We just found a new power guy and. Clearly that’s what they’re going to do. We flashback to New York City, 1998, Young Fury, Younger Fury walks into a diner, perhaps after seeing one of Sam Jackson’s old movies. Do you think younger Nick Fury? Did he, like see Pulp Fiction?


Rosie Knight Definitely. I feel like a lot of his esthetic is based on that. He’s like he’s like, I’ve just been to see Sphere. The 1998 sci fi classic. Maybe I went see The Negotiator.


Jason Concecpcion Starring Sharon Stone.


Rosie Knight Back to negotiate with this Skrull. I believe it.


Jason Concecpcion An adaptation of Michael Crichton novel. Michael Crichton, by the way. Shocking news. Six foot nine.


Rosie Knight Oh, my God. I think about all the time. I legit think about that. You are six foot nine and you wrote Jurassic Park. This is unbelievable.


Jason Concecpcion So young Nick Fury walks into a diner for a meeting with an agent, and this woman starts flirting with him. Beautiful woman. And Fury soon realizes that this beautiful woman is his Skrull agent, Varra.


Rosie Knight How lucky.


Jason Concecpcion She passes him some documents relating to Dreykov, the project manager of the Russian Super Assassin Training Center.


Rosie Knight Oh, heard of it.


Jason Concecpcion Thus, bolstering our, ever heard of it, thus bolstering our we were right. Eligible theory that everything related to Russia is Skrull infected. Fury quickly pivots to. And I think and I’m not sure this holds up to HR scrutiny. Immediately pivots to you looking good in this whoever’s face and that whole battle vibe that you’ve taken on. I find it easy on the eyes. I think this is.


Rosie Knight The saber, right? Give him a call.


Jason Concecpcion Yeah and Fury is like, Who can I ask? Like, who? The who? The lady you maybe killed or have tied up in a basement or, you know, whatever the case may be. Like who she is. Var is like, Don’t worry about it. But how about this? Get to it. We get to know each other. You like the way I look? Maybe, you know, we could spend some time together and you could get a get a closer look. And if you really like each other, I don’t know. We want to get this conversation, but, yeah, we work together. And she’s like, Yeah, but, like, we’re secret agents. So technically everything’s classified.


Rosie Knight So we don’t exist.


Jason Concecpcion We don’t exist.


Rosie Knight Morals don’t exist.


Jason Concecpcion He’s like, Okay, good boy. Present day. Fury and Varra are enjoying a married couple breakfast, which she cooked and it looks good, including coffee. And after cooking this beautiful breakfast, she’s like, can I ask you a question? Why haven’t you been home in seven years?


Rosie Knight Okay, let’s talk about that. Because I assumed when she showed up Nick Fury’s secret wife, I was like, Oh, this is so interesting. Everyone’s been telling Nick Fury, Oh, your washed. Why have you been hiding in space? Ran And I was like, No. Nick Fury is actually has been spending time with his secret squirrel wife. That’s actually really romantic and cool.


Jason Concecpcion I’ve been making love to my Skrull wife.


Rosie Knight What do you? She’s been shapeshifting. It’s been really weird and freaky. I love it. I was like, this is actually an interesting, complex layer to this new character. No, this man just disappeared for seven years. She also doesn’t know where he’s been. And they’re still married? She could have just filed him as a missing person. He would have been listed dead after seven years.


Jason Concecpcion And then Fury has the gall. The unmitigated gall. This woman just cooked him breakfast, including coffee.


Rosie Knight Accepted him back into her house, after seven years. No issue.


Jason Concecpcion Back into the warmth of their home.


Rosie Knight She left his wedding ring on the table for him after seven years.


Jason Concecpcion And he immediately is like, Have you been radicalized by Gravik? Let me ask you this. What the fuck have you been doing the seven years? WHo have you been talking to? Have you been chopping it up with Gravik? You better let me know. Which is like, Come on, Nick, where the fuck you?


Rosie Knight Also, I’m like, Didn’t she? Isn’t she that same Skrull to introduce him to Gravik? Maybe? Like, I don’t know, maybe she is chill with him. There’s not very many Skrulls in the world, allegedly. Actually, there’s a million. But because you come on.


Jason Concecpcion Just cause you talk to him, it doesn’t. Yeah. Anyway, so Varra, you know, is rightfully annoyed at this and she’s like, well, listen again, for the millionth time, we’re going to mention this in this episode, in this series, you got snapped, then you came back, then you went to space and now you’re here and you have all this unprocessed trauma. And so, you know, it’s very, very difficult to have any kind of quality time with you. And as for what I was doing for seven years, I became me the me I was before you, end quote. Well, then she gets a weird, mysterious phone call where she goes, Yeah, I don’t know about that. I’ll talk to you. Yeah, yeah, right. Okay. Talk to you later. And Fury is like, who’s that? And she’s like, none of your, none of your fucking business.


Rosie Knight Maybe it’s none of your beeswax. Who knows? No,  not, nothing to do with you, mate. Okay. This relationship is very confusing to me. So they meet in 1998. How long were they actually together for? Like he just breezed off to space. Like, also, she is a Skrull. She could have just gone to space with him. We know there are Skrulls on Saber, but she just chose to be chilling in that way.


Jason Concecpcion She was an agent. She was also an agent, too. It’s not like she was like a Skrull.


Rosie Knight Why did she become like, really? Yeah. Why did she become like, funny housewife? I mean, I respect that the house is nice, but, like, it’s confusing.


Jason Concecpcion Here’s the vibe I got so post 1998, I think they’re together, but they’re still doing this, at least in public. This. Oh, how are you and what’s going on? So it it seems like they’re not together, but they’re just doing this kind of like role play thing where it’s like their second date even though it’s 15 years.


Rosie Knight Yeah, yeah, yeah. Interesting.


Jason Concecpcion That’s my theory. We go to New Skrulls, Gravik wakes up G’iah. He tells her that Brogan was, you know, the boiling blood guy. So you boil his blood. His body was likely. The guy who tipped off the cops to their plans is like, the guy is like, Well, listen, Brogan was weak and I will never fold under torture, and she hasn’t had a blood.


Rosie Knight Yeah, try saying that. The blood boiled by Olivia Coleman because that didn’t look fun.


Jason Concecpcion Yeah. And then. And then she throws some further dirt on Brogan’s grave by saying was Brogan. He’s weaker than you thought. And then Gravik’s like, okay, be ready tomorrow for a secret thing. And then next scene is tomorrow the secret thing. It’s why, why have the line be like, be ready tomorrow. Just cut to the scene.


Rosie Knight You don’t have to anyway with that is a recurring problem as and also I just want to say G’iah is like a stone cold bitch. Yeah, she literally snitched, thank you to the Discord members who pointed this out, she snitched to TALOS, who called the police on the safe house, and then Brogan was murdered for it. Brogan, who did not give up the safe house. By the way, when his blood was boiled, it’s much easier to get shit about him. Like, Oh, he was so weak. I’m like this, man.


Jason Concecpcion You got to do what you got to.


Rosie Knight Was killed so that you could just snitch to your dad.


Jason Concecpcion She’s on our side. She’s on our side. She’s trying to stop World War Three. We think. I don’t know. So they go to the they’re going to the thing. They’re in a car, Gravik tells G’iah that he’s going to meet with her dad, Talos and the subject of the conversation goes, Well, it’s you. And then while he’s in the car, he extremely suspiciously and in a in a conversation that is clearly bait is like. Yes. Submarine Neptune Longitude. Latitude. Yes. That’s exactly where we’re going to do it. Goodbye. And then hangs up. And so.


Rosie Knight She’s like *music notes*.


Jason Concecpcion Puts it on a phone, but then smartly some good tradecraft here. She doesn’t text it. She has it passed manually to him. So it doesn’t like trigger their communication security, which she actually does trigger later when she actually is called by her dad anyway. Gravik and and Talos sit down. They’re in a museum. They have a little, you know, Graviks monologuing about the difference between statesmen and warriors. And he’s like, I’m going to be I’m going to be a warrior statesman. I’m going to get blood on my hands. I’m going to build this fucking nation. Let’s go to the cafe and have an espresso, talk about it. So I sit down and Talos is like, Hey, I got a pitch for you. Stop doing terrorist shit. Oh, why didn’t anybody ever try this before? Has anybody ever gone to Gravik and just asked him to stop.


Rosie Knight I’m sure you know, I think Nick has probably done it at some point. I think Varra has probably done it at some point. I think G’iah has probably done it at some point.


Jason Concecpcion Gravik, You got to stop.


Rosie Knight Talos, was this really your best plan? You were like, I’m going to buy that overpriced museum prepackaged sandwich and sit down.


Jason Concecpcion I’m going to have an expresso myself and has Gravik stop.


Rosie Knight And what do you think he said?


Jason Concecpcion Gravik is like no.


Rosie Knight You absolutely can fucking not.


Jason Concecpcion I’m going to continue doing terrorist stuff. And by the way, doing terrorist shit is why I’m on the council. And you’re not on the council, you fucking loser. And P.S., I got your daughter and I can  kill her any time I want. And Talos, of course, loses it at this and he is about to attack. Grab it. But then he realize, Oh shit, I’m surrounded by Skrulls.


Rosie Knight Who all turn into Gravik, by the way, very Mr. Smith from The Matrix.


Jason Concecpcion Right. But also, well, it saves assets. And it does is it saves cost in budget. And then and also, you know, it’s interesting that Talos and other Skrulls don’t have you’d think there’d be.


Rosie Knight Is there like no Skrulls sense.


Jason Concecpcion The or just like extreme paranoia to be like are all these people Skrulls? Anybody.


Rosie Knight It is weird, their own power that they understand is like, so unbelievably impactful, but they just never expect other people to be using it, is definitely an odd narrative choice. Also, I feel like Talos, he’s not really the he’s not really doing his best secret agent thing here. Like when he’s like, I could kill your daughter and instead of Talos be like, Oh, that’s just something dumb that someone might say. He probably, like, gets up in his face in the middle of the museum cafe where some grannies are just trying to chill. And he’s like, I’m going to fucking kill you. It’s just like my guy. Like, take it down a notch. Chill out.


Jason Concecpcion Talos is like, Hey, I don’t know if you’ve thought this through, but like, World War Three, I think it would be very, very destructive.


Rosie Knight World War is bad.


Jason Concecpcion And also and I think this is a good point. It would be destructive to us because, of course, the human superheroes would get involved and we’d probably be driven to the brink of destruction of extinction. And the humans are much more formidable than you think. And yes, they are very disunited right now and they’re at each other’s throats, and it certainly looks bad politicization and yada, yada, yada. But if an outside enemy comes, guess what? They’re going to fucking unite. So think about it. And then Talos also says there is a silent majority of Skrulls who agree with me and we’re all going to work against you. Don’t ask me to name them right now, but they’re there.


Rosie Knight Don’t ask for a list or proof.


Jason Concecpcion Don’t ask for it. I yeah, I know you have a full like, operational colony in Russia of all the people who agree with you. But I have like an email list or something. I got you. But there’s a lot of people it’s, it’s like certainly a majority 20 million that are here and don’t you dare fucking talk about my daughter again. And he puts in, he gets Gravik around the neck and stabs him through the hand and then just fucking peaces out. The bodyguards are like, Just let this one happen because it’s going to be cool. And then Gravik pulls that, pulls the knife out of his hand. And guess what? It’s extremis, the extremis part of the Super Skrull procedure. And he just like, fucking heals up. They perfected it.


Rosie Knight Yeah, they perfected it offscreen. Sorry to the villain of Iron Man three.


Jason Concecpcion I kind of make sense in the sense that, you know, Shasta Aldrich Killian, but he was a little bit off his rocker and and they hired you know, they have theoretically access to better technology. They have, like spaceships.


Rosie Knight They do.


Jason Concecpcion They have smart people.


Rosie Knight Two human scientists who are helping them. I will say I do like your read.


Jason Concecpcion And their genetic their genetic makeup is very, very different. So they can probably take.


Rosie Knight I like yorl read where it’s just like, this is a fun like Deus ex Machina of the MCU now. Skrulls are smarter. If there’s a problem, the Skrulls can fix it. Skrulls are smarter. It’s happenning. The Skrulls know.


Jason Concecpcion Later at a bar over a traditional English breakfast.


Rosie Knight Delicious.


Jason Concecpcion Fury and Talos meet up. Talos is like, you know, and this is the real marriage here.


Rosie Knight This is the marriage I want to see.


Jason Concecpcion This is the real one. Yes. Every time they’re together, I’m like, Great, just let these guys run. He’s, you know, Talos like, You only ever want to talk about business. Like you never want to talk about me. I just stabbed gravel through the hand and tried to pitch him on not doing the terrorism stuff. And I don’t want to talk about that because it was it was I ended up with a lot of egg on my face, and now I just want to eat my English breakfast. And sure, he’s like, okay. Got it. But listen. I have info about a rebel Skrull posing as a very highly placed US political figure. And then Talos is like, okay, well, why don’t you why can’t you ever say that you just, like, need help, that you’re you are kind of washed now and you need me and so can I just hear it like that? Nick Fury needs help from me, Talos. And Nick Fury is like I need you. I can’t do it without you.


Rosie Knight Yeah. Any whispers I.


Jason Concecpcion Thought was actually very true.


Rosie Knight But he also, like, whispers in his ear, like, this is definitely the king of that marriage. Like, Nick’s like, comes up behind him. And he’s like, I need help. I need your help, Talos.


Jason Concecpcion Talos then shares the info that G’iah passed to her on the burner phone. Fury calls Sonya, who is just being wonderful in her offense ask. And I do miss her too. And she’s asking and he’s asking about Neptune, which is a British submarine song, is like, you know, I don’t want to talk to you because you bugged my owl, you son of a bitch. Now I have to put a little eyepatch over the owl like you. And it says, Hey, Graviks, try and start World War three. So could you, like, stop fucking around with the owl and and talk to me about, like, who the commander of this sub bases? Like, Do you just have that information of this like one of the military many military bases like around that you just like No, the French soldier guy. That’s Captain Robert Fairbanks in Portsmouth.


Rosie Knight I was going to say, I feel like she gave.


Jason Concecpcion She just had it.


Rosie Knight Can I just say, Nick Fury is like on the run. He is suspected of being part of a terrorist attack in Russia. That was done for the American government.


Jason Concecpcion And he is seen on video shooting Maria Hill in the gut.


Rosie Knight Thank you. Good. And she’s just like, yeah, you can have it. Like she’s like like just this guy.


Jason Concecpcion He he is he is the main suspect in the Jack Ruby ring of Maria also. Yeah. And it’s clearly him.


Rosie Knight Can I also just say as well, like. She knows that Skrulls exist. So, like, how does she know there’s this Sam and not a Skrull?


Jason Concecpcion She’s got. That’s a fucking great point. Because the Skrull wouldn’t know. Well, they don’t know about the mind reading shit, but like, the Skrull wouldn’t know about the bug, so. But then she brought.


Rosie Knight Yes, so like.


Jason Concecpcion Like, you know, they’re very tricky. Anyway, Talos in. In what is a very, very funny exchange that I think this could have been more of the.


Rosie Knight Yes, I agree.


Jason Concecpcion Talos is like, I don’t get what why do you guys like dogs? Like so you just like walk around, pick up their shit and it’s like men work this into a tight five Talos.


Rosie Knight Yeah.


Jason Concecpcion I think you have a second act like a stand up. You know, SKRULLS be like, they could be. It could be good material for you. Fury is like, You know what? I know that we’ve had a rocky relationship of late, but in this metaphor, you are my dog. And that’s. Why did Fury say that?


Rosie Knight Why did he say that? He’s like I’ve been picking up  your shit for 19 years. What the fuck? That’s like 30 years or whatever. Like, that’s fucked up, Nick Fury. Why did you say that? I thought you’re trying to be friends with him again. Like what is occurring?


Jason Concecpcion TALOS then makes a very, very good case that, hey, guess what? You wouldn’t be where you are, which is clear on the run. But I’m talking about, like.


Rosie Knight Director of Nazi S.H.I.E.L.D..


Jason Concecpcion When you were at when you were at Saber and when you were the fucking director of SHIELD and all that and putting the Avengers together, you wouldn’t have been in that position if not for the the very, very important and unheralded work that me and my 19 other Skrull buddies did in disguise at various points along the way of your journey. So acknowledge that Nick Fury.


Rosie Knight Also like can we talk about the political ramifications of that? So Nick Fury just had like weird undercover Skrull spy, slash assassin.


Jason Concecpcion Mediocre.


Rosie Knight Who would just like doing all kinds of crazy shit, like planning world events, like shifting the state of history and politics. That seems like they just blew over that. I would like to I would like to see that some more details on what occurred.


Jason Concecpcion And also every and everybody missed Hydra. Like complete like the Skrulls.


Rosie Knight Yeah let’s talk about that. No one gets any credit. No one gets any credit.


Jason Concecpcion Because honestly the litany of people Peggy Carter, fucking the Captain America, the agent 42, like the amount of time.


Rosie Knight Talen Stark.


Jason Concecpcion Tony Stark’s dad. Fukcing Hank Pym, the amount of very very, very, very, very smart people. TALOS All the skrulls who.


Rosie Knight How did the Skrulls miss it when they’re like.


Jason Concecpcion Was almost entirely.


Rosie Knight Shapeshifting into people who obviously not sees him on point. And they just didn’t know. Like, I refuse to believe.


Jason Concecpcion Anyway, they missed it. Fury and Talos arrive at Captain Bob’s. TALOS wants to go in in disguise, but that immediately gets blown up. And so then Fury has They’ll just kill like half a dozen Skrulls.


Rosie Knight So many skrulls.


Jason Concecpcion They get in. Nick Fury, you know, going up the stairs. Talos is already up there. He gets a phone call and it’s Talos and tails. He’s like, Yeah, I’m up here. Come on up. But he understands that no, Bob has Talos prisoner. He gets up there and yes, that is the case. Bob has TALOS with a gun to his head, but Nick is fucking ruthless. He comes in with Bob’s potentially human son. The real Bob’s son,  Zachary.


Rosie Knight And Bob.


Jason Concecpcion He has a gun to Zachary. I will.


Rosie Knight Skrull Bob seems upset. So is that Skrull Bob’s son? Is Skrull Bob just feeling the human emotions of human Bob?


Jason Concecpcion Right. He’s got lost in the Bob sauce.


Rosie Knight I there’s so many questions.


Jason Concecpcion I think I think what happens and we’ve seen this kind of happen in the comics, right, where the Skrull is doing it for long.


Rosie Knight Yeah, well, you can almost forget yourself for sure.


Jason Concecpcion Yeah. And I think that, you know, potentially Bob’s been doing it a while. And when they take the memories out of Bob and put it into fake Bob, I think if you live it for long enough you you’d in some of the emotions clearly cross over because you’re absolutely right fake Bob was is lost in the real Bob sauce and was like Zachary I don’t want anything bad to happen Zachary because he’s not my son and I’m about to help start a war that’s going to kill billions. But this fucking human kid who’s not my son, please don’t kill him. And so Fury is like, Well, listen, I’m going to kill this kid. He’s not your son. Unless you call off the strike on the plane that will be launched from a submarine that is under your command. And then all of a sudden Fury is like, Oh, lightning bolt. Talos just fucking impersonate ball. And then Talos is like, I can’t because Bob knows the super secret abort code that we could never, ever figure out, Just like we need him to do it. Yeah. Meanwhile, in the sub, the missile control people are like, Should we really?


Rosie Knight It’s bad to bomb the U.N. plane. You know.


Jason Concecpcion This seems weird.


Rosie Knight As you know, all politicians regularly travel in one single vehicle for safety reasons. You know, much, much harder to kill them all that way.


Jason Concecpcion So Fury goes medieval starts torturing fake Captain Bob. And it looks like the bomb is really.


Rosie Knight Going to happen.


Jason Concecpcion Missile is really going to get launched. Then Bob makes the cardinal mistake. Absolutely. He biggest mistake you could do around Talos was you talk shit about G’iah. And so Talos shoots Bob.


Rosie Knight Damn. That’s fucked up.


Jason Concecpcion So okay, now Bob is dead and sorry, that’s called G’iah. And he’s like, G’iah, listen, sorry to to, to blow your cover like this right now. Because as he’s calling her, the Skrull communications security people are like, Oh, fuck. Our communications with Greg Talos is like, Listen, I need you to find Captain Bob’s human body in the fucking body storage, and I need you to, like, fast forward to his memories and get me the abort password so we can stop World War Three. She’s like, Okay. She goes down there, She. She, you know, takes out the guards, gets into the fucking human. A cold storage finds Bob is Skrulling.


Speaker 3 His whole life like.


Jason Concecpcion His Blu ray fucking  playback.


Rosie Knight Rewind, rewind.


Jason Concecpcion And then guess what, Bob, who is in this, like, very, very, very sensitive military intelligence role, commanding like a whole submarine wing that has the power to looking to launch nukes. And his, like, abort password is Zachary, his son’s name.


Rosie Knight Unrealistic.


Jason Concecpcion Guy. This kid.


Rosie Knight Bob, what the fuck?


Jason Concecpcion Why don’t you just pick one, two, three, four. Bob.


Rosie Knight My favorite. Yeah. One, two, three, four, pound sign. My favorite thing about this is, like they like use is like a really emotional moment, like Talos, like it’s his son’s name. And I’m like, bro that’s not emotional. That’s dumb. Like he’s putting his son at risk. He couldn’t just go on the Internet and write Password Creator. He couldn’t just Google one of those good passwords. I’m also pretty sure that if you have a nuclear sub situation under your command, they probably give you a password or a code. I don’t think it’s just your son’s name.


Jason Concecpcion Anyway. And then Talos is like, guy and now run. We’ve done it. We’ve stopped reversing Talos calls in the abort and no World War Three. Later, Fury asks Talos, Hey, the quick question, why didn’t you join Gravik? You know, after all, Gravik does have a point. Like I haven’t done Jack fucking shit.


Rosie Knight Finally. Some accountability.


Jason Concecpcion Right? And so, like I do, I’ll take that. L like I get it. There’s a million Skrulls here. Just like kicking rocks without anything to do. And yeah, that might have been my fault. And Talos is like, I didn’t because I’m friends with.


Rosie Knight Yeah, we’re married. We’re best. We’re BFFs.


Jason Concecpcion Like you’re a married couple, and I love you. Meanwhile, Gravik intercepts G’iah before she can get away. And it turns out the whole thing was was a was a Tyrion Lannister esque rouse to flush out the traitor in their midst and Gravik shoots G’iah.


Rosie Knight Dun, dun, dun.


Jason Concecpcion Varra get a message. Varra then gets a text message and hurriedly leaves the house. She heads to the train station, then to a safe deposit box in the train station, which contains a gun and a big envelope. And she gets a call and she’s like, okay, blah, blah, blah, I need to speak to Granik. And the person’s like, Yeah, while you’re talking to me. And then episode.


Rosie Knight R.I.P. to G’iah. Wow, I can’t believe they frigged two women in the show. Well, I can believe it, but is G’iah really dead? I guess we’ll have to talk about episode four.


Jason Concecpcion Tune in next week.


Rosie Knight Same bad time, same bad channel.


Jason Concecpcion X-ray vision will be back. And we’re back on to episode four Beloved. Directed by Ali Salim, written by Bryan Tucker. G’iah comes back to life. Having secretly given herself the super Skrull procedure offscreen.


Rosie Knight When? How?


Jason Concecpcion Well, I guess just earlier I would.


Rosie Knight Yeah.


Jason Concecpcion I wanted to see her like. Like sit in the chair and then take, like, a broom handle and, like, push a button.


Rosie Knight When we saw this thing, one, it was always surrounded by super scientists and it was fucking huge. And it seemed like you needed multiple people to do it. She almost got caught when she was just looking at, like, an old nineties mech. I’m like, How did she do this without getting caught? And isn’t that so convenient? Also, I just find it really funny. Like the way extremist works for the Skrulls. Is like, so sick. Like she just got shot like two times in the chest and it’s just like, pop, pop. No, I’m fine. I’m livin. All good


Jason Concecpcion Not a problem, but not a problem. We go to Paris 2012. Varra and Fury are having dinner and it is sometime after the Battle of New York in the public reveal of the existence of The Avengers. Varra’s like, I bet you this guy that I know put the Avengers together seems like something he would do. And Fury is like, what? Again, it’s interesting. Tell me about this man. I don’t have anything to do with it, but I’d like to know more about this guy. And then Varra says, Well, this guy that I know, he believes that, you know, the world is a dangerous place and that the weak need to be protected by heroes. And those heroes need to be put together and they need to be good people and all that kind of stuff. And by the way, I’m reading this Raymond Carver book and Raymond Carver, great, great writer of short stories. Pick up any Raymond Carver collection. They’re very easy to read. Some of the stories are like three or four pages. He was also a poet, was also an alcoholic, but a really, really great writer anyway. She then is like, Here’s a poem that I like. And basically what you need to know is it conveys her love for him. We go to the prison, Rody meets Varra in a church, and it’s clear that this is the person that at least she’s been having some phone calls with. And Rhodey is like, Yeah, I fired Fury and it was great. And I do it again. I do it every single day of the week. If I’d hire him back and then fire him just because I loved him. And and here’s what I want you to do and what you’ve been working on. You’re working on assassinating Nick Fury, and I want you to continue working on that. I want you to do it.


Rosie Knight I feel


Jason Concecpcion You’ve had many, many other opportunities to do it. And it has been at the house. But do it now.


Rosie Knight I feel like that it is very over the top, planning to like leave a gun in like a safe deposit box. I don’t think it was some kind of like, you know, secret facility or anything like you could have just given her gun another time. Like she didn’t need to go there. You could have left the gun at the house. She had a gun in the house. This whole time. She’s married to Nick Fury, so she probably owned a gun.


Jason Concecpcion Why does it have to be that gun?


Rosie Knight Why does it have to be that gun? But the whole thing. I have questions. Why also? So they meet in 1998. They get together. At some point, they get married. But in 2012. How long has he been away that she didn’t know about the Avengers initiative? This is what kind of wedding is this?


Jason Concecpcion Well, because he’s been. He’s just been. He’s just been you know, I would imagine if you if you look at like the Avengers initiative, let’s say like the run from like Iron Man two to The Avengers, he was probably away for like a solid year and a half to two years.


Rosie Knight Feel like she could have just gone and seen him in a hotel.


Jason Concecpcion Out of pocket.


Rosie Knight For like one day.


Jason Concecpcion Just like in a Helicarrier.


Rosie Knight He’s just living on that Helicarrier annoying The Avengers. Yeah, I feel like there’s many cooler ways that she could have been like, assassinate him when she’s cooking him all those nice breakfasts and she could have dropped a little poison.


Jason Concecpcion Stab him with a bread know.


Rosie Knight Stab him with a bread knife. I mean, yeah, bury him under your very nice mid-century house or just, like, you know, kill him and then call the police and be like, Oh, my God, they escaped. Maniac Nick Fury, who killed Maria Hill, is here, and I kill myself in self-defense. No one knows we’re married, so there’s no way for you guys to connect us together.


Jason Concecpcion Yeah. Yeah, but it’s. No, it’s got to be the gun that she has in the safe deposit from the very, very, the very, very swank safe deposit box in the train station.


Rosie Knight You know, I was like, Is this meant to be like a special like Switzerland bank or is it just in the train station? There’s a guy here with like, he’s like a butler. Like, I don’t know what’s going on.


Jason Concecpcion I was like did she go to a bank? But then I listen to the two, the, like the Foley, and they mixed in like a train station, sound or sound. So it’s clear that she was just like under the train station.


Rosie Knight Why did he put the gun in the envelope. I felt like that was unnecessary. I was like, the gun was just the gun. There’s the gun is the gun is the gun. But yeah, so Skrulls Rhodey is like you go to kill Nick Fury. Babe, it’s time.


Jason Concecpcion Kill him. You got to do it. I could have done it. I had a meeting with them. But I want you to do it. Varra then tries to argue. She’s like, Listen. Can I be frank with you? I’ve had I’ve had a dinner and a and and a breakfast now with Nick since he’s been back. And this guy is not worth it.


Rosie Knight Fucking washed. Have you not watched the other four episodes of this show? Everyone knows it. He’s tired.


Jason Concecpcion He can’t do anything. He can not do anything. And Rhodey is like, No, babe, you got to kill him. She’s like, Okay. G’iah reunites with Talos and dad’s mad that guy got legit murdered by Gravik and she says, Don’t worry about it, I’m good now. I got the fucking Super Skrull juice in me and I’m fighting for you and I love you. Kind of the same reason that you’re using to fight for Nick Fury because you love him and I love you. But also, like, now that we’ve gotten to the stage where, like, I’ve been shot and murdered in cold blood, could you come up with, like, a plan to get us to the finish of this thing? Because it really feels like you too old all these you to fucking bhupen. It’s like kind of by the by the seat of your pants here. And, you know, what are we going to do? How are we going to find a, like, an actual planet, a place to live? And TALOS is like, I don’t know, here’s here’s what I’m thinking, okay? I don’t know about the planet, but just follow, follow this train of thought. Here we save the world from World War three. We go to the humans. We go, Hey, we saved the world from World War Three. How about an amnesty to continue living amongst you in secret? And G’iah is like, what? Like, I want to look like a Skrull, naturally. Like I want to walk around my house in Skrull skin and eat Skrull food. I don’t want to look like you be legally sanctioned to live here, but have to live with whoever this body is.


Rosie Knight Also like,  Hasn’t Talos already saved the world like 30 times at this point? Like, couldn’t he already have that leverage.


Jason Concecpcion Already happened.


Rosie Knight Also, like he’s missing the whole point of leverage. You can’t, like, say, Oh we saved the world already. Can you give us something in return? The president’s going to be like, Fuck you, you already saved it. Like, keep staying in secret. Also, why are you here? He’s lived on Earth for 30 years. He should know this by now.


Jason Concecpcion You got to go to them, like with the missile launch and say, Hey, I could stop this. But, like, give me.


Rosie Knight Your sign a little paper right here.


Jason Concecpcion Yeah, do it, and then I’ll save the world. He just needs a good agent anyway. He’s like, Here’s what. And and so that is my plan is amnesty. And by the way. Just be patient. I know you want to live in a homeland of your own. And I know it’s been 30 plus years because Nick is just fucking dragging us out. But let’s admit it. Five years of that, he was.


Rosie Knight He was blipped. He was blipped.


Jason Concecpcion He was snapped. So. So let’s just be patient and let’s just be patient about it. Varra returns home and Nick is there. Nick says, Hey, I’m just dropping in to make you some tea. And. And then I’m going to get out of here. But before I get out of here, we got to break up because our relationship is the biggest mistake I ever made. And. And you’re an alien, and I am a human. And we should have known this was never going to fucking work out. All our dates are super weird where it is like we’re, you know, we’re having dates that are 15 years apart, but we’re having like versions of the same conversation. Like, this is not going anywhere. Also, you’ve been hired by Rhodey to kill me. I know that because I was listening to that conversation somehow.


Rosie Knight And that’s how much I trust you. I bugged you.


Jason Concecpcion We are. We are done. But before we’re done, just tell me, like, how you became to look like this extremely fine ass. And so Varra is like, Well, this is the body of a doctor. She had terminal heart disease and we were friends. And I go to visit her and but, but, you know, all the time while I was just visiting her, I was also stressed out because, like, I had this job, which was to, like, get close to you and spy on you. And then so then eventually, when she was about to check out, I was like, Hey, do I have your consent to to impersonate you in the afterlife? Like with your whole body and everything and forever? Maybe not memories, but certainly the way you look and everything. And the dying doctor was like, Yes, but you have to agree to three conditions. She’s like, okay, what are they one? Burial at sea. Okay, Easy. No problem. Check. To be a you have to continue as you impersonate me. And what are we doing with the death certificate? Don’t worry about it. See, now, because of this, you. You need to continue to pretend to be me, to my parents, and be a good daughter. That she’s like, okay. She’s like, Easy. No problem. And then three, never hurt Nick Fury.


Rosie Knight Why would that woman care?


Jason Concecpcion How does she know, Nick? I guess she’s she must have been close to Nick.


Rosie Knight And she she did say, like the the way that she convinced her was asked if she wanted to fall in love. But it wasn’t really her.


Jason Concecpcion Whoever you fuck. Oh, I see.


Rosie Knight Her body was going to fall and I don’t know. Sus behavior. And guess what? She did fuck Nick Fury.


Jason Concecpcion That’s right. By trying to assassinate him. So. Woops. And then they both recite the Carver poem to each other. And at the end of it, they draw their pistols and shoot. And it’s actually a very, very tense and exciting scene. And I was like, Oh, this is juicy. But then you come back and they both missed on purpose. They shot to the side and then she asked a very natural question, was like, Hey, so if, if, if I was fully Skrulled, would we have been together? And then Nick is like, maybe not going to answer. And then he finally is like, I guess we’ll never know. And yeah, and then guess what we go to we go to Roadies condo, where he is indeed a fucking Skrull.


Rosie Knight Everyone knew. Now, you know.


Jason Concecpcion And guess what? Fury has broken into the condo, and he’s got a bottle of Pappy Van Winkle. A very, very, very, very rare and very, very expensive brand of bourbon that is released and released in extremely small numbers. And if you find it, it’s got a lot of connoisseurs and it is delicious. And the and the and the bottles are extremely pricey anyway. Of course, Fury has them. Fury is like, listen, I know your Skrull. And I will not reveal to the world that you were a Skrull. If you give me my job back. And Scroadie is like, No, because let me just show you this video. And then he plays the video of of Nick Fury. Gravik as Nick Fury, Jack Ruby and Maria Hill. And he says, Look at that. Everybody’s gonna look at that. They’re going to go. That could only be Nick Fury. It’s him. Yes. He looks older and he looks more watched, but that’s 100% him. Now, get out of here before I defend a straight you. Which means window fun word. But guess what? The pappy contained like nano trackers.


Rosie Knight What the fuck?


Jason Concecpcion And so now.


Rosie Knight Where is Nick and Talos getting his tech from?


Jason Concecpcion That’s like some shit that like, fuckin Tony Stark had in a warehouse. Something just. And so now TALOS and Nick know where Rhodey is going, Which, guess what? They should have put two and two together. But it’s going it’s roadie is going to be part of the attack on President Riston’s convoy as he leaves Air Force One. So the president gets into his limo and there’s a long convoy there heading to the summit with the Russians to head off, you know, a potential World War three because of the attack that Gravik formally launched in Moscow. And guess what? Here comes Graviks. Attack helicopters are launching missiles. The fucking Riston’s limo gets turned over. Riston’s fucking concussed and knocked out.


Rosie Knight Strapped into a seat.


Jason Concecpcion Gravik, in the end, the Skrulls are they rappelled down and they’re killing everybody and they’re speaking Russians. It was like, Oh, shoot the fucking Russians. Fury and Talos spring into action. They like drive. They just drive and they drive up.


Rosie Knight So the where is the security for Air Force One? This, Rhodey is literally like, one, I just want to say, I realize this is we’re talking here. Did they really need to put like a nano trackers in the whiskey? Because he litterally like works for the president, bro, he’s always with the president. That’s why the Skrull is Rhodey. Like, you don’t need a tracker for that. And then yeah, and then Rhodey didn’t think to just, like, add some more security or like the American government didn’t think to? Talos and Nick Fury, two old guys, they just drive onto the runway like, hi.


Jason Concecpcion Yeah, but Nick is Nick. Everybody says he’s washed, but he’s clearly still got some of that old, you know, guile because he starts turning the tide. And when Gravik winds of Fury is there, he’s like, okay, I’m.


Rosie Knight I’m going to be Groot now.


Jason Concecpcion Pull out that. I’m going to have to pull out the super soldier the Super Skrull powers. Talos is hit because Gravik is like fucking somebody with somebody fucking shoot him?


Rosie Knight I’m sick of him.


Jason Concecpcion Talos, TALOS is trying to use his Skrull strength to, like, punch out Riston’s  fucking.


Rosie Knight He’s not very good at it, I have to say. I know.


Jason Concecpcion Nobody can open the car?.


Rosie Knight He looked like he had only old man strength. I had thought it took too long. Should it just say.


Jason Concecpcion He’s trying to punch? So he’s gets shot as he’s trying to punch it out. Right. And then because he’s wounded, he now he starts losing control of his form. He’s like fucking turning half Skrull. And the Fury has to, like, stop various American Secret Service agents from killing TALOS because they’re like, Oh, shit, there’s an alien. He’s one of the aliens here. TALOS Then, you know, bleeding out, manages to break the window on Riston’s car. And then Fury is like, okay, we’re surrounded by 50 Secret Service agents. But I a 70 year old old man with a bad knee. And what I am going to carry the president to safety. Talos.


Rosie Knight There’s like a hundred soldiers there with like AK 47.


Jason Concecpcion Carlos you stay here and bleed and I’ll be right back after I carry the president. And so ferry leaves to go get returned to his special Range Rover that is there somehow. And while he’s doing that, guess what? Of course, Gravik pretending to be a soldier is like, Hey, I’ll help you. You need help. But he picks up TALOS and in front of Fury, who realizes like, Oh, fuck the stupid thing, which is leave my best friend slash married partner, my partner in marriage and in the midst of Skrulls and now a Skrulls got him. And it’s got to be Gravik. And yes, it was. And fucking Gravik. Guts, tails and Fury shoots him in the head. But guess what? The Extremis thing, they really they again, they have perfected it.


Rosie Knight This shit just comes back.


Jason Concecpcion His head just grows back. What. And then TALOS, I guess he’s.


Rosie Knight He’s just laid on the floor. Nick Fury just left them on the floor so he could take Dermot Mulroney. I agree. I would also save Dermont Mulroney and take him into a special Range Rover for the President. And and Talos is there. He’s on the floor. Is he dead? Jason, you have a good theory about what may occur.


Jason Concecpcion I’ll tell you, I feel very, very sure that the following is going to happen. We’ve already got G’iah as super, super Skrull number one of the good guys, right? Super Skrull number two is 100% going to be TALOS because G’iah knows how to run the machinery clear.


Rosie Knight I mean, imagine how much easier to run on someone else, not just yourself.


Jason Concecpcion Yeah. And she’s going to go no, my dad, we can’t let him die like this. I know how we can save him. We can. And then they’re going to give him the Super Skrull procedure, and then it’s going to be TALOS with the Super Skrull powers alongside his his beloved daughter, who he’s been at times estranged from G’iah. And together with their newfound powers, they’re going to defeat Gravik. That’s what’s going to happen.


Rosie Knight That’s going to be episode five. I agree.


Jason Concecpcion Let’s see, Rhodey’s a Skrull. How long? Good question.


Rosie Knight I, I would.


Jason Concecpcion Post the End Game? Or was he there the battle of of of of Avengers compound like Skrulling it.


Rosie Knight I would love that they would, you know how I feel about it this should I don’t think they should a quarter secret major I think they should a if they were going to call it that I think they should have played closer. I think this version of Rhodey the way they got done playing him, which is really fun but like I think this is new. I think all the Skrulls we see is like a relatively new situation. I don’t I think Rhodey and Tony, they had their little relationship. They were living their life. This explains probably why Rhodey doesn’t have any leg braces or any kind of help with his back after it got broken. So this is this is relatively new. I think this is a post blip situation. I think this probably is like a three days before the show started kind of situation.


Jason Concecpcion So Rhodey is Rhodey is on one of those electric sleds in the basement. It’s hooked up to the Blu ray player that has.


Rosie Knight Exactly go for them. Find out when Tony got called Tony Stank. You can be like, play in the best moments.


Jason Concecpcion Yeah. Other questions. What do you think? Talos dead?


Rosie Knight No, I think you’re right. I think Talos is coming back, baby. I mean, there’s two more episodes left, which is almost half of the show. And this show is sold on the idea that the reason it wasn’t going to be like the comics was because of this Ben Mendelsohn, Sam Jackson chemistry, which I do agree with. So hopefully we see more of that. Or maybe this will like radicalize G’iah, and he really is that. And then G’iah and Nick Fury will be together or Nick will have to stop G’iah from killing Gravik for some reason, because you know that they always decide somebody shouldn’t die. It’s it’s going to be very interesting. I have no idea where the next two episodes are going to go in like a long term impact. But I will say my one my one takeaway, I think I think they are obsessed with the president, even though he’s like never in the show. And I do understand Dermot Mulroney, I love you, so I understand that. But like I, I think and I understand that in like an espionage style thriller or a spy movie or an action movie, a lot of times they’ll be like, We got to save the president. So I do understand it could just be coming from that, right? He is the most powerful man in the world. We got to save him. But I think the obsession with the president, saving the president, putting the president that we’ve never heard of the isn’t someone from the comics as far as I know, President Riston. And I think that the presidency, they’re going to die or become replaced by a Skrull at the end of the show. And that’s kind of the end goal of the series.


Jason Concecpcion I think you had a good take before we started rolling, which is, that this is going to dovetail directly into Thunderbolts, which I agree.


Rosie Knight It feels like it.


Jason Concecpcion You’ve now. You’ve now had a Skrull attack, possibly with the collusion of Nick Fury.


Rosie Knight And other people are not going to trust superheroes.


Jason Concecpcion And there’s no me, no more trust. And we’re like, we need to have the superheroes we can trust, that we control. We have brainwashed, maybe.


Rosie Knight Exactly.


Jason Concecpcion And and I think that I think that that is potentially so.


Rosie Knight I think I think.


Jason Concecpcion Directly the.


Rosie Knight Finale will be like Riston gets killed potentially. And then you open the door for President Thunderbolt Ross, which we know is going to happen with Harrison Ford And then. Or, hilarious. Can’t wait to see. I’m sure he’s going to be in it for like 5 minutes before we get CGI turned into Red Hulk.


Jason Concecpcion And. Well, have you seen that clip where somebody is like, so are you going to be the Red Hulk? And he was.


Rosie Knight What’s the Red Hulk?


Jason Concecpcion Who who!


Rosie Knight I love him so much. He’s like the most fun. And then the other all the other options, I think, are I think it could be quite likely that, like Talos, if he survives, maybe he takes pretends to be the president. And the idea is like, well Nick and the Skrulls and Saber can control the threat. Or, the more Thunderbolt-sy version, I feel like that would lead him better would be like if Gravik ends up replacing the president. So you have that.


Jason Concecpcion I love the idea. I love the idea of TALOS or another Skrull as the president. And just like signing random executive orders that now everyone has to plant these like Skrull.


Rosie Knight It’s got these delicious eggplants, they’re great for the environment and delectable.


Jason Concecpcion Every man, woman and child in this country must plant 12 Skrull eggplants.


Rosie Knight It’s time for the eggplant planting.


Jason Concecpcion Okay. Up next, Nerd Out.


Rosie Knight In today’s Nerd Out where you tell us what you love and why, or a theory you’re excited to share or a quick question we can answer. Mike from Loveland offers a Skrull celestial Theory. Hello X Crew. Hello, Mike. A very long shot theory with major, major implications. Though I wanted to float your way in the comics. Skrulls are famously tampered with by celestials, just like the humans in the Kree. What if in the MCU they’re even more compatible than we’ve been led to believe? Gravik is messing with Skrull DNA. What if some of those million Skrulls and humans have been messing around with DNA the old fashioned way, a.k.a. having sex? You see where I’m going here? Well, if that’s what mutants are over and over, they tell us these Skrulls are mostly good and just want families. They got busy making it happen. Long story short, Kamala Khan’s father in the MCU as a skrull. Boom.


Jason Concecpcion I like it.


Rosie Knight He said I know, Namor probably invalidates this theory law. But we love an outrageous theory.


Jason Concecpcion I do think that when they eventually get around to mutation, it’s going to be we’ve talked about this before, but it’s going to happen seVarral different. I think the the weird alien energy way, there’s going to be the interdimensional way. There is going to be the entire inbreeding with aliens way and there’s going to be this straight up. You’re just born with powers kind of way. And I listen, I think. Yeah. I think you’re. I think you’re right. I think you’re right, Mike, because Beto has got to be Nick Fury’s son with Varra.


Rosie Knight We know that Captain Bob had a son and he loved his son. Now, was that his real son? And if his real son, was this son  a human? Was his son a Skrull? Was that someone else’s?


Jason Concecpcion RIght.


Rosie Knight There is a lot of questions around Skrull biology, right?


Jason Concecpcion Maybe he’s been Captain Bob for so long that he was just like.


Rosie Knight I’m going to have a baby and.


Jason Concecpcion Have a kid do it, baby.


Rosie Knight Go do it. Go do it.


Jason Concecpcion I can’t keep putting this on my wife.


Rosie Knight She really wants me to have this baby. I also think now that we’re getting into this Super Skrull situation, that unlike the Jack Kirby Stan Lee version that we all know, which is do the Fantastic Four is more in the vein of they’ve biologically manipulated the skrulls to have these powers. If the skrulls then had kids, you could have kids in the future who had similar powers. Though we know mutants don’t tend to have genetic powers that match their parents. But I think that there’s some interesting stuff here, and I think basically this could definitely be a contender for We were right in the future simply because I think at the moment the MCU and the people behind it don’t necessarily have a set track for where we’re going. So I think any of these things.


Jason Concecpcion They have options.


Rosie Knight Namor. Kamala Exactly. And then this they give options for how these things could come to pass when we eventually see the good old X-Men.


Jason Concecpcion Can I say one thing? I think that they that they needed in early intervention is some kind of scene where it’s like. Well, we had the Skrull detector, but it doesn’t work anymore.


Rosie Knight Exactly. Just something.


Jason Concecpcion Because there’s no way that Nick Fury would have been working with these shapeshifters.


Rosie Knight 30 years.


Jason Concecpcion For decades without being like, Hey, somebody figure out a way to, like, detect them because we can’t. This is untenable. We can’t just be walking around wondering if people are aliens and need some kind of ray.


Rosie Knight And if he.


Jason Concecpcion That like reveals them.


Rosie Knight And if he can see them with his eyeball, he’s doing a good job pretending not to be able to. You know, like if the flicker they live and say.


Jason Concecpcion Like a they live situation.


Rosie Knight That would actually be so sick 3D man. That would be so.


Jason Concecpcion That would be so cool.


Rosie Knight I agree with you because it just is not believable that they knew the skrulls could shapeshift and they would just like. And it’s cool with them just staying on a Earth, don’t worry about it. Nothing could go wrong.


Jason Concecpcion Yeah.


Rosie Knight Definitely nothing could go wrong. I agree. Can I just say one thing? I think what they need in Secret Invasion. I want to hear Samuel Jackson say there’s too many secrets on this motherfucking invasion. Like that’s. I just. I just lean into it. Guys, at this point in the show’s too serious, and there’s not enough secrets. Actually, I will say. Thanks, Mike. If you have theories, passions, or quick questions you want to share hit us up at Instructions in the show notes.


Jason Concecpcion That’s it for us, Rosie. Any plugs?


Rosie Knight Yeah. Come see me. I’ll be at San Diego Comic-Con. Having fun doing some panels. You can check my Instagram for the panel information. My Instagram is @RosieMarx, and then just here twice a week.


Jason Concecpcion Catch the next episode of the X-ray Vision program on July 19th, when we will be covering Mission Impossible Dead Reckoning Part one. This is that this is the trend of the summer, is the big movie that’s actually only the first part of the movie Fast and Furious two. The first, Now Mission Impossible is going to do its second. We’re going to be having a very special guest, Shea Serrano, on the program.


Rosie Knight Most honest guest I think that we’ve ever had.


Jason Concecpcion Most hones guest ever. And we’re going to be discussing the entire Mission Impossible series. And, of course, Dead Reckoning part one, which I think he’s going to see tonight.


Rosie Knight And you can watch full episodes of the podcast on YouTube, including our Dark Knight special featuring Shea Serrano. Also, check out our Twitter @XRVPod and Our Discord where you Can hang out with me and Jason and a ton of cool fans.


Jason Concecpcion Five star rating. Five star review. We need them. We got to have them. You got to give them to us. Here’s one from J.R. Sugar. Listen to this podcast.


Rosie Knight Thank you.


Jason Concecpcion Jason and Rosie are a great host, and I love their immense enthusiasm. It’s also super rare that this old nerd, me, says, Well, actually, while listening, and that’s. Thank you so much, JR Sugar.


Rosie Knight I appreciate it


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Rosie Knight See you next time.


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